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Colin Rand Kaepernick is an American civil rights activist and football quarterback who is a free agent. He played six seasons for the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League (NFL). As a political activist, he knelt during the national anthem at the start of NFL games in protest of police brutality and racial inequality in the United States. These Colin Kaepernick quotes will motivate you.

Best Colin Kaepernick Quotes

  1. “I’m going to speak the truth when I’m asked about it. This isn’t for look. This isn’t for publicity or anything like that. This is for people that don’t have the voice.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  2. “America stands for freedom, liberty and justice for all. And it’s not happening for all right now.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  3. “We have to unite. We have to unify and make a change.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  4. “If intimidation is your game plan, I hope you have a better one.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  5. “People are dying in vain because America isn’t holding their end of the bargain up, as far as giving freedom and justice, liberty to everybody. That’s something that’s not happening.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  6. “There’s people being murdered unjustly and not being held accountable. People are being given paid leave for killing people. That’s not right. That’s not right by anyone’s standards.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  7. “I’m going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed.” ~ Colin Kaepernick

  8. “I have great respect for the men and women that have fought for the USA. I have family, I have friends that have gone and fought for this country. And they fight for freedom, they fight for the people, they fight for liberty and justice, for everyone. That’s not happening.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  9. “Pressure comes from a lack of preparation.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  10. “If we reach common ground, and can understand what everybody’s going through, we can really affect change. And make sure that everyone is trated equally and has the same freedom.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  11. “You have people that practice law and are lawyers and go to school for eight years, but you can become a cop in six months and don’t have to have the same amount of training as a cosmetologist. That’s insane. Someone that’s holding a curling iron has more education and more training than people that have a gun and are going out on the street to protect us.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  12. “There are a lot things that are going on that are unjust. People aren’t being held accountable for. And that’s something that needs to change.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  13. “There is police brutality. People of color have been targeted by police.” ~ Colin Kaepernick

  14. “You have Hillary Clinton who has called black teens or black kids super predators, you have Donald Trump who’s openly racist. We have a presidential candidate who has deleted emails and done things illegally and is a presidential candidate. That doesn’t make sense to me because if that was any other person you’d be in prison.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  15. “I watch a lot of cartoons. I watch a lot of “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “Phineas and Ferb.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  16. “There’s a lot of things that need to change. One specifically? Police brutality.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  17. “There are things that have gone on in thr USA for years and years and have never been addressed, and they need to be.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  18. “God has brought me this far. He has laid out a phenomenal path for me. And I can’t do anything but thank him.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  19. “I can’t look in the mirror and see people dying on the street that should have the same opportunities that I’ve had. And say ‘You know what? I can live with myself.’ Because I can’t if I just watch.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  20. “I just want to improve game to game and try to get better.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  21. “It’s not really pressure, unless you’re not prepared.” ~ Colin Kaepernick

  22. “If you want to understand what I’m thinking further, come talk to me. It shouldn’t be something that should be hidden. These conversations need to happen and can bring everybody closer.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  23. “I think people are really talking about it. Having conversations about how to make change.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  24. “Being an NFL quarterback there’s a lot of advantages that come with it. There are a lot of doors that open when you’re a quarterback but at the same time there’s a lot of scrutiny. There are a lot of things you can’t do as well.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  25. “Something you’re aware of being a quarterback coming here-you have expectations, and you want to live up to those.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  26. “There’s a lot of things that need to change, a lot of different issues that need to be addressed.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  27. “For me, off the field, cartoons are something that can ease my mind and get me back into having fun and just relaxing.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  28. “I’ve seen videos, I’ve seen circumstances where men and women that have been in the military have come back and been treated unjustly by the country they have fought for, and have been murdered by the country they fought for, on our land. That’s not right.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  29. “I have to learn more in order to preserve my body.” ~ Colin Kaepernick

  30. “For me, I don’t really see a lot of the things I do as what I do, I see that as what our team does. It just happens to be that I’m the quarterback in those situations.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  31. “I see myself as a quarterback who had the run the option for the offense to be successful.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  32. “I like the old-school Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoons. I’m talking Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian!” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  33. “I’m a Brewers fan. I was born in Milwaukee, so I’m all Wisconsin teams all day.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  34. “I was better at baseball, but I really loved football.” ~ Colin Kaepernick , Colin Kaepernick quotes on football
  35. “I was always a Favre fan. I was born in Wisconsin, and my whole family was Packers fans, so I grew up watching him.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  36. “There are a lot of other parts on this team that do great things to make it easy for me to go out there.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  37. “Score a touchdown, kiss your tattoo. Kaepernicking!” ~ Colin Kaepernick

  38. “Camp Taylor is a foundation that I’m connected with right now, and anything I can do to help them and help those kids is something I want to do.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  39. “I was a Packers fan growing up, and just to see the way he played the game and how excited he was about it all the time, he’s my favorite.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  40. “Will Smith is a funny person, a very likable person, but at the same time he can be serious and really handle his business. I’ll stay away from talking about his rapping abilities, though.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  41. “I think people have put too much focus on me. I don’t think they realize the other weapons we have on this team. I don’t think they realize the great offensive line that we have.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  42. “You’re always going to be mad about a bad play.” ~ Colin Kaepernick

  43. “It is really like a family. We are around each other more than we are around anybody else. The time we spend together, and the hard work we put in together, it is going to build a close team.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  44. “It’s important for people to know that I’m still focused on football… I’m handling my business to get ready for the next season.” ~ Colin Kaepernick
  45. “Going out on the field frantic isn’t going to help you score points. You have to try to lead your team.” ~ Colin Kaepernick

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