65 Donkey Quotes On Success In Life

These donkey quotes will inspire you. The donkey or ass is a domestic animal in the horse family.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging donkey quotes, donkey sayings, and donkey proverbs.

Best Donkey Quotes

  1. “You might have seen a housefly, maybe even a superfly, but I bet you ain’t never seen a donkey fly! Ha, ha!” ~ Eddie Murphy
  2. “If a donkey bray at you, don’t bray at him.” ~ George Herbert
  3. “Donkeys are the most misunderstood and abused animals around the world.” ~ Bonnie Jo Campbell
  4. “I do believe that the party has a bunch of elephants running around in donkey clothes.” ~ Al Sharpton
  5. “A unicorn is a donkey from the future” ~ Joe Rogan

  6. “Thus, be every device from the stick to the carrot, the emaciated Austrian donkey is made to pull the Nazi barrow up an ever-steepening hill.” ~ Winston Churchill
  7. “The old grey donkey, Eeyore stood by himself in a thistly corner of the Forest, his front feet well apart, his head on one side, and thought about things. Sometimes he thought sadly to himself, “Why?” and sometimes he thought, “Wherefore?” and sometimes he thought, “Inasmuch as which?” and sometimes he didn’t quite know what he was thinking about.” ~ A. A. Milne
  8. “Learning without wisdom is a load of books on a donkey’s back.” ~ Zora Neale Hurston
  9. “Never take advice from a donkey.” ~ Bryce Courtenay
  10. “There is no glory in outstripping donkeys.” ~ Martial

  11. “It’s hard for the donkeys to win the race if they’re going to carry the elephants on their backs.” ~ Jim Hightower
  12. “All the donkeys I knew had small ears!” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
  13. “Leadership: Lions led by donkeys.” ~ Erich Ludendorff
  14. “If somebody tells you you have ears like a donkey, pay no attention. But if two people tell you, buy yourself a saddle.” ~ Sholom Aleichem
  15. “Donkeys live a long time. None of you has ever seen a dead donkey.” ~ George Orwell

  16. “The strongest animals on earth are plant eaters. Every creature we’ve enlisted to do the work we couldn’t handle – the horse, donkey, elephant, camel, water buffalo, ox, yak – is an herbivore… whose huge muscles were built from plant protein, and whose strong bones got that way, and stayed that way, from grazing on grass and eating other vegetables.” ~ Victoria Moran
  17. “The strength of the donkey mind lies in adopting a course inversely as the arguments urged, which, well considered, requires as great a mental force as the direct sequence.” ~ George Eliot
  18. “Dangling a carrot in front of a donkey—or anyone else for that matter—is not nice, and not fair, unless you eventually plan to give it up to them.” ~ Vera Nazarian
  19. “Until the Donkey tried to clear The Fence, he thought himself a Deer.” ~ Arthur Guiterman
  20. “There is no such thing as Success….That a thing is successful merely means that it is; a millionaire is successful in being a millionaire and a donkey in being a donkey.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton

  21. “Neither an ox nor a donkey is able to stop the progress of socialism.” ~ Erich Honecker
  22. “Have you ever seen a donkey smelling a beautiful rose? Donkeys aren’t interested in roses, they like thorn bushes or watermelon rinds!” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
  23. “Heaven is the place where the donkey finally catches up with his carrot: hell is the eternity while he waits for it.” ~ Russell Green
  24. “I thought you’d rather have a live donkey than a dead lion.” ~ Ernest Shackleton
  25. “My donkeys are Jack and Don Quixote. They’re very smart, very cautious. Much of what people consider stubbornness in donkeys is actually cautiousness.” ~ Bonnie Jo Campbell

  26. “There is no glory in outstripping donkeys.” ~ Martial
  27. “I am here, come closer,” the old donkey said with her eyes. “I will mother you.” ~ Katherine Dunn
  28. “Let me see you ride a donkey over my green again, and as sure as you have a head upon your shoulders, I’ll knock your bonnet off, and tread upon it!” ~ Charles Dickens
  29. “There is that thing about not working with animals and children – I don’t think that’s true. Although you should never work with donkeys.” ~ Emma Thompson , Donkey quotes work donkey
  30. “There were only a few shepherds at the first Bethlehem. The ox and the donkey understood more of the first Christmas than the high priests in Jerusalem. And it is the same today.” ~ Thomas Merton

  31. “My normal writing day involves three hours of actual writing, before noon, and the rest is just feeding the writing. There is teaching (so I can afford to write), travel to be planned and executed. There are dozens of emails daily, gardening, lots of dishes (where do all these dishes come from?), daily family emergencies, and, of course, the petting of the donkeys. The smell of donkeys is heavenly, and their he-honking is the sweetest music. I feel calm just thinking about them.” ~ Bonnie Jo Campbell
  32. “The FBI announced today that they are now looking for Osama bin Laden’s financial adviser. You think this guy is in demand. How good can he be? his top client is living in a cave and driving a donkey. It doesn’t sound like he is getting the best return on his investments to me.” ~ Jay Leno
  33. “The whole new Democratic Party is the old Republican Party. We have a whole bunch of elephants running around in donkey’s clothes.” ~ Robert Novak
  34. “Carter started down the stairs, but I grabbed his arm. “Hang on. What about traps?” He frowned. “Traps?” “Didn’t Egyptian tombs have traps?” “Well…sometimes. But this isn’t a tomb. Besides, more often they had curses, like the burning curse, the donkey curse—” “Oh, lovely. That sounds so much better.” ~ Rick Riordan
  35. “It does not matter if you vote for the left or right, you are not an elephant or donkey. You are a truthful lion who stands only for your conscience.” ~ Suzy Kassem

  36. “When it comes to pinning blame, pin the tail on the donkeys.” ~ Mitt Romney
  37. “The mouse is a fair treat but this one would talk the hind legs off a donkey.” ~ C. S. Lewis
  38. “Donkeys have the courage to bray after the death of a lion. (not meant to glorify carnivorous practice).” ~ H. P. Blavatsky
  39. “What man, if he were God, would humble himself to lie in the feedbox of a donkey or to hang upon a cross?” ~ Martin Luther
  40. “It takes a certain type of person to register your ‘Donkey Kong’ score. So I’m just number 29 in registered Donkey Kong scores.” ~ Will Forte

  41. “The carrot and the stick are prevasive and persuasive motivators. But if you treat people like donkeys, they will perform like donkeys.” ~ John Whitmore
  42. “One day while Lloyd George was making a political speech before a big crowd, a heckler yelled, “Wait a minute, Mr. George. Isn’t it true your grandfather used to peddle tinware around here in an oxcart hauled by a donkey?” Lloyd George replied, “I digress just a moment and thank the gentlemen for calling that to my attention. It is true, my dear old grandfather used to peddle tinware with an old cart and a donkey. As a matter of fact, after this meeting is over, if my friend will come with me, I will show him that old cart, but I never knew until this minute what became of the ass.”” ~ David Lloyd George
  43. “Eeyore, the old grey donkey, stood by the side of the stream and looked at himself in the water. “Pathetic,” he said. “That’s what it is. Pathetic.”” ~ A. A. Milne
  44. “As the carriage whipped forward, they passed the alley she had spent so many days staring at—it was there, and then gone as they careened around a corner, nearly knocking over a costermonger pushing a donkey cart piled high with new potatoes. Tessa screamed. Will reached past her and yanked the curtain shut. “It’s better if you don’t look,” he told her pleasantly. “He’s going to kill someone. Or get us killed.” “No, he won’t. Thomas is an excellent driver.” Tessa glared at him. “Clearly the word excellent means something else on this side of the Atlantic.” ~ Cassandra Clare
  45. “Hurry no man’s cattle; you may come to own a donkey yourself” ~ Walter Scott

  46. “The spirit and the body carry different loads and require different attentions. Too often we put the saddlebags on Jesus and let the donkey run loose in the pasture.” ~ Rumi
  47. “There’s over 2000 donkeys in this tournament and I had to be at the table with none of them.” ~ Mike Matusow
  48. “I don’t like to watch myself on screen because in my mind there is a touch of George Clooney about me, but when I see it, there is more than a little Donkey from Shrek about me.” ~ Stephen Mangan
  49. “Did you see Bush on TV, trying to debate? Jesus, he talked like a donkey with no brains at all…It was pitiful…I almost felt sorry for him, until I heard someone call him ‘Mr. President,’ and then I felt ashamed.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson
  50. “A donkey appears to me like a horse translated into Dutch.” ~ Georg C. Lichtenberg

  51. “It is now your duty to hone that talent because a person who wastes his God-given talents is a donkey.” ~ Khaled Hosseini
  52. “A machine is a great moral educator. If a horse or a donkey won’t go, men lose their tempers and beat it; if a machine won’t go, there is no use beating it. You have to think and try till you find what is wrong. That is real education.” ~ Gilbert Murray
  53. “If you don’t have a car, ride a bicycle or a donkey.” ~ Charles Nqakula
  54. “Christ was born in a manger, laying down amongst donkeys and goats. He was given gifts of incense and perfume. No kidding.” ~ Dana Gould
  55. “If a woman’s got nothing but her fair fame to feed on, why, it’s thin tack, and a donkey would die of it!” ~ D. H. Lawrence

  56. “The entrance into Jerusalem has all the elements of the theatre of the absurd: the poor king; truth comes riding on a donkey; symbolic actions – even parading without a permit!” ~ David Edward Kirk
  57. “Rationality went down the drain donkey’s years ago and hasn’t been seen since.” ~ Harold Pinter
  58. “Anyone can see that an ass laden with books remains a donkey. A human being laden with the undigested results of a tussle with thoughts and books, however, still passes for wise.” ~ Idries Shah
  59. “It was fun to blow off a Porsche with a 3900 donkey [the 1965 Shelby GT350 Mustang].” ~ Carroll Shelby

  60. “Recently Mr. Mawdsley’s donkey escaped from his stall, raced down the road, and somehow found his way into an enclosed pasture. Mr. Caird’s prized mare was innocently grazing when the ill-bred seducer had his way with her. Now it appears the mare has conceived, and a feud is raging between Caird, who demands financial compensation, and Mawdsley, who insists that had the pasture fencing been in better repair, the clandestine meeting would never have occurred. Worse still, it has been suggested that the mare is a shameless light skirt and did not try nearly hard enough to preserve her virtue.” ~ Lisa Kleypas
  61. “It amazes me how well the majority of jump jockeys ride in a race until they’ve landed over the last, then how badly most of them ride a finish. Apart from a half-dozen, they look like coster boys sitting on top of donkeys’ behinds, bashing about with shillelaghs.” ~ Jack Leach
  62. “Genghis Miliband roars up to the despatch box like a caged donkey.” ~ Andy Zaltzman

  63. “There are no bigger donkeys than these workers…. Look at our ‘craftsmen’; Sad that world history should be made with such people.” ~ Karl Marx
  64. “I get more ass than a giant donkey stable.” ~ Bo Burnham
  65. “Vanity is a confounded donkey, very apt to put his head between his legs, and chuck us over; but pride is a fine horse, that will carry us over the ground, and enable us to distance our fellow-travelers.” ~ Frederick Marryat

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