Best Fluke Quotes On Success In Life

These fluke quotes will inspire you. Fluke is an unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging fluke quotes, fluke sayings, and fluke proverbs.

Famous Fluke Quotes

  1. “Winning once can be a fluke; winning twice proves you are the best.” ~ Althea Gibson
  2. “My literary career was a fluke. Utterly unexpected.” ~ Robert Harris
  3. “Therefore the victories of good warriors are not noted for cleverness or bravery. Therefore their victories in battle are not flukes. Their victories are not flukes because they position themselves where they will surely win, prevailing over those wh.” ~ Sun Tzu
  4. “In sports, you simply aren’t considered a real champion until you have defended your title successfully. Winning it once can be a fluke; winning it twice proves you are the best.” ~ Althea Gibson

  5. “We are so used to the notion of our own inevitability as life’s dominant species that it is hard to grasp that we are here only because of timely extraterrestrial bangs and other random flukes. The one thing we have in common with all other living things is that for nearly four billions years our ancestors have managed to slip through a series of closing doors every time we needed them to.” ~ Bill Bryson
  6. “Everything I’ve ever done in my life has been a fluke.” ~ Willard Scott
  7. “A perfectly straight shot with a big club is a fluke.” ~ Jack Nicklaus

  8. “I guess my life has been a series of flukes in the record business. The first thing I ever did, was the biggest record that I’ll ever have.” ~ Alex Chilton
  9. “What does it say about the college co-ed Sandra Fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex…” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  10. “There is a price for popularity. Critics look for your weaknesses, your flaws, anything that makes the work seem like a fluke and not seem worthy of all the attention it’s getting.” ~ Terry McMillan

  11. “I wasn’t campaigning for a role in a Hollywood television series, it was a fluke. So you’ve got to have a measure of good luck, you really have, being in the right place at the right time.” ~ Patrick Stewart
  12. “The fact that I got Drugstore Cowboy at all was a fluke.” ~ Kelly Lynch
  13. “The real excitement and big deal for me started when I got cast in the first X-Men, which was sort of a fluke.” ~ Shawn Ashmore
  14. “Who knows where inspiration comes from. Perhaps it arises from desperation. Perhaps it comes from the flukes of the universe, the kindness of the muses.” ~ Amy Tan
  15. “Where do you draw the line, between love and greed? We never did know, we always wanted more. We want to take it all in, for one last time, we want to eat the world with our eyes.” ~ Margaret Atwood

  16. “Because we spoke so loudly, opponents of reproductive health access demonized and smeared me and others on the public airwaves. These smears are obvious attempts to distract from meaningful policy discussions and to silence women’s voices regarding their own health care.” ~ Sandra Fluke
  17. “Don’t spend a lot of time imagining the worst-case scenario. It rarely goes down as you imagine it will, and if by some fluke it does, you will have lived it twice.” ~ Michael J. Fox
  18. “Your birth was no mistake or mishap, and your life is no fluke of nature. Your parents may not have planned you, but God did. He was not at all surprised by your birth. In fact, he expected it.” ~ Rick Warren
  19. “No marshmallows. “I don’t believe this! I’m going to write the president of General Mills! Don’t they have any quality control?” “I’m sure it’s just a fluke” “Doesn’t make any difference whether it’s a fluke or not. It shouldn’t have happened. When a person buys a box of lucky charms he’s got expectations” ~ Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  20. “Roy Jones still number one and it’s gon’ be that way baby! For all these doubters, him [points to Larry Merchant] and the rest of them that said Roy Jones is a fluke, now they know.” ~ Roy Jones Jr.

  21. “How can you think about the world without factoring in the unforseen, the fluke event?” ~ Paul Auster
  22. “A play gets on Broadway by fluke. And you don’t even start out with that ambition. When I do a play, the intention is just to put it up somewhere.” ~ Richard Greenberg
  23. “But we still find the world astounding, we can’t get enough of it; even as it shrivels, even as its many lights flicker and are extinguished (the tigers, the leopard frogs, the plunging dolphin flukes), flicker and are extinguished, by us, by us, we gaze and gaze. Where do you draw the line, between love and greed? We never did know, we always wanted more. We want to take it all in, for one last time, we want to eat the world with our eyes.” ~ Margaret Atwood
  24. “I made my first album, and I guess it wasn’t a fluke, because now I’m on my 16th.” ~ Bonnie Raitt
  25. “I have never been an ambitious person, and my participation in this industry is a fluke, but only male writers can afford to be coy and self-deprecating.” ~ Diablo Cody

  26. “James often wondered at the chain of flukes it must have taken to bring him through with his own life and limbs intact. Once he might have believed it to be the work of Providence but it seemed to him now that to thank God for his life would be to suggest God had shrugged off all the others flicked them away like cigarette butts by the thousands and that seemed like abominable conceit. James Dorsey took no credit for being alive. His higher power these days was Chance.” ~ Laini Taylor
  27. “It would be one thing if we could say the system works [in Illinois], and that individuals followed procedures and were found innocent, but in fact in all the cases it was really a fluke … We find persistent wrongdoing on the part of law enforcement. It’s really sheer luck that those convicted of these [capital] crimes were exonerated in the end.” ~ Jan Schakowsky
  28. “I know this president. And I can tell you that he cares deeply about the next generation of young women in this country – his daughters, and everyone’s daughters. President Obama had the courage to stand with Sandra Fluke. Without hesitation, he defended her right to tell her story.” ~ Nancy Keenan
  29. “If you awaken from this illusion, and you understand that black implies white, self implies other, life implies death – or shall I say, death implies life – you can conceive yourself. Not conceive, but feel yourself, not as a stranger in the world, not as someone here on sufferance, on probation, not as something that has arrived here by fluke, but you can begin to feel your own existence as absolutely fundamental. What you are basically, deep, deep down, far, far in, is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself.” ~ Alan Watts
  30. “As a fluke, my great-grandfather hit one of the largest oil reserves in California.” ~ Armie Hammer

  31. “I said it before we arrived in Athens, that we wanted to prove to the world that our bronze medal in Sweden was not a fluke, and we have achieved this.” ~ Gianluca Basile
  32. “We are here because over billions of years, countless variables fell into place, any of which could have taken another path. We are essentially a beautiful fluke, as are the millions of other species with which we share this planet. Our cells are composed of atoms and dust particles from distant galaxies, and from the billions of living organisms that inhabited this planet before us.” ~ Wendy Mass
  33. “The fundamental problem with golf is that every so often, no matter how lacking you may be in the essential virtues required of a steady player, the odds are that one day you will hit the ball straight, hard, and out of sight. This is the essential frustration of this excruciating sport. For when you’ve done it once, you make the fundamental error of asking yourself why you can’t do this all the time. The answer to this question is simple: the first time was a fluke.” ~ Colin Falconer
  34. “First time’s a fluke; second time’s a coincidence,” said Velius. “Third time’s tradition,” finished Erik.” ~ Alethea Kontis
  35. “Getting into television was a total fluke.” ~ Sandra Bullock

  36. “The human propensity is to believe that flukes of good fortune will never come to an end.” ~ Charles C. Mann
  37. “Conducting was just something that happened by fluke.” ~ Esa-Pekka Salonen
  38. “Obama wanted to offer his support to birth control activist Sandra Fluke. He wanted to express his disappointment that she has been the subject of inappropriate personal attacks and thank her for exercising her rights as a citizen to speak out on an issue of public policy.” ~ Jay Carney
  39. “Some people have set up sort of “gotcha” algorithms that apparently crawl through psychology articles and look for fraudulent p-values [a measure of the likelihood that experimental results weren’t a fluke]. But they’re including rounding errors that don’t change the significance levels of the results, and they’re doing it anonymously.” ~ Susan Fiske
  40. “We are a fluke of nature, a quirk of evolution, a glorious contingency.” ~ Michael Shermer

  41. “Every time I write a song it feels like it could be the last one I do, or it always feels like a fluke.” ~ Courtney Barnett
  42. “I mean, I’ve – these other films were flukes. I don’t know what I’m doing. I should just quit. What would I miss? I’d miss my house and I’d miss going to work. But I think the thing that I realized I would miss most is probably similar to everybody, which is your friends.” ~ Pete Docter
  43. “Guys, I haven’t been doing this for a long time, it’s a fluke! I’m gonna share this BAFTA award with all the young dreamers who are determined, who are hard working, who are quite frankly amazing. This is also for you. Blessings for your path and God bless.” ~ John Boyega
  44. “I’m going with Charlotte Rampling. In 45 Years [movie], you start out feeling so bad for her, and then it kind of shifts. I don’t know how long you have to act to be able to say everything when you say nothing. The acting feels so real. It’s not a fluke that a movie that probably no one’s heard of, an actress performance comes out of it.” ~ Bun B
  45. “”Well, we knew it. Women can’t sell movies”. That’s what it used to be like. “Well, this movie did well, but it’s a fluke.”” ~ Mila Kunis

  46. “I think there’s a danger that some people look at the success of my first movie as a fluke. So I want to make sure that my second film is an even bigger success. Then if I direct my third movie and it’s terrible, it’ll be okay.” ~ Paul Reubens
  47. “The fact that I got into acting at all was kind of fluke-ish. I loved movies, but I can’t remember ever really wanting to be an actress, and I certainly didn’t imagine ever being in a movie. I think I wanted to be a writer.” ~ Winona Ryder
  48. “I believe that… my first successes in my out-of-focus pictures were a fluke. That is to say, that when focusing and coming to something which, to my eye, was very beautiful, I stopped there instead of screwing on the lens to the more definite focus which all other photographers insist upon.” ~ Julia Margaret Cameron
  49. “My mother became a believer, and then I became a believer. But when I was 43 years old, I began to think for myself, somehow, by fluke and by grace. And I thought, “Oh, my. I was so mistaken.” The world isn’t what I believed it to be. I am not what I believed me to be, and neither is anyone.” ~ Byron Katie
  50. “Ron Paul’s revolution isn’t a fluke. It’s the future.” ~ Gary Johnson

  51. “We develop all our sciences, archeology, cosmology, psychology, we tabulate and classify and cling to our sacred definitions, our divisions, without any attempt to synthesis, without the humility to see that these are only parts of a total knowledge. … But somehow we ought to be able to keep the idea of the totality of experience and knowledge at the back of our minds even though the front’s busy from morning til night with the life cycle of the liver fluke.” ~ Maureen Duffy
  52. “So, Ms. Fluke and the rest of you feminazis, here’s the deal: If we are going to pay for you to have sex, we want something for it, and I’ll tell you what it is – we want you to post the videos online so we can all watch.” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  53. “Just showing that what I did at the combine wasn’t a fluke.” ~ Maxx Williams
  54. “Right whales, for all their size, are surprisingly athletic. They roll, they slap their flukes, they lift their heads out of the water in a move known as a spy hop. They find playthings and are particularly fond of swimming repeatedly through clumps of seaweed, which slides over them like a feathered boa.” ~ Tim Cahill
  55. “By some fluke, my folks forgot to ask me the question most crucial to ensuring a lifetime of self-doubt: ‘What if you fail?” ~ Lizz Winstead

  56. “Power is a big thing in baseball. It can’t be cheapened. That is, a fellow has it or hasn’t. It isn’t a fluke or great accomplishment, like a perfect game. When Mantle connects, it’s a tape-measure job. Nobody who ever lived has more power than Mantle.” ~ Gabe Paul
  57. “The lancet fluke (Dicrocoelium) infects the brain of ants by taking control and driving them to climb to the top of a blade of grass where they can be eaten by a cow. The ingested fluke then lays eggs in the cow gut. Eventually, the eggs exit the cow, and hungry snails eat the dung (and fluke eggs). The fluke enters the snail’s digestive gland and gets excreted in sticky slime full of a seething mass of flukes to be drunk by ants as a source of moisture.” ~ Darrel Ray
  58. “You are not an accident. Your birth was no mistake or mishap, and your life is no fluke of nature. Your parents may not have planned you, but God did. … Long before you were conceived by your parents, you were conceived in the mind of God. He thought of you first. It is not fate, nor chance, nor luck, nor coincidence that you are breathing this very moment. You are alive because God wanted to create you!” ~ Rick Warren
  59. “I always loved acting, but it’s weird to think what I’d be doing if this hadn’t come around. It’s kind of a bit of a fluke how I got into it, so I’m grateful.” ~ Rupert Grint
  60. “The beginning of my career was so brilliant. It wasn’t until ten years later that I went, ‘Oh, that was a big, fat fluke and, boy, was I ever lucky.” ~ Sandra Oh

  61. “What I’ve realized is that all of these people are so successful because they love what they do and they work exceptionally hard. No one gets successful in this business by fluke really. There are probably a couple of exceptions but most people just work so hard. They are working every day and they are doing their prep.” ~ Jeremy Irvine
  62. “I had retail businesses. They were beauty businesses, skin care and all that. I got into that as a fluke. I was going to open up a gym. I just had a Men’s Fitness cover come out that was the third bestselling of Men’s Fitness covers.” ~ Drew Waters
  63. “I have always felt a little strange about it being so unique that I’m not a train wreck. Like, this weird fluke that I’m not – partying all the time.” ~ Taylor Swift

  64. “The book was in her lap; she had read no further. The power to change one’s life comes from a paragraph, a lone remark. The lines that penetrate us are slender, like the flukes that live in river water and enter the bodies of swimmers. She was excited, filled with strength. The polished sentences had arrived, it seemed, like so many other things, at just the right time. How can we imagine what our lives should be without the illumination of the lives of others?” ~ James Salter
  65. “I know there’s no heaven. I know it all turns to nothingness. But I fear there will be some remnant of me left within that void. Left conscious by some random fluke. Something that will scream out for this. That one speck of my soul will still exist and be left trapped and wanting. For you. For the light. For anything.” ~ Drew Magary

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