65 Division Quotes On Success In Life

These division quotes will inspire you. The division is the act or process of dividing or separating or disagreement between two or more groups, typically producing tension or hostility.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging division quotes, division sayings, and division proverbs.

Best Division Quotes

  1. “Time has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year. Even when a new century begins it is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols.” ~ Thomas Mann
  2. “Division has done more to hide Christ from the view of men than all the infidelity that has ever been spoken.” ~ George MacDonald
  3. “What is important is that we make sure to work together, that we understand our strength comes from unity and not division.” ~ Barack Obama
  4. “When fear displaces reason, the result is often irrational hatred and division.” ~ Al Gore
  5. “Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society.” ~ John Adams

  6. “We are all one – or at least we should be – and it is our job, our duty, and our great challenge to fight the voices of division and seek the salve of reconciliation.” ~ Roy Barnes
  7. “There is more power in unity than division.” ~ Emanuel Cleaver
  8. “Scandal breeds hatred; hatred begets division; division makes faction, and faction brings ruin.” ~ Francis Quarles
  9. “Pure love is the best medicine for the modern world. This is what is lacking in all societies. The root cause of all problems, from personal problems to global problems is the absence of love. Love is the binding factor, the unifying factor. Love creates the feeling of oneness among people. It unifies a nation and its people. Love creates a sense of unity while hatred causes division. Egotism and hatred cuts people’s minds into pieces. Love should rule. There is no problem which love cannot solve.” ~ Mata Amritanandamayi , Division quotes and unity
  10. “At the end of the day, we must go forward with hope and not backward by fear and division.” ~ Jesse Jackson

  11. “There are forces all around you who wish to exploit division, rob you of your freedom, and tell you what to think. But young folks can rekindle the weary spirit of a slumbering nation.” ~ Wynton Marsalis
  12. “In this decisive hour of our national history, union means life and division means death.” ~ Bao
  13. “Nothing so mystical. Human beings hunger for killing, that is all. It only takes a few politicians to stoke division, or a few demagogues encouraging hatred to set your kind upon one another. And then before you know it, you have a whole nation biting on its own tail, going round and round until there is nothing left but the snapping of teeth.” ~ Paolo Bacigalupi
  14. “Multinational corporations do control. They control the politicians. They control the media. They control the pattern of consumption, entertainment, thinking. They’re destroying the planet and laying the foundation for violent outbursts and racial division.” ~ Jerry Brown
  15. “Find the good. Seek the Unity. Ignore the divisions among us.” ~ Aristotle

  16. “The Pope? How many divisions has he got?” ~ Joseph Stalin
  17. “Terrorism is a psychological warfare. Terrorists try to manipulate us and change our behavior by creating fear, uncertainty, and division in society.” ~ Patrick J. Kennedy
  18. “You think that a wall as solid as the earth separates civilization from barbarism. I tell you the division is a thread, a sheet of glass. A touch here, a push there, and you bring back the reign of Saturn.” ~ John Buchan
  19. “The difference between religion and morality lies simply in the classical division of things into the divine and the human, if one only interprets this correctly.” ~ Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
  20. “I’m actually about as famous as a fourth division footballer from the 70s.” ~ Dylan Moran

  21. “Life does not proceed by the association and addition of elements, but by dissociation and division.” ~ Henri Bergson
  22. “At this moment, when Ireland seems about to break into something new, we thought it was worth looking back at a time when people seemed to have found a way out of the sectarian division of the country.” ~ Stephen Rea
  23. “I think only of objects: of a leg or an arm, of the wonderful sense of foreshortening, breaking through the plane, of the division of space, of the combination of straight lines in relation to curved ones.” ~ Max Beckmann
  24. “Instead of this absurd division into sexes they ought to class people as static and dynamic.” ~ Evelyn Waugh
  25. “Modern society, based as it is on the division of labor, can be preserved only under conditions of lasting peace.” ~ Ludwig von Mises

  26. “We must never allow September 11th to become a time for protest and division. Instead, this day must remain a time for promoting peace and mutual respect.” ~ Timothy M. Dolan
  27. “I’m getting a little bored by the juxtaposition of American and other cinema. I no longer think this division is as true as it might have been in the 1980s or the early part of the 90s.” ~ Wim Wenders
  28. “Earth’s dispossessed are vulnerable targets for extremists: those who teach that global justice is meaningless; that satisfaction can come only in violence, division, and intellectual isolation.” ~ Abdallah II
  29. “For a small child there is no division between playing and learning; between the things he or she does ‘just for fun’ and things that are ‘educational.’ The child learns while living and any part of living that is enjoyable is also play.” ~ Penelope Leach
  30. “Where the whole man is involved there is no work. Work begins with the division of labor.” ~ Marshall McLuhan

  31. “Grant me thirty years of equal division of inheritances and a free press, and I will provide you with a republic.” ~ Alexis de Tocqueville
  32. “To my great disappointment, it appears that the politics of division are making a big comeback. Many Americans share my disappointment – especially those who were filled with great hope a few years ago, when then-Senator Obama announced his candidacy in Springfield, Illinois.” ~ Paul Ryan , Division quotes in politics
  33. “Everybody knows they’re on the Obama team: There isn’t vice presidential vs. presidential division, there’s not a generational pull. People have internalized that this is a real moment in history.” ~ Rahm Emanuel
  34. “The nation voted us to power to see unity and communal harmony, not for any division or communality.” ~ Khaleda Zia
  35. “I am confirmed in my division of human energies. Ambitious people climb, but faithful people build.” ~ Julia Ward Howe

  36. “And I guess what I would say is that we can’t think narrowly about movements for black liberation and we can’t necessarily see this class division as simply a product or a certain strategy that black movements have developed for liberation.” ~ Angela Davis
  37. “I suppose that the media and their portrayal of Islam and the almost tribal separations and divisions of the Muslims are the greatest issues confronting Muslims in the United Kingdom.” ~ Cat Stevens
  38. “To pass to the deluge, and beyond it, and to come to close quarters with our proper division, the origin of Romance itself is a very debatable subject, or rather it is a subject which the wiser mind will hardly care to debate much.” ~ George Saintsbury
  39. “We cannot shun our values as an immigrant nation. This is a wrong path. And while possibly it is a short-term political victory based on division and based on creating a wedge issue that splits people in this country, it is a long-term defeat for this Nation.” ~ Raul Grijalva
  40. “Though there is growing division among the Ukrainian military ranks as to loyalty in this revolution, the possibility of violence looms over the entire situation.” ~ Bob Schaffer

  41. “More than forty years of Communist rule in Central and Eastern Europe resulted in an unhappy and artificial division of Europe. It is this dark chapter of European history that we now have the opportunity to close.” ~ Anders Fogh Rasmussen
  42. “For the division of labor demands from the individual an ever more one-sided accomplishment, and the greatest advance in a one-sided pursuit only too frequently means dearth to the personality of the individual.” ~ Georg Simmel
  43. “Modern techniques have torn down state frontiers, both economical and intellectual. The growth of means of transport has created a world market and an opportunity for division of labor embracing all the developed and most of the undeveloped states.” ~ Christian Lous Lange
  44. “Everything we talk about is about beating the Packers, the Bears and the Vikings. Obviously there are other teams in the league, but if you can dominate and be on top of your division you are always in the playoff hunt. It’s time for us to win that thing.” ~ Steve Mariucci
  45. “The main concept is that of an international solidarity expressed in practice through worldwide division of labor: free trade is the principal point in the program of internationalism.” ~ Christian Lous Lange

  46. “You didn’t just pay lip service to the goal of overcoming the division of Europe and Germany… Rather, you put yourself at the forefront of those who encouraged us on the way to unity.” ~ Helmut Kohl
  47. “Our coaches want to be a part of South Carolina football when they win it for the first time. When they win the division, when they win the SEC, win a major bowl game, etc. The opportunities to do it all for the first time here make it extra special.” ~ Steve Spurrier
  48. “We’ll be launching the new public prosecution service in Northern Ireland tomorrow. I’ll be doing it in Belfast tomorrow. This is an entirely new era, in which criminal justice now exercised on an equal basis, not the old basis in which community division was a feature.” ~ Peter Hain
  49. “Wales was in ancient times divided into three parts nearly equal, consideration having been paid, in this division, more to the value than to the just quantity or proportion of territory.” ~ Gerald of Wales
  50. “I’ll tell you what I miss most. What I would love to do, more than anything, is just anthologies. With an anthology you can tell any story and be in every division of television. We don’t have any anthologies anymore, do we?” ~ Aaron Spelling

  51. “Every major food company now has an organic division. There’s more capital going into organic agriculture than ever before.” ~ Michael Pollan
  52. “But the further step, by means of which a civilization is given its quality or culture, is only attained by a process of cellular division, in the course of which the individual is differentiated, made distinct from and independent of the parent group.” ~ Herbert Read
  53. “Indeed, Miss Manners has come to believe that the basic political division in this country is not between liberals and conservatives but between those who believe that they should have a say in the love lives of strangers and those who do not.” ~ Judith Martin
  54. “I was a prosecutor in Brooklyn in the homicide division and then as a senior assistant district attorney.” ~ Star Jones
  55. “The more the division of labor and the application of machinery extend, the more does competition extend among the workers, the more do their wages shrink together.” ~ Karl Marx

  56. “The 76ers currently play very good basketball, and we don’t. However, we are still only one win behind them. If we continue to improve, we should be on the top of our division at the end of the regular season.” ~ Jason Kidd
  57. “The increased global linkages promote economic growth in the world through two key mechanisms: the division of labor and the international spillovers of knowledge.” ~ Toshihiko Fukui
  58. “You may invite the entire 35th Division to your wedding if you want to. I guess it’s going to be yours as well as mine. We might as well have the church full while we are at it.” ~ Bess Truman
  59. “Cities are, first of all, seats of the highest economic division of labor.” ~ Georg Simmel

  60. “The Way is not a religion: Christianity is the end of religion. ‘Religion’ means here the division between sacred and secular concerns, other-worldliness, man’s reaching toward God in a way which projects his own thoughts.” ~ David Edward Kirk
  61. “But as much as I am personally proud for winning five championships, I’m equally proud just being part of a women’s division that has gotten so much better with all these great athletes here.” ~ Trish Stratus
  62. “God and the Devil are an effort after specialization and division of labour.” ~ Samuel Butler
  63. “There was no division I could see between the essential teaching of all Prophets and wise men of religion.” ~ Cat Stevens

  64. “For my part, I make this pledge to all of you: The politics of division, of pitting east against west, urban versus rural, region against region, and people against people will have no place in my Administration.” ~ Ed Rendell
  65. “Our world has grown weary of greed, exploitation and division, of the tedium of false idols and piecemeal responses, and the pain of false promises.” ~ Pope Benedict XVI

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