65 Motivational Conor McGregor Quotes For Success In Life

Conor Anthony McGregor is an Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer. He is a former Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight and lightweight champion. As of 17 March 2020, he is #9 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings, #3 in the UFC lightweight rankings, and #14 in the UFC welterweight rankings. This motivational Conor McGregor Quotes will motivate you.

Best Conor McGregor Quotes

  1. I love money, and I love movement. I like what it has let me do for my family. I have paid off my mum and dad’s mortgage, I’ve bought them two BMWs, they can have anything they want. I am buying a fleet of cars for myself. I have unemployed my sisters, they don’t need to work, don’t need to worry about a thing. ~ Conor McGregor
  2. Nothing good ever comes from worrying or sitting there feeling sorry for yourself… Keep positive and keep pushing on and things will turn good. ~ Conor McGregor Quotes
  3. I am in the fighting game, I don’t care about anything else. I don’t watch the news, I don’t care about politics, I don’t care about other sports. I don’t care about anything I don’t need to care about. This is my sport, it is my life. I study it, I think about it, all the time. Nothing else matters. ~ Conor McGregor
  4. At the end of the day, you gotta feel some way. So why not feel unbeatable? Why not feel untouchable. ~ Conor McGregor
  5. There’s only one thing that’s impossible to beat… a man that doesn’t give up. ~ Conor McGregor

  6. If you have a clear picture in your head of something that’s going to happen… then nothing can stop it. ~ Conor McGregor
  7. Look out for those who look out for you. Loyalty is everything. ~ Conor McGregor
  8. Excellence is not a skill, excellence is an attitude. ~ Conor McGregor
  9. Doubt is only removed by action. If you’re not working then that’s where doubt comes in. ~ Conor McGregor
  10. I fear no man. If you breathe oxygen, I do not fear you. ~ Conor McGregor
  11. I used to imagine it. I used to pretend that my Peugeot driving to the gym in the rain in Dublin was a Ferrari on the Vegas strip. And now that I have that? I can’t even describe that feeling. That’s why I like the best – the best cars, the best food, the best watches. ~ Conor McGregor
  12. All that matters is how you see yourself. ~ Conor McGregor
  13. I have visualized my imagination so clearly and so consistently that it has manifested itself into my reality. ~ Conor McGregor
  14. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. Keep proving people wrong and proving myself right. ~ Conor McGregor
  15. Appreciate your surroundings and be grateful for it and that’s when good things happen.

  16. I believe in believing. My coach John Kavanagh is a big atheist and he is always trying to persuade people to his way of thinking, and I think what a waste of energy. If people want to believe in this god, or that god, that’s fine by me, believe away. But I think we can be our own gods. I believe in myself. ~ Conor McGregor
  17. I am cocky in prediction, I am confident in preparation but I am always humble in victory or defeat. ~ Conor McGregor
  18. It’s not really that much of a big deal – you brush it off and you come back. Defeat is the secret ingredient to success. ~ Conor McGregor
  19. I believe in working harder and putting in the time – being completely obsessed. And, yeah, I think that’s life. ~ Conor McGregor
  20. You are either the best. Or you are the worst. There is no in-between. ~ Conor McGregor
  21. Failure is not an option for me. Success is all I envision ~ Conor McGregor

  22. Sometimes I train in the middle of the night, all on my own. Can’t sleep, don’t want to sleep, get up, go to the gym, work. This is early for me, being here at half ten in the morning, this is really early, and I’m only here because I screwed up yesterday and kept you hanging around. Other times I’ll call up my wrestling coach, or my jiu jitsu coach, or my deep-tissue guy, and want to really focus on one part of what I do. I train in all these different disciplines. ~ Conor McGregor
  23. To do anything to a high level it has to be a total obsession. ~ Conor McGregor Quotes
  24. I don’t relax, I don’t celebrate. I sit and plot. ~ Conor McGregor
  25. Pain is part of the sport. ~ Conor McGregor

  26. To do anything to a high level it has to be a total obsession. Ask José Mourinho, he wouldn’t know a thing about me, my sport – he knows football, and to get to high levels you have to be insane, nothing else means anything. I respect all forms of movement and lifestyles, but I am in a bubble. I wake up, it is in my head; I go to sleep, it’s in my head, 24/7. ~ Conor McGregor
  27. You must improvise, adapt, and overcome. ~ Conor McGregor
  28. Be passionate, be optimistic, be grateful. ~ Conor McGregor
  29. An injury is not just a process of recovery it’s a process of discovery. ~ Conor McGregor
  30. Real champions fight through adversity. ~ Conor McGregor
  31. I don’t care about anything I don’t need to care about. ~ Conor McGregor
  32. Know yourself, to know others.

  33. Keep positive and keep pushing on and things will turn good. ~ Conor McGregor
  34. I don’t work, I live… I don’t have a job, I just have a life. ~ Conor McGregor
  35. Always be civil, but with a plan to neutralize everyone in the room. ~ Conor McGregor
  36. I don’t give a f***. We’re not fighting. I don’t care what anyone thinks about me. All the stuff I have to do outside the fighting, the promotion, this, I don’t give a f***. But when I am facing up for a fight, I know what they’re thinking. I can read their minds. When I am going face to face with an opponent, nose to nose, I can smell the fear, and I’m feeling no fear at all. ~ Conor McGregor
  37. I believe in believing. ~ Conor McGregor
  38. Smart work pays best. Trust it. ~ Conor McGregor
  39. I keep having vivid dreams of success. Then it’s time to sleep. ~ Conor McGregor
  40. Be spontaneous, be creative, go out, and have fun, let things happen naturally. ~ Conor McGregor

  41. Sometimes the truth hurts. It hurts because they have a weakness – and I exploit weakness. ~ Conor McGregor
  42. I am comfortable in the uncomfortable. ~ Conor McGregor
  43. You can’t fear success and I think a lot of people do… I’m not like that. I’m going for it. ~ Conor McGregor
  44. I have never encountered a winner that held hate towards something. ~ Conor McGregor
  45. I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. ~ Conor McGregor
  46. Don’t impersonate. Innovate. ~ Conor McGregor
  47. I don’t believe in talent. Talent doesn’t exist. ~ Conor McGregor Quotes
  48. You sleep on a win and you’ll wake up with a loss.

  49. I’m definitely on the pursuit of perfection…I will always be learning. ~ Conor McGregor
  50. There are two things I really like to do and that’s whoop ass and look good. I’m doing one of them right now and on Saturday night, I’m doing the other. ~ Conor McGregor
  51. I think we should all focus on who we are, what we want to do and do it. That is my way. I don’t know why anyone would want to do that politics stuff. ~ Conor McGregor
  52. There’s a Celtic saying, “Many a time a man’s mouth broke his nose. ~ Conor McGregor
  53. I don’t worry about my opponent or their game, I worry about my game. ~ Conor McGregor

  54. Training to me isn’t about a set time at the gym – I move at all times of the day and night. ~ Conor McGregor
  55. Pressure is an illusion, but I like that illusion of pressure. ~ Conor McGregor
  56. I pursue this dream and carry on. I don’t dwell too much on the outside, I just focus on the inside. ~ Conor McGregor
  57. Power and speed aren’t enough to overcome someone who is strategic, who knows what you’ll do before you do it, and can turn it on you; someone who is mentally engaged and combines the whole package. ~ Conor McGregor
  58. Fourteen weeks before the Mendes fight I tore 80 percent of my ACL [anterior cruciate ligament]. That is the main ligament for stability. Every day in that training camp when I was working my way back, I was saying “real champions fight through any adversity”. That is why I am a real champion and he is not. Look at my eye [he had seven stitches put in an old wound after an injury in training the night before we met]. Fighters fight on. Aldo got scared, he went running and I worry he will run again. ~ Conor McGregor
  59. I plot my ascent daily. ~ Conor McGregor

  60. It is the most powerful submission in the sport. It is a beautiful thing. You’re holding them into you, their back is on you, and you are basically choking them gradually like a boa constrictor and once you’ve got them, the pressure goes on and they have to submit or they are going to stop breathing. It happened to me early in my career, and I panicked and gave in, I tapped out too early. I learned a lot from that. I learned from it, learned how to do the move better, learned how to avoid it being done to me. ~ Conor McGregor
  61. If you are the best, you must go that extra mile. ~ Conor McGregor
  62. “{Losing can be a great motivator] but not if it drains your confidence. One of the reasons I got into this game was because I wanted to learn how to get myself comfortable in uncomfortable situations. ~ Conor McGregor
  63. One thing I believe that’s a key to success is to celebrate your surroundings. ~ Conor McGregor
  64. Have fun, that’s what it’s all about. People get stressed over it… Let competition eat them up. That’s not me, I just get in and have fun. That’s what I’m here to do: Have fun and make some money doing it. ~ Conor McGregor
  65. I love what I do… When I’m in there I don’t want to be nowhere else in the world… I love this game more than anything. ~ Conor McGregor

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