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Henry Ward Beecher was an American Congregationalist clergyman, social reformer, and speaker, known for his support of the abolition of slavery, his emphasis on God’s love, and his 1875 adultery trial. His rhetorical focus on Christ’s love has influenced mainstream Christianity to this day. This Quotes Henry Ward Beecher will motivate you.

Best Henry Ward Beecher Quotes

  1. “Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  2. “The beginning is the promise of the end.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  3. “We let our blessings get moldy, and then call them curses.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  4. “We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance, they have traveled from the point where they started.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  5. “Greatness lies, not in being strong, but in the right using of strength; and strength is not used rightly when it serves only to carry a man above his fellows for his own solitary glory. He is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  6. “What I spent, I had; What I kept, I lost; What I gave, I have.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  7. “God has made sleep to be a sponge by which to rub out fatigue. A man’s roots are planted in night as in a soil.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  8. “Well married a person has wings, poorly married shackles.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  9. “In this world, it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  10. “Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  11. “Don’t look where you fall, but where you slipped.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

  12. “It’s easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  13. “True obedience is true freedom.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  14. “The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  15. “The thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  16. “The Church is not a gallery for the exhibition of eminent Christians, but a school for the education of imperfect ones.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  17. “Every man should keep a fair-sized cemetery in which to bury the faults of his friends.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

  18. “A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  19. “A Christian is nothing but a sinful man who has put himself to school for Christ for the honest purpose of becoming better.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  20. “Young love is a flame; very pretty, often very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. The love of the older and disciplined heart is as coals, deep-burning, unquenchable.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  21. “The things that hurt us teach us.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  22. “There is a power in the human mind … to see things as they are … but there is equally a power to see things as they might be.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  23. “Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  24. “We need not fear shipwreck when God is the pilot.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  25. “I think you might dispense with half your doctors if you would only consult Dr. Sun more.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  26. “Troubles are often the tools by which God fashions us for better things.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  27. “It is not when the cable lies coiled up on the deck that you know how strong or how weak it is; it is when it is put to the test.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  28. “Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  29. “Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

  30. “Do not give, as many rich men do, like a hen that lays her eggs …and then cackles.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  31. “In the early ages men ruled by strength; now they rule by brain, and so long as there is only one man in the world who can think and plan, he will stand head and shoulders above him who cannot.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  32. “Of all the music that reached farthest into heaven, it is the beating of a loving heart.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  33. “The Bible is God’s chart for you to steer by, to keep you from the bottom of the sea, and to show you where the harbor is, and how to reach it without running on rocks or bars.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  34. “Blessed are they who know how to shine on one’s gloom with their cheer.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  35. “It is for men to choose whether they will govern themselves or be governed.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  36. “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  37. “I can forgive, but I cannot forget,” is only another way of saying, “I will not forgive.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

  38. “No coffee can be good in the mouth that does not first send a sweet offering of odor to the nostrils.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  39. “We never know how much one loves till we know how much he is willing to endure and suffer for us; and it is the suffering element that measures love. The characters that are great must, of necessity, be characters that shall be willing, patient and strong to endure for others. To hold our nature in the willing service of another is the divine idea of manhood, of the human character.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  40. “People may talk about the equality of the sexes! They are not equal. The silent smile of a sensible, loving woman will vanquish ten men.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  41. “The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

  42. “It is not work that kills men; it is worry. Work is healthy; you can hard put more upon a man than he can bear. Worry is rust upon the blade. It is not the revolution that destroys the machinery, but the friction.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  43. “It is not what we read, but what we remember, that makes us learned. It is not what we intend, but what we do that makes us useful. It is not a few faint wishes, but a life long struggle, that makes us valiant.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  44. “The worst thing in this world, next to anarchy, is government.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  45. “A dull ax never loves grindstones, but a keen workman does; and he puts his tool on them in order that it may be sharp. And men do not like grinding, but they are dull for the purposes which God designs to work out with them, and therefore He is grinding them.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

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