32 Gary Gygax Quotes On Success In Life

Ernest Gary Gygax was an American game designer and author best known for co-creating the pioneering role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) with Dave Arneson. These Gary Gygax quotes will motivate you.

Best Gary Gygax Quotes

  1. “The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don’t need any rules.” ~ Gary Gygax
  2. “The worthy GM never purposely kills players’ PCs, He presents opportunities for the rash and unthinking players to do that all on their own.” ~ Gary Gygax
  3. “Enjoy a ‘world’ where the fantastic is fact and magic really works!” ~ Gary Gygax
  4. “You are not entering this world in the usual manner, for you are setting forth to be a Dungeon Master. Certainly there are stout fighters, mighty magic-users, wily thieves, and courageous clerics who will make their mark in the magical lands of D&D adventure. You however, are above even the greatest of these, for as DM you are to become the Shaper of the Cosmos. It is you who will give form and content to the all the universe. You will breathe life into the stillness, giving meaning and purpose to all the actions which are to follow.” ~ Gary Gygax
  5. “Random chance plays a huge part in everybody’s life.” ~ Gary Gygax

  6. “Role-playing games are contests in which the players usually cooperate as a group to achieve a common goal rather than compete to eliminate one another from play…. Role games … bring players together in a mutual effort.” ~ Gary Gygax
  7. “Games give you a chance to excel, and if you’re playing in good company you don’t even mind if you lose because you had the enjoyment of the company during the course of the game.” ~ Gary Gygax quotes
  8. “Role-playing isn’t storytelling. If the dungeon master is directing it, it’s not a game.” ~ Gary Gygax
  9. “The essence of a role-playing game is that it is a group, cooperative experience.” ~ Gary Gygax

  10. “There is no winning or losing, but rather the value is in the experience of imagining yourself as a character in whatever genre you’re involved in, whether it’s a fantasy game, the Wild West, secret agents or whatever else. You get to sort of vicariously experience those things.” ~ Gary Gygax
  11. “One more thing: don’t spend too much time merely reading. The best part of this work is the play, so play and enjoy!” ~ Gary Gygax
  12. “Gaming, in general, is a male thing. It isn’t that gaming is designed to exclude women. Everybody who’s tried to design a game to interest a large female audience has failed. And I think that has to do with the different thinking processes of men and women.” ~ Gary Gygax
  13. “If you are an investor, then you are destined for blood, sweat, and tears.” ~ Gary Gygax
  14. “Games give you a chance to excel.” ~ Gary Gygax

  15. “When you master role-playing [gaming], you become immersed in an activity that is peerless among leisure-time pursuits.” ~ Gary Gygax
  16. “I would like the world to remember me as the guy who really enjoyed playing games and sharing his knowledge and his fun pastimes with everybody else.” ~ Gary Gygax
  17. “Of course as children, we all, in all cultures and societies, learn behavior from observation, imitation, and encouragement of various kinds. So by the suggestion made, we all ‘pretend’ most of the time.” ~ Gary Gygax
  18. “The books I write because I want to read them, the games because I want to play them, and stories I tell because I find them exciting personally.” ~ Gary Gygax
  19. “Send anyone claiming that their RPG activity is an art form my way, and I’ll gladly stick a pin in their head and deflate it just to have the satisfaction of the popping sound that makes. One might play a game artfully, but that makes neither the game nor its play art.” ~ Gary Gygax
  20. “There’s a call to adventure. It’s something in the inner psyche of humanity, particularly males.” ~ Gary Gygax

  21. “When AI approximates Machine Intelligence, then many online and computer-run RPGs will move towards actual RPG activity. Nonetheless, that will not replace the experience of ‘being there,’ any more than seeing a theatrical motion picture can replace the stage play.” ~ Gary Gygax
  22. “The idea that a game is anything more than a game… You know, there are people who are basically unbalanced who are going to misuse a game and have bad results. If a golfer who insists on playing during a lightning storm gets hit by a stroke of lightning and is killed nobody says, ‘There’s golfers dying by the droves being hit by lightning!’ You can overdo what you really like, and if you’re unbalanced you go overboard.” ~ Gary Gygax
  23. “As a typically ambitious player, I did what all others of that ilk do: Everything I could do to gain advantage for my PCs and rise in level as rapidly as possible.” ~ Gary Gygax
  24. “Outside of the mindless sitcoms that the networks thrive on, people able to think generally consider most entertainment is escape in one form or another.” ~ Gary Gygax

  25. “Some of the roots of role-playing games (RPGs) are grounded in clinical and academic role assumption and role-playing exercises.” ~ Gary Gygax
  26. “I think a lot of what I was taught, gathered, and learned is worth keeping. Heritage and “wisdom” and simply personal family and local history enrich the one able to tap such information. As it is I wish I had garnered more from my grandparents and parents.” ~ Gary Gygax
  27. “Anyone wanna play Dungeons & Dragons for the next quadrillion years?” ~ Gary Gygax
  28. “I foresee online gaming changing when there are good audio-visual links connecting the participants, thus approximating play in a face-to-face group.” ~ Gary Gygax
  29. “I hated school, didn’t like the discipline.” ~ Gary Gygax

  30. “Somebody said they threw their copy of Dungeons and Dragons into the fire, and it screamed. It’s a game! The magic spells in it are as real as the gold. Try retiring on that stuff.” ~ Gary Gygax
  31. “Pen-and-paper role-playing is live theater and computer games are television. People want the convenience and instant gratification of turning on the TV rather than getting dressed up and going out to see a live play. In the same way, the computer is a more immediately accessible way to play games.” ~ Gary Gygax
  32. “I wasn’t popular in the home office because I wasn’t chicken. I’m just a risk-taker. I have gut instincts.” ~ Gary Gygax

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