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  1. “It is like having a blanket that is too small for the bed, you pull the blanket up to keep your chest warm, and your feet stick out. I cannot buy a bigger blanket because the supermarket is closed. But the blanket I have is made of cashmere. So it’s good.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  2. “Maybe next season we can race.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  3. “The title race is between two horses and a little horse that needs milk and needs to learn how to jump.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  4. “Along with the 97 percent of women who can see, I have never been a fan of redheaded men.” ~ Chelsea Handler

  5. “If Roman Abramovich helped me out in training we would be bottom of the league and if I had to work in his world of big business, we would be bankrupt!” ~ Jose Mourinho
  6. “When I saw Rijkaard entering the referee’s dressing room I couldn’t believe it. When Didier Drogba was sent off, I wasn’t surprised.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  7. “Men don’t realize that if we’re sleeping with them on the first date, we’re probably not interested in seeing them again either.” ~ Chelsea Handler
  8. “Don’t trust people who don’t laugh. I don’t.” ~ Maya Angelou
  9. “I don’t trust people who don’t use profanity.” ~ Mark Oliver Everett

  10. “You know you’re a hot mess when the only person buying you drinks all night is yourself.” ~ Chelsea Handler
  11. “There are two kinds of people I don’t trust: people who don’t drink and people who collect stickers.” ~ Chelsea Handler
  12. “Acting is my passion and Chelsea FC is my hobby.” ~ Phil Daniels
  13. “Chelsea are playing with much more refreshing ness” ~ Glenn Hoddle
  14. “He [Courtois] goes back to Chelsea.” ~ Marc Wilmots

  15. “Everybody was waiting for Chelsea not to win every game and one day when we lose there will be a holiday in the country. But we are ready for that.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  16. “No club moves me from Chelsea until Chelsea wants me to move because I want to be where I am loved.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  17. “There is a white girl from Australia that spits in an Australian accent, and her name is Chelsea Jane. That I can get into. Teach me Australian Hip-Hop culture. Don’t come to America and try to convince me that you’re Gangsta Boo…We’re not going to believe you if you’re trying to convince us that you’re out here trap shooting.” ~ Rah Digga
  18. “I’ve had contact with Arsenal and Chelsea, but it’s a bit of a mess.” ~ Adel Taarabt

  19. “When I came to Chelsea from West Ham there were certain parts of my game I felt I needed to improve and I like to think now that I have shown dramatic improvement.” ~ Frank Lampard
  20. “But what club wouldn’t welcome the chance to strengthen their side, what club would turn down the resources Chelsea have?” ~ Frank Lampard
  21. “I don’t know why people always compare me [ with Amiri Baraka] I was never part of the Black Arts Repertory Theater or the Black Arts Movement; people who claim that I was are wrong. I was downtown. I was living in Chelsea when they were operating in Harlem.” ~ Ishmael Reed
  22. “Why anyone would want to leave Everton is beyond me anyway. Even for Manchester United, Chelsea or anyone. This is the place to be.” ~ Neville Southall

  23. “John Terry is the perfect skipper. It’s obvious Chelsea means everything to him. When he makes those last ditch blocks, team-mates can’t help but be inspired.” ~ Kasey Keller
  24. “Why do I regret Chelsea? I’m the boss of the richest club in the world. I have not had much time to adjust myself, but I’ve found a great restaurant! That is the first thing I did when I arrived!” ~ Carlo Ancelotti
  25. “There are only two ways for me to leave Chelsea. One way is in June 2010 when I finish my contract and if the club doesn’t give me a new one. It is the end of my contract and I am out. The second way is for Chelsea to sack me. The way of the manager leaving the club by deciding to walk away, no chance! I will never do this to Chelsea supporters.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  26. “Chelsea are not made to play football. We’re good on the counter, a little bit like Real against Bayern.” ~ Eden Hazard

  27. “If I leave Chelsea, I would be
    unprofessional ,just because I am not playing
    does not mean that I don’t love Chelsea. I
    am not leaving.” ~ Juan Mata
  28. “Marie Antoinette was funny, I’m sure she was just misinterpreted. You know the ‘Let them eat cake’ line. She seems like she was kind of funny, like a Chelsea Handler or Kathy Griffin type.” ~ Colin Quinn
  29. “At Chelsea, a sacking is just another day at the office.” ~ Andre Villas-Boas
  30. “Ten years ago I also had a very difficult decision to make when we had (Carlo) Cudicini giving fantastic performances in Chelsea’s goal for many years. I had in my hands a 22-year-old goalkeeper I thought could be in Chelsea’s goals for years and years and years and this situation is quite similar.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  31. “The problem with Chelsea is I lack a striker. I have Samuel Eto’o but he is 32 years old – maybe 35, who knows?” ~ Jose Mourinho

  32. “Chelsea are up there with best teams in the world,and let’s hope United can join us in quarter-finals.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  33. “My dad was an Arsenal supporter and he used to take me there, but I’ve always been Chelsea.” ~ Eric Bristow
  34. “I meet young artists and it becomes clear that with some the main motivation is getting a show in Chelsea. It strikes me that this is very different to the way it was for me, which was that I wanted to understand photography and the world and myself.” ~ Stephen Shore
  35. “I like people like Robert De Niro and Anthony Hopkins. And Gianfranco Zola, who played for Chelsea and Italy. He’s an artist with his feet.” ~ Phil Daniels
  36. “Our number one opponents are not Liverpool, Arsenal or Manchester United. It is ourselves at Chelsea.” ~ Didier Drogba

  37. “Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls all had to change schools.” ~ Susan Ford
  38. “Is this good for English football? In the short run, Chelsea’s rise has broken up what was turning into an irritating Arsenal-Manchester United duopoly. But football leagues (look at Scotland, look at Spain) can get along OK with duopolies. A monopoly, however, is a disaster. Everyone else in the Premiership has to operate on some kind of business footing, and the terror stalking Highbury and Old Trafford is that Chelsea will be immune from financial discipline forever.” ~ Matthew Engel
  39. “I still follow Chelsea’s fortunes.” ~ Andriy Shevchenko
  40. “If I was managing Chelsea, people wouldn’t be saying Paul Jewell was a nice guy, they would be saying I had too much money to spend. On balance, I would quite like it at the end of the season if people don’t like us.” ~ Paul Jewell
  41. “In any normal season, most of the teams below Chelsea would think they are doing quite well.” ~ Alex Ferguson

  42. “Chelsea are the team who can break the Arsenal and Manchester United monopoly.” ~ Ron Atkinson
  43. “But we have the players, as we have shown against good opposition this season, we’re an extremely difficult side to live with at home.
    (on Chelsea)” ~ Frank Lampard
  44. “I think when you have spent the money that we have, it’s bound to bring it’s own pressure. The players have shown that they can handle that though.
    (on Chelsea)” ~ Frank Lampard
  45. “Remember every team wants to beat Chelsea, probably even more than Manchester United or Arsenal because they believe we have an unfair advantage.” ~ Frank Lampard
  46. “Chelsea look like they’ve got a couple more gears left in the locker.” ~ Ron Atkinson

  47. “Before I got married, I never really watched TV. Now, my husband and I watch ‘The Bachelor’ together. I love ‘The Soup’ – that’s where I get a lot of my pop culture – and ‘Chelsea Lately.” ~ Dylan Lauren
  48. “Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning, and the first thing that I knew there was milk and toast and honey and a bowl of oranges, too.” ~ Joni Mitchell
  49. “All I can do is assess the value from Manchester United perspective. Whatever Chelsea do, they may have a different criteria, and different financial assets.” ~ David Gill
  50. “I think Chelsea Handler is the funniest woman.” ~ David Alan Grier
  51. “Arsenal are the most beautiful club in England. At Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style.” ~ Marco van Basten

  52. “Appropriation is the idea that ate the art world. Go to any Chelsea gallery or international biennial and you’ll find it. It’s there in paintings of photographs, photographs of advertising, sculpture with ready-made objects, videos using already-existing film.” ~ Jerry Saltz
  53. “I don’t play anymore because I can’t play anymore and I retired when I was playing for Chelsea because the doctor had to cut my leg in two parts so this is why I retired. I started going to the gym recently and my knee started to hurt again, so you can imagine what it would be like if I tried to play! I play football on the beach with my daughters and my friends but that’s it.” ~ Emmanuel Petit
  54. “Who is the muppet coaching Chelsea??? AVB??? Hmmm!! 25yrs for Ferguson, hopefully not even 6 months for this AVB geezer!” ~ Kevin Pietersen
  55. “He’s caused the Chelsea defence no amount of problems.” ~ Jimmy Armfield

  56. “The goal is to win. It’s not about making money. I have many much less risky ways of making money than this (buying Chelsea football club). I don’t want to throw my money away, but it’s really about having fun and that means success and trophies.” ~ Roman Abramovich
  57. “Of course it is going to be difficult for any player to get in the Chelsea side no matter who they are.” ~ Frank Lampard
  58. “I am prepared. The more pressure there is, the stronger I am. In Portugal, we say the bigger the ship, the stronger the storm. Fortunately for me, I have always been in big ships. FC Porto was a very big ship in Portugal, Chelsea was also a big ship in England and Inter was a great ship in Italy. Now I’m at Real Madrid, which is considered the biggest ship on the planet.” ~ Jose Mourinho
  59. “I remember being in West Ham’s youth team and seeing Jody Morris play for Chelsea at 17 and you scoring for Liverpool on your debut when you were 18. I was watching it on Soccer Saturday and I was like, “I can’t believe he’s scored!” It’s professional jealousy. It’s best to be honest about it. It gave me real desire. I was thinking “God I want that to be me”.” ~ Frank Lampard
  60. “Frank Lampard is the best ever at Chelsea and one of the best I’ve ever played with and against in world football today, and I think what set him apart was his dedication and hard work.” ~ John Terry

  61. “Speed is what makes the Premiership exciting. The millions who would have watched Manchester United and Chelsea would have seen a non-stop game in which the pace was electric even though the first half was a non-event. You could see a better technical game in Spain but for sheer frenetic movement, there is nothing that comes close… Pace is more critical in the Premiership than in any other major league and if you don’t have pace, you have to compensate with power or ability in the air and since Shevchenko has no power and is not particularly good in the air, he is in trouble.” ~ Alan Hansen
  62. “In terms of not retiring? I don’t want to leave and think to myself, “Maybe I should have stayed a bit longer”. I’m dwelling on it. I have turned down a few Premier League offers. But the fact is, after being at Chelsea for so long and a year with Manchester City, I don’t want to get involved in a relegation dogfight.” ~ Frank Lampard
  63. “United could soon overtake Arsenal as the chief threat to Chelsea, and defiant Keane vowed: We will keep fighting to the end. We are Manchester United, that is what we do.” ~ Roy Keane

  64. “It’s not so easy for us when we play teams who have a different mindset, like Chelsea or Inter Milan, because they have the intention of trying to stop us rather than playing a game that is more attractive for the spectators to enjoy.” ~ Lionel Messi
  65. “Can space break? I mean the space of art galleries. Over the past 100 years, art galleries have gone from looking like Beaux-Arts salons to simple storefronts to industrial lofts to the gleaming giant white cubes of Chelsea with their shiny concrete floors.” ~ Jerry Saltz”I saw ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in a packed house in Chelsea, New York, when I was filming a Bollywood film there. Chelsea, being a predominately gay neighborhood, had the most euphoric reaction. I saw couples holding hands and crying at the end. It was the most heartening viewing I have ever been to.” ~ Karan Johar

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