28 Empire State Quotes On Success In Life

These empire state quotes will inspire you. The U.S. state of New York has been known by many nicknames, most notably as the Empire State, adopted as late as the 19th century.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging empire state quotes, empire state sayings, and empire state proverbs.

Best Empire State Quotes

  1. “The time has come to return integrity, performance and dignity to New York and make it the Empire State once again.” ~ Andrew Cuomo
  2. “If architecture is the history of all phallic emotion, the Empire State Building is utter catharsis, and we are sitting in its silhouette.” ~ Timothy Levitch
  3. “Eddie Fisher married to Elizabeth Taylor is like me trying to wash the Empire State Building with a bar of soap.” ~ Don Rickles
  4. “Realism is always subjective in film. There’s no such thing as cinema verite. The only true cinema verite would be what Andy Warhol did with his film about the Empire State Building – eight hours or so from one angle, and even then it’s not really cinema verite, because you aren’t actually there.” ~ Crispin Glover
  5. “The stars which shone over Babylon and the stable in Bethlehem still shine as brightly over the Empire State Building and your front yard today.” ~ Linda Goodman

  6. “When it was over my daughter said, ‘Oh, I felt so sorry for him – he didn’t want to hurt you, he liked you.’ That was Victoria. When you visualize him up there on top of the Empire State Building, you do feel sorry for him.” ~ Fay Wray
  7. “Realism is always subjective in film. There’s no such thing as cinema verite.” ~ Crispin Glover
  8. “I see a New York that is once again the empire state.” ~ Carl Paladino
  9. “It’s time for the people of the Empire State to strike back.” ~ Andrew Cuomo
  10. “The Empire State Building is the closest thing to heaven in this city.” ~ Deborah Kerr

  11. “My favorite optimist was an American who jumped off the Empire State Building, and as he passed the 42nd floor, the window washers heard him say, ‘So Far, so good.'” ~ John McGahern
  12. “The men began to trade tales of atrocities, first stories they had heard, then those they’d witnessed, and finally the things that had happened to themselves. A litany of personal humiliation, outrage, and anger turned sicklelike back to themselves as humor. They laughed then, uproariously, about the speed with which they had run, the pose they had assumed, the ruse they had invented to escape or decrease some threat to their manliness, their humanness. All but Empire State, who stood, broom in hand and drop-lipped, with the expression of a very intelligent ten-year-old.” ~ Toni Morrison
  13. “I don’t like to see things on purpose. I like them to soak in. A friend . . . asked me to go to the top of the Empire State Building once, and I told him that he shouldn’t treat New York as a sight-it’s feeling, an emotional experience. And the same with every place else.” ~ Robert Frost , Empire State quotes New York
  14. “An evening up on the Empire State roof-the strangest experience. The huge tomb in steel and glass, the ride to the 84th floor and there, under the clouds, a Hawaiian string quartet, lounge, concessions and, a thousand feet below, New York-a garden of golden lights winking on and off, automobiles, trucks winding in and out, and not a sound. All as silent as a dead city-and it looks adagio down there.” ~ Dawn Powell
  15. “There’s a weird fact that if you dropped a penny off the Empire State Building in New York City, you’d kill someone. I feel really bad, ’cause I dropped a nickel off it once.” ~ Taylor Hanson

  16. “we still have the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building and the Woolworth Building, but it just seems like part of the nature of New York, that it’s always shifting.” ~ Richard Hell
  17. “i get a little romantic about the old Empire State. Just looking at it makes me want to play some Frank Sinatra tunes and sway a little. I have a crush on a building. I’d been in there several times but never to work. I always knew there were offices in there but the face never penetrated, really. You don’t work in the Empire State Building. You propose in the Empire State Building. You sneak a flask up there and raise a toast to the whole city of New York.” ~ Maureen Johnson
  18. “I’m not complaining about Romance Being Dead – I’ve just described a happy marriage as based on talking about plants and a canceled Ray Romano show and drinking milkshakes: not exactly rose petals and gazing into each other’s eyes at the top of the Empire State Building or whatever. I’m pretty sure my parents have gazed into each other’s eyes maybe once, and that was so my mom could put eyedrops in my dad’s eyes.” ~ Mindy Kaling
  19. “So you can’t live in Manhattan?’ she asked. Amos’s brow furrowed as he looked across at the Empire State Building. ‘Manhattan has other problems. Other gods. It’s best we stay separate.” ~ Rick Riordan
  20. “You can shoot a film in New York without seeing the Empire State Building. Or Starbucks…although the latter is much less realistic.” ~ Kenneth Lonergan

  21. “Overall, The Population Bomb was probably too optimistic. I was writing about climate change – Anne and I actually wrote the book. We discussed whether or not you’d have to take a gondola to the Empire State Building, and that sort of thing, but we didn’t know at the time whether the climate change would be in the direction of heating or cooling. We just didn’t know enough about it.” ~ Paul R. Ehrlich
  22. “I knew a girl so ugly, I took her to the top of the Empire State building and planes started to attack her.” ~ Rodney Dangerfield
  23. “From the ruins, lonely and inexplicable as the sphinx, rose the Empire State Building.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald
  24. “New York is nearly a grave. The Empire State Building is its gravestone.” ~ Walter Tevis

  25. “You can see the most beautiful things from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. I read somewhere that people on the street are supposed to look like ants, but that’s not true. They look like little people. And the cars look like little cars. And even the buildings look little. It’s like New York is a miniature replica of New York, which is nice, because you can see what it’s really like, instead of how it feels when you’re in the middle of it.” ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
  26. “When I’m in New York I look at the Empire State Building and feel as though it belongs to me … or is it vice versa?” ~ Fay Wray
  27. “One can build the Empire State Building, discipline the Prussian army, make a state hierarchy mightier than God, yet fail to overcome the unaccountable superiority of certain human beings.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
  28. “The Empire State Building was tall. So what? Just proved New York builders didn’t know when to stop at a good story.” ~ Craig L. Rice

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