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  1. “If you are a great dramatic actor then you often don’t know if people are enjoying your stuff at all because they are sitting there in silence. But with comedy it’s a simple premise. If it’s funny, people laugh. If it’s not, they don’t.” ~ Steve Coogan
  2. “I love funny people, and when I’m with funny people, or people who are amusing in their weirdness, I love it. Because that to me is funny, as opposed to someone who stops and says, ‘Hey let me tell you a joke.'” ~ Paul Feig
  3. “Movies these days have made killers into funny people. What’s that all about? I’ve got kids and family and friends, and I don’t like bad things. I don’t think they’re funny, and it’s irresponsible to make movies that don’t show you how that’s not good.” ~ Billy Bob Thornton
  4. “I love doing stuff with Todd Barry and Jon Benjamin. We give the stage to good bands and funny people.” ~ David Cross

  5. “‘Funny People’ is my favorite performance of myself to date. Even though it’s a comedy and there are serious moments, I really felt like Leo felt like a real person. It didn’t feel like I was playing myself. Whether it’s a comedy or drama, I just try to make it as realistic as possible.” ~ Jonah Hill
  6. “I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.” ~ Steven Wright
  7. “Sometimes people deserve a high five, in the face, with a chair.” ~ Will Rogers
  8. “That’s my only goal. Surround myself with funny people, and make sure everyone has a good time and works hard.” ~ Joe Rogan

  9. “But with comedy, it’s a simple premise. If it’s funny, people laugh. If it’s not, they don’t.” ~ Steve Coogan
  10. “There are no funny lawyers – only funny people who made a career mistake.” ~ Robert J. White
  11. “Somebody who opposes Trump is wound so tight, they’re not funny people anyway, that they don’t get his humor. They really believe when he tells these jokes that that’s dead serious stuff. There’s not enough laughter on the left. Even their comedians are angry. Their comedians, the humor they shoot for is all personal put-down kind of humor where it used to not be that way. But Trump’s humor, even the stuff that’s not subtle, they miss, they take it literally and are frightened to death by it. It’s incredible.” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  12. “There’s only one true superpower amongst human beings, and that is being funny. People treat you differently if you can make them laugh.” ~ Jeff Garlin

  13. “Funny people don’t really laugh very much.” ~ Tim Heidecker
  14. “[In comedy] you never want to leave the actors hanging out to dry. So you need to come up with funny individual stories for each character, and then you do this sort of comedy geometry, weaving them together. Once you’ve got a funny structure and you know why the scenes are funny, then you get super funny people to say your own lines, say their own lines, say things in their own way, and every scene is a live rewrite in front of the camera.” ~ Jeff Schaffer
  15. “We Americans are a funny people. We say that our favorite outdoor recreation is ‘walking for pleasure’ (or so it is reported in Outdoor Recreation Trends). Yet the average housewife will jump into the family car-or one of them-to go around the corner for a bottle of aspirin and a television guide. The businessman who walks four blocks to an appointment is the exception rather than the rule.” ~ Stewart Udall
  16. “As an actor, when you’re doing comedies, you’re around fantastic, funny people and you hopefully have a really good time doing it.” ~ Ari Graynor

  17. “I definitely work pretty hard to stay present and focused. I’ve also tried to create a life for myself where I’m surrounded by honest, loyal, and funny people because I like to laugh.” ~ Rashida Jones , Funny people quotes life
  18. “I’ve always been attracted to humor and funny people in general. It’s a joy to make people laugh, but it’s not as fun as laughing yourself.” ~ Jennifer Garner
  19. “At first I was very anxious about starting Twitter because I didn’t really know what was expected of me. I now feel fairly relaxed, in that’s it a way of telling people things that you are doing, without any attempt to be entertaining. To me, even funny people who are tweeting, it just gives a glib impression. You know that it’s been constructed, that it’s not a thing that’s just happened in that moment. So whatever you read, the best you get is, “Eh.”” ~ Simon Amstell
  20. “I’d rather be the bloke laughing at other people. I don’t need to make people laugh. I surround myself with funny people. I laugh all the time.” ~ Jennifer Garner

  21. “It’s funny, people were asking me how I’d feel when it all ends, on the first movie, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more completely bewildered, knowing that I only have a month of Twilight stuff left to do.” ~ Robert Pattinson
  22. “I love funny people. I met and became friends with some of the funniest people ever. Gilda Radner, bless her soul; Martin Short; Dave Thomas; Eugene Levy.” ~ Paul Shaffer
  23. “To me, there’s nothing funnier than funny people in peril, because it’s just a great springboard for people to be at a heightened emotionality and things get funnier.” ~ Paul Feig
  24. “Comedy is still alive, and there are still funny people. Jews are still overrepresented in comedy and psychiatry and underrepresented in the priesthood. That immigrant Jewish humor is still with us.” ~ Robert Klein

  25. “The people from ‘The State’ are close friends, but also some of the most incredibly funny people I know.” ~ Joe Lo Truglio
  26. “I love Ice Cube and Charlie Day. They’re brilliant men, great actors and very funny people.” ~ Tracy Morgan
  27. “I’ve had pretty much the same crew for all the films that I’ve made, and I’ve managed to have really nice, calm, funny people. That is a big part of it, a family feeling of warmth and finding something interesting and making a platform for them to perform. It’s a very difficult job, acting, in that it’s totally counterintuitive to how we are brought up.” ~ Ben Wheatley
  28. “I think all the funny people were bullied. When they talk about outlawing bullying, it’s like, what? You want no Comedy Central?” ~ Chris Rock

  29. “I refuse, whenever possible, to do shows on a Monday. I don’t do gigs on a Monday, because nobody laughs on Mondays. Everybody wants Monday to be over. I just won’t do ’em. But the rest of the time, in all honesty, it doesn’t matter where you are: if something’s funny, people laugh.” ~ John Bishop
  30. “Elections are always a little bit funny. People start saying things and emphasizing differences. After the election, my hope is, is that people start emphasizing what we have in common.” ~ Barack Obama
  31. “Occasionally I do movies with other directors. I did ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ for Julian Schnabel. I did a movie with Jim Brooks (‘How Do You Know’). I did a movie with Judd Apatow (‘Funny People’). So I do get a chance to work with other people, which is always enjoyable, always pleasant. But still, Steven [Spielberg] makes the types of movies that I’m interested in as well.” ~ Janusz Kaminski
  32. “[Chris] Farley was a dear friend, and we remained close right up until the end. You know, there was nobody more fearless comedically than Chris. And that’s saying a lot, because I’m friendly with a lot of funny people.” ~ Rob Lowe

  33. “I think I’m the funniest guy in a room full of unfunny people. Unfortunately, my career is increasingly leading me into rooms where everybody is funny. I’m the least funny person in a room full of funny people.” ~ Ben Feldman
  34. “I’m just the least funny person in a room full of funny people, which is basically every single day of work for me.” ~ Ben Feldman
  35. “I think I’m the funniest guy in a room full of unfunny people.” ~ Ben Feldman
  36. “I hate birthdays. It’s so funny, people always come up to me, “Hey! It’s my birthday!” But when it’s my birthday, I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t wanna tell anybody.” ~ Josh Groban

  37. “There are quite a few very funny people in my life. You know those people who don’t mean to be funny, they just come out with these zingers that just make you howl with laughter. Usually you find these people in the road crew. A good crew is a key to a healthy funny bone.” ~ Tori Amos
  38. “I think that I probably break on set more than I make other people break. I’ve realized recently that, in my everyday social life, I’m a very easygoing person, but when it comes to work, I’m pretty type – A. I’m very focused and I take it maybe too seriously sometimes. So, when I’m on set, even when there are really funny people that I’m in the scenes with, I’m generally good at not breaking too often.” ~ Dave Franco
  39. “It’s funny, people often ask me, “Why do you do bike tours where it takes three times the effort and you make one-third of the money?” My answer is that I’m trying to do it ethically. What does that mean, exactly? That conflict is a big part of my art.” ~ Ben Sollee
  40. “It’s funny, people talk about the characters they play and who do you sort of see yourself as or which ones maybe were closest to you and in some ways.” ~ Gabriel Mann

  41. “I like being around funny people.” ~ Chelsea Martin
  42. “Socially, it is funny. People are annoyed because, really who is a clown?.” ~ Eric Davis
  43. “I do get funny people sometimes coming up to me in supermarkets in America with my picture in their pocket, which is a bit strange.” ~ Saffron Burrows
  44. “I have a lot of people in my life who are truly ridiculous characters, and they’re very, very funny people, but they don’t really try to be. They’re not cracking jokes.” ~ Emile Hirsch

  45. “It’s funny; people get so doctrinaire about music. It should be the last thing you don’t have an open mind about.” ~ Randy Newman
  46. “There are a lot of funny people and a lot of unfunny people. Some of them are women and some of them are dudes.” ~ Lake Bell
  47. “There were people asking ‘Can women be funny?’ People still ask that. It’s like asking: ‘Can women breathe in and out?'” ~ Julie Walters
  48. “I was one of Them: the Strange Ones. The Funny People. The Odd Tribes of autograph collectors and photographers. The Ones who waited through long days and nights, who used other people’s dreams for their lives.” ~ Ray Bradbury

  49. “It’s funny, people who have a lot of sexual energy think of themselves as being not spiritual. They are probably more spiritually inclined. All that sexual energy is kundalini.” ~ Frederick Lenz
  50. “I think I knew I was funny in Elementary School. I think most funny people realize it when they’re young. It tends to come out of stress or trauma – something that makes you want to be funny.” ~ Downtown Julie Brown
  51. “I know a lot of funny people in a lot of funny places.” ~ John Mellencamp

  52. “I’m not funny. People assume that because my books are funny, I’ll be funny in real life. It’s the inevitable disappointment of meeting me.” ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
  53. “We all know funny people who can’t get it down on the page – even funny writers who can’t get it down on the page.” ~ Calvin Trillin
  54. “I was once on a German talk show, and this woman said to me, ‘Mr. Williams, why do you think there is not so much comedy in Germany?’ And I said, ‘Did you ever think you killed all the funny people?'” ~ Robin Williams
  55. “Greg Gutfeld is funnier than all the smart people I know and smarter than all the funny people I know. I don’t know what that makes him. But one of the smartest, funniest people I know, is fair to say.” ~ Matt Labash

  56. “It’s funny – people think analysis or psychiatry is mad, and THEY go to CHURCH.” ~ John Malkovich
  57. “I’ve been to many funerals of funny people, and they’re some of the funniest days you’ll ever have because the emotions run high.” ~ Albert Brooks
  58. “Boston is actually the capital of the world. You didn’t know that? We breed smart-ass, quippy, funny people. Not that I’m one of them. I just sorta sneaked in under the radar.” ~ John Krasinski
  59. “I love working with smart-funny people.” ~ Tom Bergeron

  60. “It’s very funny. People do not want to achieve liberation or be happy. This is the basic guideline they teach you in Spiritual Training School.” ~ Frederick Lenz
  61. “Americans are funny people: first you shock them, then they put you in a museum.” ~ Mick Jagger
  62. “I’ve always believed that there are funny people everywhere, but they’re just not comedians. In fact, some of my best comedic inspirations were not professional entertainers.” ~ Steve Martin
  63. “I know what Germans are. They are a funny people. They are always choosing someone to lead them in a direction which they do not want to go.” ~ Gertrude Stein

  64. “I need to be cheered up a lot. I think funny people are people who need to be cheered up.” ~ Lynda Barry

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