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These grave quotes will inspire you. A grave is a place of burial for a dead body, typically a hole dug in the ground and marked by a stone or mound.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging grave quotes, grave sayings, and grave proverbs.

Famous Grave Quotes

  1. “Don’t go to the grave with life unused.” Bobby Bowden
  2. “Confession is always weakness. The grave soul keeps its own secrets, and takes its own punishment in silence.” Dorothy Dix
  3. “I’ve got one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel.” Ralphie May
  4. “Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own; and from morning to night, as from the cradle to the grave, it is but a succession of changes so gentle and easy that we can scarcely mark their progress.” Charles Dickens

  5. “They give birth astride of a grave, the light gleams an instant, then it’s night once more.” Samuel Beckett
  6. “If Lincoln were alive today, he’d be turning over in his grave.” Gerald R. Ford
  7. “The great liability of the engineer compared to men of other professions is that his works are out in the open where all can see them. His acts, step by step, are in hard substance. He cannot bury his mistakes in the grave like the doctors. He cannot argue them into thin air or blame the judge like the lawyers.” Herbert Hoover
  8. “The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.” Ellen Glasgow

  9. Honey, I am going to my grave with my eyelashes and my makeup on.” Tammy Faye Bakker
  10. “On my back, I have the cross and angel wings: rise above it, no matter what life throws at you. And also, you know, Jesus rose from the grave.” Lewis Hamilton
  11. “Teach me to live, that I may dread The grave as little as my bed.” Thomas Ken
  12. “Many people are in a rut and a rut is nothing but a grave – with both ends kicked out.” Vance Havner

  13. “A resignation is a grave act; never performed by a right-minded man without forethought or with reserve.” Salmon P. Chase
  14. “I will go to my grave in a state of abject endless fascination that we all have the capacity to become emotionally involved with a personality that doesn’t exist.” Berkeley Breathed
  15. “My message to you all is of hope, courage, and confidence. Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organized way and tackle the grave issues that confront us with grim determination and discipline worthy of a great nation.” Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  16. “My mother-in-law said, ‘One day I will dance on your grave.’ I said ‘I hope you do; I will be buried at sea.” Les Dawson

  17. “You fall out of your mother’s womb, you crawl across open country under fire, and drop into your grave.” Quentin Crisp
  18. “Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep, too grave to laugh, and too selfish to seek other than itself.” Khalil Gibran
  19. “Jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire.” Solomon Ibn Gabirol
  20. “I am the living death, a Memorial Day on wheels. I am your Yankee Doodle Dandy, your John Wayne come home, your Fourth of July firecracker exploding in the grave.” Ron Kovic

  21. “Marriage is the grave or tomb of wit.” Margaret Cavendish
  22. “Only weeks after Oslo began, when nearly all the world and most of Israel was drunk with the idea of peace, I argued that a Palestinian society not constrained by democratic norms would be a fear society that would pose a grave threat to Israel.” Natan Sharansky
  23. “But only a brief moment is granted to the brave one breath or two, whose wage is the long nights of the grave.” Muhammad Iqbal
  24. “A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two things. There will be sleeping enough in the grave.” Benjamin Franklin

  25. “Our Heavenly Father loves us. He sent His Only Begotten Son to be our Savior. He knew that in mortality we would be in grave danger, the worst of it from the temptations of a terrible adversary. That is one of the reasons why the Savior has provided priesthood keys so that those with ears to hear and faith to obey could go to places of safety.” Henry B. Eyring
  26. “Whoever finishes a revolution only halfway, digs his own grave.” Georg Buchner
  27. “Heaven lent you a soul, Earth will lend a grave.” Christian Nestell Bovee
  28. “Isn’t it sad to go to your grave without ever wondering why you were born? Who, with such a thought, would not spring from bed, eager to resume discovering the world and rejoicing to be part of it?” Richard Dawkins

  29. “The queen and I always got on well, still do; I uphold everything Her Majesty represents, has given up her life for. It’s her duty. For her country, she’s selfless to the grave.” Sarah Ferguson
  30. “Time is the king of all men, he is their parent and their grave, and gives them what he will and not what they crave.” Pericles
  31. “There were times, especially when I was traveling for ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ when, I swear to God, I would feel this weight of my female ancestors, all those Swedish farmwives from beyond the grave who were like, ‘Go! Go to Naples! Eat more pizza! Go to India, ride an elephant! Do it! Swim in the Indian Ocean. Read those books. Learn a language.” Elizabeth Gilbert , Grave quotes love
  32. “Some secrets are meant to be taken to the grave, and that’s what I plan on doing with all mine. They’re not necessarily my secrets to tell. I’m the gatekeeper of other people’s secrets.” Drew Lachey

  33. “He whose head is in heaven need not fear to put his feet into the grave.” Matthew Henry
  34. “Jealousy is the grave of affection.” Mary Baker Eddy
  35. “Indeed, the hereditary gift of prophecy will go to the grave with me.” Nostradamus
  36. “The paths of glory lead but to the grave.” Thomas Gray

  37. “It’s a big and growing problem, the amount of power possessed by Google and Facebook. President Eisenhower said it about the military-industrial complex. They pose a grave threat to our democracy.” Tim Sweeney
  38. “There is neither rank nor station nor prerogative in the republic of the grave.” John James Ingalls
  39. “Even so, one step from my grave, I believe that cruelty, spite, The powers of darkness will in time, Be crushed by the spirit of light.” Boris Pasternak
  40. “History says, ‘Don’t hope on this side of the grave.” Seamus Heaney

  41. “Perfection has one grave defect: it is apt to be dull.” W. Somerset Maugham
  42. “Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear – kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor – with the cry of grave national emergency.” Douglas MacArthur
  43. “Stolen scrap like manhole covers, railroad weights, stop signs, guard rails, and public lighting put our residents in grave danger. Not only that, but the theft is tearing apart communities with stolen church and cemetery ornaments.” Rashida Tlaib
  44. “Every time I think that I’m getting old, and gradually going to the grave, something else happens.” Elvis Presley

  45. “Impeachment is not a remedy for private wrongs; it’s a method of removing someone whose continued presence in office would cause grave danger to the nation.’ Charles Ruff
  46. “I am more and more convinced that man is a dangerous creature and that power, whether vested in many or a few, is ever grasping, and like the grave, cries, ‘Give, give.” Abigail Adams
  47. “Advice is sometimes transmitted more successfully through a joke than grave teaching.” Baltasar Gracian
  48. “I was known as the chief grave robber of my state.” Dan Quayle

  49. “The credit which the apparent conformity with recognized scientific standards can gain for seemingly simple but false theories may, as the present instance shows have grave consequences.” Friedrich August von Hayek
  50. “I always figure from the cradle to the grave, we all have our individual journeys, and maybe my journey was a positive one and I accomplished certain things without stepping on too many toes.” Robert Duvall
  51. “Compared to politics, I think sports is funnier because it’s inconsequential. And politics can be real important and all that. The more pointless something is, the funnier it is, you know? And the more grave or important things are… You know, some comedians can get this disease where they get serious all the time.” Norm MacDonald
  52. “I hate this place. I shall hate it to my grave.” Wallis Simpson

  53. “The Papacy is not other than the Ghost of the deceased Roman Empire, sitting crowned upon the grave thereof.” Thomas Hobbes
  54. “Only on the edge of the grave can man conclude anything.” Henry Adams
  55. “Every pessimist who ever lived has been buried in an unmarked grave. Tomorrow has always been better than today, and it always will be.” Paul Harvey
  56. “Bourgeois class domination is undoubtedly an historical necessity, but, so too, the rising of the working class against it. Capital is a historical necessity, but, so too, its grave digger, the socialist proletariat.” Rosa Luxemburg

  57. “We should so provide for old age that it may have no urgent wants of this world to absorb it from meditation on the next. It is awful to see the lean hands of dotage making a coffer of the grave.” Pearl S. Buck
  58. “I do not choose that my grave should be dug while I am still alive.” Elizabeth
  59. “I we take nothing to the grave with us, but a good or evil conscience… It is true, terrors of conscience cast us down, and yet without terrors of conscience we cannot be raised up again.” Samuel Rutherford
  60. “Our world faces many grave challenges: Widening conflicts and inequality. Extreme weather and deadly intolerance. Security threats – including nuclear weapons. We have the tools and wealth to overcome these challenges. All we need is the will.” Antonio Guterres

  61. “One half of my life has put the other half in the grave.” Pierre Corneille
  62. “I was born with a romantic nature, and I’ll carry it to my grave.” Telly Savalas
  63. “There have been hours in my unhappy life, many of them, when the contemplation of death as the end of earthly sorrow – of the grave as a resting place for the tired and worn out body – has been pleasant to dwell upon.” Solomon Northup

  64. “Every church is a stone on the grave of a god-man: it does not want him to rise up again under any circumstances.” Friedrich Nietzsche
  65. “During this period, Japan’s peaceful commercial relations were successively obstructed, primarily by the American rupture of commercial relations, and this was a grave threat to the survival of Japan.” Hideki Tojo

Grave an excavation made in the earth in which to bury a dead body.

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