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These facial quotes will inspire you. Facial of or affecting the face; or a beauty treatment for the face.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging facial quotes, facial sayings, and facial proverbs.

Best Facial Quotes

  1. “True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.” ~ Audrey Hepburn
  2. “Facials are my biggest beauty indulgence. Looking good is about having a good base. It’s about taking care of your skin.” ~ Halle Berry
  3. “If I’m lucky, I can do a facial once a month.” ~ Gwyneth Paltrow
  4. “Yeah. Some people just don’t understand when their facial hair starts to look ridiculous.” ~ Daniel Bryan
  5. “I could spend a whole day at a spa. Id get a facial, a scalp rub, massages, then eat some grapes and be good to go.” ~ Dule Hill

  6. “Nothing in the world can be compared to the human face. It is a land one can never tire of exploring. There is no greater experience in a studio than to witness the expression of a sensitive face under the mysterious power of inspiration. To see it animated from inside, and turning into poetry.” ~ Carl Theodor Dreyer
  7. “I live in the facial expressions of the other, as I feel him living in mine.” ~ Maurice Merleau-Ponty
  8. “Manchester United could have any goalkeeper in the world. I was a 23-year-old kid from New Jersey who, from an early age, had to cope with Tourettes Syndrome, a brain disorder that can trigger speech and facial tics, vocal outbursts and obsessive-compulsive behavior.” ~ Tim Howard
  9. “I am addicted to any facial product that’s anti-aging.” ~ Viola Davis
  10. “The real beauty – inside, it comes from the heart, where love lives. If not, even the most common facial features can not hide the emptiness, which eventually pushes people.” ~ Christina Aguilera

  11. “The close-up, according to D.W. Griffith, allows subtle changes of facial expression-the raising of an eyebrow or the flicker of a smile-to become part of the action.” ~ Chuck Jones
  12. “The writing is important, but the way you say the line and the pause you give it, the facial expression – all of that is very important.” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
  13. “In the hours that followed, I learned that Ademic hand gestures did not actually represent facial expressions. It was nothing so simple as that. For example a smile can mean you’re amused, happy, grateful, or satisfied. You can smile to comfort someone. You can smile because you’re content or because you’re in love. A grimace or a grin look similar to a smile, but they mean entirely different things. Imagine trying to teach someone how to smile. Imagine trying to describe what different smiles mean and when, precisely, to use them in conversation. It’s harder than learning to walk.” ~ Patrick Rothfuss
  14. “Sorry, Bex,” Jason said “You don’t have the recognizable facial characteristics – such as a huge chin, or a large amount of real estate between the eyes – that would merit the bestowing of a criminal mastermind nickname such as Lockjaw or Walleye. Whereas Crazytop here…well, just look at her.” “Atleast I can blow-dry my hair straight,” I pointed out. “Which is more than what I can say for your nose, Hawkface.” ~ Meg Cabot
  15. “You’re looking good today Bret. Very hot… hotter than Jemaine. You have a refined bone structure, while Jemaine’s facial features are too deep-set to be classically handsome.” ~ Kristen Schaal

  16. “The thing about owls is that they do sort of have this facial disc, which is unlike any other bird. They kind of have a face, more than like a dog or a giraffe. They have this weird, alien face that you can actually make expressive.” ~ Zack Snyder
  17. “The best moments can’t be preconceived. I’ve spent a lot of time in editing rooms, and a scene can be technically perfect, with perfect delivery and facial expression and timing, and you remember all your lines, and it is dead.” ~ Brad Pitt
  18. “I want a guy who is masculine, good with his hands, and able to build stuff and who has survival skills. Facial hair is a big turn-on… I like a stronger, more physically imposing man – like a lumberjack.” ~ Chloe Sevigny
  19. “The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.” ~ Audrey Hepburn , Beauty facial quotes
  20. “Artificial intelligence is growing up fast, as are robots whose facial expressions can elicit empathy and make your mirror neurons quiver.” ~ Diane Ackerman

  21. “You can’t possibly fathom the ins and outs of a prepubescent beauty treatment until you’ve felt the strange but exhilarating tingle of a cottage-cheese-and-Pop-Rocks facial.” ~ Sloane Crosley
  22. “I have lifestyle requirements. Photos, meetings, lunches, dinners, facial care, tooth care. It requires an exorbitant amount of money.” ~ Gary Coleman
  23. “Neurologically, I’m a quadriplegic, so virtually everything about my work has been driven by my learning disabilities, which are quite severe, and my lack of facial recognition, which I’m sure is what drove me to paint portraits in the first place.” ~ Chuck Close , Facial quotes recognition
  24. “It was a challenge to be able to create a character without being able to use one’s normal set of expressions. All the rubber and makeup attached to your face left you with only a modest range of facial movements.” ~ Helena Bonham Carter
  25. “I don’t get facials. The last time I got a facial was when I first started modeling when I was 15 or 16. It made my face completely break out.” ~ Chanel Iman

  26. “Apparently, I get facials and manicures all the time. I read this and think, ‘Oh, I wish I did that!’ I don’t think I’ve had a facial since I was 19.” ~ Kate Beckinsale
  27. “Every word, facial expression, gesture, or action on the part of a parent gives the child some message about self-worth. It is sad that so many parents don’t realize what messages they are sending.” ~ Virginia Satir
  28. “A comedy can actually get funnier and funnier. Even though you know the joke, you enjoy it so much, it’s the facial expression, you laugh. The laugh doesn’t wear off. It could be with you for thirty years.” ~ Eli Roth
  29. “There are cells in the brain that respond to faces. This is one of the reasons that I deal with portraiture. We can learn a lot about our perception of facial expression from the behavior of these cells.” ~ Eric Kandel
  30. “You must call up every strength you own

    And you can rip off the whole facial mask.” ~ W. D. Snodgrass

  31. “Don’t have conversations taking place in empty space. Weave in background details of where the action (dialogue is a form of “action”) is taking place. Don’t have invisible people talking, either. Let the reader see them as they speak – their facial expressions and gestures. And by all means “cue” the speeches to the speakers.” ~ Lee Wyndham
  32. “I believe you’ve got to utilize what God gave you, so if you have facial hair, there are ways to look good while sporting it.” ~ Jose Bautista
  33. “While voicing animations I use the same acting muscles, even more because you have to channel all into your voice, whereas when you’re live-action you get props and scenery and other actors and your facial expressions and what happens to help you. It’s not necessarily easier as an actor to do voice-overs, it’s easier as a person.” ~ Kathy Najimy
  34. “My actual beauty routine is pretty simple, I try and have a facial once in a while. I’m not a huge products girl. I have so much going on with work and kids, I just use moisturizer basically.” ~ Gwyneth Paltrow

  35. “A KEY TO BEGIN FORGIVING: Become soft and tender with the person. The first step is to become soft in your mind and spirit. Lower your voice and relax your facial expressions. This reflects honor and humility; and as Proverbs 15:1 suggests, “A gentle answer turns away anger.”” ~ Gary Smalley
  36. “My golden time is after I drop the kids off at school. I’m usually working on my website (lifestyle site Goop) and checking emails but I try to do something at least once a week – like a facial or a visit to the osteopath – something to bring myself back into my body.” ~ Gwyneth Paltrow
  37. “Speech, as known to us, was unnecessary. A fragment of a sentence amounted almost to a long-winded redundancy. A gesture, a grunt, the curve of a facial line–even a significantly timed pause yielded informational juice.” ~ Isaac Asimov
  38. “I have a very healthy growth of both head and facial hair. People always want to attribute further superhuman powers to me. It’s funny the way the audience really seems to want me, Nick the actor, to exhibit the same machismo as Ron Swanson.” ~ Nick Offerman
  39. “The occupational hazard of being a Playboy Bunny is the aching facial muscles brought on by obligatory smiles.” ~ Germaine Greer

  40. “When you’re wearing an animal costume and something bad happens, your facial expression doesn’t change. The animal is deadpan the whole time. If you’re skiing in a gorilla suit and you fall, you just see a gorilla who has no emotion. It’s just a stoic gorilla, wildly falling down a hill, out of control.” ~ Demetri Martin
  41. “A great Dermalogica facial every few weeks, and lots of sleep over the weekend are essentials. I also drink lots of water which really helps to hydrate the skin and keep it looking fresh.” ~ Poppy Delevingne
  42. “Take the emotional temperature of those listening to you. Facial expressions, voice inflection and posture give clues to a person’s mood and attitude.” ~ John C. Maxwell
  43. “Precision marching is less important for the bridal party than maintaining the proper facial expresssions: The bridegroom must look awed; the bridesmaids, happy and excited; the father of the bride, proud; and the bride, demure. If the bridegroom feels doubtful, the bridesmaids, sulky, the father, worried, and the bride, blasé, nobody wants to know.” ~ Judith Martin
  44. “In silent films, quite complex plots are built around action, setting, and the actors gestures and facial expressions, with a very few storyboards to nail down specific plot points.” ~ Laurie R. King

  45. “It is a truism, of course, that in “democratic” states the populace must be encouraged to imagine that it makes important decisions by voting, and must therefore be controlled by suitable propaganda, which implants ideas to which the voters respond as automatically as trained animals respond to words of command in a circus, thus leaving to the masses only a factitious choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee on the basis of their preference for a certain kind of oratory, a hair-style, or a particular facial expression.” ~ Revilo P. Oliver
  46. “All over the world when you test men and women for facial cue recognition, women test… better. Its a negotiation tool.” ~ Michael Gurian
  47. “How often our involuntary facial motions testify to the thoughts we were keeping secret, and betray us to those around!” ~ Michel de Montaigne
  48. “When you look at pictures of me, the longer my hair is, the longer my facial hair is, that’s just the longer I haven’t gotten a job.” ~ Chris Pratt
  49. “If the character is getting mad, getting upset or getting turned on, you’re getting to see that in the facial tones and the skin tones. That’s what I enjoy about acting. It can be very subtle, like that.” ~ Michael Rooker

  50. “As a kid I’d play with homemade recipes, like putting pineapple on my face to exfoliate my skin and doing facial steams with lavender or peppermint oils. I just loved doing stuff like that. It’s what motivated me to launch my skin care line.” ~ Demi Lovato
  51. “So much emotion can be brought in an animated film that’s very hard to get in a live-action film. I haven’t quite put my finger on why, but it might be because the characters can make facial expression that, if you made them in a movie, they’d call them corny.” ~ Steve Martin
  52. “A physician should take his fee without letting his left hand know what his right is doing; it should be taken without a thought, without a look, without a move of the facial muscles; the true physician should hardly be aware that the last friendly grasp of the hand has been made more precious by the touch of gold” ~ Anthony Trollope
  53. “I never had any facial hair in my life.” ~ Rachel Maddow

  54. “I’ll do anything. I’ll shave my head for the right job. I’m partial to my facial hair, I guess, but I also enjoy doing something where I look totally different, which is kind of the reason why I’ve always worn long hair. I can really change my look radically by getting rid of it.” ~ Sam Elliott
  55. “I have been a spokesperson for Operation Smile for twenty years helping children with facial deformities. I also have worked with a children’s mission called Compassion International. Both are doing amazing work for the children of the world.” ~ Roma Downey
  56. “I love voice over work. To me, voice-over and animation is such an art, because you focus solely on your voice. You do not focus on how to speak, combined with facial expressions, movement, etc. You as the actor need to convey all those things with only your voice.” ~ Atticus Shaffer
  57. “We know that he gave Aschenbach Mahler’s first name, and also his facial features. So Visconti picks up on something interesting. That led me to think about ways of developing further the Aschenbach-Mahler connection.” ~ Philip Kitcher
  58. “Don’t wear eyeliner with too much facial hair. It looks strange.” ~ Pete Wentz

  59. “Some findings reveal extroverts as more adept at reading nonverbal cues and attribute this to the extrovert’s greater interest and experience with social interactions. Another line of research using subliminal images of facial emotion found introverts to be more sensitive to the differences, and hypothesized that this may be why introverts regulate the amount of incoming social information.” ~ Laurie Helgoe
  60. “Even if you close your eyes, you’ll still hear Donald Trump sniffing. Linguists might call [these visuals] paralinguistics, every form of information including facial gestures and facial features. Obviously, these things get scrutinized in tremendous detail, so that a cough can be of outsized importance. [But] that’s all part of the package.” ~ Ben Zimmer
  61. “I had a phase where I had a mustache. There was several times where I had a mustache. I had a mustache in high school because South Asian men can potentially have a great deal of facial hair. So I had a mustache at 14, and then I grew a proper mustache a few years ago. I just thought it would be fun to just have a mustache.” ~ Hari Kondabolu
  62. “Animation taught me to draw quickly and clearly and to communicate a character’s feelings through his or her body language and facial expressions.” ~ Vera Brosgol

  63. “Animators do amazing working translating and interpolating the characters [in the Planet of the apes], the facial performances. What we’re creating onset – if you don’t get it on the day, in the moment, on set, in front of the camera, with the director and the actors. The emotional content of the scene and the acting choices.” ~ Andy Serkis
  64. “Every big company has some little guy who is an enthusiast off in the corner working on technology. In Japan, it is integrated into their high-level strategy. They see it as a communication medium, because for them, just the words  –  and this is the problem that they have with Americans  –  just the words they say to you is not the complete message. Their facial expressions, their body language, there is a lot of context. Also, their written language doesn’t translate to keyboards well.” ~ Howard Rheingold
  65. “I’m always trying to change things – change my character, change my look, change my hair, change my facial hair, change my costumes, or implement different jackets or catchphrases. I try to keep myself fresh.” ~ Chris Jericho

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