40 Motivational Clive Cussler Quotes For Success In Life

Clive Eric Cussler (July 15, 1931 – February 24, 2020) was an American adventure novelist and underwater explorer. His thriller novels, many featuring the character Dirk Pitt, have reached The New York Times fiction best-seller list more than 20 times. Cussler was the founder and chairman of the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA), which has discovered more than 60 shipwreck sites and numerous other notable underwater wrecks. He was the sole author or lead author of more than 80 books. These Clive Cussler quotes will inspire you.

Best Clive Cussler Quotes

  1. “To those of you who seek lost objects of history, I wish you the best of luck. They’re out there, and they’re whispering.” ― Clive Cussler
  2. “Americans have an annoying habit of accomplishing what they set out to do.” ― Clive Cussler
  3. “Though neither of them had ever called their meeting a case of love at first sight, they’d both agreed it had certainly been a case of “pretty damned sure at first hour.” ― Clive Cussler
  4. “My daddy always said, ‘Luck never gives, it lends.” ― Clive Cussler
  5. “We’re not lost,” he said in a cheery tone. “We’re just locationally deficient and directionally challenged at the moment.” ― Clive Cussler
  6. “They who await no gifts from chance, conquer fate.” ― Clive Cussler
  7. “Though neither of them had ever called their meeting a case of love at first sight, they’d both agreed it had certainly been a case of “pretty damned sure at first hour.” ― Clive Cussler
  8. “In 1892, mine owner L. L. Nunn had hired the electrical wizard Nikola Tesla to build the world’s first alternating-current power” ― Clive Cussler
  9. “Dangerous things, books.”
    “Look what it did to your brain.” ― Clive Cussler
  10. “When power is up for grabs,” Pitt said, “the first casualty is often liberty.” ― Clive Cussler
  11. “A grief-stricken man is driven to defy the gods.” ― Clive Cussler
  12. “I know you’re the only pistol champion we have, but I’d rather they no see enough of you to hit. You’re also the only wife I have…”

    “You’re so sweet.’

    “…at the moment.” ― Clive Cussler

  13. “Great escape read, yet always come back again and again” ― Clive Cussler

  14. “Fisherman had to be a combination biologist, meteorologist, mechanic, and mariner. Their livelihood, their very lives, depended on their store of practical knowledge.” ― Clive Cussler
  15. “My friends joke that I raised the Titanic and never left the Rockies.” – Clive Cussler
  16. “You guys are of the belief that everything worth knowing is already on the Internet. There is ten times more information in libraries than on the Web. Probably a thousand times. You two go way beyond Google searches.” ― Clive Cussler
  17. “A snake can shed its skin but it still remains a snake.” ― Clive Cussler
  18. “To create something you want to sell, you first study and research the market, then you develop the product to the best of your ability.” – Clive Cussler
  19. “I plot as I go. Many novelists write an outline that has almost as many pages as their ultimate book. Others knock out a brief synopsis… Do what is comfortable. If you have to plot out every move your characters make, so be it. Just make sure there is a plausible purpose behind their machinations. A good reader can smell a phony plot a block away.” – Clive Cussler
  20. “storm is still on track to pass right over us, so we’ll get the worst of it. Do you think we’ll be ready for it?” ― Clive Cussler
  21. “A man does not run among thorns for no reason; either he is chasing a snake or a snake is chasing him.” ― Clive Cussler
  22. “A man accepts the thankless burden of responsibility. We women do not. To us, life is a game we play one day at a time.” ― Clive Cussler

  23. Take away the clothes of the greatest living man, his father once told him, and you behold a very embarrassed, naked and defenseless animal.” ― Clive Cussler
  24. “Induction motor, radio control, wireless communications, spark plugs. It was said that his ideas and inventions came to him fully formed in a flash of inspiration.” ― Clive Cussler
  25. “Previous afternoon. His heartbeat increased as he measured his opportunities of escape if he was discovered. The flat didn’t exist. A swimmer stood little chance of outrunning a pair of personal watercraft with a top speed of thirty miles per hour. Unless they were prepared to come after him underwater, all they had to do was outwait him until he exhausted” ― Clive Cussler
  26. “She was a Privately funded spy ship owned by the corporation and headed by Juan Cabtillo. Oregon was his brainchild and his one true love.” – Clive Cussler
  27. “I must say one thing about southern down-home brewed coffee with chicory. If you have worms, you’ll never have them again.” – Clive Cussler
  28. “Go like hell and go to the grave satisfied.” He” ― Clive Cussler
  29. “When I first started writing, I was in advertising at the time, I was doing most of my writing on weekends. I had studied most of the other series heroes and I figured it would be fun for mine to be different and put him in and around water. So I dreamed up Dirk Pitt.” – Clive Cussler
  30. “Time is a thief. It steals our memory, our hopes, and our strength, leaving only the sense there’s never enough of it.” ― Clive Cussler

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One thought on “40 Motivational Clive Cussler Quotes For Success In Life

  • February 28, 2020 at 6:50 pm

    Some of the best situation escapes were written CC.

    Night probe. With the thick fog a vessel on a collision course with the dive barge had stopped short.The Canadian Coast Guard over a PA ordered the vessel out of the area or they will open fire. A voice out of the fog with the Texas accent announced this is the USS guided missile cruiser phoenix, draw anytime you’re ready partner.

    One of the most powerful lines ever written. Page #225?
    Clive Cussler wrote so many situational lines that are laugh out loud funny or stand up and shouting “Damn Right”.
    He truly be missed but never forgotten.

    Thank you Mr. Cussler RIP


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