35 Doormat Quotes On Success In Life

These doormat quotes will inspire you. Doormat, a mat placed before or inside a door for wiping the dirt from the shoes or a submissive person who allows others to dominate them.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging doormat quotes, doormat sayings, and doormat proverbs.

Best Doormat Quotes

  1. “There are only two types of women – goddesses and doormats.” ~ Pablo Picasso
  2. “I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.” ~ Rebecca West
  3. “Value yourself. The only people who appreciate a doormat are people with dirty shoes.” ~ Leo Buscaglia
  4. “I’m not just a doormat. I’m not just being stepped on all over the place. If you look at the bulk of my material, it’s about trying to find some strength through that.” ~ Lucinda Williams
  5. “They are so filthy and bestial that no honest man would admit one into his house for a water-closet doormat.” ~ Charles Dickens

  6. “The altar cloth of one aeon is the doormat of the next.” ~ Mark Twain
  7. “The poor taxpayer may wipe his shoes on a $3 doormat when he goes home, but not the Navy. It is, damn the cost, full feet ahead on a doormat you would be ashamed to get muddy.” ~ William Proxmire
  8. “If you behave like a doormat, expect to be stepped on and don’t complain about it.” ~ Suzette Haden Elgin
  9. “Once you have a major success with assertiveness, you learn that it’s a much healthier path than being a doormat to the insensitive folks. You gain respect for yourself, have more time for your priorities, and develop authentic and healthier relationships.” ~ Doreen Virtue
  10. “You’re either a goddess … or a doormat.” ~ Pablo Picasso

  11. “If you allow people to treat you like a doormat, they will expect you to say WELCOME.” ~ Robert Breault , Treated like doormat quotes
  12. “The trouble is, if you go too far towards being polite, the label that applies is “doormat”.” ~ Charles Stross
  13. “I refuse to be a doormat to any man. I will never allow anyone to push me around. I am my own mistress.” ~ Manisha Koirala
  14. “You would be miserable if you had to go through life with a human doormat with ‘Welcome’ written on him. You want some one made of sterner stuff. You want, as it were, a sparring-partner, some one with whom you can quarrel happily with the certain knowledge that he will not curl up in a ball for you to kick, but will be there with the return wallop.” ~ P. G. Wodehouse
  15. “I’m a bit of a tomboy, but when it comes to love I am a doormat.” ~ Elisabetta Canalis

  16. “You can’t always be the jokester and the doormat.” ~ Manny Montana
  17. “Celebrities are the doormats to power.” ~ Greg Gutfeld
  18. “There’s no such thing as intelligent vanity. It’s an instinct. And you’ll never find a man who is not first and foremost vain.” ~ Louis-Ferdinand Celine
  19. “Forgiving is love’s toughest work, and love’s biggest risk. If you twist it into something it was never meant to be, it can make you a doormat or an insufferable manipulator. Forgiving seems almost unnatural. Our sense of fairness tells us people should pay for the wrong they do. But forgiving is love’s power to break nature’s rule.” ~ Lewis B. Smedes , Doormat quotes work
  20. “Truth is as straight as an arrow, while a lie swivels all over the place. You can hide Truth under a doormat, but eventually, the mat will rise very high with Time — forcing it to reveal all the truths it conceals.” ~ Suzy Kassem

  21. “For me, there are two kinds of women – goddesses and doormats.” ~ Pablo Picasso
  22. “If you want to be a doormat you have to lay yourself down first.” ~ Oscar Wilde
  23. “”Bloated!” he cried. The corresponding hieroglyph flew through the air, bursting against a demon’s chest in a spray of light. Instantly, the demon swelled like a water balloon and rolled screaming down the pyramid. “Flat!” Thoth blasted another demon, who collapsed and shriveled into a monster-shaped doormat. “Intestinal problems!” Thoth yelled. The poor demon who got zapped with that one turned green and doubled over.” ~ Rick Riordan
  24. “Learning to love others begins with learning to love ourselves unconditionally first. I will never let myself down, treat myself like a doormat, or make myself small so others can feel big. I have learned that this is the biggest gift that I give not only to myself, but also to the planet, because I paint others with the same brush as I use on myself.” ~ Anita Moorjani
  25. “Art teachers are always the doormats of the previous generation.” ~ Peter Schjeldahl

  26. “Hermes rolled his eyes. “Surely you’ve seen network TV lately. It’s clear they don’t know whether they’re coming or going. That’s because Janus is in charge of programming. He loves ordering new shows and cancelling them after two episodes. God of beginnings and endings, after all. Anyway, I was bringing him some magic doormats, and I was double-parked -” “You have to worry about double-parking?” “Will you let me tell the story?” “Sorry.”” ~ Rick Riordan
  27. “I’m an expert in hookers. I’m an expert in doormats. I’m an expert in victims. They were the best parts. And when I woke up–sociologically, politically, and creatively–I could no longer take those parts and look in the mirror.” ~ Shirley MacLaine
  28. “[On journalists:] They are the scavengers of society who, possessing no guts of their own, tear out the guts of celebrities. They have the sycophantic, false enthusing gush of maiden aunts: who are accustomed to being trampled on doormats.” ~ Caitlin Thomas
  29. “The best way to make a sort of peace, a fragile armistice to be sure, but precious all the same, with men, officers or not, is to let them bask and wallow in childish self-glorification. There’s no such thing as intelligent vanity. It’s an instinct. And you’ll never find a man who is not first and formenost vain. The role of admiring doormat is about the only one that one man is glad to tolerate in another. With these soldiers I had no need to tax my imagination.” ~ Louis-Ferdinand Celine
  30. “The [Carter] administration doesn’t know the difference between a diplomat and a doormat.” ~ Ronald Reagan

  31. “They heard the click of the mail slot and flop of letters on the doormat. “Get the mail, Dudley,” said Uncle Vernon from behind his paper. “Make Harry get it.” “Get the mail, Harry.” “Make Dudley get it.” “Poke him with your Smelting stick, Dudley.” ~ J. K. Rowling
  32. “It was a stretch to imagine that Barbara Walters might want to give it all up for Ed Couch, but Evelyn tried her hardest. Of course, even though she was not religious, it was a comfort to know that the Bible backed her up in being a doormat.” ~ Fannie Flagg
  33. “American married life is the doormat to the whorehouse.” ~ John Steinbeck

  34. “We travel because, no matter how comfortable we are at home, there’s a part of us that wants – that needs – to see new vistas, take new tours, obtain new entrees, introduce new bacteria into our intestinal tracts, learn new words for “transfusion,” and have all the other travel adventures that make us want to French-kiss our doormats when we finally get home.” ~ Dave Barry
  35. “Paul Ryan has become a doormat…And he’s become this little person who is following Romney around.” ~ Arianna Huffington

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