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Harry Joseph Lennix III is an American actor. He is best known for his roles as Terrence “Dresser” Williams in the Robert Townsend film The Five Heartbeats (1991) and as Boyd Langton in the Joss Whedon television series Dollhouse. These Harry Lennix quotes will motivate you.

Best Harry Lennix Quotes

  1. “People learn who they are by the images of themselves, the representations that they seek.” ~ Harry Lennix
  2. “The images that people see in the media of black people – whether journalistic or narrative – remain horrible. And those images, combined with the lack of respect among black people in the poorer neighborhoods for themselves, and the part the police and other people coming into those neighborhoods play, it creates no value for life.” ~ Harry Lennix
  3. “My view is that “A Small Oak Tree Runs Red” is about putting people ‘on the record,’ who otherwise would have been forgotten, as a result of their bravery and love for one another. These characters demand justice, and they got punished for it. If we can correct that record in our artistic expression, in a poetic form such as this play, then that is our entire purpose and greatest benefit.” ~ Harry Lennix
  4. “Racism is a common thread among people of color, even though each experience with it is different.” ~ Harry Lennix
  5. “If hell comes as a result of my speaking the truth, then let it come.” ~ Harry Lennix

  6. “The truth is more important to me than anything – my personal wealth or health or any of these things. I think that it’s not so difficult for me to say what I’m saying.” ~ Harry Lennix
  7. “I’m one of those persons who think that watching black people suffer is not an idea of entertainment. I know a lot about African American history, which is just American history, it’s always been very fascinating to me. The premise of the play is remembering and honoring those persons whose stories would never be taken into account.” ~ Harry Lennix
  8. “More than a non-acting director, I think I notice when an actor is not believing in themselves. Chicago actors in particular, they work very hard and are very talented, but sometimes they don’t trust how talented they are. I notice when they keep something in reserve.” ~ Harry Lennix
  9. “I play piano, so when I’m learning a new or difficult piece, at some point I have to enjoy the music of the piece itself, and have confidence that my fingers know where to go. It’s the same with acting, there is a point where I have to enjoy the play.” ~ Harry Lennix
  10. “The United States Justice Department, in my opinion, hasn’t done a damn thing to alleviate this horrible manifestation of racism, bigotry and hate against blacks – the first African American President has done nothing. Even if he were inclined to do something to rectify what we are experiencing as a nation, I don’t know if can go as far as an artistic expression can go, as salve for the collected suffering of the people.” ~ Harry Lennix
  11. “I think that in some ways there is no more important thing in my life outside of family and God.” ~ Harry Lennix

  12. “The concept of ‘purgatory’ is in Catholic Church dogma, and most black people are not Catholic – mostly their Christian realities focus on heaven or hell. Purgatory is for the expiation of sin, the fact that you are there, and not in hell, means you’ll eventually work your way to heaven. The experience of this play, ‘Small oak tree’, and its psychological architecture, relies on its knowledge of that. Many black people believe that this life, within itself, is a way to work out whatever obligations we have, in order to get to a better place.” ~ Harry Lennix
  13. “I hope that people will come and experience our play ‘A Small Oak Tree Runs Red’ . I don’t want anybody to suffer, but I source the 18th Century philosopher David Hume in association with the experience. He asserted that when we go to a tragic play, and when the form of tragedy is well put together, then we can experience a catharsis that is soul cleansing, and an anodyne to what our life would be like without it.” ~ Harry Lennix
  14. “There was a lynching case as late as 2011, so it’s not as far away as we think. I think persecution by powerful structures, on a people who are marginalized, is not new. The idea of lynching is well known, and the way we present it in the play makes the lynching somewhat of a relief, compared to the barbaric treatment they were receiving as sharecroppers.” ~ Harry Lennix
  15. “I think that one thing that America is guilty of is not ever apologizing for the greatest sin of the country, which is slavery.” ~ Harry Lennix

  16. “Julie Taymor. She is my gold standard of stage directors. I think she has a comprehensive knowledge of theatrical form, since she lived in Indonesia, Java, Japan and France. Her knowledge of form is limitless. Whenever I get painted in a corner, I think about what form she would use, because that is what she practices. It’s about accessing the theater traditions of the whole world.” ~ Harry Lennix
  17. “There may have been great scripts, and perfect actors to fill the roles, but those pilot projects could be stopped at an earlier point. Now, damn near anything can get on the air, but who can get people to watch? There are a lot more choices, even if you get on the air.” ~ Harry Lennix
  18. “Hollywood loves to pat itself on the back and espouse their rhetorically liberal points of view while they continue to be the 1 percent and point the finger at the other guy.” ~ Harry Lennix
  19. “I think that Hollywood is content with condescending to Black people, patronizing them, feeling sorry for us, and I think we’re happy to take the pat on the head as a people and take whatever awards.” ~ Harry Lennix
  20. “The Black church is extremely important in Black America. I think most Americans themselves believe in a divine power, in a god, and I’m sure that that number increases with Black people.” ~ Harry Lennix
  21. “The most important thing in my life is that trying to ameliorate, redeem, the image in particular of African American men, or Black men – I don’t really even like that term, “African American,” because we’re Black people.” ~ Harry Lennix
  22. “The beauty of doing a series is that, over the course of time, it’s like peeling an onion. You’re able to reveal these layers, more and more. You just don’t want to reveal too much, too soon.” ~ Harry Lennix

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