35 Inspirational Vera Wang Quotes For Success In Life

Vera Wang’s full name is Vera Ellen Wang (born June 27, 1949) is an American fashion designer based in New York City and is of Chinese descent. In 1968, Wang was presented as a debutante to high society at the International Debutante Ball at the Waldorf Astoria New York. This motivational Vera Wang quotes is a journey of her hard work.

Best Vera Wang Quotes

  1. “Success isn’t about the end result; it’s about what you learn along the way.” – Vera Wang
  2. “A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.” – Vera Wang
  3. “I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman.” – Vera Wang
  4. “Don’t be afraid to take time to learn. It’s good to work for other people. I worked for others for 20 years. They paid me to learn.” – Vera Wang
  5. “In the end, it’s not about failure, it’s about how much you love what you do.” – Vera Wang
  6. “When you have a passion for something then you tend not only to be better at it, but you work harder at it too.” – Vera Wang
  7. “When you love something, every day goes by in 10 minutes.” – Vera Wang
  8. “Design is about point of view, and there should be some sort of woman or lifestyle or attitude in one’s head as a designer.” – Vera Wang
  9. “Fashion offers no greater challenge than finding what works for night without looking like you are wearing a costume.” – Vera Wang
  10. “My normal routine is pretty much putting out fires all day.” – Vera Wang

  11. “Fashion to me has become very disposable; I wanted to get back to craft, to clothes that could last.” – Vera Wang
  12. “When I design a wedding dress with a bustle, it has to be one the bride can dance in. I love the idea that something is practical and still looks great.” – Vera Wang
  13. “It’s a remarkable exercise to sit and look at your own work over the years.” – Vera Wang
  14. “Even the most understated ceremony involves a certain respect for ritual and pageantry. No one plays more of a significant role than the bride’s attendants.” – Vera Wang
  15. “I’ve always tried to push myself technically and to push myself visually. That’s been part of the journey.” – Vera Wang
  16. “Service is a prerequisite for anything relating to luxury. That makes it (shopping) sensual and pleasurable.” – Vera Wang
  17. “I love a black wedding dress.” – Vera Wang
  18. “I am not the sort of woman who would wear high heels with a bathing suit. Let’s get that straight right now.” – Vera Wang
  19. “I see myself as an arbiter of taste.” – Vera Wang

  20. “People get very trapped where they are. When they hear ‘fashion’ they get intimidated, particularly at the upper end because it’s so elitist.” – Vera Wang
  21. “Ready-to-wear is what I’ve wanted to do since the beginning. … I’m not a girl who spends my life in a ballgown” – Vera Wang
  22. “My mother was extremely controlled, sort of flawless. And I always tend to be a bit more hippie.” – Vera Wang
  23. “I do speak Mandarin, and I also relate to the hunger that China has for culture and architecture and style.” – Vera Wang
  24. “They never ask the celebrities why they don’t wear their own clothes on the red carpet.” – Vera Wang
  25. “As the mother of two daughters, I have great respect for women. And I don’t ever want to lose that.” – Vera Wang
  26. “I always see where I didn’t do things the right way. I only see the heavy lifting. That’s a bit of my wisdom, if you want to call it that.” – Vera Wang
  27. “I always see where I didn’t do things the right way. I only see the heavy lifting. That’s a bit of my wisdom, if you want to call it that.” – Vera Wang
  28. “I was a total fashion insider who became an outsider when I did bridal.” – Vera Wang
  29. “I like the gritty parts of fashion, the design, the studio, the pictures.” – Vera Wang
  30. “All I did my first year at Vogue was Xerox.” – Vera Wang

  31. “I’m only waiting for Lindsay Lohan’s fashion collection to come out. Ten years from now, there may be no real designers left.” – Vera Wang
  32. “The key is falling in love with something, anything. If your heart’s attached to it, then your mind will be attached to it.” – Vera Wang
  33. “I’m not really a girl who likes to go out to lunch or cocktails or store openings.” – Vera Wang
  34. “I don’t live through my kids. But I do know what will happen in life, and I just want them well prepared.” – Vera Wang
  35. “Is she going to, or has she done it? Has it happened? What is the story here?” – Vera Wang

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