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These disciple quotes will inspire you. Disciple a personal follower of Christ during his life, especially one of the twelve Apostles or a follower or pupil of a teacher, leader, or philosopher.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging disciple quotes, disciple sayings, and disciple proverbs.

Best Disciple Quotes

  1. “Church attendance is as vital to a disciple as a transfusion of rich, healthy blood to a sick man.” ~ Dwight L. Moody
  2. “A disciple is a person who has decided that the most important thing in their life is to learn how to do what Jesus said to do.” ~ Dallas Willard
  3. “The greatest challenge the church faces today is to be authentic disciples of Jesus.” ~ Dallas Willard
  4. “Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me.” ~ John Lennon

  5. “A disciple is a learner, a student, an apprentice – a practitioner… Disciples of Jesus are people who do not just profess certain views as their own but apply their growing understanding of life in the Kingdom of the Heavens to every aspect of their life on earth.” ~ Dallas Willard
  6. “If the Church is not Making Disciples, then all the cathedrals, clergy, missions, sermons, even the Bible, are a waste of time.” ~ C. S. Lewis
  7. “The first ministers were the twelve disciples. There is no evidence that Jesus chose them because they are brighter or nicer than other people. Their sole qualification seems to have been their initial willingness to rise to their feet when Jesus said, “Follow me.”” ~ Frederick Buechner
  8. “It is only because he became like us that we can become like him.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  9. “The church changes the world not by making converts but by making disciples.” ~ John Wesley
  10. “Every disciple needs three types of relationships in his life. He needs a ‘Paul’ who can mentor him and challenge him. He needs a ‘Barnabas’ who can come alongside and encourage him. And he needs a ‘Timothy,’ someone that he can pour his life into.” ~ Howard G. Hendricks , Mentor disciple quotes
  11. “At the back of it there lies the central citadel of obstinacy: I will not give up my right to myself–the thing God intends you to give up if ever you are going to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.” ~ Oswald Chambers
  12. “Only a disciple can make a disciple.” ~ Aiden Wilson Tozer

  13. “We need to remember that the first disciples were ordinary men called to an extraordinary mission. Their devotion to Jesus outweighed- by hair- their fears and insecurities. As a result, God change them and use them to accomplish some mind-boggling things. Why couldn’t God – why wouldn’t God do the same in your life?” ~ Max Lucado
  14. “We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen away, and to bring home those who have lost their way. Many who seem to us to be children of the Devil will still become Christ’s disciples.” ~ Francis of Assisi
  15. “Disciple-making is not a call for others to come to us to hear the gospel but a command for us to go to others to share the gospel.” ~ David Platt
  16. “Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  17. “Even if our own troubles are great, we should still serve. Jesus washed His disciples feet on the way to the cross.” ~ Timothy Keller
  18. “The disciple simply burns his boats and goes ahead. He is called out… The old life is left behind and completely surrendered. The disciple is dragged out of his relative security into a life of absolute insecurity… out of the realm of the finite…into the realm of infinite possibilities.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  19. “Disciples of Christ abide in His Word. Those who abide in His Word know the truth and are free.” ~ R. C. Sproul
  20. “Cheap grace is grace without discipleship.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  21. “Christ, who said to the disciples, ‘You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you,’ can truly say to every group of Christian friends, ‘You have not chosen one another but I have chosen you for one another.'” ~ C. S. Lewis
  22. “The true teacher defends his pupils against his own personal influence. He inspires self-trust. He guides their eyes from himself to the spirit that quickens him. He will have no disciples.” ~ Amos Bronson Alcott
  23. “Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.” ~ Abraham Joshua Heschel
  24. “Jesus was a great worker, and His disciples must not be afraid of hard work.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

  25. “Disciples are those who have been so ravished with Christ that others want to be like them.” ~ Dallas Willard
  26. “To be a Christian is to believe we are commanded and authorized to say certain things to the world; to say things that will make disciples of all nations.” ~ Rowan Williams
  27. “America does not need gorgeous halls and concert rooms for its musical development, but music schools with competent teachers, and many, very many, free scholarships for talented young disciples who are unable to pay the expense of study.” ~ Anton Seidl
  28. “Jesus said, ‘Go … and make disciples,’ not converts to your opinions.” ~ Oswald Chambers

  29. “I have been my own disciple and my own master. And I have been a good disciple but a bad master.” ~ Antonio Porchia , Master and disciple quotes
  30. “As preachers of the gospel of Jesus, do not expect worldly honors: these Jesus Christ neither took to himself, nor gave to his disciples.” ~ Adam Clarke
  31. “Cheap grace is the grace we bestow on ourselves. Cheap grace is the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without church discipline, Communion without confession…. Cheap grace is grace without discipleship, grace without the cross, grace without Jesus Christ, living and incarnate.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  32. “When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  33. “It is impossible to conduct your life as a disciple without definite times of secret prayer” ~ Oswald Chambers
  34. “Look at our Lord’s disciples. One denied Him; one doubted Him; one betrayed Him. If our Lord couldn’t have perfection, how are you going to have it in city government?” ~ Richard J. Daley
  35. “Every church needs to be able to answer two questions. First, what is our plan for making disciples? And second, does our plan work?” ~ Dallas Willard
  36. “Jesus said go and make disciples, but so often we just sit and make excuses” ~ Francis Chan

  37. “No one whose first concern is feeling good can be a disciple. We are called to carry a cross and to glorify God.” ~ Elisabeth Elliot
  38. “The disciple is rich not in possessions, but in personal identity.” ~ Oswald Chambers
  39. “There are not a few among the disciples of charity who require, in their vocation, scarcely less excitement than the votaries of pleasure in theirs.” ~ Charles Dickens
  40. “If you don’t have a teacher you can’t have a disciple.” ~ Dallas Willard

  41. “God requires his people to shine as lights in the world. It is not merely the ministers who are required to do this, but every disciple of Christ. Their conversation should be heavenly.” ~ Ellen G. White
  42. “Our work begins where God’s grace has laid the foundation; we are not to save souls, but to disciple them.” ~ Oswald Chambers
  43. “Every great man nowadays has his disciples, and it is usually Judas who writes the biography.” ~ Oscar Wilde
  44. “Disciples be damned. It’s not interesting. It’s only the masters that matter. Those who create.” ~ Pablo Picasso

  45. “Music is at once the product of feeling and knowledge, for it requires from its disciples, composers and performers alike, not only talent and enthusiasm but also that knowledge and perception which are the result of protracted study and reflection.” ~ Alban Berg
  46. “A deep sense of sin, a humble willingness to be saved in God’s way, a teachable readiness to give up our own prejudices when a more excellent way is shown, these are the principal things. These things the two disciples possessed, and therefore our Lord “went with them” and guided them into all truth.” ~ J. C. Ryle
  47. “When obedience to the Divine precepts keeps pace with knowledge, in the mind of any man, that man is a Christian; and when the fruits of Christianity are produced, that man is a disciple of our blessed Lord, let his profession of religion be what it may.” ~ Joseph Lancaster
  48. “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” ~ Oswald Chambers

  49. “The backslider likes the preaching that wouldn’t hit the side of a house, while the real disciple is delighted when the truth brings him to his knees.” ~ Billy Sunday
  50. “If the disciples needed to be so endued and to preach the gospel with the Holy Spirit and with the manifestation of the Almighty, are we better than them able to carry on God’s work without the empowerment they had?” ~ Reinhard Bonnke
  51. “Here’s the simplest answer: Within weeks, the disciples proclaimed the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that He had been bodily raised from the dead and appeared to them.” ~ Josh McDowell
  52. “A zealous Savior ought to have zealous disciples.” ~ J. C. Ryle

  53. “If you are an effective manager of yourself, your discipline comes from within; it is a function of your independent will. You are a disciple, a follower, of your own deep values and their source. And you have the will, the integrity, to subordinate your feelings, your impulses, your moods to those values.” ~ Stephen Covey
  54. “It is impossible to live the life of a disciple without definite times of secret prayer. You will find that the place to enter in is in your business, as you walk along the streets, in the ordinary ways of life, when no one dreams you are praying, and the reward comes openly, a revival here, a blessing there.” ~ Oswald Chambers
  55. “If any want to become my followers,” Jesus says. Following him is not something that is self-evident, even among the disciples. No one can be forced, no one can be expected to follow him. … “If any want to follow me, they must deny themselves … and take up their cross.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  56. “It never cost a disciple anything to follow Jesus; to talk about cost when you are in love with anyone is an insult.” ~ Oswald Chambers

  57. “The first thing that stuck in the minds of the disciples was not the empty tomb, but rather the empty grave clothes – undisturbed in form and position.” ~ Josh McDowell
  58. “Even if the disciples had believed in the resurrection of Jesus, it is doubtful they would have generated any following. So long as the body was interred in the tomb, a Christian movement founded on belief in the resurrection of the dead man would have been an impossible folly.” ~ William Lane Craig
  59. “Luke associates John with Peter in Acts, when, after the Resurrection, that strange boldness had come upon the disciples.” ~ Alfred Noyes

  60. “No doubt the artist is the child of his time; but woe to him if he is also its disciple, or even its favorite.” ~ Friedrich Schiller
  61. “Then are we servants of God, then are we the disciples of Christ, when we do what is commanded us and because it is commanded us.” ~ John Owen
  62. “Let us resolve to talk more to believers about the Bible when we meet them. Alas, the conversation of Christians, when they do meet, is often sadly unprofitable! How many frivolous, and trifling, and uncharitable things are said! Let us bring out the Bible more, and it will help to drive the devil away, and keep our hearts in tune. Oh, that we may all strive so to walk together in this evil world; that Jesus may often draw near, and go with us, as He went with the two disciples journeying to Emmaus!” ~ J. C. Ryle”Even if the disciples had believed in the resurrection of Jesus, it is doubtful they would have generated any following. So long as the body was interred in the tomb, a Christian movement founded on belief in the resurrection of the dead man would have been an impossible folly.” ~ William Lane Craig , Disciple quotes Bible
  63. “Until you have given up yourself to Him, you will not have a real self.” ~ C. S. Lewis

  64. “The emphasis today is being put on the fact that we have to save men; we have not. We have to exalt the Saviour Who saves men, and then make disciples in His Name.” ~ Oswald Chambers
  65. “I realized that the deepest spiritual lessons are not learned by His letting us have our way in the end, but by His making us wait, bearing with us in love and patience until we are able to honestly to pray what He taught His disciples to pray: Thy will be done.” ~ Elisabeth Elliot

Disciple is a person who believes in the ideas of a leader, esp. a religious or political one, and tries to live according to those ideas.

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