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These jet quotes will inspire you. Jet is a rapid stream of liquid or gas forced out of a small opening or a jet engine.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging jet quotes, jet sayings, and jet proverbs.

Famous Jet Quotes

  1. “Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines.” ~ Steven Wright
  2. “Jackie Chan is a very good comedy/martial arts star. He does one kind of martial arts that Jet Li doesn’t know how to do and Jet Li does a martial art that Jackie Chan doesn’t know how to do. You can both go to two Chinese restaurants, but both can have different kinds of food.” ~ Jet Li
  3. “A camel makes an elephant feel like a jet plane.” ~ Jackie Kennedy
  4. “Global capital markets pose the same kinds of problems that jet planes do. They are faster, more comfortable, and they get you where you are going better. But the crashes are much more spectacular.” ~ Lawrence Summers
  5. “The blood jet is poetry and there is no stopping it.” ~ Sylvia Plath

  6. “From the heart of the fountain of delight rises a jet of bitterness that tortures us among the very flowers.” ~ Lucretius
  7. “I am the astronaut of boxing. Joe Louis and Dempsey were just jet pilots. I’m in a world of my own.” ~ Muhammad Ali
  8. “I thought jet planes were just trucks with more wings and less wheels.” ~ Terry Pratchett
  9. “I mean, I’d love to have a private jet – I know people who fly by private jet all the time… I’ve hitched a ride a few times and it is not overrated at all; it’s a great way to travel!” ~ Marc Jacobs

  10. “I want to fly a jet. I’d love to just be in the air and go mach 3 or mach 4. Or, I’d be an underwater salvager. I’ve always been fascinated with the Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis. I love chemistry, also. That’s why acting is so random for me!” ~ Kellan Lutz
  11. “Young people, those who think they’re experts in science, there’s no doubt. They just believe it, and so there has to be an explanation – and whatever man is doing has caused the jet stream to slow down, and that is permitting the polar vortex.” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  12. “I probably wouldn’t be a good spokesman for an electric car, because I’ll still get on a private jet, and one flight on a private jet undoes all my electric-car good deeds.” ~ George Clooney , Private jet quotes
  13. “Communications are making this one world. Back in the day, 400-500 years ago, nobody knew what anyone else was doing. It’s on the 6 O’Clock news now. Now we can say, Oh, that’s the way they live. Oh, they do that!! Opportunities, the chance to bring about change, it’s all based on communication. Communication and jet planes.” ~ Quincy Jones
  14. “Giants versus Jets Super Bowl. I’m telling you, that’s all I want to see.” ~ Jesse McCartney

  15. “We all focus on health care and diabetes and heart disease but there’s all sorts of things like the simple fact that, you know, heavier people, transportation is more, so there’s more spent on gasoline, more on jet fuel, people have had to change the size of doorways, the size of chairs on airplanes and at sports stadiums, so there’s a lot of hidden costs as well to the increasing girth of Americans.” ~ Ezekiel Emanuel
  16. “People don’t realize it, but no one lives that rock and roll life 24-7. They think it’s hundreds of bottles of champagne flowing and private jets and money. But there’s a lot of time when you’re traveling – time to think, time to be lonely. Sometimes it gets to you.” ~ Lenny Kravitz
  17. “When we get this health care done, America, we’re going to be able to have regulations on how heavy you can be. And we’re going to be able to set up various tax penalties, for example, if you weigh more than we think you should or we just may not let you get on that airplane because your carbon footprint, you’re gonna waste so much jet fuel, we may not let you get on that bus, we may not let you drive your car, we may not build a bigger doorway for you to get through, may not give you a bigger toilet.'” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  18. “I’m really good at sleeping on planes. I mean, I smell jet fuel and I’m out; I’m asleep for takeoff.” ~ Anthony Bourdain

  19. “All tours are filled with humiliation. My publisher once hired a private jet to fly me to a venue where 1,000 people were waiting. It almost bankrupted him.” ~ Alain de Botton
  20. “But you see, that’s the gilded prison of fashion. We’re riding in private jets, and meantime I was so incredibly, painfully sad and lonely.” ~ Janice Dickinson
  21. “We do hear perhaps too many accolades generally aimed at people like Steve Jobs. We have to remember that there are other classic things in life that we undervalue and take them for granted. If you think of the classic lines of the modern jet aircraft, it’s really been there since early World War II.” ~ Ian Anderson
  22. “Martin Noakes is a British conspiracy theorist who also happens to be maybe the best songwriter in the world, in my opinion. His songs are beautiful. They’re crazy. That 9/11 song… no song has ever gotten into my head more. And it’s inappropriate. You can’t just like walk around singing about “jet fuel doesn’t melt steel.”” ~ Joe Mande
  23. “Wonder Woman is lame. She flies around in an invisible jet, but she’s not invisible. I don’t get it.” ~ Megan Fox

  24. “I’ve always been outspoken about the fact that I have no care for material things. I’m not going to post a picture of being inside a fancy jet. It doesn’t mean anything to me. But I find it funny that – in an organic way – sometimes I find myself in this room with these wealthy businessmen drinking thousand dollar bottles of wine because of where I’ve gotten in my career.” ~ Kip Moore
  25. “Over a 10-season stretch from 1967 to 1976, eight Super Bowl champions either were the Raiders or had to beat the Raiders in the playoffs. The Jets, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Baltimore Colts, Miami, the Steelers each of the first two times… we all had to deal with the Raiders.” ~ Joe Greene
  26. “For me, as I suspect for most people, there comes a point where you have enough. If you’ve got £20 million, why keep going until you’ve got £100 million or £1,000 million? Does anyone need another vast yacht or private jet or a house full of gold?” ~ Robert Harris
  27. “I don’t stay up and rent private jets and go on yachts and whoop it up in Miami.” ~ Neil Patrick Harris

  28. “The jet stream is a very strong force and pushing a balloon into it is like pushing up against a brick wall, but once we got into it, we found that, remarkably, the balloon went whatever speed the wind went.” ~ Richard Branson
  29. “After my first knee operation, in January of ’65 before I went to the Jets, Dr. James Nicholas told me everything went well and that I could probably play four years in the NFL. The surgery was trailblazing to a certain extent.” ~ Joe Namath
  30. “Today, in the Twenty-First Century, an age of jet aircraft, personal computers, wireless telecommunications, laser surgery, and incipient space travel, the mentality with which many presumably educated, intelligent people approach matters of economics and business is, however astonishing it may seem, still that of the Dark Ages.” ~ George Reisman
  31. “I was always getting run-down from jet lag and being in strange towns where I didn’t speak the language or know what the food was like.” ~ Molly Sims

  32. “I’m perpetual tourist, and that’s the best way to travel. Nobody gets used to you, you make new friends without having to hear anyone’s everyday problems, and you jet back still feeling like a know-it-all.” ~ John Waters
  33. “Boeing is working on an invisible fighter jet so nobody can see who’s flying it. Didn’t George Bush fly this in the National Guard, I believe?” ~ Craig Kilborn , Fighter jet quotes
  34. “What happens is that, you know, on Mondays, at least in the Senate, you know, Monday night wed have what youd call a bed-check vote. Just to get, you know, the machinery of the Senate up and running so they can start the committee process; on Tuesday morning, things go. By Thursday, you know, jet fumes, the smell of jet fumes.” ~ Olympia Snowe
  35. “I wouldn’t mind spending six months a year having a private jet take me around the world to visit natural and historical landmarks like the Egyptian pyramids, Mount Kilimanjaro or the Taj Mahal.” ~ Megalyn Echikunwoke
  36. “When a trout rises to a fly, it does not swim as much as tilt its fins and jet skyward.” ~ Joseph Monninger

  37. “Terrorists do not actually need nuclear weapons. They have been conveniently supplied with 103 nuclear power plants scattered throughout the United States (438 of these deadly facilities exist throughout the world). A planned meltdown at one of these facilities would make the World Trade Center attacks seem like child’s play. The massive concrete containers protecting the reactors are not strong enough to withstand the impact of a jumbo jet.” ~ Helen Caldicott
  38. “Sandy was particularly destructive because it was prevented from moving back out to sea by a “blocking pattern” associated with the jet stream. There’s debate about this, but one recent study suggested that melting sea ice in the Arctic may lead to such blocking.” ~ Nicholas D. Kristof
  39. “it takes your sleeping self years to catch up to where you really are. … when you go on a trip, in your dreams you will still be home. Then after you’ve come home you’ll dream of where you were. It’s a kind of jet lag of the consciousness.” ~ Barbara Kingsolver
  40. “These Germans seem an odd race, a mixture of clay and spirit – what with their beer-drinking and smoking, and their slow, stolid ways, you would think them perfectly earth; but ethereal fire is all the while working in them, and bursing out in most unexpected jets of poetry and sentiment, like blossoms on a cactus.” ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe
  41. “I don’t own a jet, but I rent jets in my spare time. That’s the quickest and most comfortable.” ~ Justin Bieber

  42. “Johnson Publishing offered me an opportunity to build back iconic brands like Ebony and Jet magazines.” ~ Desiree Rogers
  43. “I gave to a [Hillary Clinton ]foundation that, frankly, that foundation is supposed to do good. I didn’t know her money would be used on private jets going all over the world.” ~ Donald Trump
  44. “Air pollution is not merely a nuisance and a threat to health. It is a reminder that our most celebrated technological achievements-the automobile, the jet plane, the power plant, industry in general, and indeed the modern city itself-are, in the environment, failures.” ~ Barry Commoner
  45. “All too often, when people don’t know where they are, have jet lag, don’t speak the language, and can’t figure out the money or maintain intestinal regularity, they get hostile.” ~ Mary-Lou Weisman

  46. “The gates of monarchs
    Are arched so high that giants may jet through
    And keep their impious turbans on without
    Good morrow to the sun.” ~ William Shakespeare
  47. “And meteorologists have nothing to tell people in Philo, who know perfectly well that the real story is that to the west, between us and the Rockies, there is basically nothing tall, and that weird zephyrs and stirs joined breezes and gusts and thermals and downdrafts and whatever out over Nebraska and Kansas and moved like streams into rivers and jets at and military fronts that gathered like avalanches and roared in reverse down pioneer oxtrails, toward our own personal unsheltered asses.” ~ David Foster Wallace
  48. “In response to the escalating violence in Iraq, President Bush is delaying the return home of 25,000 troops and will actually add reinforcements to the south. Then in a symbolic gesture he pulled down the mission accomplished banner, put on a flight suit, walked backwards to a jet fighter and flew it in reverse off an aircraft carrier.” ~ Tina Fey
  49. “The mind is very powerful. Therefore, it requires firm guidance. A powerful jet plane needs a good pilot; the pilot of your mind should be the wisdom that understands its nature.” ~ Thubten Yeshe

  50. “Asking journalists to denounce leaks because of their deleterious effects on the functioning of government is as hopeless as asking an airline to denounce jet fuel because of its impact on the environment.” ~ Benjamin Wittes
  51. “I spent the nights before the Jets’ two biggest games last year – for the AFL championship and the Super Bowl – with girls. But I don’t consider that bad or foolish of me… The night before a game, I prepare myself both mentally and physically for the next day. I think a ballplayer has to be relaxed to play well; and if that involves being with a girl that night, he should do it.” ~ Joe Namath
  52. “I am a little jet lagged from my trip to Malaysia…The lengths we have to go to to get CNN coverage these days.” ~ Barack Obama
  53. “Adolescents are travelers, far from home with no native land, neither children nor adults. They are jet-setters who fly from one country to another with amazing speed. Sometimes they are four years old, an hour later they are twenty-five. They don’t really fit anywhere. There’s a yearning for place, a search for solid ground.” ~ Mary Pipher
  54. “The jumbo jet is the airborne equivalent of the interstate highway…One might as well be stuffed into a cartridge and shot through a pneumatic tube, like interoffice mail.” ~ Lance Morrow

  55. “The genius of Man in our time has gone into jet-propulsion, atom-splitting, penicillin-curing, etc. There is none over for works of imagination; of spiritual insight or mystical enlightenment. I asked for bread and was given a tranquilliser.” ~ Malcolm Muggeridge
  56. “When youre in a fighter jet and theres a dark layer of clouds with just one blue hole with the sun going through it, you shoot for that hole. You go vertical into the light, and suddenly, instead of gray and dark, its light and blue. You are totally connected with the elements. You are in another world.” ~ Yves Rossy
  57. “For the first time I was flying by jet propulsion. No engine vibrations. No torque and no lashing sound of the propeller. Accompanied by a whistling sound, my jet shot through the air. Later when asked what it felt like, I said, “It felt as though angels were pushing”.” ~ Adolf Galland
  58. “It means I don’t have to charter that big jet for the family.” ~ Shaquille O’Neal

  59. “A fertilizer bomb that kills hundreds in Oklahoma. Fuel-laden civil jets that kill 4000 in New York. A sanctions policy that kills one and a half million in Iraq. A trade policy that immiserates continents. You can make a bomb out of anything. The ones on paper hurt the most.” ~ Raj Patel
  60. “We can never totally return to the indefensible pre-1967 borders, … We simply cannot afford to make Israel 14.48 km (9 miles) wide again at its center. We can’t allow the Palestinians to be a couple of [miles] from [Tel Aviv’s] Ben-Gurion Airport in the age of shoulder-fire missiles with the capacity to shoot down jumbo jets. But that doesn’t mean we must remain in every corner of the West Bank or in Gaza, where fewer than 10,000 Jews, living next to 1.3 million Palestinians, have been protected by twice as many soldiers.” ~ Ehud Olmert
  61. “Those things don’t happen today. I feel sorry for the kids in the industry today. They have on sunglasses, eat caviar in jet planes, but they’ll never know the true feeling that we did.” ~ Ben E. King
  62. “The jet stream is the controlling influence over the world’s weather systems.” ~ Michael Fish

  63. “Oh definitely. It’ll be in a hot tub, with my entire head squeezed into a jet. The photos are going to be hilarious. Man, I really hope the internet sticks around so people can reference this article in my obituaries and see that what sounds like a joke was actually amazingly prescient.” ~ Jason Sudeikis
  64. “It’s great to have a private jet. Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn’t great is lying to you.” ~ Oprah Winfrey
  65. “Goodbye to my friends at home, goodbye to people I’ve trusted. I’ve got to go out and make my way, I might get rich, you know I might get busted. But my heart keeps calling me backwards, as I get on the 707. Ridin’ high, I got tears in my eyes, you know you got to go through hell before you get to heaven. Big ol’ jet airliner, don’t carry me too far away. Big ol’ jet airliner, ’cause it’s here that I’ve got to stay.” ~ Steve Miller

Jet is a rush of liquid, gas, or vapor through a narrow opening or a nozzle.

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