45 Motivational Eugene H Peterson Quotes For Success In Life

Eugene Hoiland Peterson was an American Presbyterian minister, scholar, theologian, author, and poet. Ellen Eugene H Peterson Quotes will motivate you.

Best Eugene H Peterson Quotes

  1. “When we sin and mess up our lives, we find that God doesn’t go off and leave us- he enters into our trouble and saves us.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  2. “O God, when my faith gets overladen with dust, blow it clean with the wind of your Spirit. When my habits of obedience get stiff and rusty, anoint them with the oil of your Spirit. Restore the enthusiasm of my first love for you.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  3. “Feelings are great liars. If Christians worshipped only when they felt like it, there would be precious little worship. We think that if we don’t feel something there can be no authenticity in doing it. But the wisdom of God says something different: that we can act ourselves into a new way of feeling much quicker than we can feel ourselves into a new way of acting. Worship is an act that develops feelings for God, not a feeling for God that is expressed in an act of worship.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  4. “The life of faith isn’t meant for tourists. It’s meant for pilgrims.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson

  5. “The only opportunity you will ever have to live by faith is in the circumstances you are provided this very day: this house you live in, this family you find yourself in, this job you have been given, the weather conditions that prevail at the …moment.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  6. “The word ‘Christian’ means different things to different people. To one person it means a stiff, upright, inflexible way of life, colorless and unbending. To another, it means a risky, surprise-filled adventure, lived tiptoe at the edge of expectation…If we get our information from the biblical material, there is no doubt that the Christian life is a dancing, leaping, daring life.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  7. “All the persons of faith I know are sinners, doubters, uneven performers. We are secure not because we are sure of ourselves but because we trust that God is sure of us.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  8. “No life of faith can be lived privately. There must be overflow into the lives of others.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  9. “Prayer is the disciplined refusal to act before God acts.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson

  10. “One way to define spiritual life is getting so tired and fed up with yourself you go on to something better, which is following Jesus.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  11. “Christians don’t simply learn or study or use Scripture; we assimilate it, take it into our lives in such a way that it gets metabolized into acts of love, cups of cold water, missions into all the world, healing and evangelism and justice in Jesus’ name, hands raised in adoration of the Father, feet washed in company with the Son.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  12. “If you don’t take a Sabbath, something is wrong. You’re doing too much, you’re being too much in charge. You’ve got to quit, one day a week, and just watch what God is doing when you’re not doing anything.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  13. “The way of Jesus cannot be imposed or mapped — it requires an active participation in following Jesus as he leads us through sometimes strange and unfamiliar territory, in circumstances that become clear only in the hesitations and questionings, in the pauses and reflections where we engage in prayerful conversation with one another and with him.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  14. “This kingdom of God life is not a matter of waking up each morning with a list of chores or an agenda to be tended to, left on our bedside table by the Holy Spirit for us while we slept. We wake up already immersed in a large story of creation and covenant, of Israel and Jesus, the story of Jesus and the stories that Jesus told. We let ourselves be formed by these formative stories, and especially as we listen to the stories that Jesus tells, get a feel for the way he does it, the way he talks, the way he treats people, the Jesus way.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  15. “There are no experts in the company of Jesus. We are all beginners, necessarily followers, because we don’t know where we are going.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  16. “Wisdom is the art of living skillfully in whatever actual conditions we find ourselves.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  17. “Worship is an act that develops feelings for God, not a feeling for God that is expressed in an act of worship.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson

  18. “Sabbath is that uncluttered time and space in which we can distance ourselves from our own activities enough to see what God is doing.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  19. “My job is not to solve people’s problems or make them happy, but to help them see the grace operating in their lives.” ~ Eugene H Peterson Quotes
  20. “Praying puts us at risk of getting involved in God’s conditions. Be slow to pray. Praying most often doesn’t get us what we want but what God wants, something quite at variance with what we conceive to be in our best interests.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  21. “I will not try to run my own life or the lives of others; that is God’s business.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  22. “The gospel is never about everybody else; it is always about you, about me. The gospel is never truth in general; it’s always a truth in specific. The gospel is never a commentary on ideas or cultures or conditions; it’s always about actual persons, actual pains, actual troubles, actual sin; you, me; who you are and what you’ve done; who I am and what I’ve done.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  23. “The life of faith is a daily exploration of the constant and countless ways in which Gods grace and love are experienced.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  24. “Prayer gets us in on what God is doing.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson

  25. “Go out into the world uncorrupted, a breath of fresh air in this squalid and polluted society. Provide people with a glimpse of good living and of the living God.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  26. “To follow Jesus implies that we enter into a way of life that is given character and shape and direction by the one who calls us. To follow Jesus means picking up rhythms and ways of doing things that are often unsaid but always derivative from Jesus, formed by the influence of Jesus. To follow Jesus means that we can’t separate what Jesus is saying from what Jesus is doing and the way that he is doing it. To follow Jesus is as much, or maybe even more, about feet as it is about ears and eyes” (The Way of Jesus, Eugene H. Peterson, 22).” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  27. “The hard work of sowing seed in what looks like perfectly empty earth has a time of harvest. All suffering, pain, emptiness, disappointment is seed: sow it in God and He will, finally, bring a crop of joy from it.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  28. “Worship does not satisfy our hunger for God; it whets our appetite.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  29. “Pity can be nearsighted and condescending; shared suffering can be dignifying and life-changing.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  30. “The silence that makes it possible to hear God speak also makes it possible for us to hear the world’s words for what they really are – tinny and unconvincing lies.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  31. “Waiting means going about our assigned tasks, confident that God will provide the meaning and the conclusions.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson

  32. “You’re here to be LIGHT… Shine! Be generous with your lives.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  33. “That’s the whole spiritual life. It’s learning how to die. And as you learn how to die, you start losing all your illusions, and you start being capable now of true intimacy and love.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  34. “When we submit our lives to what we read in scripture, we find that we are not being led to see God in our stories but our stories in God’s. God is the larger context and plot in which our stories find themselves.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  35. “GOD made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before him. When I got my act together, he gave me a fresh start. Now I’m alert to GOD’s ways; I don’t take God for granted. Every day I review the ways he works; I try not to miss a trick. I feel put back together, and I’m watching my step. GOD rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson Quotes
  36. “Sloth is most often evidenced in busyness … in frantic running around, trying to be everything to everyone, and then having no time to listen or pray, no time to become the person who is doing these things.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  37. “Jesus almost never talked in terms of explaining. He was always using enigmatic stories and difficult metaphors. He was always pulling people into some kind of participation.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  38. “Real faith is refined in the fires and storms of pain.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson

  39. “A person has to get fed up with the ways of the world before he, before she acquires an appetite for the world of grace.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  40. “The vocation of pastor has been replaced by the strategies of religious entrepreneurs with business plans.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  41. “Too much of the world’s happiness depends on taking from one to satisfy another. To increase my standard of living, someone in another part of the world must lower his. The worldwide crisis of hunger that we face today is a result of that method of pursuing happiness. Industrialized nations acquire appetites for more and more luxuries and higher and higher standards of living, and increasing numbers of people are made poor and hungry. It doesn’t have to be that way.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  42. “Love is not a word that describes my feelings; it is not a technique by which I fulfill my needs; it is not an ideal, abstract and pure, on which I meditate or discourse. It is acting in correspondence with or in response to God in relation to persons.” ~ Eugene H Peterson Quotes
  43. “We cannot be too careful about the words we use; we start out using them and they end up using us.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  44. “Stories are verbal acts of hospitality.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson
  45. “The Bible makes it clear that every time that there is a story of faith, it is completely original. God’s creative genius is endless.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson

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