38 Hedonistic Quotes On Success In Life

These Hedonistic quotes will inspire you. Hedonistic, devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, of, relating to, or characterized by hedonism or engaged in the pursuit of pleasure; sensually self-indulgent.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Hedonistic quotes, Hedonistic sayings, and Hedonistic proverbs.

Best Hedonistic Quotes

  1. “I have a wonderfully hedonistic appetite, and if I wasn’t really strict with myself, I’d weigh 300 pounds. I’m not good with moderation.” ~ Nick Offerman
  2. “I obsess everyday about everything. Not only about what we do well but what we can do better… In the end, the only reason I am motivated to do what I do is for the hedonistic pleasures of the table.” ~ Mario Batali
  3. “It’s easier to be hedonistic and just chase after whatever appeals to your senses. That’s the life of an animal, you just do. It’s more difficult to stand by your convictions and have people berate you on both sides and feel like there’s no home for you.” ~ LeCrae
  4. “You’ll live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to.” ~ Woody Allen

  5. “It’s more interesting isn’t it, if I’ve got a hedonistic dark side?” ~ Michael Fassbender
  6. “The hedonistic lifestyle is difficult to achieve when you’re still carrying your own gear. Trust me that you don’t feel glamorous with a 60-pound amp in your arms; it’s a lot less sexy than toting a vodka gimlet and impossible to do in heels.” ~ Carrie Brownstein
  7. “Life does not require us to be consistent, cruel, patient, helpful, angry, rational, thoughtless, loving, rash, open-minded, neurotic, careful, rigid, tolerant, wasteful, rich, downtrodden, gentle, sick, considerate, funny, stupid, healthy, greedy, beautiful, lazy, responsive, foolish, sharing, pressured, intimate, hedonistic, industrious, manipulative, insightful, capricious, wise, selfish, kind or sacrificed. Life does, however, require us to live with the consequences of our choices.” ~ Richard Bach
  8. “I feel like there is always something trying to pull us back into sleep, that there is this sort of seductive quality in all the hedonistic pleasures that pull on us.” ~ Bell Hooks

  9. “Being blunt with your feelings is very American. In this big country, I can be as brash as New York, as hedonistic as Los Angeles, as sensuous as San Francisco, as brainy as Boston, as proper as Philadelphia, as brawny as Chicago, as warm as Palm Springs, as friendly as my adopted home town of Dallas, Fort Worth, and as peaceful as the inland waterway that rubs up against my former home in Virginia Beach.” ~ Martina Navratilova
  10. “The word “hedonistic” to me means pleasure above all else. My pleasure above all else.” ~ Fred Melamed
  11. “Ian’s the black sheep.” “I thought I was the black sheep,” said Seth, sounding almost hurt. “No. You’re the unfocused artistic one. I’m the responsible one. Ian’s the wild, hedonistic one.” “What’s hedonistic?” asked Kendall. Her father considered. “It means you run up a lot of credit card bills you can’t pay, change jobs a lot, and have a lot of…lady friends.” ~ Richelle Mead
  12. “My rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them.” ~ Winston Churchill

  13. “In our hedonistic age, the Slow movement has a marketing ace up its sleeve: it peddles pleasure. The central tenet of the Slow philosophy is taking the time to do things properly, and thereby enjoy them more.” ~ Carl Honore
  14. “What interests me is the following paradox: of how, precisely in our liberal societies, where no one can even imagine a transcendental cause for which to die, we are allowed to adopt a hedonistic, utilitarian, or even more spiritually egotistical stance – like, the goal of my life is the realization of all my potential, fulfillment of my innermost desires, whatever you want.” ~ Slavoj Žižek
  15. “Personally, I am a hedonistic reader; I have never read a book merely because it was ancient. I read books for the aesthetic emotions they offer me, and I ignore the commentaries and criticism.” ~ Jorge Luis Borges
  16. “I am indeed a hedonistic utilitarian. I have defended hedonistic utilitarianism for quite a while.” ~ Torbjorn Tannsjo

  17. “Certainly all “progressive” thought, has assumed tacitly that human beings desire nothing beyond ease, security, and avoidance of pain… Hitler, because in his joyless mind he feels it with exceptional strength, knows that human beings don’t only want comfort, safety, short working-hours, hygiene, birth-control and, in general, common sense; they also, at least intermittently, want struggle and self-sacrifice, not to mention drums, flags and loyalty-parades. However they may be as economic theories, Fascism and Nazism are psychologically far sounder than any hedonistic conception of life.” ~ George Orwell
  18. “These movies belonged to the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries that period of great, unsustainable, and hedonistic prosperity, driven by the burning of Earth’s reserves of perishable oil, which culminated in the False Tribulation, and the wars, and the plagues, and the painful dwindling of inflated populations to more reasonable numbers.” ~ Robert Charles Wilson
  19. “Do you begin to see, then, what kind of world we are creating? It is the exact opposite of the stupid hedonistic Utopias that the old reformers imagined. A world of fear and treachery and torment, a world of trampling and being trampled upon, a world which will grow not less but more merciless as it refines itself. Progress in our world will be progress toward more pain.” ~ George Orwell
  20. “I’m no wealthier than Bibi Netanyahu or Arik Sharon. I don’t feel that I’m more hedonistic than Ehud Olmert, or Yitzhak Rabin or Shimon Peres.” ~ Ehud Barak

  21. “For the women in California, they’re just downtrodden because they’re so gorgeous here. Every hot cheerleader comes to California to make it. The men don’t want to get married, they’re lazy lions. Matthew McConaughey is their poster boy so they can procreate and live on the beach in the trailer and have kids and have money and be hedonistic.” ~ Patti Stanger
  22. “Don’t forget that at the end of the 70s people were much more into wild experimentation and hedonistic adventures. There was not really a fear of sexual diseases like HIV or aids back then, all that came later.” ~ Eddy de Clercq
  23. “Bentham spent much of his life writing constitutions and proposing legal reform in the light of his utilitarianism. The evaluation of particular acts was hardly his concern. The psychology of his day was hedonistic and he worked in that framework and passed it on to Mill, but it is clear as day that Mill was not a hedonist in the sense in which we use that term today, though he used the language of pleasure and pain to express his views.” ~ Dale Jamieson
  24. “The thing I don’t like about L.A. is that it’s very industry-focused. That’s not bad for kids. It’s not hedonistic or anything, not any more shallow than anybody in the Midwest. It’s not that.” ~ Eddie Jemison

  25. “There [in Allied] was depicting London in the war, as well, and doing that in a way where you see something that you don’t normally see, which is how hedonistic it was. In reality, that’s what was going on. But, all of it worked.” ~ Steven Knight
  26. “The American people have to think hard about their definition of the meaning of the good life, that hedonistic, materialistic society of high levels of consumption, increasing social inequality is not a society that can be part of the solution of the world’s problems.” ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski
  27. “I don’t think Israelis are less critical of corruption than people in Italy, France or America. Israel is special in a different way. There is a daytime Israel and a nighttime Israel. The first is self-confident, pushy and passionate, like other Mediterranean lands. It is hedonistic, materialistic and almost arrogant. During the nighttime, people are terrified, people are filled with existential dreads. These fears aren’t baseless.” ~ Amos Oz
  28. “I had a lot of friends that were extremely hedonistic, extremely debauched, swapping partners etc.” ~ Sophie Anderton

  29. “I never had the idea of moving to Paris and becoming something. I liked the idea of living in Paris because it seemed to have so many parts of life I really enjoyed. The people there seemed to prize literature and art, food and drinking, a more hedonistic way of living.” ~ Rosecrans Baldwin
  30. “I can assure you that gay people getting married will have zero effect on your life. They won’t come into your house and steal your children. They won’t magically turn you into a lustful cockmonster. They won’t even overthrow the government in an orgy of hedonistic debauchery because all of a sudden they have the same legal rights as the other 90 percent of our population … you know what having these rights will make gays? Full-fledged American citizens just like everyone else, with the freedom to pursue happiness and all that entails.” ~ Chris Kluwe
  31. “The Prayer of Examine produces within us the priceless grace of self-knowledge. I wish I could adequately explain to you how great a grace this truly is. Unfortunately, contemporary men and women simply do not value self-knowledge in the same way that all preceding generations have. For us technocratic knowledge reigns supreme. Even when we pursue self-knowledge, we all too often reduce it to a hedonistic search for personal peace and prosperity. How poor we are! Even the pagan philosophers were wiser than this generation. They knew that an unexamined life was not worth living.” ~ Richard J. Foster
  32. “If we include hedonistic philosophy in hospitals, the lives of patients suffering from cancer would be much, much better.” ~ Michel Onfray

  33. “I can tell you I also smoked cigars 10 years before, and the watch, which is a Patek Philippe – it was my former wife who bought it for me as a gift when I completed my military service. What is all of this about anyway? I’m no wealthier than Bibi Netanyahu or Arik Sharon. I don’t feel that I’m more hedonistic than Ehud Olmert, or Yitzhak Rabin or Shimon Peres.” ~ Ehud Barak
  34. “The more hedonistic you were, the better…I very much subscribed to that as a young artist.” ~ Rufus Wainwright
  35. “Nowadays it’s those hedonistic wastrels who pollute the air so that they can look at some pretty fish in the South Seas. It would be better if we only ever rode bikes. Oh, there’s always someone wagging a finger in disapproval.” ~ Hans von Storch
  36. “Why not coincidentally? From religion comes hope for the future and a sense of societal obligation (i.e., a non-hedonistic worldview). No faith, no hope. No hope for the future, no sense of obligation – hence, no children.” ~ Don Feder

  37. “Stonehenge had an aura but it was also just stone. Then in the sixties, it became a great hedonistic, hippie, druid, rock-n-roll party site. There are amazing pictures of people up on the stones going wild and that’s the image I recreated for my model of the project: full access to everyone. I even invented a Stonehenge soccer team that uses spaces between the stones as goals.” ~ Aleksandra Mir
  38. “The vast Pacific ocean would always remain the islanders’ great solace, escape and nourishment, the amniotic fluid that would keep them hedonistic and aloof, guarded, gentle and mysterious.” ~ Francine du Plessix Gray

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