65 Divine Nature Quotes On Success In Life

These divine nature quotes will inspire you. Divine nature, a being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by a people, especially a male deity thought to control some part of nature or reality.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging divine nature quotes, divine nature sayings, and divine nature proverbs.

Best Divine Nature Quotes

  1. “As you awaken to your divine nature, you’ll begin to appreciate beauty in everything you see, touch and experience.” ~ Wayne Dyer
  2. “Faith is not a notion, but a real strong essential hunger, an attracting or magnetic desire of Christ, which as it proceeds from a seed of the divine nature in us, so it attracts and unites with its like.” ~ William Law
  3. “Divine Nature gave the fields, human art built the cities.” ~ Marcus Terentius Varro
  4. “Love is an image of God, and not a lifeless image, but the living essence of the divine nature which beams full of all goodness.” ~ Martin Luther
  5. “Every action that helps us manifest our divine nature more and more is good; every action that retards it is evil.” ~ Swami Vivekananda

  6. “The greatest help to spiritual life is meditation. In meditation we divest ourselves of all material condition and feel our divine nature.” ~ Swami Vivekananda
  7. “My appointed work is to awaken the divine nature that is within.” ~ Peace Pilgrim
  8. “To be perfectly just is an attribute of the divine nature; to be so to the utmost of our abilities, is the glory of man.” ~ Joseph Addison
  9. “Nothing in the universe is contingent, but all things are conditioned to exist and operate in a particular manner by the necessity of the divine nature.” ~ Baruch Spinoza
  10. “Today a new faith is stirring: the myth of blood, the faith that along with blood we are defending the divine nature of man as a whole.” ~ Alfred Rosenberg

  11. “However, as the Eastern churches have always maintained, through Christ creation is intended eventually to share in the life of God, the life of divine nature.” ~ John Polkinghorne
  12. “In the exercise of God’s efficiency, the decree of God comes first. This manner of working is the most perfect of all and notably agrees with the divine nature.” ~ William Ames
  13. “What we usually call human evolution is the awakening of the divine nature within us.” ~ Peace Pilgrim
  14. “I challenge every one of you who can hear me to rise to the divinity within you. Do we really realize what it means to be a child of God, to have within us something of the divine nature?” ~ Gordon B. Hinckley
  15. “There is nothing pleasurable except what is in harmony with the utmost depths of our divine nature.” ~ Henry Suso

  16. “You can visualize God’s light each day and send it to someone who needs help. Your divine nature must reach out and touch the divine nature of another. Within you is the light of the world, it must be shared with the world.” ~ Peace Pilgrim
  17. “When you judge others, look at yourself – You too have flaws and the divine nature has accepted you with all your flaws. It doesn’t judge you. Who are you to judge?” ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
  18. “A new year is a gift from God, a part of the Divine nature of God.” ~ T. B. Joshua
  19. “Divine nature gave us fields, human skill built our cities. -Divina natura dedit agros, ars humana aedificavit urbes” ~ Marcus Terentius Varro
  20. “Christ is the Word of God in person. The Bible is the Word of God in writing. Both are the Word of God in the words of men. Both have a human nature and a divine nature.” ~ Peter Kreeft

  21. “It is the responsibility of each human being today to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light. We must therefore transform our attitudes, and adopt a renewed respect for the superior laws of Divine Nature.” ~ Maurice Strong
  22. “The progressive growth of the finite consciousness of man towards this Self, towards the universal , the eternal, the infinite, in a word his growth into spiritual consciousness by the development of his ordinary ignorant natural being into an illumined divine nature, this is for Indian thinking the significance of life and the aim of human existance.” ~ Sri Aurobindo
  23. “We’re not here to get over our humanness, but rather to accept and make peace with it… and to remember our Divine nature.” ~ Sonia Choquette
  24. “No creature hath the like resemblance to the divine nature, as light hath. He doth not only dwell in light, but he is light. Light is a pure, bright, clear, spiritual, unmixed substance. God is infinitely so.” ~ Matthew Henry
  25. “Few find inner peace but this is not because they try and fail, it is because they do not try. . . When your life is governed by the divine nature instead of the self-centered nature you have found inner peace.” ~ Peace Pilgrim

  26. “The soul in sleep gives proof of its divine nature.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
  27. “The Manifested Sons of God doctrine teaches that these Sons will be equal to Jesus Christ: immortal, sinless, perfected sons who have partaken of the divine nature. They have every right to be called gods and will be gods” ~ Bill Hamon
  28. “Grace renders us like God and a partaker of the divine nature.” ~ Thomas Aquinas
  29. “Looking through the eyes of the divine nature you see the essence within the manifestation, the creator within the creation, and it is a wonderful, wonderful world!” ~ Peace Pilgrim
  30. “What we see in this world is a gross abnormality. The human consciousness fails to perceive the very simple, divine nature of every atom in every moment.” ~ Frederick Lenz

  31. “It is the grandeur of Christ’s character which constitutes the chief power of His ministry, not His miracles or teachings apart from His character. The greatest triumph of the Gospel is Christ Himself–a human body become the organ of the Divine nature, and revealing, under the conditions of an earthly life, the glory of God.” ~ Horace Bushnell
  32. “The beauty of the person of Christ, as represented in the Scripture, consists in things invisible unto the eyes of flesh. They are such as no hand of man can represent or shadow. It is the eye of faith alone that can see this King in his beauty. What else can contemplate on the untreated glories of his divine nature? Can the hand of man represent the union of his natures in the same person, wherein he is peculiarly amiable? What eye can discern the mutual communications of the properties of his different natures in the same person?” ~ John Owen
  33. “You, faulty men! Not only got lost on the way of charlatains, but contravened against the divine nature. Weren’t settled for the wealthy, clear air, you bewitched it with smoke and burnt smell, you weren’t settled for the best spring water, you filled up yourself with several kinds of hard drinks, the sun shined for you in vain, you didn’t behold it…” ~ Tivadar Kosztka Csontvary
  34. “The greatest help to spiritual life is meditation. In meditation, we divest ourselves of all material conditions and feel our divine nature. We do not depend upon any external help in meditation. The touch of the soul can paint the brightest color even in the dingiest places; it can cast a fragrance over the vilest thing; it can make the wicked divine-and all enmity, all selfishness is effaced.” ~ Swami Vivekananda
  35. “How you deal with life’s trials is part of the development of your faith. Strength comes when you remember that you have a divine nature, an inheritance of infinite worth.” ~ Russell M. Nelson

  36. “Saint Augustine cries, Lord I cannot love you, but come in and love yourself in me. According to Saint Paul, we must put off our own natural form and put on the form of God, and Saint Augustine tells us to discard our own mode of nature; then the divine nature will flow in and be revealed. Saint Augustine says, Those who seek and find, find not. He who seeks and finds not, he alone finds. Saint Paul says, What I was, was not I, it was God in me.” ~ Meister Eckhart , Divine nature quotes love
  37. “We must be careful that we don’t resent the very things that help us put on the divine nature.” ~ Paul V. Johnson
  38. “Are you a slave to your self-centered nature or does your divine nature guide your life? Do you kow that every moment of your life you’re creating through thought? You create your own inner condition; you’re helping create the conditions around you.” ~ Peace Pilgrim
  39. “My appointed work is to awaken the divine nature that is within. This is my calling, to open doors of truth and make people think, to arouse others from their apathetic and lethargic state, and get them to seek out for themselves the inner peace which dwells within. This is the extent of my undertaking, I can do no more. The rest I leave to a higher power.” ~ Peace Pilgrim
  40. “Human values are born with man. They are not got from outside. Man in his ignorance is not aware of these values. when man sheds his ignorance, he will experience his divine nature.” ~ Sathya Sai Baba

  41. “Marriage is the union of two divinities that a third might be born on earth. It is the union of two souls in a strong love for the abolishment of separateness. It is that higher unity which fuses the separate unities within the two spirits. It is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance, and whose ending is Eternity. It is the pure rain that falls from an unblemished sky to fructify and bless the fields of divine Nature.” ~ Khalil Gibran
  42. “By salvation, I mean not barely according to the vulgar notion deliverance from hell or going to heaven but a present deliverance from sin a restoration of the soul to its primitive health its original purity a recovery of the divine nature the renewal of our souls after the image of God in righteousness and true holiness in justice mercy and truth.” ~ John Wesley
  43. “The education system today makes and educated person selfish. It makes that person a slave to the senses and as a consequence, the person forgets their own divine nature.” ~ Sai Baba
  44. “Mysticism: to dwell on the unseen, to withdraw ourselves from the things of sense into communion with God – to endeavor to partake of the Divine nature; that is, of Holiness.” ~ Florence Nightingale

  45. “He, who, in view of its inconsistencies, says of human nature the same that, in view of its contrasts, is said of the divine nature, that it is past finding out, thereby evinces a better appreciation of it than he who, by always representing it in a clear light, leaves it to be inferred that he clearly knows all about it.” ~ Herman Melville
  46. “Wherefore, as I have said to you, I, God, have become man, and man has become God by the union of My Divine Nature with your human nature. This greatness is given in general to all rational creatures, but, among these I have especially chosen My ministers for the sake of your salvation, so that, through them, the Blood of the humble and immaculate Lamb, My only-begotten Son, may be administered to you.” ~ St. Catherine of Siena
  47. “True religion is a union of God with the soul, a real participation of the divine nature, the very image of God drawn upon the soul, or in the apostle’s phrase, it is Christ formed in us.” ~ Henry Scougal
  48. “We glorify the Holy Ghost together with the Father and the Son, from the conviction that He is not separated from the Divine Nature; for that which is foreign by nature does not share in the same honors.” ~ Saint Basil
  49. “The Divine Nature wounds and perhaps destroys us merely by being what it is.” ~ C. S. Lewis

  50. “There is therefore no reason to put a limit to evolutionary possibility by taking our present organization or status of existence as final. The animal is a laboratory in which Nature has worked out man; man may very well be a laboratory in which she wills to work out superman, to disclose the soul as a divine being, to evolve a divine nature.” ~ Sri Aurobindo
  51. “Each finite creature can reflect only a fraction of the divine nature; thus, in the diversity of His creatures, God’s infinity, unity and oneness appear to be broken into an effulfgence of manifold rays.” ~ Edith Stein
  52. “Temple mirrors of eternity remind us that each human being has “divine nature and destiny”; that “sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally”; and that, growing together in love and faithfulness, we can give children roots and wings.” ~ Gerrit W. Gong
  53. “If we live by the principles of the gospel, we must be good people, for we will be generous and kind, thoughtful and tolerant, helpful and outreaching to those in distress. We can either subdue the divine nature and hide it so that it finds no expression in our lives, or we can bring it to the front and let it shine through all that we do.” ~ Gordon B. Hinckley
  54. “Trust the divine power, and she will free the godlike elements in you and shape all into an expression of divine nature.” ~ Sri Aurobindo

  55. “Whenever I think of God I can only conceive of Him as a Being infinitely great and infinitely good. This last quality of the divine nature inspires me with such confidence and joy that I could have written even a miserere in tempo allegro.” ~ Joseph Haydn
  56. “Given the sin of impiety through which they [the Romans] sinned against the divine nature [by idolatry], the punishment that led them to sin against their own nature followed…. I say, therefore, that since they changed into lies [by idolatry] the truth about God, He brought them to ignominious passions, that is, to sins against nature; not that God led them to evil, but only that he abandoned them to evil.” ~ Thomas Aquinas
  57. “Perhaps the biggest obstacle to loving yourself and living your Spirit is the belief that you can only do so when all your problems are solved, all your worries are alleviated, and all your concerns and fears have disappeared. The truth is, this will never happen. We’re not here to get over our humanness, but rather to accept and make peace with it… and remember our Divine nature” ~ Sonia Choquette
  58. “The greater is the circle of light, the greater is the boundary of the darkness by which it is confined. But, notwithstanding this, the more light get, the more thankful we ought to be, for by this means we have the greater range for satisfactory contemplation. time the bounds of light will be still farther extended; and from the infinity of the divine nature, and the divine works, we may promise ourselves an endless progress in our investigation them: a prospect truly sublime and glorious.” ~ Joseph Priestley
  59. “Emotional turmoil can be a powerful catalyst to reconnect us with our divine nature. It propels us into a journey of self discovery and urges us to learn how to love and accept our entire being.” ~ Debbie Ford

  60. “I am God, says Love, for Love is God and God is Love, and this Soul is God by the condition of Love. I am God by divine nature and this Soul is God by the condition of Love. Thus this precious beloved of mine is taught and guided by me, without herself, for she is transformed into me, and such a perfect one, says Love, takes my nourishment.” ~ Marguerite Porete
  61. “Grace is the good pleasure of God that inclines him to bestow benefits upon the undeserving. It is a self-existent principle inherent in the divine nature and appears to us as a self-caused propensity to pity the wretched, spare the guilty, welcome the outcast, and bring into favor those who were before under just disapprobation. Its use to us sinful men is to save us and make us sit together in heavenly places to demonstrate to the ages the exceeding riches of God’s kindness to us in Christ Jesus.” ~ Aiden Wilson Tozer
  62. “God’s entire divine nature is wholly and entirely in all creatures, more deeply, more inwardly, more present than the creature is to itself.” ~ Martin Luther

  63. “And in that far distant day when the gods become wholly beautiful, or we at last are shown how beautiful they always were, this will happen more and more. For mortals, as you said, will become more and more jealous. And mother and wife and child and friend will all be in league to keep a soul from being united with the Divine Nature.” ~ C. S. Lewis
  64. “God’s nature is revealed most perfectly in the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, as recorded in the New Testament of the Bible, who was sent by God to reveal the divine nature, summarized in ‘God is Love.'” ~ George F. R. Ellis
  65. “We make assertions and denials of what is next to [the Divine Nature], but never of It, for It is both beyond every assertion, being the perfect and unique cause of all things, and, by virtue of Its preeminently simple and absolute nature, free of every limitation, beyond every limitation; it is also beyond every denial.” ~ Pope Dionysius

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