58 Ex Wife Quotes On Success In Life

These ex wife quotes will inspire you. An ex-wife is a woman to whom one was formerly married

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging ex wife quotes, ex wife sayings, and ex wife proverbs.

Best Ex Wife Quotes

  1. “Whenever you want to marry someone, go have lunch with his ex-wife.” ~ Shelley Winters
  2. “A wife lasts only for the length of the marriage, but an ex-wife is there for the rest of your life.” ~ Woody Allen
  3. “I had one of the best days of my life. I spent the afternoon with my two kids and my ex-wife at Serendipity. Then I came to the theater, and you know, I think I did the play the best I’ve ever done it.” ~ Gabriel Byrne
  4. “It helps to be able to be alone. ‘Cuz writing is done alone, unless you collaborate, but I don’t do that. Ask my ex-wife.” ~ Dirk Benedict

  5. “I play, in real life, Kim, who is actually Marshall Mathers ex-wife as of now. She lies and says she is pregnant because she really wants to keep him and he figures her out.” ~ Taryn Manning
  6. “Someone called all the newspapers in New York and told them I’d died. I’ve been told by almost everyone it was an ex-wife – I’ve had a few so it’s hard to pinpoint which one – but who knows for sure?” ~ Richard Pryor
  7. “I still love my former wife, I won’t call her my ex-wife.” ~ Dave Pelzer
  8. “The drink? Yes, I’ve had tough times in my life, especially the last year, regarding my ex-wife, my kids, I nearly broke my neck, I was on death row with pneumonia.” ~ Paul Gascoigne

  9. “I said, “It seems like you have fond feelings toward your ex-wife. Are you two still close?” “Nah,” he said casually. “She thinks I changed my name to Motherfucker.”” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
  10. “Ah, yes, divorce… from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man’s genitals through his wallet.” ~ Robin Williams
  11. “If a tree falls in the forest and kills your ex-wife, what do you do with the lumber?” ~ Neil S. Plakcy
  12. “My second ex-wife was really kind of like a ship passing in the night. Only she turned out to be the Exxon Valdez.” ~ James Woods

  13. “You can make a lot of money in this game. Just ask my ex-wives. Both of them are so rich that neither of their husbands work.” ~ Lee Trevino
  14. “My ex-wife is a water sign and I’m an earth sign. Together we made mud.” ~ Rodney Dangerfield
  15. “I just don’t like when there’s a rumor that says I’m dating someone who is below my standards. But when I got divorced, my ex-wife said I was spending all my time with Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie. I was like, ‘Thank you for the big ups!'” ~ Marilyn Manson
  16. “There is no fury like an ex-wife searching for a new lover.” ~ Cyril Connolly

  17. “All my life there’s always been an ex-wife or a girlfriend.” ~ Ronnie Wood
  18. “You will not easily get a man to believe that his carnal love for the woman he has made his wife is as high a love as that he felt for his mother or sister.” ~ D. H. Lawrence , Ex wife quotes love
  19. “My ex-wife, she really didn’t like the material that I did. And that’s something I regret, that I wasn’t more careful about making sure that she was O.K. with it. I just sort of didn’t ask. So that’s how that goes.” ~ Louis C. K.
  20. “I’m on a search for my future ex-wife.” ~ Richie Sambora

  21. “Besides Bob Satterfield, the only ones who ever hurt me were my ex-wives.” ~ Jake LaMotta
  22. “The reality is that I surround myself with very smart, very strong people – including my ex-wives.” ~ Ronald Perelman
  23. “To his ex-wife in court, he said I lost interest in you when the Botox lost its effect and you looked like a plastic doll that escaped from a fire.” ~ Peter Jackson
  24. “I guess my main influences are Jesus, rock n roll and ex-wives. In that order.” ~ Sam Kinison

  25. “My ex-wife was trying to be nice once, so she took me to a concert in Los Angeles. I went with her to Symphony Hall, and the orchestra was playing. When the show started, the spotlight was sharp on this one man (Andres Segovia) and he had a sombrero on and his guitar propped up like this and, oh man … he was a master! – I really heard it. That one guitar sounded like a whole orchestra to me.” ~ B. B. King
  26. “What women look for in a man: Breathing, IQ over 80, weight under 550 pounds, fewer than six ex-wives. What men look for in a woman: Pia Zadora as she was ten years ago.” ~ Cathy Crimmins
  27. “He just waited until I stopped talking and said, ‘Jesus, kid, you’re almost a detective. All you need now is a gun, a gut, and three ex-wives. So what’s your theory?” ~ John Green
  28. “I can’t go too much into my domestic life because there are ex-wives ready to do me in.” ~ Frank McCourt

  29. “My parents, my teachers, my friends, my ex-wife-everybody held up a mirror and I accepted the image that came back. Well, it finally dawned on me that my reflection in others’ eyes was the truth once removed.” ~ Richard Moran
  30. “You ask me about my ex-wife? That is not polite. But I will answer. I got another wife now. Much younger, much nicer, much prettier. And so much more intelligent than Benetton.'” ~ Oliviero Toscani
  31. “Losing is like my ex-wife… it’s a b****, and it takes a bigger man than me to live with it.” ~ Don Frye
  32. “Someone once told me that there is more to life than golf. I think it was my ex-wife.” ~ Bruce Lansky

  33. “There is something about my aura or essence, or whatever, that draws the ex-wife characters to me. I don’t seek them out, but people tend to think of me for that particular archetype, or whatever you want to call it, and I don’t mind it. I think there is a strength to it.” ~ Natalie Zea
  34. “My ex-wife was a philosophy major at NYU. Yeah, she and I used to have deep philosophical discussions where she would prove that I didn’t exist.” ~ Woody Allen
  35. “I got a divorce because my ex-wife left me for another woman.” ~ Woody Allen
  36. “Apparently, there’s something hinky about the new iPhones. They’re not hooked up right. … There’s a problem with the antenna. They don’t like to be held – like my ex-wife.” ~ David Letterman

  37. “And me having kids, with my family history? My mom: mentally ill, shot and killed her last husband. My father: six ex-wives, four heart attacks. Both of my parents think alcohol is a food group.” ~ Christopher Titus
  38. “Tonight was the CNN primary debate with the four remaining candidates. It was kind of a change for Newt Gingrich. Usually when he’s arguing with three people at once, it’s his wife, his ex-wife, and his mistress.” ~ Jay Leno
  39. “Newt Gingrich had a horrible week in the Iowa caucuses. Only 13 percent of his ex-wives voted for him.” ~ David Letterman
  40. “I saw Farrah Fawcett originally when she and her boyfriend, Lee Majors, came over to my house for a birthday party that I was having for my ex-wife, Leigh Taylor-Young.” ~ Ryan O’Neal

  41. “She (my ex-wife) wanted me to stop being Evel Knievel. I am who I am. I’m not going to change. I’ll settle down the day they put me in a six-foot pine box.” ~ Evel Knievel
  42. “The number of American presidential candidates varies with the sunspot cycle and the phases of the moon. Being a Republican, I’m backing Hillary Clinton. Because she could lose. The reason is not that she’s a woman. The reason is that she’s the particular woman who taught the 4th-grade class that every man in America wished he were dead in. Hillary Clinton is Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown. Hillary Clinton is “America’s ex-wife.”” ~ P. J. O’Rourke
  43. “I talked to ex-wives of musicians of the ’70s for research. They’re the funniest people in the world, yet there is this sad, beautiful thing in their eyes that says they’ve seen more than they could ever possibly tell you” ~ Kate Hudson
  44. “I want my ex-wife and children to be happy.” ~ Scott Weiland

  45. “My ex-wife has never broken 150. I wish she would stop telling people I taught her how to play golf.” ~ Bruce Lansky
  46. “Will Ferrell and I are teaming up again on a film called Daddy’s Home. In the movie, I play a Special-Ops soldier who has just discovered that Will Ferrell’s character is married to my ex-wife and is my children’s stepfather. So, I have to come home and try to win them back and take him out.” ~ Mark Wahlberg
  47. “Other than his ex-wife and despite appearances with a series of cultivated blondes, Edward de Bono has never publicly aligned himself with a woman. ‘I’m looking for a fat, cross-eyed hunchback,’ he explains, stifling a giggle. ‘A prosthetic hump would do.’ His delight evaporates when asked about his three grandchildren. ‘Am I a doting grandfather?’ He pauses. ‘I’m a … something grandfather, yes.’ The fact that De Bono remains unperturbed by this lack betrays an emotionally austere childhood, and his passions for play, toys, and bad jokes tell of the same deprivation. ” ~ Antonella Gambotto-Burke
  48. “An ex-wife is a woman with a crick in the neck from looking back over her shoulder at her matrimony.” ~ Ursula Parrott

  49. “I met my darling wife Wilnelia in 1980 when we were on the judging panel for the Miss World contest at the Royal Albert Hall. With two ex-wives and five daughters, I thought I wouldn’t be involved with anyone for a long time – if ever. Winnie was so gorgeous, my jaw dropped – and it’s a big jaw to drop.” ~ Bruce Forsyth
  50. “My mom [comes] to see my shows because she’s so proud, but I’m talking about losing my virginity, my ex-wife and our sexual problems, and she’s sitting in the front row smiling. I just go, “Mom, you can’t sit in the front row, you can’t smile. You have to go way in the back and dress in black. If I see you it’s like you’re breaking in when I’m having sex with my wife. It’s just wrong.”” ~ John Leguizamo
  51. “And it soon became obvious to me that I had to process and keep my relationship with my ex-wife separate from that of my children. They didn’t need or want too much personal information about our relationship. Change is good, and ultimately, creating a new path at this point in my life is energizing, creative, and rejuvenating.” ~ Tim Matheson
  52. “She sounds like a screeching ex-wife.” ~ Rush Limbaugh

  53. “When you gotta go out and make a movie to pay for the kid’s private school and for the three ex-wives, don’t talk to me about your artistry. It’s their job. It’s not my job. It’s my calling.” ~ Quentin Tarantino
  54. “In my divorce, I stood up and said to my ex-wife, ‘Hey, I messed up. This had nothing to do with you. I didn’t understand what marriage was. I cheated. I was wrong. We couldn’t fix it; it got worse. I stepped away because I didn’t want it to get any worse. You’re the mother of my kids – I don’t want to hate you.'” ~ Kevin Hart
  55. “I don’t care what is written,” Meyer Landsman says. “I don’t care what supposedly got promised to some sandal-wearing idiot whose claim to fame is that he was ready to cut his own son’s throat for the sake of a hare-brained idea. I don’t care about red heifers and patriarchs and locusts. A bunch of old bones in the sand. My homeland is in my hat. It’s in my ex-wife’s tote bag.” ~ Michael Chabon
  56. “You may have even an ex-wife or an ex-husband, but you can never have ex-children.” ~ George Foreman

  57. “It’s not because I’m bitter or because I don’t agree with him politically. I’ve always been a registered Republican. But it’s bad taste to talk about ex-husbands and ex-wives, that’s all. Also, I don’t know a damn thing about politics.” ~ Jane Wyman
  58. “There was a man named Robert Dear who in court said he was a warrior for the babies, whose ex-wife talked about his Christian beliefs motivating his desire to attack and murder three people, including a police officer, in Colorado.That man is a Christian. He`s an avowed Christian. He appears to have acted on those Christian beliefs to undertake that act of violence.” ~ Chris Hayes

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