Inspirational Fair Quotes On Life, Love, Fear

These fair quotes will inspire you. Fair treating people equally without favoritism or discrimination; or without cheating or trying to achieve an unjust advantage.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging fair quotes, fair sayings, and fair proverbs.

Best Fair Quotes

  1. “It is not fair to be old, to put on a brown sweater.” ~ William Carlos Williams
  2. “You cannot have free and fair elections while one party controls completely and monopolizes the instrument of power and .. Tsvangirai is in and out of police cells almost on a daily basis, when people are being arrested, people are being beaten up.” ~ Raila Odinga
  3. “The intercourse of the sexes, I have dreamed, is incredibly beautiful, too fair to be remembered. I have had thoughts about it, but they are among the most fleeting and irrecoverable in my experience.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  4. “Men cannot conceive of a state of things so fair that it cannot be realized.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

  5. “I’d love to do well on a big weekend with people watching and cheering, of course. But it’s not fair to create an expectation level before I know what is realistic. I want to finish as well as possible. Is that top 20? Top 15? Top 25? You just have to play it by ear.” ~ Danica Patrick
  6. “Hitherto acceptable norms of human conduct do not apply. If the United States is to survive, long-standing American concepts of ‘fair play’ must be reconsidered. We must develop effective espionage and counterespionage services and must learn to subvert, sabotage, and destroy our enemies by more clever, more sophisticated, and more effective methods than those used against us. It may become necessary that the American people be made acquainted with, understand and support this fundamentally repugnant philosophy.” ~ Jimmy Doolittle
  7. “My view is that the time has come for the international community to act on Zimbabwe in the way that it did in Bosnia. I do not think that we are going to get free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.” ~ Raila Odinga
  8. “Life is not fair; God is.” ~ Joyce Meyer

  9. “I think it is its time for the leaders of Africa to say to President Mugabe that the people of Zimbabwe’s deserve a free and fair election.” ~ Raila Odinga
  10. “A flash of resentment. It’s hard enough being alive, trying to survive in the world and find your place in it, to do the things you need to do to get by, without wondering if the thing you just did, whatever it was, was worth someone having…if not died, then having given up her life. It wasn’t fair. “Life’s not fair,” said Ginnie, as if I had spoken aloud.” ~ Neil Gaiman , Fair quotes life
  11. “[Amy Ray and I] both have this part of our brain that makes us think that everybody should and will be nice and friendly and forthcoming. And then we’re completely disillusioned. We have all these grand plans. One of them is the Rolling Thunder Pussy Revue. There’s all these women’s festivals going on this summer, and we don’t think they’re as adventurous as they could be. Lilith Fair-right away, by the name, you know they aren’t pushing the envelope hard enough.” ~ Ani DiFranco
  12. “In societies that profess some respect for law, suspects are apprehended and brought to fair trial. I stress ‘suspects.'” ~ Noam Chomsky

  13. “Go cherish your soul; express companions; set your habits to a life of solitude; then will the faculties rise fair and full within.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  14. “I feel that schools and corporates should help the government in popularising sports in the country. Blaming the government for every sporting debacle will not be fair.” ~ Viswanathan Anand
  15. “This fair homestead has fallen to us, and how little have we done to improve it, how little have we cleared and hedged and ditched! We are too inclined to go hence to a “better land,” without lifting a finger, as our farmers are moving to the Ohio soil; but would it not be more heroic and faithful to till and redeem this New England soil of the world?” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  16. “Skype actually does get a fair bit of revenue.” ~ Bill Gates

  17. “Will Fortune never come with both hands full,
    But write her fair words still in foulest terms?” ~ William Shakespeare
  18. “My grandpa didn’t believe in hugging and kissing or saying I love you. His love had to do with the way he treated you. When he said, We’re going here, we’re going there, he was telling me about life. That was his love for me. My love for him was listening to what he said, keeping out of trouble, doing right, being fair.” ~ Bill Cosby , Fair quotes love
  19. “Vanity Fair magazine reports that former President Clinton and Al Gore haven’t spoken to each other since George W. Bush’s inauguration. Not only that, Bill and his wife, Hillary, haven’t spoken since Richard Nixon’s inauguration.” ~ Conan O’Brien
  20. “I’ve had my fair share of being dismissed. But I’m only about to turn 30. And when I finish running, I’m going to be a dangerous woman.” ~ Cathy Freeman

  21. “We must all work in harmony with each other to stand up for what is right, to speak up for what is fair, and to always voice any corrections so that the ignorant become informed and justice is never ignored. Every time a person allows an act of ignorance to happen, they delay our progress for true change. Every person, molecule, and thing matters. We become responsible for the actions of others the instant we become conscious of what they are doing wrong and fail to remind them of what is right.” ~ Suzy Kassem
  22. “Although to be fair, cherry-picking isn’t quite what we do. Cherries are sweet and delicious. What we do is more turd mining. And I’ll thank you to give our work the respect it deserves!” ~ Jon Stewart
  23. “Everybody wrings their hands about Fox News. You know, “fair and balanced? Why that’s snide!” Yeah, okay, maybe they’re not fair and balanced, but CNN used to have the slogan “You Can Depend on CNN”. Guess what? I watch it, no you can’t. So what’s the difference?” ~ Jon Stewart
  24. “You might be a redneck if the biggest fashion risk you take is which plaid you’ll wear to the 4-H Fair.” ~ Jeff Foxworthy

  25. “I would say that, unfortunately, the word liberal has been redefined over the last 30 years as if it is a bad thing. But liberalism is a great American philosophy. Being a liberal is one of the best things you can be. I don’t think they get a fair shake at all in the conservative mainstream media. So maybe there’s some intimidation there.” ~ Janeane Garofalo
  26. “Photography today is accomplishing a lofty mission in which every German should collaborate by buying a camera. The German people is ahead of every other in the technical domain and, thanks to its exceptional qualities, the small camera has conquered the whole world… Much is at stake here from the point of view of popular consumer goods and, furthermore, photography has a particularly important political role to play. (Addressing the Berlin Photography Fair, 1933)” ~ Joseph Goebbels
  27. “If we cannot provide excellent educational opportunities to all children, safe communities, quality health coverage, or robust and fair avenues towards wealth creation, then our nation will increasingly be in peril.” ~ Cory Booker
  28. “Bush’s memoir is 512 pages. To be fair, 200 of those pages are just games and puzzles.” ~ Craig Ferguson

  29. “Taking a call girl to an STD fair… there’s a joke here.” ~ Donald Glover
  30. “But to be fair, Arsenal are a quality side. They’re not where they are by chance – they are not top of the league and unbeaten because they are a bad team.” ~ Frank Lampard
  31. “I`ve been spending a fair amount of time in the recesses of white nationalist, white supremacist social media online areas, what called itself is the “alt right”, which is sort of the euphemistic term they use for what is essentially modern day white supremacy. And they are some of [Donald]Trump – this has been reported from the beginning but they are very excited about [anti-Muslim] proposal.” ~ Chris Hayes
  32. “All is fair in love and war and Parliamentary procedure.” ~ Michael Foot

  33. “The only one that I think I could beat if my life depended on it, would be the Predator. If it was in my territory, in my domain, with the guns that I’ve got, I think I could hurt him pretty bad. That’s the only one, though. When you get into metaphysical creatures, they don’t play fair.” ~ Lance Henriksen
  34. “As for the Kristen Stewart comparisons, I just don’t think that’s fair. I thought she was great in On The Road and Into The Wild. But she’s got enough people scrutinizing her without me adding my take.” ~ Alice Englert
  35. “I was shocked to see that some of the very wealthiest people in the country have organized their tax affairs, and to be fair it’s within the tax laws so that they were regularly paying virtually no income tax. And I don’t think that’s right.” ~ George Osborne
  36. “I don’t get a fair whack, I don’t pursue vendettas or punch people on the nose.” ~ John Prescott

  37. “I am relatively familiar with getting a good old romping from the critics. In some cases, the critics just didn’t like the film – fair cop. Others, I think, didn’t understand it.” ~ Guy Ritchie
  38. “My fascination with images open 24 hrs. is based on the complex interlocking if disparate facts heated pool that have no respect for grammar. The form then Denver 39 is second hand to nothing. The work then has a chance to electric service become its own cliché. Luggage. This is the inevitable fate fairground of any inanimate object freight ways by this I mean anything that does not have inconsistency as a possibility built-in.” ~ Robert Rauschenberg
  39. “It’s fair to say that black folks operate under a cloud of invisibility – this too is part of the work, is indeed central to [my photographs]… This invisibility – this erasure out of the complex history of our life and time – is the greatest source of my longing.” ~ Carrie Mae Weems
  40. “Fair use is important to innovators as well as consumers. It’s fair use that allowed the VCR to innovate on top of the television.” ~ Joe Kraus

  41. “Such indeed is the superior longevity of the fair females of Surinam, compared to that of the males (owing chiefly, as I said, to their excesses of all sorts) that I have frequently known wives who have buried four husbands, but never met a man in this country who had survived two wives.” ~ John Gabriel Stedman
  42. “There are no right or wrong, or fair results. There’s just the final score.” ~ Otto Rehhagel
  43. “It is always a most delightful moment for me when people contact me via mail or approach me at game fairs and thank me for the many enjoyable hours I have brought them with my games.” ~ Klaus Teuber
  44. “I think everything is fair game to a certain extent.” ~ Gary Gulman

  45. “One thing that people don’t really understand is that as celebrity you rarely get fair treatment. You either get love or hate. It’s never really fair.” ~ DMX
  46. “Corporations can’t have it both ways. They can’t tell Americans how much they want us to buy their products but then run abroad to avoid taxes or hire cheap labor. American corporations should pay their fair share of taxes and create decent-paying jobs here – not in China.” ~ Bernie Sanders
  47. “We need real tax reform which makes the rich and profitable corporations begin to pay their fair share of taxes. We need a tax system which is fair and progressive. Children should not go hungry in this country while profitable corporations and the wealthy avoid their tax responsibilities by stashing their money in the Cayman Islands.” ~ Bernie Sanders
  48. “It’s not fair to say that Congress spends money like a drunk sailor. At least the sailor is spending his own money!” ~ Ronald Reagan

  49. “For me, photography had an immediacy… I was trying to resolve certain issues. What was fair or unfair about how people lived, and how they had to live? I thought the most penetrating and most immediate way to get to some of those questions was through photography.” ~ Jerome Liebling
  50. “… I think it is fair to say that all war photographers hide behind their cameras. I hid behind mine for years and years and years. It was a shield… I think that the photographer in combat has a greater protection than the soldier who has a rifle in his hand. That camera has unbelievable protective power.” ~ Carl Mydans
  51. “I’d like to do a tour with a bunch of people where it’s just them and their guitars. It would be like Lilith Fair – only everyone plays alone, and it would be competitive.” ~ Liz Phair
  52. “I’m a salty, greasy girl. I give every french fry a fair chance. Could you just lay some lard in my belly?” ~ Cameron Diaz

  53. “One of the high spots of the decade for me was offering the bill which culminated in the tax act of 1986, which brought rates down. That was the most difficult problem to solve: how to make the tax system of the United States fairer. We tried to make it simpler, but we failed on that one.” ~ Donald T. Regan
  54. “Justice is a judgment that is both fair and forgiving. Justice is not done until everyone is satisfied, even those who offend us and must be punished by us. You can see, by what we have done with these two boys, that justice is not only the way we punish those who do wrong. It is also the way we try to save them.” ~ Gregory David Roberts
  55. “Liberals don’t love big government because they think it’s efficient, compassionate, fair or even remotely useful. They support big government because they are guaranteed the support of nearly everyone who works for the government.” ~ Ann Coulter
  56. “Give us Direction; the best of goodwill; Put us in touch with fair winds. Sing to us softly, hum the evening’s song. Tell us what the blacksmith has done for you.” ~ Jethro Tull

  57. “I stand for the square deal. I mean not merely that I stand for fair play under the present rules of the game, but that I stand for having those rules changed so as to work for a more substantial equality of opportunity and of reward for equally good service.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt
  58. “I’ve read about myself and my husband and my family, to the point where they’ve called my parents, they’ve called my brothers, offering money to tell stories. They call friends of mine. I’d just like for them to just … don’t badger us. Don’t scrutinize us. We have children and they have to live, too. It’s not fair.” ~ Whitney Houston
  59. “I tried to read The Dubliners when I went to Dublin a couple of years ago. I think I only go through the first story. Gnomon is such an interesting word. So many different uses for a word no one has heard of or uses these days. I googled some pictures of sundials to check that it was the tall shadow-casting bit (it is) and then discovered that Saint Sulpice in Paris has a rather fascinating large gnomon- which I shall endeavor to see on my next visit to that fair city. Thanks for such a great word, which I shall try to remember.” ~ Brian D. McLaren
  60. “I saw a sign that said, ‘Watch for children.’ I was like, ‘That sounds like a fair trade – especially if they’re crappy kids.'” ~ Demetri Martin

  61. “I love the traditional music of all our islands – Scotland, England, Ireland, and Wales, but I suppose I’m viewed pretty much as an English songwriter and I’m going to try and do an English album, and I wouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed to do Scarborough Fair and Spencer the Rover and stuff like that.” ~ Ralph McTell
  62. “The New Deal never rethought the draconian racist immigration restriction policies of the 20s, of course, but its electoral base rested significantly on “ethnic” voters, whose activism was both hemmed in and rewarded by the Democrats. Southern and Eastern Europeans were included as secondary leaders of the new industrial unions, and as entitled citizens qualified for social security, unemployment compensation, and fair labor standards protections, even as workers of color were largely left out of key areas of the welfare state.” ~ David Roediger
  63. “It’s fair to say that I have a side that is prudent and a side that is not.” ~ Iggy Pop

  64. “The way we get past capitalism is by building on the healthy non-capitalist aspects of our world while we also do pitched battle with the capitalist ones that we have a fair chance of winning against. In that way, we build a better world and shrink the destructive capitalist practices that are part of the social fabric.” ~ Cynthia Kauffman
  65. “Why I’ve never been that fond of politics and only got into it recently kicking and screaming because I don’t think politicians are going to reverse the trajectory of this country. I think it’s going to depend on the American people understanding what is fair and what makes their lives better.” ~ Charles Koch

Fair not very good or very bad: of average or acceptable quality.

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