Best Inconsequential Quotes On Success In Life

These inconsequential quotes will inspire you. Inconsequential, not important or significant.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging inconsequential quotes, inconsequential sayings, and inconsequential proverbs.

Famous Inconsequential Quotes

  1. “There is no such thing as a simple act of compassion or an inconsequential act of service. Everything we do for another person has infinite consequences.” ~ Caroline Myss
  2. “We have already seen evidence that, notwithstanding the addition of substantial resources, we are experiencing great stress in recruiting and not inconsequential retention problems.” ~ John M. McHugh
  3. “For people to judge a man’s worth and his very manhood according to the way he feels about sport, and not to recognize it for the piddly, inconsequential goings-on that it really is.” ~ Robin Green
  4. “Yes, we are [friends] and I do like to pass the day with you in serious and inconsequential chatter. I wouldn’t mind washing up beside you, dusting beside you, reading the back half of the paper while you read the front. We are friends and I would miss you, do miss you and think of you very often. I don’t want to lose this happy space where I have found someone who is smart and easy and doesn’t bother to check their diary when we arrange to meet.” ~ Jeanette Winterson
  5. “It is possible to have a pretty good life and career being a leech and a parasite in the media world, gadding about from TV studio to TV studio, writing inconsequential pieces and having a good time.” ~ Boris Johnson

  6. “Silence accompanies the most significant expressions of happiness and unhappiness: those in love understand one another best when silent, while the most heated and impassioned speech at a graveside touches only outsiders, but seems cold and inconsequential to the widow and children of the deceased.” ~ Anton Chekhov
  7. “Life is so great in its opportunities and possibilities, that you should rise confidently above the inevitable trifles incident to daily contact with the world. Life is too precious to be sacrificed for the nonessential and transient. . . . Ignore the inconsequential.” ~ Grenville Kleiser
  8. “We are more ready to try the untried when what we do is inconsequential. Hence the remarkable fact that many inventions had their birth as toys.” ~ Eric Hoffer
  9. “”You’re different,” he said, touching my face.

    Of course, I was. The man I loved had killed for me. A lot of things became inconsequential after a sacrifice like that.” ~ Sylvia Day

  10. “… Our individual well-being is intimately connected both with that of all others and with the environment within which we live…. Our every action, our every deed, word, and thought, no matter how slight or inconsequential it may seem, has an implication not only for ourselves, but for all others, too.” ~ Dalai Lama
  11. “And that taught me you can’t have anything, you can’t have anything at all. Because desire just cheats you. It’s like a sunbeam skipping here and there about a room. It stops and gilds some inconsequential object, and we poor fools try to grasp it – but when we do the sunbeam moves on to something else, and you’ve got the inconsequential part, but the glitter that made you want it is gone.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald
  12. “As we continued to talk, going through the motions of getting to know each other, I realized that we already did know each other, as well as any two people could. We’d known each other for years, in the most intimate way possible. We’d connected on a purely mental level. I understood her, trusted her, and loved her as a dear friend. None of that had changed, or could be changed by anything as inconsequential as her gender, or skin color, or sexual orientation.” ~ Ernest Cline
  13. “Let us strive for personal, practical integrity in every endeavor, regardless of how mundane or inconsequential it may seem.” ~ Joseph B. Wirthlin

  14. “Though my work may be menial, though my contribution may be small, I can perform it with dignity and offer it with unselfishness. My talents may not be great, but I can use them to bless the lives of others…. The goodness of the world in which we live is the accumulated goodness of many small and seemingly inconsequential acts.” ~ Gordon B. Hinckley
  15. “For our family, the entire structure of our life, our home, our business relationships – the entire purpose is for everyone to be able to create in a way that makes them happy. Fame is almost an inconsequential by-product of what we’re really trying to accomplish. We are trying to put great things into the world, we’re trying to have fun, and we’re trying to become the greatest versions of ourselves in the process of doing things we love.” ~ Will Smith
  16. “I definitely write from a need to try, in my own two hours, to right a wrong. My little play is inconsequential in terms of whether or not we have health care, but it may affect the way people who see the play think about the issue.” ~ Lisa Loomer

  17. “What is forgiving? Forgiving is giving up all claim on one who had hurt you and letting go of the emotional consequences of the hurt. How can we do that? It’s done at the price of beating back our pride. By nature we are selfish. Forgiving, by definition, is unselfish. Being hurt by another person wounds our pride. Pride stands in the way of forgiving. We cannot forgive without God’s help. It might be possible for us to forgive something inconsequential without God’s help; but in significant matters, we are unlikely to accomplish anything without God’s involvement in the process.” ~ Richard Walters
  18. “We Indians do not teach that there is only one god. We know that everything has power, including the most inanimate, inconsequential things. Stones have power. A blade of grass has power. Trees and clouds and all our relatives in the insect and animal world have power. We believe we must respect that power by acknowledging it’s presence. By honoring the power of the spirits in that way, it becomes our power as well. It protects us.” ~ Russell Means
  19. “The illuminated ones can take any form — a man, a woman, a child, an elder, or even a dog. It is not inconsequential that the English language allows for the dyslexia of the spelling of the word dog: God spelled backward.” ~ Jean Houston

  20. “There’s nothing small or inconsequential about our stories. There is, in fact, nothing bigger. And when we tell the truth about our lives – the broken parts, the secret parts, the beautiful parts – then the gospel comes to life, an actual story about redemption, instead of abstraction and theory and things you learn in Sunday School.” ~ Shauna Niequist
  21. “Focus on the roses: ‘A person who gathers honey will not escape being stung by bees. A person who gathers roses will not escape being scratched by thorns.’ The positive things in life also have negative aspects. Keep your focus on the beautiful roses of the world, and the thorns will seem trivial and inconsequential.” ~ Zelig Pliskin
  22. “The weight of a fabric is inconsequential since seasonal dressing is all about layering.” ~ George Kotsiopoulos
  23. “We have states that are throwing away the DNA of rapists. How can a woman be so inconsequential, that we as a nation aren’t standing up and doing something about this intimate, violent act?” ~ Patricia Arquette

  24. “One doesn’t like instabilities in markets; they may be damaging, but probably not fatal, as the October ’87 crash showed. It turned out to be essentially inconsequential. So if that’s true, I’m not very worried about the welfare of those who are investing any more than I am about the welfare of those who go into casinos.” ~ Kenneth Arrow
  25. “Some decisions are obviously much more inconsequential than others. For example, let’s say you choose the blue shirt over the red one; not much is likely to change. Red meat over white meat once a week won’t likely make a huge difference in your health. But if you believe that grilled chicken is healthier than a cheeseburger, your lunch choice might cause you to pause; especially if you know that the cheeseburger also comes with fries and a large chocolate shake.” ~ Craig Groeschel
  26. “Your home is that thing to which you can dedicate your energies with such singular devotion that the ultimate results become inconsequential.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
  27. “Memories no matter how small or inconsequential are the pages that define us.” ~ Sarah Winman

  28. “Traditionally vice presidential debates don’t move the needle one way or the other. They have largely been irrelevant and inconsequential.” ~ Donald Trump
  29. “More often than we care to admit, inconsequential decisions change our lives.” ~ Donald McCaig
  30. “Those that are goofy enough to believe the outrageous lies and hate spewed about me in the mind-numb media are inconsequential and pathetic. Those that know me are certain of my goodness and connect with me deeply.” ~ Ted Nugent
  31. “I discovered a long time ago that writing of the small things of the day, the trivial matters of the heart, the inconsequential but near things of this living, was the only kind of creative work which I could accomplish with any sincerity or grace. As a reporter, I was a flop, because I always came back laden not with facts about the case, but with a mind full of the little difficulties and amusements I had encountered in my travels.” ~ E. B. White
  32. “Have you ever been bitten by an elephant? How about a mosquito? It’s the little things in life that will bite you. For most of us, it’s the frequent, small and seemingly inconsequential choices that are of grave concern.” ~ Darren Hardy

  33. “Without feelings insignificant decisions become excruciating attempts to compare endless arrays of inconsequential things. It’s just easier to handle those with emotions.” ~ Ann Leckie
  34. “Most importantly, postmodernism comes down on the side of photography and power, not photography as power. As a consequence, photography continues to be conceived as an inconsequential vehicle or passage for real powers that always originate elsewhere.” ~ Geoffrey Batchen
  35. “If I have the smile of God, all other frowns are inconsequential.” ~ Timothy Keller

  36. “There was a solid year and a half, perhaps two years, after making ‘Temple Grandin,’ when I didn’t do anything. I just didn’t have much patience for roles that were silly, or light, or inconsequential.” ~ Claire Danes
  37. “The Apollo pictures of the whole Earth conveyed to multitudes something well known to astronomers: On the scale of the worlds – to say nothing of stars or galaxies – humans are inconsequential, a thin film of life on an obscure and solitary lump of rock and metal” ~ Carl Sagan
  38. “The biggest mistakes most parents make (and believe me, I’m guilty of these too) seem very inconsequential. They’re little, day-to-day things that, at the moment, don’t seem like a big deal.” ~ Andy Andrews

  39. “Comedy is grievances. It’s a recitation of grievances – whether they’re inconsequential, superficial – like “my wife shops too much”, or “kids today”, all those old-fashioned themes – or, if it’s deeper, and somewhat more thoughtful, about social imbalance and inequities, and the folly of human behavior. It’s usually a complaint.” ~ George Carlin
  40. “My life is a vast inconsequential epic.” ~ Jack Kerouac
  41. “Treating ‘water’ as a name of a single scattered object is not intended to enable us to dispense with general terms and plurality of reference. Scatter is in fact an inconsequential detail.” ~ Willard Van Orman Quine
  42. “Be sure to remember that nothing in your daily life is so insignificant and so inconsequential that the Lord will not help you by answering your prayer.” ~ Ole Hallesby
  43. “Do not let trifles disturb your tranquility of mind. . . . Life is too precious to be sacrificed for the nonessential and transient. . . . Ignore the inconsequential!” ~ Grenville Kleiser

  44. “England never felt claustrophobic for me at all. I think it would feel more difficult for me if I lived in mainland Europe. America I think is really easy because Los Angeles has film stars everywhere and musicians and Santa Barbara a lot of people have homes there even if they don’t live there. You are kind of inconsequential, no one cares.” ~ Martin Gore
  45. “I do sort of feel like I’m building my monument with what I do, but it’s pretty small and inconsequential compared to real works of genius like this, which are giving vast inspiration to humanity. But I guess I shouldn’t even say that. It’s ridiculous to say that. You are what you are. My stature suits me.” ~ Jim Woodring
  46. “We must remember that one of the most insidious ways of keeping women and minorities powerless is to let them only talk about harmless and inconsequential subjects.” ~ Mitsuye Yamada
  47. “Workaholics don’t actually accomplish more than nonworkaholics. They may claim to be perfectionists, but that just mean they’re wasting time fixating on inconsequential details instead of moving on to the next task.” ~ David Heinemeier Hansson

  48. “Although there are real hazards in saying yes to life, they are inconsequential when compared to the regrets that come with saying “no”.” ~ Eda LeShan
  49. “Do not let yourself be bothered by the inconsequential. One has only so much time in this world, so devote it to the work and the people most important to you, to those you love and things that matter. One can waste half a lifetime with people one doesn’t really like, or doing things when one would be better off somewhere else.” ~ Louis L’Amour
  50. “Coming closer to home, there is so much of jealousy, pride, arrogance, and carping criticism; fathers who rise in anger over small, inconsequential things and make wives weep and children fear.” ~ Gordon B. Hinckley
  51. “She wished she were as inconsequential as the ghosts in her dreams.” ~ Libba Bray

  52. “I read The Hunger Games voraciously and was extremely annoyed when interrupted by such inconsequential things as ‘Christmas dinner.’ (God, Mom, did you not understand Katniss was being pursued by the mutts? You have several children, why does it always have to be about collecting the whole set all the time?)” ~ Sarah Rees Brennan
  53. “I believe that what we get out of life is what we’ve set ourselves up to get, so there’s no such thing as an inconsequential decision. Our destinies are the culmination of all the choices we’ve made along the way, which is why it’s imperative to listen hard to your inner voice when it speaks up. Don’t let anyone else’s noise drown it out.” ~ Megan McCafferty
  54. “Dear Habicht, / Such a solemn air of silence has descended between us that I almost feel as if I am committing a sacrilege when I break it now with some inconsequential babble… / What are you up to, you frozen whale, you smoked, dried, canned piece of soul…?” ~ Albert Einstein
  55. “And I’m the kind of person who does not let inconsequential things like boys and near death experiences stop her.” ~ Veronica Roth

  56. “A man’s bookcase will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about him,” my father had told me more than once. “A businessman has business books and a dream has novels and books of poetry. Most women like reading about love, and a true revolutionary will have books about the minutiae of overthrowing the oppressor. A person with no books is inconsequential in a modern setting, but a peasant that reads is a prince in waiting.” ~ Walter Mosley
  57. “Reality is a state of mind. To the banker, the money in his ledger book is all very real, though he doesn’t actually see it or touch it. But to the Brahma, it simply doesn’t exist the way the air and the earth, pain and loss do. To him, the banker’s reality is folly. To the banker, the Brahma’s ideas are as inconsequential as dust.” ~ Libba Bray
  58. “All her knowledge is gone now. Everything she ever learned, or heard, or saw. Her particular way of looking at Hamlet or daisies or thinking about love, all her private intricate thoughts, her inconsequential secret musings – they’re gone too. I heard this expression once: Each time someone dies, a library burns. I’m watching it burn right to the ground.” ~ Jandy Nelson
  59. “This so gnawed at him on some nights that he lay awake wondering just how many unknown and similarly inconsequential accidents and bits of happenstance were at this moment occurring or failing to occur in order to ensure he took his next breath, and the next.” ~ Louise Erdrich
  60. “It’s usually best not to ask philosophers anything, precisely because they have the habit of what in the Persian language is called sanud: the profitless consideration of unsettling yet inconsequential things.” ~ Nick Harkaway

  61. “Doubtless these are inconsequential perplexities. Still, inconsequential perplexities have now and again been known to become the fundamental mood of existence, one suspects.” ~ David Markson
  62. “It’s tiny out there…it’s inconsequential. It’s ironic that we had come to study the Moon and it was really discovering the Earth.” ~ William Anders
  63. “I tend to be rather inconsequential and trail off.” ~ Edward Gorey

  64. “A small pay discrepancy between men’s and women’s salaries for the same job may seem inconsequential. But over the years, salary discrimination adds up to a significantly smaller pension.” ~ Madeleine M. Kunin
  65. “It is very difficult for [people] to accept the idea that someone as inconsequential as Oswald could have killed someone as consequential as Kennedy.” ~ Robert Dallek

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