65 Cheerleader Quotes On Success In Life

These cheerleader quotes will inspire you. Cheerleader, a person, usually a woman or girl in an organized group, who leads the crowd in shouting encouragement and supporting a team at a sports event.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging cheerleader quotes, cheerleader sayings, and cheerleader proverbs.

Best Cheerleader Quotes

  1. “I want to be a cheerleader for women who have never even considered running for office or being involved in a campaign, but who in the quietness of their hearts might think, ‘Why not me?'” ~ Marianne Williamson
  2. “People in the States used to think that if girls were good at sports their sexuality would be affected. Being feminine meant being a cheerleader, not being an athlete. The image of women is changing now. You don’t have to be pretty for people to come and see you play. At the same time, if you’re a good athlete, it doesn’t mean you’re not a woman.” ~ Martina Navratilova
  3. “I definitely think cheerleaders have no fear. When I took the Hellcats job I was like whoa, this is a sport. Cheerleaders deserve a lot of respect for what they do.” ~ Ashley Tisdale
  4. “We cheerleaders are peppy and happy and get front row seats to the game!” ~ Bob Casey, Jr.

  5. “The desirable virgin is sexy but not sexual. She’s young, white, and skinny. She’s a cheerleader, a babysitter; she’s accessible and eager to please (remember those ethics of passivity!). She’s never a woman of color. SHe’s never a low-income girl or a fat girl. She’s never disabled. “Virgin” is a designation for those who meet a certain standard of what women, especially young women, are supposed to look like. As for how these young women are supposed to act? A blank slate is best.” ~ Jessica Valenti
  6. “Most of the games don’t let you focus too much on the cheerleaders, but I’ve been watching these girls.” ~ Lawrence Taylor
  7. “I wasn’t a cheerleader or the prom queen. I don’t move through the world with a mirror in front of my face, and I’ve never been attracted to projects that had an emphasis on what I look like.” ~ Michael Michele
  8. “My way was not to be the petite, gorgeous, little cheerleader. My way of getting by was making people laugh.” ~ Kristen Johnston

  9. “I know nothing about producing TV drama and any involvement on my part is liable to prove an obstacle to the producers, so I prefer to be a cheerleader and let them get on with it.” ~ Bernard Cornwell
  10. “When we were doing the cheerleading for this, I was excited about doing it because I always wanted to be a cheerleader. I always wanted to but I didn’t get to because I was working.” ~ Christina Milian
  11. “When I was in school, I was very involved with a lot of things. I was very very active. I couldn’t say that I wasn’t popular. I was a cheerleader when I was in junior high. I didn’t make it in high school so I started a dance line.” ~ Faith Ford
  12. “I don’t know, Y’know, I always wanted to be one of those cheerleader girls and I never was that, and I was never sort of cute and perky, and I always thought it was fun to be cute and perky, and those, I don’t know what those girls are doing now.” ~ Katey Sagal
  13. “I’m not a cheerleader. I’m not trying to pretend to be sweet and then come out and be bad. This is who I am.” ~ Willa Ford

  14. “Wimps lift Weights, Cheerleaders lift People” ~ Stephanie
  15. “I basically became a cheerleader because I had a very strict mom. That was my way of being a bad girl.” ~ Sandra Bullock
  16. “Being famous is just like being in high school. But, I’m not interested in being the cheerleader. I’m not interested in being Gwen Stefani. She’s the cheerleader, and I’m out in the smoker shed.” ~ Courtney Love
  17. “I was a cheerleader for nine years.” ~ Betsey Johnson
  18. “No one knew I was gay growing up but I was bullied. I was a cheerleader, fairly popular and considered straight.” ~ Cat Cora

  19. “Enthusiasm needs to be effective enthusiasm. We must distinguish between the contribution and enthusiasm of the cheerleader and the enthusiasm of the player. While cheerleaders serve an important purpose, the real contest involves players on the field or on the court of life. We must not go through life acting only as enthusiastic cheerleaders available for hire; we must be anxiously and personally engaged.” ~ Neal A. Maxwell
  20. “For the women in California, they’re just downtrodden because they’re so gorgeous here. Every hot cheerleader comes to California to make it. The men don’t want to get married, they’re lazy lions. Matthew McConaughey is their poster boy so they can procreate and live on the beach in the trailer and have kids and have money and be hedonistic.” ~ Patti Stanger
  21. “People in the States used to think that if girls were good at sports their sexuality would be affected.” ~ Martina Navratilova
  22. “I was a real loner in high school, even though people assume I was the head cheerleader.” ~ Kate Bosworth
  23. “You don’t have to be pretty for people to come and see you play. At the same time, if you’re a good athlete, it doesn’t mean you’re not a woman.” ~ Martina Navratilova
  24. “The actual cheerleaders in our film are all Broadway dancers.” ~ Brooke Langton

  25. “Having been a cheerleader, I know all too well what these girls give up to join forces and compete.” ~ Kelly Ripa
  26. “Men own basketball teams. Every year cheerleaders’ outfits get tighter and briefer, and players’ shorts get baggier and longer.” ~ Rita Rudner
  27. “I don’t want to hear another negative word about cheerleaders. If it weren’t for cheerleaders, who would tell us when and how to be happy during athletic events? If it weren’t for cheerleaders, how would America’s prettiest girls get the exercise that’s so vital to a healthy life?” ~ John Green
  28. “The world provides no cheerleaders on the pathway to godliness.” ~ Kevin DeYoung

  29. “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” ~ Roger Staubach
  30. “If you enjoyed high school, you were probably a psychopath or a cheerleader. Or possibly both.” ~ Jenny Lawson
  31. “There is nothing about a bad situation that fourteen hyper cheerleaders can’t worsen.” ~ Maureen Johnson
  32. “Cheerleaders are simultaneously everything that is right and wrong with the world.” ~ Dov Davidoff
  33. “He went down like a cheerleader after prom.” ~ Rachel Vincent

  34. “Cheerleaders deserve a lot of respect for what they do.” ~ Ashley Tisdale
  35. “I always had to prove myself through my actions. Be a cheerleader. Be class president. Be the editor of the newspaper.” ~ Halle Berry
  36. “Who would be an artist that was perfectly happy? Maybe nowadays, but when I grew up in the ’60s, you had nobody in the art club who was popular. No cheerleaders in the art club. I was told that I couldn’t be a painter by my first painting teacher. I said I wanted to go to Cooper and be an art student, and he said, “You’ll be a waitress.” It was really the strangely indifferent parenting.” ~ Amy Sillman
  37. “In a rational society we would want our presidents to be teachers. In our actual society we insist they be cheerleaders.” ~ Steve Allen

  38. “I got a washed out version of Mom’s curls and a better copy of Dad’s blue eyes, The rest of me, I guess, is up for grabs. Except maybe Gran’s nose, but she could have been trying to make me feel better. I’m no prize. Most girls go through a gawky stage, but I’m beginning to think mine will be a lifelong thing. It doesn’t bother me too much. Better to be strong than pretty and useless. I’ll take a plain girl with her head screwed on right over a cheerleader any day.” ~ Lilith Saintcrow
  39. “It was like seeing Bill Gates at age thirteen, times two. And half of him was wearing a cheerleader uniform. Yes, I know that’s a weird image.” ~ Jordan Sonnenblick
  40. “American press, like the press in many countries, acts like a cheerleader to our government rather than a critical observer. This is especially true, when it comes to foreign interventions. That means that when government leaders conclude that intervention in a foreign country is justified, the press rarely criticizes it. In fact, the press has been an enthusiastic cheerleader for many of our foreign interventions.” ~ Stephen Kinzer
  41. “Get me outa here. F*ckin’ creepy cheerleaders.” ~ Lisa McMann
  42. “I have been a ballerina, a cheerleader and a sorority girl. I was the girliest girl alive.” ~ Koren Zailckas

  43. “I was a soccer cheerleader. It doesn’t get nerdier than that. I was fired from the soccer cheerleading squad after one year, which I believe to this day is unprecedented. You have to understand, no one went to the soccer games. In fact, I believe part of my duties as a cheerleader was to bake brownies for the team.” ~ Kathy Griffin
  44. “I was a cheerleader growing up, so I can relate to that!” ~ Kelly Stables
  45. “Confronting the US made him [Hugo Chavez] a target for demonization. Partisan and/or lazy journalism exaggerated his faults, ignored his virtues, and downplayed the influence of strident and on occasion anti-democratic opponents. The flip side is his anti-imperialist posturing so dazzled his cheerleaders they overlooked his flaws, flaws which worsened over time, and they created their own caricature.” ~ Rory Carroll
  46. “Most Korean parents saw themselves as coaches, while American parents tended to act more like cheerleaders.” ~ Amanda Ripley

  47. “This is one of the take-home messages for me: we just walk around with this narrative in America that everybody wants to be rich and famous. That that’s why people do what they do. And you know, all through these pages you learn over and over again no, actually not even NFL cheerleaders are doing it for fame and fortune. There’s another motivation going on that is so pure and human. That to me was an eye-opener in a really wonderful way.” ~ Jeanne Marie Laskas
  48. “You can’t fire a cannon, from a canoe!” ~ Charles Poliquin
  49. “Cardboard cutouts of cheerleaders operated by arthritic monkeys would move more fluidly.” ~ Courtney Summers
  50. “Fashion is meant to be wild and expressive. I love colour but I also love basics – grungy minimalism mixed with this kind of broken-down cheerleader, is my thing.” ~ Charli XCX
  51. “Michael Cole just said he wants to be a cheerleader” ~ Josh Mathews

  52. “When Congressman [Mike] Pence was in Congress, he was the chief cheerleader for the privatization of Social Security. Even after President [George W.] Bush stopped pushing for it, Congressman Pence kept pushing for it.” ~ Tim Kaine
  53. “The greatest trick the rich – and their cheerleaders on the right – ever pulled was convincing the world that class didn’t exist. Out here in the real world, it is more real and more rigid than it has been for a century.” ~ Johann Hari
  54. “If the media is just a cheerleader for an authoritarian populist, who isn’t that popular, then we’re in a sorry state. The media has to be critical – it has to scrutinize it, it has to call out things.” ~ Irvine Welsh
  55. “I don’t really usually write sort of a cheerleader-type lyric.” ~ Rachael Yamagata

  56. “Qualifying for this Olympic team has been the most stressful experience of my athletic career. It has taught me so much about myself and how to handle high-pressure moments. I’ve learned to become my own biggest cheerleader, always feeding myself positive thoughts, visualizing myself winning, and most importantly focusing on each individual point.” ~ Ibtihaj Muhammad
  57. “People become discouraged when they listen to their ‘inner critic’… Whatever that voice is saying, articulate a response, drawing from the part of you that feels strong and confident. Be your own cheerleader.” ~ Lauren Mackler , Own cheerleader quotes
  58. “I wish no teams had cheerleaders. I find it more distracting than anything else.” ~ Kate Mara
  59. “I definitely think cheerleaders have no fear.” ~ Ashley Tisdale

  60. “My mom was a cheerleader and had me as a teenager. I remember her giving me some pom-poms and teaching me how to do some splits when I was 3 or 4.” ~ Christina Milian
  61. “I didn’t go to high school, but when I did go to school, I was actually in the group made up of cheerleaders; I just wasn’t one of them. But I hung out with a bunch of different kids.” ~ Ashley Benson
  62. “If you are a young girl who wants to be a country singer, just don’t try to do it too early. Be a high school kid, be a cheerleader, do your thing. And also, just know who you are; know what you want to say and stick with it throughout.” ~ Miranda Lambert
  63. “My looks had gone from well-kempt cheerleader to apocalyptic disasterpiece.” ~ Kresley Cole

  64. “I think a lot of Indians want Indian artists to be cultural cheerleaders rather than cultural investigators.” ~ Sherman Alexie
  65. “I didn’t want to be a cheerleader, and when you’re young and you’re blonde that’s kind of thrust upon you whether you like it or not.” ~ A Fine Frenzy

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