35 Motivational Ken Keyes Jr. Quotes On Success In Life

Ken Keyes Jr. was an American personal growth author and lecturer, and the creator of the Living Love method, a self-help system. Keyes wrote fifteen books on personal growth and social consciousness issues, representing about four million copies distributed overall. This Ken Keyes Jr. quotes will motivate you.

Best Ken Keyes Jr. Quotes

  1. You are not responsible for the programming you picked up in childhood. However, as an adult, you are one hundred percent responsible for fixing it. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  2. A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  3. You add to the suffering in the world when you take offense, just as much as you do when you give offense. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  4. By fully tuning in to the now moment in your life, you will discover that you always have enough to enjoy every moment of your life. The only reason you have not been happy every instant is that you have been dominating your consciousness with thoughts about something you don’t have- or trying to hold on to something that you do have but which is no longer appropriate in the present flow of your life. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  5. Upgrade your addictions to the status of preferences. Here’s the distinction between an addiction and a preference. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  6. To be upset over what you don’t have is to waste what you do have. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.

  7. Everything is a gift of the universe -even joy, anger, jealously, frustration, or separateness. Everything is perfect either for our growth or our enjoyment. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  8. Everyone and everything around you is your teacher. ~ Ken Keyes Jr. quotes
  9. Love is not a matter of what happens in life. It’s a matter of what’s happening in your heart. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  10. Life goes by rapidly. Don’t delay. Don’t put it off. Don’t wait until you have some spare time. Don’t wait until the time’s ‘right’. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  11. Conscious people always have a choice of whether to try to modify the actions of people around them or to change their response to the incoming stimuli. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  12. As we grow in higher consciousness, we discover that it is more important to be the right person then to find the right person. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  13. As the watcher of the screen, you are perfect. The movie that is playing on the screen might be horrendous, but you are not the movie. You are what is watching the movie. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  14. The only real problem in your life is how you’re using your mind. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.

  15. Lots of people look for happiness through sensations, whether it’s through sex, the taste of food, the sound of music, the sensations of movies and plays, creating a certain environment in their home, and so on. Looking for happiness through sensations keeps you constantly searching for the next “fix” and for more varied sensations. Sensations become addictions, and nothing is ever enough. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  16. We see things not as they are, but as we are. Your addictions distort how you process the enormous flow of information that is constantly flooding in through all of your sensory inputs. ~ Ken Keyes Jr. quotes
  17. You stop viewing yourself as being “pushed around” by the world when you realize that only you can “push” yourself. To quote Buddha: “Nothing is upsetting you. You get upset because you are upsettable.” ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  18. Be aware that the difference between heaven and earth is not so much altitude but attitude. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.

  19. I am freeing myself from security, sensation and power addictions that make me try to forcefully control situations in my life and thus destroy my serenity and keeps me from loving myself and others. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  20. If you want those around you to act in a more loving and conscious manner, act in a way that helps them to do so. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  21. Acceptance doesn’t mean that you’ve resigned yourself to live the rest of your life with a particular person, or in a particular situation. It just means that you won’t cause yourself emotional discomfort because of the way things are in this moment.~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  22. You always have enough to be happy. It’s the patterns in your head that make you unhappy. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.

  23. The outside conditions of your life do not make you feel either secure or insecure. One person may feel secure with practically no money at all, while another may feel insecure with a million dollars in the bank. Your feelings of security or insecurity are due to your emotional programming. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  24. By tuning in to your minute-to-minute stream of consciousness, you discover the addictions that make you worried, anxious, resentful, uptight, afraid, angry, bored, etc. You thus use every uncomfortable emotion as an opportunity for consciousness growth. Even though you may still be feeling emotional and uptight, you begin to get at the roots of your ups and downs – your brief bits of pleasure and your long periods of unhappiness. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  25. Giving up an addiction means re-programming that part of your brain that makes you restless and unhappy if a desire is not realized. ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  26. “You should always be aware that your head creates your world.” ~ Ken Keyes Jr.

  27. “I am perceiving everyone, including myself, as an awakening being who is here to claim his or her birthright to the higher consciousness planes of unconditional love and oneness.” ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  28. “You can always create your own experience of life in a beautiful and enjoyable way if you keep your love turned on within you- regardless of what other people say or do.” ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  29. “Love means tearing down the separateness and the boundaries between your heart feelings and another person.” ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  30. “Once again, when you upgrade sensations from an addiction to a preference, you can enjoy things such as gourmet food and music, without having your happiness depend on them.” ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  31. “Life is warning you to get rid of an addiction every time you are emotionally uncomfortable in any way.” ~ Ken Keyes Jr.

  32. “Whenever you feel upset, take full responsibility for the emotions that you are experiencing. Get to work as quickly as possible identifying the programming, or the addiction, that is leading you to reject what other people are saying or doing.” ~ Ken Keyes Jr. quotes
  33. “I welcome the opportunity (even if painful) that my minute to minute experience offers me to become aware of the addictions I must reprogram to be liberated from my robot-like emotional patterns.” ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  34. “When a tire blows, you simply accept that this is the here and now the reality of your life. You’ve lost the tire, but that doesn’t mean that you have to lose your peace and serenity. Now, serenely, begin to take the necessary steps in order the change the tire.” ~ Ken Keyes Jr.
  35. “Think of the world as a loving place that is designed to give you everything that you need.” ~ Ken Keyes Jr.

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