65 Best Euphoria Quotes On Success In Life

These euphoria quotes will inspire you. Euphoria is a feeling of great happiness and excitement.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging euphoria quotes, euphoria sayings, and euphoria proverbs.

Famous Euphoria Quotes

  1. “That’s the difference between me and the rest of the world. Happiness isn’t good enough for me! I demand euphoria!” ~ Bill Watterson
  2. “There is a kind of euphoria of grief, a degree of madness.” ~ Nigella Lawson
  3. “The final moment of success is often no more thrilling than taking off a heavy backpack at the end of a long hike. If you went on the hike only to feel that pleasure, you are a fool. Yet people sometimes do just this. They work hard at a task and expect some special euphoria at the end. But when they achieve success and find only moderate and short-lived pleasure, they ask is that all there is? They devalue their accomplishments as a striving after wind. We can call this the progress principle: Pleasure comes more from making progress toward goals than from achieving them.” ~ Jonathan Haidt
  4. “When you ride the wave, the thrill is so exhilarating that you forget everything else. You live in the moment where nothing else matters, so intent on riding the wave perfectly that you and the wave become one. Pain and worry disappear, replaced by euphoria, akin to flow. Similarly, when giving empathy, you want to strive for this kind of total presence for the person you are listening to.” ~ Marshall B. Rosenberg
  5. “Happiness isn’t good enough for me! I demand euphoria!” ~ Bill Watterson

  6. “Individuals approaching death often experience encounters with their dead relatives, who seem to welcome them to the next world. These deathbed visions are authentic and convincing; they are often followed by a state of euphoria and seem to ease the transition.” ~ Stanislav Grof
  7. “There is no planning. On the night it is really great, it’s euphoria and if it is not so great there is always tomorrow night. That was his attitude.” ~ Ed McMahon
  8. “The true, or higher part of the self is always seeking the state that mystics talk about, the state in which we are filled with a universal love and a peaceful euphoria.” ~ James Redfield
  9. “Sometimes I find that music is so much more attractive than love. I don’t know… It’s like some kind of euphoria, that love can’t bring to you.” ~ Florence Welch , Euphoria quotes love
  10. “That Beatle euphoria has always been there, and it’s hard to be in a room with a Beatle and try to be totally natural. You never shake that off.” ~ Alan Parsons

  11. “In the euphoria after the Cold War, there was a misplaced notion that the UN could solve every problem anywhere.” ~ Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  12. “We know that material things don’t offer contentment, but we still buy more-more of the props and gadgets our culture tells us we must have in order to be happy and “happening.” Our addiction to consumption distracts us from seeing that we are disconnected from ourselves, from our truth, and from one another. Any euphoria we gain from our material gains is fleeting at best.” ~ Susan L. Taylor , Euphoria quotes happy
  13. “My motivational music is any music that helps me escape. There are certain records that take you to euphoria, when you’re partying and havin’ a good time, dancin’ with a couple people.” ~ Pitbull
  14. “Clearly it is not the lovelorn sufferer who seeks solace in chocolate, but rather the chocolate-deprived individual, who, desperate, seeks in mere love a pale approximation of bittersweet euphoria.” ~ Sandra Boynton
  15. “I have found that words that are loaded with pathos and create a seductive euphoria are apt to promote nonsense.” ~ Gunter Grass

  16. “Fear and euphoria are dominant forces, and fear is many multiples the size of euphoria. Bubbles go up very slowly as euphoria builds. Then fear hits, and it comes down very sharply. When I started to look at that, I was sort of intellectually shocked. Contagion is the critical phenomenon which causes the thing to fall apart.” ~ Alan Greenspan
  17. “I’ve wanted to feel pleasure to the point of insanity. They call it getting high, because it’s wanting to know that higher level, that godlike level. You want to touch the heavens, you want to feel glory and euphoria, but the trick is it takes work. You can’t buy it, you can’t get it on a street corner, you can’t steal it or inject it or shove it up your ass, you have to earn it.” ~ Anthony Kiedis
  18. “Love in all eight tones and all five semitones of the word’s full octave.” ~ Stephen Fry

  19. “Misery alternates with euphoria.” ~ Patricia Gaffney
  20. “Passion has little to do with euphoria and everything to do with patience. It is not about feeling good. It is about endurance. Like patience, passion comes from the same Latin root: pati. It does not mean to flow with exuberance. It means to suffer.” ~ Mark Z. Danielewski
  21. “For me, ‘Dog Days’ symbolizes apocalyptic euphoria, chaotic freedom and running really, really fast with your eyes closed.” ~ Florence Welch

  22. “I don’t want to get too dippy about all this. If you take the view of the scientist and everything is in a state of vibration, then every note is a vibration, which has a certain frequency, and you know that if you put 40 beats into a frequency it’s going to be the same note every time. You take that into infrasound and people can be made to be sick, actually killed. Taking it the other way, not to be too depressing, what about euphoria, etc., and what about consciousness being totally… no, I won’t go into that one. Time warps.” ~ Jimmy Page
  23. “There is a terrible sameness to the euphoria of alcohol and the euphoria of metaphor.” ~ John Cheever
  24. “Neither the depth of despondency nor the height of euphoria tells you how long either will last.” ~ Thomas Sowell

  25. “You may think you don’t want to throw your life away for mere fleeting euphoria. But, once you get a taste, it doesn’t feel so mere. From then on the planet becomes a waiting room. The rest of your life devolves to no more than the time between highs.” ~ Jerry Stahl
  26. “[T]he regime of diversions, surrogates, and tranquilizers that pass for today’s ‘distractions’ and ‘amusements’ does not yet allow the modern woman to foresee the crisis that awaits her when she recognizes how meaningless are those male occupations for which she has fought, when the illusions and the euphoria of her conquests vanish, and when she realizes that, given the climate of dissolution, family and children can no longer give her a sense of satisfaction in life.” ~ Julius Evola
  27. “There was a euphoria in the music and the way it was delivered, and, as the crowds started to get bigger, it fed off itself until it became less about the band and more about being with all those people, jumping up and down, drunk to the music.” ~ Noel Gallagher
  28. “My spiritual high naturally dissipated. At some point you’ve got to come out of the clouds and live real life. Again, it’s just like falling in love. The feeling of euphoria is only temporary.” ~ Pattie Mallette

  29. “I believe I am becoming pathetic. I’ll go further, I believe that I am in love with a flower-growing, wood-carving quarryman/carpenter/pig farmer. In fact, I know I am. Perhaps tomorrow I will become entirely miserable at the thought that he doesn’t love me back – may, even, care for Remy- but at this precise moment I am succumbing to euphoria. My head and stomach feel quite odd.” ~ Mary Ann Shaffer
  30. “The concept that really gets the goat of the gay-hater, the idea that really spins their melon and sickens their stomachs is that most terrible and terrifying of all human notions, love. That one can love another of the same gender, that is what the homophobe really cannot stand. Love in all eight tones and all five semitones of the world’s full octave. Love as Agape, Eros and Philos; love as infatuation, obsession and lust; love as torture, euphoria, ecstasy and oblivion (this is beginning to read like a Calvin Klein perfume catalogue); love as need, passion and desire.” ~ Stephen Fry
  31. “I wouldn’t say that cutting was pleasurable, but there is a sense of euphoria that follows cutting yourself. The quick pinch of pain and the sight of blood snaps you back to the surface and you start to appreciate being alive.” ~ Shirley Manson

  32. “If you have ever, sir, been through a breakup of a romantic relationship that involved great love, you will perhaps understand what I experienced. There is in such situations usually a moment of passion during which the unthinkable is said; this is followed by a sense of euphoria at finally being liberated; the world seems fresh as if seen for the first time then comes the inevitable period of doubt, the desperate and doomed backpedaling of regret; and only later, once emotions have receded, is one able to view with equanimity the journey through which one has passed.” ~ Mohsin Hamid
  33. “Adam was in the dream, too; he traced the tangled pattern of ink with his finger. He said, “Scio quid hoc est.” As he traced it further and further down on the bare skin of Ronan’s back, Ronan himself disappeared entirely, and the tattoo got smaller and smaller. It was a Celtic knot the size of a wafer, and then Adam, who had become Kavinsky, said “Scio quid estis vos.” He put the tattoo in his mouth and swallowed it. Ronan woke with a start, ashamed and euphoric. The euphoria wore off long before the shame did. He was never sleeping again.” ~ Maggie Stiefvater
  34. “The joy of suddenly learning a former secret and the joy of suddenly discovering a hitherto unknown truth are the same to me – both have the flash of enlightenment, the almost incredibly enhanced vision, and the ecstasy and euphoria of released tension.” ~ Paul Halmos
  35. “When investing, pessimism is your friend, euphoria the enemy.” ~ Warren Buffett

  36. “Amnesia is not knowing who one is and wanting desperately to find out. Euphoria is not knowing who one is and not caring. Ecstasy is knowing exactly who one is – and still not caring.” ~ Tom Robbins
  37. “In an age of abstract experience, fornication
    Is self-expression, adjunct to Christian euphoria,
    And whores become delinquents; delinquents, patients;
    Patients, wards of society. Whores, by that rule,
    Are precious.” ~ Allen Tate
  38. “That one can love another of the same gender, that is what the homophobe really cannot stand.” ~ Stephen Fry

  39. “A lot of people say, “Oh, I get this high from working out.” I’ve never felt that, maybe because I’ve worked out for so long it’s just a norm for me to push super, super hard. I don’t feel the euphoria. But at the end, when it’s all done, I feel euphoric. I’m like, “Yes, the work is done.” You just feel like a glowing feeling inside.” ~ Venus Williams
  40. “For me, being Christian Armenian, born into the Islamic culture in Iran and then, at the age of 13, being sent to England and embracing the English culture and becoming part of so-called swinging London and the era of euphoria and celebration that the ’60s represented is very critical. It was a moment when, for the first time, the business of internationalism was being effectively represented-in music, art, cinema, design. Before that, everything was directed toward the old industry, the old school, the old format, and there was no room for varieties to evolve.” ~ Tony Shafrazi
  41. “I feel that tennis is an art form that is capable of moving the players and the audience – at least a knowledgeable audience-in almost sensual ways. When I’m performing at my absolute best, I think that some of the euphoria I feel must be transmitted to the audience.” ~ Billie Jean King
  42. “Given the nature of market, the chance of a crash is always greater than the chance of an overnight runaway euphoria.” ~ Jeff Yass
  43. “Forced to recognize our inhumanity, our reason coexists with our insanity. And though we choose between reality and madness, it’s either sadness or euphoria.” ~ Billy Joel

  44. “There are no words that can describe the euphoria you feel when your baby recognizes you for the first time and smiles.” ~ Jared Padalecki
  45. “Suttree surfaced from these fevered deeps to hear a maudlin voice chant Latin by his bedside, what medieval ghost come to usurp his fallen corporeality. An oiled thumb all redolent of lime and sage pondered his shuttered lids. Miserere mei, Deus …His ears anointed, his lips … Omnis Maligna Discordia … Bechrismed with scented oils he lay boneless in a cold euphoria. Japheth when you left your father’s house the birds had flown. You were not prepared for such weathers. You’d spoke too lightly of the winter in your father’s heart. We saw you in the streets. Sad.” ~ Cormac McCarthy
  46. “I always tell people that I have never ever gone dancing in my life. But that’s the point. It’s the point of dreaming of doing it, imagining doing it. My music is like a fantasy version of it, not a practical version of it. With the way a club DJ would make a track – they are in the club, they know how to get people excited. I don’t know how to get people excited. I’m just imagining euphoria; I’m not necessarily feeling it.” ~ Memory Tapes
  47. “Jazz is for joy. It’s for euphoria, it’s for emotion, and anguish, and excitement, and all of the joys that great art can produce, and if it loses that, then it’s lost everything.” ~ Gary Giddins

  48. “I believe democracy can survive. But it’s certainly true that the euphoria of the 1990s – an era when democracy was spreading and more and more people found it attractive – has ended. Trump is not a cause but rather a symptom of this change.” ~ Anne Applebaum
  49. “I believe that all the euphoria about Europe has led many of us to forget that Europe is a conglomerate of different entities and countries. But if you don’t love your own entity, if you don’t know your roots and can no longer relate to them, you will also have problems with the rest of Europe.” ~ Margrethe II of Denmark
  50. “I think Mrs Thatcher did more damage to democracy, equality, internationalism, civil liberties, freedom in this country than any other Prime Minister this century. When the euphoria surrounding her departure subsides you will find that in a year or two’s time there will not be a Tory who admits ever supporting her. People in the street will say, thank God she’s gone” ~ Tony Benn
  51. “You never stop the measuring process because these are oceans that are so deep that they have no bottom, and it takes a long time to know that. It only goes to a higher place after you’ve gone to the depths where you think there’s a bottom – and when you find out that there is no bottom, it just rises up into this plume of euphoria.” ~ Kim Basinger
  52. “I don’t panic. The same thing applies to me as to everybody else, so I’m given to euphoria and despair. And I would say that I basically have survived by recognizing my mistakes.” ~ George Soros

  53. “Socialists do not merely want a welfare state, they absolutely must have one. They must have a grovelling dependent class from which to obtain their daily opiate: an hallucinogenic euphoria which comes from the delusion of being superior to and more altruistic than all others. They must have ‘the poor, huddled masses’ in much the same manner as vampires must have the blood of their victims.” ~ Edward Britton
  54. “When you make your first film, it’s really hard in some ways. You’re just nowhere. But then you have something. If you have a success, then you might be looking to take a fall. If you had a fall, you get a certain kind of euphoria because you’re not dead, so you can still do it again. It’s about how you go through the processes. Do you enjoy that “doing”? Is it getting less fun or more fun?” ~ David Lynch
  55. “2 p.m. beer nothing matters but flopping on a mattress with cheap dreams and a beer as the leaves die and the horses die and the landladies stare in the halls; brisk the music of pulled shades, a last man’s cave in an eternity of swarm and explosion; nothing but the dripping sink, the empty bottle, euphoria, youth fenced in, stabbed and shaven, taught words propped up to die.” ~ Charles Bukowski
  56. “There are two things in New York, euphoria and disaster.” ~ Bill Parcells

  57. “The paramount doctrine of the economic and technological euphoria of recent decades has been that everything depends on innovation. It was understood as desirable, and even necessary, that we should go on and on from one technological innovation to the next, which would cause the economy to “grow” and make everything better and better. This of course implied at every point a hatred of the past, of all things inherited and free. All things superseded in our progress of innovations, whatever their value might have been, were discounted as of no value at all.” ~ Wendell Berry
  58. “Whereupon a strange euphoria came over me. Not only was I exiled, paralyzed, mute, half-deaf, deprived of all pleasures, and reduced to the existence of a jellyfish, but I was also horrible to behold. There comes a time when the heaping up of calamities brings on uncontrollable nervous laughter – when, after a final blow from fate, we decide to treat it all as a joke.” ~ Jean-Dominique Bauby
  59. “We invented marriage. Couples invented marriage. We also invented divorce,mind you. And we invented infidelity,too, as well as romantic misery. In fact we invented the whole sloppy mess of love and intimacy and aversion and euphoria and failure. But most importantly of all, most subversively of all, most stubbornly of all, we invented privacy.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
  60. “Life’s tallest order is to keep the feelings up, to make two dollars’ worth of euphoria go the distance. And life can’t do that. So fiction does.” ~ Stanley Elkin

  61. “The universe seems to me infinitely strange and foreign. At such a moment I gaze upon it with a mixture of anguish and euphoria; separate from the universe, as though placed at a certain distance outside it; I look and I see pictures, creatures that move in a kind of timeless time and spaceless space, emitting sounds that are a kind of language I no longer understand or ever register.” ~ Eugene Ionesco
  62. “They say that these are not the best of times, but they’re the only times I’ve ever known. And I believe there is a time for meditation in cathedrals of our own. Now I have seen that sad surrender in my lovers eyes…and I can only stand apart and sympathize…for we are only what our situations hand us…it’s either sadness or euphoria.” ~ Billy Joel
  63. “Tally, do you ever suffer from sudden flashes of anger or euphoria, counter social impulses, or feelings of superiority?” ~ Scott Westerfeld

  64. “You’ve got this amazing creature- yourself- that can breathe, dance, and cry. And you have a certain amount of moments (maybe a few million moments-but moments they are) and you have this chance to do absolutely anything- to reach out to another vulnerable & true. To dance on the roof of euphoria and pray beside the ocean to let go. We have the chance every moment to Be Alive and give to this world who needs each one of us so badly.” ~ Sabrina Ward Harrison
  65. “In stillness, I watched myself get eaten by mosquitoes… the itch was maddening at first but eventually it just melded into a general burning feeling and i rode that heat to a mild euphoria. I allowed the pain to lose its specific associations and become pure sensation… and that eventually lifted me out of myself and into meditation.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

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