65 Duke Nukem Quotes On Success In Life

Duke Nukem is a video game series named for its protagonist, Duke Nukem. Created by the company Apogee Software Ltd. (now 3D Realms) as a series of video games for IBM-compatible personal computers, the series expanded to games released for various consoles by third-party developers.

The first two games in the main series were 2D platformers, while the later games have been a mix of first-person and third-person shooters. These Duke Nukem quotes will motivate you.

Best Duke Nukem Quotes

  1. AAhhh… much better! (after urinating) ~Duke Nukem
  2. Bitchin’! ~Duke Nukem
  3. Blow it out your ass! (referencing They Live)  ~Duke Nukem
  4. Boooorn tooo beee wiiiiiiild… [singing (badly) in a karaoke] ~Duke Nukem
  5. Come get some! [reference to Ash’s quote from Army of Darkness] (says after choosing the hard difficult setting or when picking up a new weapon)~Duke Nukem
  6. Come on! (after the player was not moving for a while) ~Duke Nukem
  7. Damn it. (after killing any of the women in the game) ~Duke Nukem
  8. Damn, I’m good! (says after choosing the “Damn, I’m Good” difficult setting or when corpses explode) ~Duke Nukem
  9. Damn… I’m looking good! (after looking at himself in a mirror) ~Duke Nukem
  10. Damn, those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride. (after the aliens destroy his space ship at the very start of the game) ~Duke Nukem
  11. Damn, that was annoying! (after shooting the Mickey Mouse-like mascot) ~Duke Nukem

  12. Damn, that’s the second time those alien bastards shot up my ride! (at the start of the “Movie Set” level in Episode 3 (“Schrapnel City”) when Duke falls out of his helicopter as it crashes straight into a block of concrete) ~Duke Nukem
  13. Damn, you’re ugly. [in reference to Predator] ~Duke Nukem
  14. Die, you son of a bitch! (after defeating the Battlelords, in reference to Jaws) ~Duke Nukem
  15. Eat shit and die. ~Duke Nukem Quotes
  16. Get that crap outta here! (after corpses explode mostly by using pipebomb) ~Duke Nukem
  17. Get back to work, you slacker! (checking out office computer playing Duke3d) ~Duke Nukem
  18. Go ahead, make my day. (reference to the same phrase from Clint Eastwood‘s character Dirty Harry in the film Sudden Impact) ~Duke Nukem
  19. Gonna rip ’em a new one. ~Duke Nukem
  20. Groovy! [reference to Ash’s quote from Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn after picking up a new weapon] ~Duke Nukem
  21. Hail to the king, baby! [reference to Ash’s quote from Army of Darkness after picking up a new weapon] ~Duke Nukem

  22. Heh, heh, heh… what a mess! [After an enemy dies violently (exploding)] ~Duke Nukem
  24. Hmm, don’t have time to play with myself. [Duke examines the Duke Nukem II arcade machine on ~Duke Nukem
  25. “Hollywood Holocaust” level in Episode 1 (“L.A. Meltdown”)] ~Duke Nukem
  26. Hmm, that’s one “Doomed” Space Marine. [seeing a torn corpse of a Space Marine from Doom] ~Duke Nukem
  27. Holy cow! ~Duke Nukem
  28. Holy shit! ~Duke Nukem
  29. I’ll rip your head off and shit down your neck. (when facing the Overlord; he does exactly this after killing it) [reference to Corey Feldman in the movie Stand By Me and/or to Marine ‘to be’ The Swede in the movie Heartbreak Ridge] ~Duke Nukem
  30. I’m Duke Nukem – and I’m coming to get the rest of you alien bastards! (After defeating the Battlelord) ~Duke Nukem
  31. I’m gonna get medieval on your asses! (Reference to Pulp Fiction)~Duke Nukem

  32. I’m gonna kick your ass, bitch! (when facing the Alien Queen)~Duke Nukem
  33. I’m gonna put this smack dab on your ass! ~Duke Nukem
  34. I ain’t afraid of no quake! (in reference to ID Software’s Quake PC Game, as well as Ghostbusters tagline) ~Duke Nukem
  35. I should have known those alien maggots booby-trapped this sub. ~Duke Nukem Quotes
  36. It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all outta gum. (reference to They Live) ~Duke Nukem
  37. It’s down to you and me, you one-eyed freak! (when facing the Cycloid Emperor) ~Duke Nukem

  38. It’s time to abort your whole freaking species! (After defeating the Alien Queen) ~Duke Nukem
  39. Let God sort ’em out! (Advice given by Arnaud Amalric during the Albigensian Crusade when asked by a Crusader how to distinguish the Cathars from the Catholics) ~Duke Nukem
  40. Let’s rock! (Possible reference to Vasquez in Aliens)(says after choosing the medium difficult setting)~Duke Nukem
  41. Looks like cleanup on aisle four. (Possible reference to Ash in Army of Darkness) ~Duke Nukem
  42. Lucky son of a bitch. ~Duke Nukem
  43. Mess with the best, you will die like the rest (reference to Hackers (1995)  ~Duke Nukem
  44. My boot, your face; the perfect couple.~Duke Nukem

  45. No way I’m eating this shit! ~Duke Nukem
  46. Nobody steals our chicks… and lives! ~Duke Nukem
  47. Now this is a force to be reckoned with! (after discovering a Stormtrooper’s corpse hanging upside down] (reference to Dark Forces) ~Duke Nukem
  48. Oh…your ass is grass and I’ve got the weed-whacker. ~Duke Nukem
  49. Ooh, I needed that! [After gaining health when less than 25%] ~Duke Nukem

  50. Ooh, that’s gotta hurt. (says sarcastically after blowing up enemy corpses) [Possible reference to Ash in Army of Darkness] ~Duke Nukem
  51. Piece of Cake. (says after choosing the “Piece of Cake” difficulty) ~Duke Nukem
  52. See you in Hell! ~Duke Nukem
  53. Shake it, baby! (after handing a girl money) ~Duke Nukem
  54. Shit happens. (after stepping in alien or dog feces, reference to Forrest Gump or Predator 2) ~Duke Nukem
  55. Sometimes I even amaze myself. (In reference to Star Wars) ~Duke Nukem

  56. Staying alive, staying alive, la. (singing Bee Gees ‘Staying Alive’)~Duke Nukem
  57. Suck it down! ~Duke Nukem
  58. Terminated! (after discovering the hydraulic press with the crushed Terminator skeleton in the secret’ Freeway’ level) ~Duke Nukem
  59. This really pisses me off! ~Duke Nukem

  60. This is KTIT, K-Tit! Playing the breast- uhh, the best tunes in town. ~Duke Nukem
  61. That’s gonna leave a mark! ~Duke Nukem
  62. We meet again, Doctor Jones! (after discovering Indiana Jones corpse hanging) ~Duke Nukem
  63. What? There’s only one of you? ~Duke Nukem
  64. What are you waitin’ for? Christmas? (after the player has been away from keyboard for a while) (reference to Christmas) ~Duke Nukem

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