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Harold Joseph Laski was an English political theorist and economist. He was active in politics and served as the chairman of the British Labour Party from 1945 to 1946 and was a professor at the London School of Economics from 1926 to 1950. These Harold Laski quotes will motivate you.

Best Harold Laski Quotes

  1. “A State divided into a small number of rich and a large number of poor will always develop a government manipulated by the rich to protect the amenities represented by their property.” ~ Harold Laski
  2. “Those who know the normal life of the poor… will realize well enough that without economic security, liberty is not worth having.” ~ Harold Laski
  3. “Civilization means, above all, an unwillingness to inflict unnecessary pain … those of us who heedlessly accept the commands of authority cannot yet claim to be civilized men.” ~ Harold Laski
  4. “A healthy loyalty is not passive and complacent, but active and critical.” ~ Harold Laski
  5. “Without equality, I say, there cannot be liberty.” ~ Harold Laski
  6. “The number of substitutes for fine and clean thinking the world provides positively gnaws at one’s vitals.” ~ Harold Laski
  7. “Every State is known by the rights it maintains.” ~ Harold Laski

  8. “No citizen enjoys genuine freedom of religious conviction until the state is indifferent to every form of religious outlook from Atheism to Zoroastrianism.” ~ Harold Laski
  9. “If it weren’t for the law, I would steal books; if it weren’t for my purse, I would buy them.” ~ Harold Laski
  10. “The only real security for social well-being is the free exercise of men’s minds.” ~ Harold Laski
  11. “If there is one thing fundamental to the life of the spirit it is the absence of force.” ~ Harold Laski
  12. “The test, surely, of a creed is not the ability of those who accept it to announce their faith; its test is its ability to change their behavior in the ordinary round of daily life. Judged by that test, I know no religion that has a moral claim upon the allegiance of men.” ~ Harold Laski
  13. “A second-class mind dealing with third-class material is hardly a necessity of life.” ~ Harold Laski
  14. “Aside from theology and sex, there is really nothing to talk about.” ~ Harold Laski
  15. “Historically, means cannot be separated from ends.” ~ Harold Laski
  16. “It would be madness to let the purposes or the methods of private enterprise set the habits of the age of atomic energy.” ~ Harold Laski

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