65 DJ Khaled Quotes On Success In Life

Khaled Mohamed Khaled known professionally as DJ Khaled, is an American DJ, record executive, record producer, and media personality. Khaled first gained prominence as a radio host in the 1990s on the radio station 99 Jamz and translated his popularity by working with Terror Squad as a DJ for their live performances. These DJ Khaled quotes will motivate you.

Best DJ Khaled Quotes

  1. “God is the greatest. So at the end of the day and beginning of the day, I thank God.” ~ DJ Khaled
  2. “Watch your back, but more importantly when you get out the shower, dry your back. Its a cold world out there.” ~ DJ Khaled
  3. “If you think of something negative and you keep it in your head, you are going to actually live that. Now, if you think of something great and positive and joyful, you’re going to actually live that. You’ve got to be careful what you put in your head. Basically, I’ll call that: “Don’t ever play yourself.”” ~ DJ Khaled
  4. “The other day the grass was brown, now its green cuz I ain’t give up. Never surrender.” ~ DJ Khaled
  5. “Stay positive but stay focused. Sometimes things can distract you and you don’t want to be distracted on the journey to that mountain top.” ~ DJ Khaled
  6. “The key is to enjoy life because they don’t want you to enjoy life.” ~ DJ Khaled

  7. “Don’t fall for the trap. Stay focused. It’s about staying focused but at the same time God is the greatest, pray it up.” ~ DJ Khaled
  8. “They’ll try to close the door on you… Just open it.” ~ DJ Khaled
  9. “Have faith in God. Stay focused.” ~ DJ Khaled, DJ Khaled quotes on faith
  10. “When you stop making excuses and you work hard and go hard you will be very successful.” ~ DJ Khaled.
  11. “In life everyone has a choice. The key is: make a right choice.” ~ DJ Khaled
  12. “Bless up. Don’t play yourself.” ~ DJ Khaled
  13. “Almond milk + cinnamon crunch = major key to success.” ~ DJ Khaled
  14. “To succeed, you must believe. When you believe, you will succeed.” ~ DJ Khaled

  15. “You do know it cost money to put a t-shirt on your back? You do know it cost money have a house? You do know it cost money to eat? Get money, don’t let these people fool you.” ~ DJ Khaled
  16. “The key is to be honest. Be honest, but don’t play yourself.” ~ DJ Khaled
  17. “I don’t have time for any nonsense.” ~ DJ Khaled
  18. “One of my keys to success is a lot of pillows. I feel like a lot of pillows is important to relax each piece of your body.” ~ DJ Khaled
  19. “Key to more success is a clean heart and a clean face.” ~ DJ Khaled

  20. “We have to get money. We have no choice. It cost money to eat.” ~ DJ Khaled
  21. “They never said winning was easy.” ~ DJ Khaled
  22. “We go hard. In everything we do we’re going to accomplish our victory and our goal. If it takes a day, a year, or 20 years, we’re going to win. I haven’t taken a loss because everything I’ve done has been a working process to win. From being a kid on them turntables to becoming where I am is not a loss. It’s a blessing.” ~ DJ Khaled
  23. “It’s simple: Give thanks and use Dove.” ~ DJ Khaled
  24. “Embrace life. You have life. There’s a lot things going on out there.” ~ DJ Khaled
  25. “There will be roadblocks but we will overcome them.” ~ DJ Khaled
  26. “The minute I leave my house – that is where I feel safe – I’m immediately in the jungle. The key is to survive through the cold world.” ~ DJ Khaled
  27. “The key to success is to keep your head above the water.” ~ DJ Khaled

  28. “Mind my own business.” ~ DJ Khaled
  29. “When I wake up, I immediately pray. When I go to sleep, I pray. Honestly, a prayer every second, in every breath. I suggest the whole world to do it. Prayer is amazing.” ~ DJ Khaled
  30. “The minute we think we went hard, go harder. We gotta work.” ~ DJ Khaled
  31. “They don’t want you to wear the Saint Lauren fur, they don’t want you to break App Store, they don’t want you to be the biggest boss in the game. So what we go’n do is we go’n win more.” ~ DJ Khaled
  32. “They don’t want you to jet ski, they don’t want you to smile.” ~ DJ Khaled
  33. “I know that I’ve been put on this Earth to make people happy, to inspire people, and to uplift people. That’s a beautiful thing.” ~ DJ Khaled
  34. “Its so real out here right now, the only reason why you see anything is cuz I got the flash on.” ~ DJ Khaled

  35. “The key to more success is coco butter.” ~ DJ Khaled
  36. “Give thanks to the most high.” ~ DJ Khaled
  37. “They go’n try to stop you, they go’n try. Notice how I said true. We ain’t never stopping.” ~ DJ Khaled
  38. “When you success you have to be very smart and be extra focused and protect your surroundings.” ~ DJ Khaled, DJ Khaled quotes on success
  39. “Feeling good, the workout, building your muscles, let your blood flow right and eating the right type of food. That’s what I care about.” ~ DJ Khaled
  40. “When you have life, you can weather any storm. You’re breathing. You have life.” ~ DJ Khaled

  41. “I try to just focus on the love and my family. That’s what I’m focussed on every single day.” ~ DJ Khaled
  42. “I don’t have time to be going back and forth with nobody.’ Even now, when I work, I’m excited to go home to see my son. If I’m working, I make sure I FaceTime so many times in the day just to see him. Anytime I get frustrated or stressed, I FaceTime my son and immediately I don’t even know what stress is because I’m accepting my life. When I see him, I see me.” ~ DJ Khaled
  43. “They don’t want you to win.” ~ DJ Khaled
  44. “I only put good energy out there. You put good energy out there you get energy back.” ~ DJ Khaled

  45. “All I do is WIN, WIN, WIN no matter what” ~ DJ Khaled
  46. “Also, of course, I need my Dove soap. Of course I need my cocoa butter. I need my Listerine. I need the white Jockey tees. They are really soft and comfortable.” ~ DJ Khaled
  47. “Some people out there don’t have life.” ~ DJ Khaled
  48. “I’ve seen my family work so hard and come up, and I’ve seen it all get taken away. I had to man up, and part of that was sleeping in my car, getting an apartment for a month, and getting evicted the next month. Staying in the $25 – $35 hotels. I just never panicked. I stayed focused and I never surrendered.” ~ DJ Khaled
  49. “The key to success is to stay clean at all times.” ~ DJ Khaled

  50. “I can deal with everything. I got the answer for anything.” ~ DJ Khaled
  51. “The reason why I praise the lion is because the lion is the king of the jungle.” ~ DJ Khaled
  52. “Always have Faith. Always have Hope.” ~ DJ Khaled
  53. “The key is: never fold.” ~ DJ Khaled Quotes
  54. “I don’t use no cologne, none of that. I just use cocoa butter and that’s it. Everything I need is natural besides going to the shower and taking soap and shampoo and conditioner.” ~ DJ Khaled
  55. “I think music isn’t just a genre or sound. If it sounds good and makes you feel good it’s a beautiful thing.” ~ DJ Khaled
  56. “When I say “major key,” I think being grateful is actually respecting yourself.” ~ DJ Khaled

  57. “I know there are certain things that I just can’t win.” ~ DJ Khaled
  58. “We have life. That’s what’s beautiful.” ~ DJ Khaled, DJ Khaled quotes on life
  59. “So important to keep the pathway of success clean.” ~ DJ Khaled
  60. “I represent love. That’s what I represent.” ~ DJ Khaled
  61. “The message I’m trying to say is that I’m tough because of life experience.” ~ DJ Khaled

  62. “Love is the key. Giving your children joy and happiness…when you give it to them, you will receive it as well.” ~ DJ Khaled
  63. “I’m going to be honest, I would love for Flava Flav to be president. It would bring a lot of excitement to the country.” ~ DJ Khaled
  64. “Working all winter shining all summer” ~ DJ Khaled
  65. “I’m one of them guys that tries to make everything the best of the best, so sometimes I’m out of control with it. I’m just gonna use every feature to make me outrageous – the best.” ~ DJ Khaled

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