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These Emily Ratajkowski quotes will inspire you. Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski is an American model and actress.

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Best Emily Ratajkowski Quotes

  1. “We are more than just our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  2. “You’re a woman, enjoy yourself, and believe that you can do things.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  3. “I know everyone hates when I say this, they think it’s a cliché, but if you don’t feel good in the bathing suit you’re not going to look good. Confidence is really important.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  4. “Social media is something women didn’t have 10 years ago, and that’s a big aspect in feminism today. I don’t have to be filtered by anyone. I choose.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  5. “A woman can be seeking attention and also make a statement.They don’t need to be mutually exclusive.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski

  6. “Sex is normal. Desire is normal. Attention is normal, and that’s okay.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  7. “I think everyone has their awkward phases. Growing up isn’t easy for everyone.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  8. “The way we are annoying them, being playful and having a good time with our body – it’s something very important for young women today to have that confidence. I think it’s actually celebrating women and their bodies.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  9. “For many women, how our hair looks and feels is an everyday part of our lives, whether we always want it to be or not. And ultimately, feeling good about yourself is good for your life and who you are. So if having the best hair you can have means you feel better about your day, then go get that hair. And don’t feel guilty about it!” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  10. “A selfie is a sort of interesting way to reclaim the gaze, right? You’re looking at yourself and taking a photo while looking at everyone.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski

  11. “Being part of a patriarchal society, it kind of helped me figure out what I was all about.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  12. “For me, I want a president who is more than a symbol, someone who has ideas that I align with.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  13. “I started modeling when I was – not older, but not 12. I have a mom who’s a feminist, she’s an English professor, an intellectual. She really gave me the equipment to understand that you can celebrate yourself without putting yourself down or needing to apologize for the way you look. I think that attitude is really crucial for a model.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  14. “Any woman is sexual, absolutely.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  15. “When a woman who is sexual takes off her top, it plays into something.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski

  16. “I’m a young woman who lives in a world of social media; I’ll post boring things too!” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  17. “I always have Aquaphor which is just for like chapped lips, especially in the wintertime when you’re traveling a lot. That’s just the worst combination of things. And always a really good pair of jeans. Something vintage-y, a little loose and boyfriend-y, but not over the top. They’re just comfortable but could still be dressed up or down.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  18. “I grew up eating street tacos and burritos on the beach, so I like people who can eat and aren’t afraid to show it.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  19. “On whether Blurred Lines’ video is sexist: I don’t. I really appreciate the people who watch out for that stuff, and I’m sensitive to those sort of things. On the surface level, the naked women dancing, I understand that can be perceived that way. But we’re directed to have a sort of confidence, a sarcastic attitude about the whole situation.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  20. “I really was more sexual than my classmates.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski

  21. “When I was 14, a lot of people said, “She’s such a good actress, she loves theater, she looks like a woman, she should consider moving to L.A. and trying to do this professionally.” My parents were hesitant, but they would take me.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  22. “The attention from the fashion world is something that I didn’t expect. I’ve shot with Bruce Weber and met Karl Lagerfeld. Having that kind of attention is really exciting.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  23. “That’s the one thing that’s funny about going from modeling to acting. In modeling, you’re supposed to think about what you look like all the time. When you’re in front of the camera, if you’re not considering that, God knows what the pictures will look like. With acting, you have to completely forget it.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  24. “Pop music is great, but there’s a lot of BS about the attitude of guys being super-gangster – that’s why the whole thing is silly. It’s making fun of itself. That self-awareness is why people enjoy it. It’s refreshing.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  25. “I genuinely hit puberty before everyone.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski

  26. “People always talk about what they do the night before, but to be totally honest what you do the night before isn’t going to make a huge difference in how you look. Maybe eating a giant burger and being bloated would make a difference, but other than that it’s the lead-up. For me it’s always about trying to consistently maintain a fit and body-conscious eating schedule so three days before I’m not like, Oh my God, I have a bathing suit shoot I have to do.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  27. “One thing that I’ve found is that people could relate and see different qualities in the video that they enjoyed. That wasn’t something I was necessarily expecting.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  28. “When I post a selfie and someone comments, ‘Oh, sure, go ahead and reclaim your sexuality, I got my rocks off,’ that’s not my problem.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  29. “It’s like never hearing a Joy Division album or something. I’m finally watching Twin Peaks, and I’m so into it.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  30. “I met with Karl Lagerfeld, and if you have those kind of connections, that takes you into that world and puts you on that level.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski

  31. “A woman talks about having sex, and it’s like, well, a guy got to have sex with you, so you’re stupid. You’ve given something up.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  32. “I was born in London and lived there until I was five. We traveled a lot. But really San Diego is my hometown. It’s where I went to high school.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  33. “The movie industry has been contacting me. I have been auditioning – that’s actually why I am in California. I was here meeting with studios and auditioning.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  34. “I basically had the same body when I was 14 and that was weird. But I think I had really good parents. I got really lucky.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  35. “I feel like every woman, and actually any guy who hasn’t played that many sports, you secretly wonder, like, ‘Would I be a pro athlete?'” ~ Emily Ratajkowski

  36. “You can go super American and get barbecue and beer and be like, ‘Whatever, I’m watching a football game.’ That’s exactly what I’m going to do.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski
  37. “I have great childhood memories cow-tipping, going off and getting lost in the bog for hours, and coming home covered in dirt.” ~ Emily Ratajkowski

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