65 First Impression Quotes On Success In Life

These first impression quotes will inspire you. First impression, one’s initial perception of another person, typically involves a positive or negative evaluation as well as a sense of physical and psychological characteristics.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging first impression quotes, first impression sayings, and first impression proverbs.

Best First Impression Quotes

  1. “Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression.” ~ Cynthia Ozick
  2. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” ~ Will Rogers
  3. “You only have one first chance to make one first impression that lasts a lifetime.” ~ Nas
  4. “A good first impression can work wonders” ~ J. K. Rowling

  5. “First impressions never have a second chance.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  6. “First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.” ~ Elliott Abrams
  7. “We don’t know where our first impressions come from or precisely what they mean, so we don’t always appreciate their fragility.” ~ Malcolm Gladwell
  8. “I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this, but first impressions are often entirely wrong.” ~ Daniel Handler

  9. “Our first impressions are generated by our experiences and our environment, which means that we can change our first impressions… by changing the experiences that comprise those impressions.” ~ Malcolm Gladwell
  10. “Go out of your way to make an outstanding first impression.” ~ Robert Cheeke
  11. “You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and yours may be in the hands of the receptionist.” ~ Harvey Mackay
  12. “First impressions are always unreliable.” ~ Franz Kafka

  13. “If people are failing, they look inept. If people are succeeding, they look strong and good and competent. That’s the ‘halo effect.’ Your first impression of a thing sets up your subsequent beliefs. If the company looks inept to you, you may assume everything else they do is inept.” ~ Daniel Kahneman
  14. “It is sometimes difficult to get rid of first impressions.” ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
  15. “First impression is unfair, because a first impression of somebody is guarded, and you don’t know the person.” ~ Frank Oz
  16. “You know who makes a great first impression? Liars.” ~ Daniel Tosh

  17. “If you want to make a good first impression, smile at people. What does it cost to smile? Nothing. What does it cost not to smile? Everything, if not smiling prevents you from enchanting people.” ~ Guy Kawasaki
  18. “The strangest part about being famous is you don’t get to give first impressions anymore. Everyone already has an impression of you before you meet them.” ~ Kristen Stewart
  19. “People tend to hold on to their first impressions – that’s why those first descriptions can be so important. You don’t even necessarily look at people that carefully after a while; you just hold on to that early impression.” ~ Miranda July
  20. “In difficult circumstances always act on first impressions.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

  21. “It’s pretty simple, pretty obvious: that people’s first impressions of people are really a big mistake.” ~ Vincent D’Onofrio
  22. “Each of us is full of too many wheels, screws and valves to permit us to judge one another on a first impression or by two or three external signs.” ~ Anton Chekhov
  23. “We must learn and then teach our children that niceness does not equal goodness. Niceness is a decision, a strategy of social interaction; it is not a character trait. People seeking to control others almost always present the image of a nice person in the beginning.” ~ Gavin de Becker
  24. “It is only at the first encounter that a face makes its full impression on us.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

  25. “My theory about meeting people,’ he said,’is that it’s better not to make a really good first impression. Because it’s all downhill from there. You’re always having to live up to that first impression, which was just an illusion.” ~ Lisa Kleypas
  26. “The first impression is always the right one. I rarely change my mind upward about people.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson
  27. “First impressions are often signals from the deep that we should credit oftener than we do.” ~ Katherine Anne Porter
  28. “Never lose the first impression which has moved you.” ~ Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

  29. “Sometimes people can’t see past us to hear our message. We never have a second chance to leave a first impression.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll
  30. “The first impression of a work of art is its otherness from reality.” ~ Susanne Katherina Langer , First Impression quotes work
  31. “It’s important to make a great first impression, so make sure to hold on to your damn weave.” ~ RuPaul
  32. “Whenever we have something that we are good at–something we care about–that experience and passion fundamentally change the nature of our first impressions.” ~ Malcolm Gladwell
  33. “Realize the value of putting down your first impression quickly.” ~ Charles Webster Hawthorne

  34. “Costumes are the first impression that you have of the character before they open their mouth-it really does establish who they are.” ~ Colleen Atwood
  35. “People sometimes talk about the power of first impressions, and believe me, there is truth to it.” ~ Ann Brashares
  36. “In the movies first impressions are everything. Or, to put it less drastically, in the movies there are no later impressions without a first impression, because you will have stopped watching. Sometimes a critic persuades you to give an unpromising-looking movie a chance, but the movie had better convey the impression pretty quickly that the critic might be right.” ~ Clive James
  37. “Your initial opinion on just about anything may change over time.” ~ Daniel Handler

  38. “A lot of critics are lazy. They don’t want to look closely and analyze something for what it is. They take a quick first impression and then rush to compare it to something they’ve seen before.” ~ Willem Dafoe
  39. “To find out your real opinion of someone, judge the impression you have when you first see a letter from them.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
  40. “When you see a person, do you just concentrate on their looks? It’s just a first impression. Then there’s someone who doesn’t catch your eye immediately, but you talk to them and they become the most beautiful thing in the world. The greatest actors aren’t what you would call beautiful sex symbols.” ~ Brad Pitt
  41. “With me it’s always about first impressions.” ~ Billy Zane

  42. “In every man there are two minds that work side by side, the one checking the other; thus emotion stands against reason, intellect corrects passion and first impressions act a little, but very little, before quick reflection.” ~ Ford Madox Ford
  43. “Sometimes I will look away very quickly, and freeze frame that first impression, pleased with myself that I have outsmarted my own smartness, and perceived a colour as it actually is.” ~ Catherine Taylor
  44. “First impressions are often the truest, as we find (not unfrequently) to our cost when we have been wheedled out of them by plausible professions or actions. A man’s look is the work of years, it is stamped on his countenance by the events of his whole life, nay, more, by the hand of nature, and it is not to be got rid of easily.” ~ William Hazlitt
  45. “I think first impressions are important when you pick up a script.” ~ Dennis Farina

  46. “You make a first impression and people never forget it. If people want to think of me as the wacky ‘Juno’ lady forever, I could think of worse ways to be labeled.” ~ Diablo Cody
  47. “For me it’s always about first impressions. I trust my instincts. I love to prepare if it’s something that requires training. But I don’t like to prepare the psychology too much. I enjoy the psychology of the character but I work better from a first impression.” ~ Billy Zane
  48. “I had been coming to America very frequently for many, many years, so I had plenty of exposure – and maybe the best kind of exposure, because I think first impressions are very important. Maybe I notice stuff that is just subliminal to people who live here all the time.” ~ Lee Child
  49. “I love to prepare if it’s something that requires training. But I don’t like to prepare the psychology too much.” ~ Billy Zane

  50. “Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression – with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing.” ~ Natalie Massenet
  51. “My garden is the most beautiful thing in the world.” ~ Josephine de Beauharnais
  52. “I’ve always loved Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. There’s this wonderful chapter in which we get a first-person account of the monster’s first impressions of the world, being in the woods and taking things in. We’re seeing the world as if for the first time. That’s just fascinating.” ~ Mordicai Gerstein , First Impression quotes love
  53. “I just don’t give off a great first impression.” ~ Mike Birbiglia

  54. “Your agents and your managers will always say stuff to you like, “It’s really important to make a good first impression on a casting director. And even though you didn’t get that job, because you did well that means they’ll keep bringing you back in.” But when you really just need a job to pay your rent, that stops being very consoling.” ~ Gillian Jacobs
  55. “It’s going to be difficult for [Donald] Trump to overcome the deep first impression that he gave to the Latino community with his comments right out of the gate about Mexican immigrants, with his comments about Judge Curiel.” ~ Julian Castro
  56. “At times, it could be a bit difficult to understand everything that’s being said when just listening, but I wanted the lyrics to be the first impression.” ~ Frank Iero
  57. “Move to California – my first impression of the Wild West.” ~ Billy Joel

  58. “A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it was an invitation to consider the matter.” ~ Lois McMaster Bujold
  59. “Don’t decide on a dog based on looks either, much like with people, looks and first impressions can be deceiving.” ~ Elizabeth Holmes
  60. “A firm, hearty handshake gives a good first impression, and you’ll never be forgiven if you don’t live up to it.” ~ P. J. O’Rourke
  61. “I think that rather being overly-friendly at first, having a cold first impression and slowly making them realize that I’m not that cold is better.” ~ Jessica Jung
  62. “The old aphorisms are basically sound. First impressions are lasting.” ~ Jessie Redmon Fauset

  63. “Set up your study or picture in an orderly fashion. This order should not cramp either the linearist or the colorist… Never lose sight of that first impression by which you were moved.” ~ Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
  64. “We know about General John Kelly’s military experience and his record there and being a decorated veteran of combat over in Iraq in particular. In fact, that’s where I first met him was when Ramadi was shot to shambles during the surge era. We took a ride around there, even a minaret was shot in half and he pointed to that and said we were taking fire from that minaret. My son took that down with a 20 milimeter cannon. That’s my first impression of John Kelly.” ~ Steve King
  65. “Be guided by feelings alone. Abandon yourself to your first impression. If you really have been touched, you will convey to others the sincerity of your emotion.” ~ Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

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