65 Dividend Quotes On Success In Life

These dividend quotes will inspire you. Dividend a sum of money paid regularly (typically quarterly) by a company to its shareholders out of its profits (or reserves).

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging dividend quotes, dividend sayings, and dividend proverbs.

Best Dividend Quotes

  1. “Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in.” ~ John D. Rockefeller
  2. “The true investor… will do better if he forgets about the stock market and pays attention to his dividend returns and to the operation results of his companies.” ~ Benjamin Graham
  3. “If you can’t use dividends, it’s not a bad thing to give it back to your shareholders. They’ll use it somewhere else.” ~ Jamie Dimon
  4. “Successful investing is about owning businesses and reaping the huge rewards provided by the dividends and earnings growth of our nation’s – and, for that matter, the world’s – corporations.” ~ John C. Bogle , Dividend quotes investing
  5. “When you look at dividend returns on equities versus bond yields, to me its a pretty easy decision to be heavily in equities.” ~ Laurence D. Fink

  6. “I do not own a single security anywhere that doesn’t pay a dividend, and I formed a mutual-fund company with that very simple philosophy.” ~ Kevin O’Leary
  7. “A lot of people love Oreos. So their manufacturer is making money. That means more dividends for shareholders.” ~ Maria Bartiromo
  8. “Everything shapes you to be the person you are today. Sometimes hard lessons pay off dividends.” ~ Al Jourgensen
  9. “If there is any single factor that makes for success in living, it is the ability to draw dividends from defeat.” ~ William Moulton Marston
  10. “And I had an old-fashioned idea that dividends were a good thing.” ~ James MacArthur

  11. “Yes, prudently invested contributions to the Social Security fund may bring greater dividends, but those contributions would also face a greater risk. It would be like gambling. We should not gamble with the investments and the future of the citizens of this land.” ~ Daniel Inouye
  12. “There is nothing earthly that lasts so well, as money. A man’s learning dies with him, as does his virtues fade out of remembrance, but the dividends on the stocks he bequeaths to his children live and keep his memory green.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
  13. “Liberalism is financed by the dividends from Conservatism.” ~ Craig Reucassel
  14. “Legislation to create a new 10 percent tax bracket, reduce the marriage penalty, cut the tax rate on dividends and capital gains, and increase the child tax credit have been essential elements in this economic expansion.” ~ Roger Wicker
  15. “The best math lesson we can teach college students this year is to subtract a tuition increase and benefit from the dividends of higher education.” ~ Jodi Rell

  16. “Honesty pays dividends both in dollars and in peace of mind.” ~ B. C. Forbes
  17. “Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.” ~ Ray Kroc
  18. “Companies are returning a lot of money to shareholders through dividends and buybacks. And a lot of people say that’s not a good use of capital. I think that’s normal reallocation of capital.” ~ Jamie Dimon
  19. “Shareholder value is the result of you doing a great job, watching your share price go up, your shareholders win, and dividends increasing. What happens when you have increasing shareholder value? You’re delivering better employees to their communities and they can give back. Communities are winning because employees are involved in mentoring and all these other things. Customers are winning because you’re providing them new products.” ~ Jack Welch
  20. “The company must be paying dividends. Preferably the dividend will have been increasing and have been paid for some time.” ~ Peter Cundill

  21. “I like the idea of company-paid dividends.” ~ Walter Schloss
  22. “A patient willingness to defer dividends is a hallmark of individual maturity.” ~ Neal A. Maxwell
  23. “One can never tell what will be the result of faithful service rendered, nor do we know when it will come back to us or to those with whom we are associated. The reward may not come at the time, but in dividends later. I believe we will never lose anything in life by giving service, by making sacrifices, and doing the right thing.” ~ Heber J. Grant
  24. “In most cases the favorable price performance will be accompanied by a well-defined improvement in the average earnings, in the dividend, and in the balance-sheet position. Thus in the long run the market test and the ordinary business test of a successful equity commitment tend to be largely identical.” ~ Benjamin Graham
  25. “I rarely think the market is right. I believe nondividend stocks aren’t much more than baseball cards. They are worth what you can convince someone to pay for it.” ~ Mark Cuban

  26. “The good thing about the dividend-paying stocks is, first of all you have stocks, which are real assets if we have some inflation. I think we’re going to have 2%, 3% maybe 4%. That’s a sweet spot for stocks. Corporations do well with that. It gives them pricing power. Their assets move up with prices. I’m not fearful of that inflation.” ~ Jeremy Siegel
  27. “The less money lying idle the greater is the dividend.” ~ Walter Bagehot
  28. “I hate gold. It does not pay a dividend, it has no value, and you can’t work out what it should or shouldn’t be worth,” he said. “It is the last refuge of the desperate.” ~ Jeremy Grantham
  29. “Here’s how to know if you have the makeup to be an investor. How would you handle the following situation? Let’s say you own a Procter & Gamble in your portfolio and the stock price goes down by half. Do you like it better? If it falls in half, do you reinvest dividends? Do you take cash out of savings to buy more? If you have the confidence to do that, then you’re an investor. If you don’t, you’re not an investor, you’re a speculator, and you shouldn’t be in the stock market in the first place.” ~ Seth Klarman
  30. “Literature is an investment of genius which pays dividends to all subsequent times.” ~ John Burroughs

  31. “The only investment I ever made which has paid consistently increasing dividends is the money I have given to the Lord.” ~ James L. Kraft
  32. “The best investment with the least risk and the greatest dividend is giving.” ~ John Templeton
  33. “For myself, I have but little confidence in any business, or enterprise, or investment, that promises dividends only after the death of the stockholders.” ~ Robert Green Ingersoll
  34. “No form of human exchange is more profitable than the exchange of ideas. If I give you a thought in return for one of your thoughts, each of us will have gained a 100 percent dividend.” ~ Napoleon Hill
  35. “Chiropractic is health insurance. Premiums small. Dividends large!” ~ B. J. Palmer

  36. “All the real money in investment will have to be made as most of it has been in the past not out of buying and selling but out of owning and holding securities, receiving interests and dividends therein, and benefiting from their long-term increases in value. Hence stockholder’s major energies and wisdom as investors should be directed toward assuring themselves of the best operating results from their corporations. This in turn means assuring themselves of fully honest and competent managements.” ~ Benjamin Graham
  37. “So learning to play a new instrument, learning a new language – those sorts of things will pay dividends for years or decades to come.” ~ Dan Buettner
  38. “War like any other racket, pays high dividends to the very few. The cost of operations is always transferred to the people who do not profit.” ~ Smedley Butler
  39. “The best investments you ever make are investments in yourself – and your education. Those investments always pay big dividends.” ~ Donald Trump
  40. “Don’t be afraid to scrape the paint off and do it again. This is the way you learn, trial and error, over and over, repetition. It pays you great dividends, great, great dividends.” ~ Bob Ross

  41. “Some men are born to own, and can animate all their possessions. Others cannot: their owning is not graceful; seems to be a compromise of their character: they seem to steal their own dividends.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  42. “Strength is a capacity for endurance. One of the dividends of suffering is the universal discovery the we posses a strength within us we never knew we had. Navigating through a difficult episode not only shows us that inner strength is there but convinces us it will always be there to serve us in the future. Overcoming gives us an assurance of personal confidence and value that far exceeds what we thought we possessed before our struggles began.” ~ Dennis Wholey
  43. “Knowledge of Nature is an account at bank, where each dividend is added to the principal and the interest is ever compounded; and hence it is that human progress, founded on natural knowledge, advances with ever increasing speed.” ~ Grove Karl Gilbert
  44. “Hate is crystallized fear, fear’s dividend, fear objectivized. We hate what we fear and so where hate is, fear will be lurking.” ~ Cyril Connolly

  45. “Some foreign investors accuse us of being unfair to shareholders by using our resources for community development. Yes, this is money that could have made for dividend payouts, but it also is money that’s uplifting and improving the quality of life of people in the rural areas where we operate and work. We owe them that.” ~ Ratan Tata
  46. “Unless the trade deficit shrinks, the combination of the trade deficit and the interest and dividend payments to foreigners will grow ever more rapidly.” ~ Martin Feldstein
  47. “The greatest gain from space travel consists in the extension of our knowledge. In a hundred years this newly won knowledge will pay huge and unexpected dividends.” ~ Wernher von Braun
  48. “The total dividend income declared in 1995 by the bottom 9.7 million Canadian tax-filers (47% of all those submitting tax returns) was $310 million. The estimated dividend income received by the Thomson family in 1995 from its 72% ownership share of the Thomson Corporation and its 22% ownership share of the Hudson’s Bay Company was $310 million.” ~ Jim Stanford
  49. “Soldiers are citizens of death’s grey land, drawing no dividend from time’s tomorrows.” ~ Siegfried Sassoon

  50. “We generated $13.5 billion in cash flow from operations and returned almost $21 billion in cash to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases during the March quarter. That brings cumulative payments under our capital return program to $66 billion.” ~ Peter Oppenheimer
  51. “A man may be a tough, concentrated, successful moneymaker and never contribute to his country anything more than a horrible example. A manager may be tough and practical, squeezing out, while the going is good, the last ounce of profit and dividend, and may leave behind him an exhausted industry and a legacy of industrial hatred. A tough manager may never look outside his own factory walls or be conscious of his partnership in a wider world. I often wonder what strange cud such men sit chewing when their working days are over, and the accumulating riches of the mind have eluded them.” ~ Robert Menzies
  52. “The West as a whole in the early 1990s become obsessed with a ‘peace dividend’ that would be spent over and over again on any number of soft-hearted and sometimes soft-headed causes. Politicians forget that the only real peace dividend is peace.” ~ Margaret Thatcher
  53. “The best stock a man can invest in, is the stock of a farm; the best shares are plow shares; and the best banks are the fertile banks of a rural stream; the more these are broken the better dividends they pay.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  54. “Invest in great relationships, they will pay a lifetime of dividends.” ~ Bill Walsh

  55. “The Queens Of The Stone Age have teamed up with multimedia wizard brain Liam Lynch to make the video for ‘Burn The Witch’ , a home-made affair that’s just in time for Halloween. For the band, playing both the roles of cast and crew paid ginormous dividends, in the form of a video that cuts the heads off all contemporaries .” ~ Joshua Homme
  56. “Dedicated missionary service returns a dividend of eternal joy which extends throughout mortality and into eternity.” ~ Thomas S. Monson
  57. “I don’t like stock buybacks. I think if a company has the money to buy their stock back, then they should take that and increase the dividends. Send it back to the stockholder. Let them invest their money again from the dividends.” ~ T. Boone Pickens

  58. “President Bush announced his new economic plan. The centerpiece was a proposed repeal of the dividend tax on stocks, a boon that could be worth millions of dollars to average Americans. Well, average stock-owning Americans. Technically, Americans who own a significant amount of shares in dividend-dealing companies. Well, rich people, that’s what I’m trying to say. They’re going to do really well with this.” ~ Jon Stewart
  59. “We need to use economic instruments such as carbon taxes, cap and trade, tax and dividend and whatever else to help incentivize behavior that will move us to a post-carbon, post-animal agriculture world, and make our societies more resilient to the shocks that are already baked into the system. But that doesn’t make climate change an “economic issue.”” ~ Dale Jamieson
  60. “The dividend I get [from my compulsion] is the freedom to be totally disorderly in my dream world.” ~ George Carlin

  61. “I know if I persist it will pay back in dividends and it always does. What starts to happen is like exercise, the pain goes away. It starts to get easier and the weight starts to get lighter and people start to notice a difference in you and you start to notice a difference in yourself. You find your ability to make decisions is easier; you find you are inspired more often. You find your success increases. You find that your random moments when you’re in the flow are no longer random and you can control them. Other people notice the difference.” ~ Simon Sinek
  62. “Wine lovers know that putting some effort into understanding and appreciating wine pays big dividends. Skillful tasting unlocks wine’s treasures. It adds an extra dimension to the basic routines of eating and drinking, turning a daily necessity into a celebration of life.” ~ Marvin Shanken
  63. “We’re paying maybe 25 percent of the income tax, but the payroll tax is over a third of the receipts of the federal government. And they don’t take that from me on capital gains. They don’t take that from me on dividends.” ~ Warren Buffett

  64. “The workmen in a factory may have a shadowy, unknown absentee “employer” – the thousands of individual owners of stock – whom “management” represents and tries to please by extra dividends. The workman’s livelihood is at the disposition of strangers who make a single demand of their representatives: higher profits.” ~ Fulton J. Sheen
  65. “Access to the national dividend is usually to be had only on condition of some productive service previously rendered or of some product previously sold. This condition is, in this case, not yet fulfilled. It will be fulfilled only after the successful completion of the new combinations. Hence this credit will in the meantime affect the price level.” ~ Joseph A. Schumpeter

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