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These charge quotes will inspire you. Charge, demand (an amount) as a price from someone for a service rendered or goods supplied.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging charge quotes, charge sayings, and charge proverbs.

Best Charge Quotes

  1. “Some people have told me they don’t think a fat penguin really embodies the grace of Linux, which just tells me they have never seen an angry penguin charging at them in excess of 100mph. They’d be a lot more careful about what they say if they had.” ~ Linus Torvalds
  2. “I was very much in my room with my marionette stage, you know, creating these incredibly boring things that I felt were so fascinating, and forcing my relatives to come, and charging money for them to see my little productions.” ~ Bob Balaban
  3. “To me, that means getting back to the point where our Constitution means that you don’t tap people’s phones and poke into their e-mail and you don’t arrest people and keep them hidden for a year and a half without charging them.” ~ Carol Moseley Braun
  4. “There are few things more amusing in the world of politics than watching moderate Republicans charging to the right in pursuit of greater glory.” ~ Mario Cuomo

  5. “The 10 largest antitrust law firms in the United States have gone into the federal courts charging Monsanto with creating a global conspiracy in violation of the antitrust laws, to control the global market in seeds.” ~ Jeremy Rifkin
  6. “Interestingly, the oil companies know very well that in less than 30 years they will not only be charging very high prices, but that they will be uncompetitive with renewables.” ~ Paul Hawken
  7. “The telephone is a 100-year-old technology. It’s time for a change. Charging for phone calls is something you did last century.” ~ Niklas Zennstrom
  8. “And, quite frankly, I fully expected to be charged with murder, because they weren’t charging anybody. I did it in terms of, I felt like I was throwing down the gauntlet saying look, this is what happened. There’s a family out there that needed to know what happened.” ~ Patty Hearst
  9. “What this country needs is a credit card for charging things to experience.” ~ Tom Wilson

  10. “The salesman knows nothing of what he is selling save that he is charging a great deal too much for it.” ~ Oscar Wilde
  11. “Women are the fulfilled sex. Through our children we are able to produce our own immortality, so we lack that divine restlessness which sends men charging off in pursuit of fortune or fame or an imagined Utopia. That is why we number so few geniuses among us. The wholesome oyster wears no pearl, the healthy whale no ambergris, and as long as we can keep on adding to the race, we harbor a sort of health within ourselves.” ~ Phyllis McGinley
  12. “Be the buffalo. Wilma Mankiller, the first female principal chief of the Cherokee nation, once told me how the cow runs away from the storm while the buffalo charges directly toward it—and gets through it quicker. Whenever I’m confronted with a tough challenge, I do not prolong the torment. I become the buffalo.” ~ Donna Brazile
  13. “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.” ~ Milton Friedman

  14. “Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” ~ David Rockefeller
  15. “Cows run away from the storm while the buffalo charges toward it – and gets through it quicker. Whenever I’m confronted with a tough challenge, I do not prolong the torment, I become the buffalo.” ~ Wilma Mankiller
  16. “Simplicity is hard to build, easy to use, and hard to charge for. Complexity is easy to build, hard to use, and easy to charge for.” ~ Chris Sacca
  17. “At our most elemental, we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge. Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness, the alpha and the omega of our existence.” ~ Lynne McTaggart
  18. “People who do not take charge of their lives are lathi-charged by time.” ~ Kiran Bedi

  19. “Today, we see some “file sharing” sites that rely on fans uploading cracked copies of ebooks, and which then make money off those books by charging for downloads (via cash subscriptions or advertising). Again: I take a dim view of this. They’re making money off the back of my work without paying me.” ~ Charles Stross
  20. “I have to admit I do get a bit depressed at times and you know I think about the good old days when I was charging ahead.” ~ Edmund Hillary
  21. “To concern yourself with surface political conflicts is to make the mistake of the bull in the ring, you are charging the cloth. That is what politics is for, to teach you the cloth. Just as the bullfighter teaches the bull, teaches him to follow, obey the cloth.” ~ William S. Burroughs
  22. “A big part of making your own luck is just charging out of the gate every morning.” ~ Tom Brokaw

  23. “I’d probably start charging for medical timeouts. I think we’d all see who really uses them and who doesn’t.” ~ Maria Sharapova
  24. “A charging black rhinoceros is nothing to mess with. When it is headed straight toward you, it is the ultimate exercise in sphincter control. In my case, it was a strange bit of weather that caused one to charge me.” ~ Boyd Norton
  25. “High sticking, tripping, slashing, spearing, charging, hooking, fighting, unsportsmanlike conduct, interference, roughing……everything else is just figure skating.” ~ Scotty Bowman
  26. “We have a person that wants to balance the budget by charging $1,000 to every family who spanks their child.” ~ Sean Hannity

  27. “The history of economic progress consists of charging a fee for what once was free.” ~ B. Joseph Pine II
  28. “The key thing about any fund is to make sure its expenses are low. You know, if you look at the funds in your plan and you see that they’re all charging 1.5 and 2 percent,you’ve gota bad plan.” ~ William J. Bernstein
  29. “Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula? I mean, they’re charging a lot of money for this stuff.” ~ Barack Obama
  30. “My God, it was like the Emerald City, and as you got closer you’d pick up your pace, and you’d give your tickets and go charging inside.” ~ Joe Flaherty
  31. “People will pay for content … Everybody is going to have to start charging. They’d be crazy not to.” ~ Lloyd Braun

  32. “Lenders, including major credit companies as well as payday lenders, have taken over the traditional role of the street-corner loan shark, charging the poor insanely high rates of interest.” ~ Barbara Ehrenreich
  33. “Nestor beckoned to me and I dismounted with care.I handed the reins to the boy with thanks. I do not wish to see that hard-charging bag of bones again, unless it is in my soup.” ~ Tamora Pierce
  34. “America is subsidizing what is left of the prestige and strength of the once mighty Britain. The sun has set forever on that monocled, pith-helmeted resident colonialist, sipping tea with his delicate lady in the non-white colonies being systematically robbed of every valuable resource. Britain’s superfluous royalty and nobility now exist by charging tourists to inspect the once baronial castles, and by selling memoirs, perfumes, autographs, titles, and even themselves.” ~ Malcolm X
  35. “Not, like, that, boychik, you sound like a herd of elephants charging through a music store.” ~ Jordan Sonnenblick

  36. “It’s amazing–my parents call everything a discussion. If I were standing across the street, firing a bazooka at my mother, while my father was launching mortar back at me, and Jeffery was charging down the driveway with a grenade in his teeth, my parents would say we should stop having this public “discussion”.” ~ Jordan Sonnenblick
  37. “Truth has to be given in riddles. People can’t take truth if it comes charging at them like a bull. The bull is always killed. You have to give people the truth in a riddle, hide it so they go looking for it and find it piece by piece; that way they learn to live with it.” ~ Chaim Potok
  38. “You surely can’t be trying to blame us for Erak’s habit of charging ashore waving an axe and grabbing everything that isn’t nailed down? No offence, Svengal.” Svengal shrugged. “None taken. It’s a pretty accurate description of Erak on a raid, as a matter of fact.” ~ John Flanagan
  39. “I should start charging uncomfortable thoughts rent. Except what would they pay me in? Probably something even worse.” ~ Lilith Saintcrow

  40. “I am charging you with the protection of my mother and friends, not to mention keeping my younger self off the Internet. He is as dangerous as Opal.” ~ Eoin Colfer
  41. “Through the years, I have learned there is no harm in charging oneself up with delusions between moments of valid inspiration.” ~ Steve Martin
  42. “I’ve been meeting with Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino for years, trying to figure out how to fix the concert industry. We’re all so overpaid. It’s ridiculous. People stopped going to concerts because they can’t afford them. The Rolling Stones are charging $650 per ticket! That just makes me speechless. I love the Stones, but I won’t be attending.” ~ Kid Rock
  43. “No matter what they’re charging to get in, it’s worth more to get out.” ~ Roger Ebert

  44. “Nobody had a credit card when I was a kid. No one had credit card debt. But these big companies and banks wanted to know how to get more money out of people – get them charging things.” ~ Michael Moore
  45. “Oftentimes, what seems to be a street lunatic charging at me spouting gibberish turns out to be a devoted ‘Simpsons’ fan quoting their favorite line.” ~ Matt Groening
  46. “We heard the army before we saw it. The noise was like a cannon barrage combined with a football stadium crowd- like every Patriots fan in New England was charging us with bazookas.” ~ Rick Riordan
  47. “Aggressive and hard-charging women violate unwritten rules about acceptable social conduct. Men are continually applauded for being ambitious and powerful and successful, but women who display these same traits often pay a social penalty. Female accomplishments come at a cost.” ~ Sheryl Sandberg
  48. “There’s a part of me that’s always charging ahead. I’m the curious kid, always going to the edge.” ~ Yo-Yo Ma

  49. “Whoa,” Brit breathed, handing my drink back to me. “That was…” “Really hot,” Jacob finished. “I thought you two were going to rip off each other’s clothes and start making babies right here on the dirty, beer covered floor. Like I was going to have to start charging admission for what was about to go down.” ~ J. Lynn
  50. “Otis barreled towards them empty-handed, before apparently realizing that a) he was empty-handed and b) charging towards a large body of water to fight a son of Poseidon was maybe not a good idea.” ~ Rick Riordan
  51. “Shot me twice. I want my name, or I’m going to start charging you a fee every time I field something for you. And it’s going to be expensive. I’m Park Place. Bud-dy.” His red, goat-slitted eyes squinted at me from over his smoked glasses. “You’re more like Oriental Avenue right now, dove. What are you on?” ~ Kim Harrison
  52. “That ugly freak has spent so much time in my head, I should be charging him rent.” -Four” ~ Pittacus Lore

  53. “Now with digital, we have much better projection, and if the theaters are charging higher prices but providing refreshments and a clean, well-lit theater, there’s no reason why this cannot go on as a senior-citizen-driven business for years. Especially with movies for adults.” ~ Oliver Stone
  54. “Hey!” I exclaimed, seeing the total. “They’re charging me retail. Glenn!” I complained. “They can’t do that.” I shook it at him. “I shouldn’t have to pay retail!” “What did you expect? You can keep that. It’s your copy.” I sat back in a huff and shoved it in my bag with my sticky scarf as he typed his slow, painful way through my report. “Where’s this human compassion I keep hearing about?” “That’s it, baby doll,” he said, voice smoother than usual. He was laughing at me.” ~ Kim Harrison
  55. “From Russia I didn’t bring out a single happy memory, only sad, tragic ones. The nightmare of pogroms, the brutality of Cossacks charging young Socialists, fear, shrieks of terror.” ~ Golda Meir
  56. “You have to go charging ahead, you can’t stay behind.” ~ Grace Coddington

  57. “Power is not just for TV sets and charging mobile phones. This electricity is critical to the industrial development of this area. If there is electricity, small scale industry will grow.” ~ Narendra Modi
  58. “What’s a domestic partnership? Domestic partnership is not even a marriage, and there’s a contract that involves, potentially, sexual and financial commitments to each other. In this case, however, the guy is also charging one dollar, and that is his undoing.” ~ Max Kellerman
  59. “If we have the right preventive and primary care, if we start charging for comprehensive care in the chronic cases, 10 percent of the cases take up two-thirds of the medical expenses, and if we do more on problems like childhood obesity, that we can, to use the parlance that’s popular in Washington, bend the cost curve and eventually reconcile this so our costs will be closer to our competitors and so we can cover everybody.” ~ William J. Clinton
  60. “Now this really annoys me: All these people getting on the Internet and saying Nostradamus predicted this. If Nostradamus were alive today his name would be Miss Cleo and he’d be charging $2.99 a minute.” ~ Jay Leno

  61. “The DEFENSE of anything is UNTENABLE. The only way to defend anything is to ATTACK, and if you ever forget that, then you will lose every battle you are ever engaged in, whether it is in terms of personal conversation, public debate, or a court of law. NEVER BE INTERESTED IN CHARGES. DO, yourself, much MORE CHARGING, and you will WIN.” ~ L. Ron Hubbard
  62. “Learning to charge properly is a vital key to abundance. Affirm that you will never devalue yourself by charging less than what you feel you are worth.” ~ Stuart Wilde
  63. “Once you are completely comfortable with charging, then – and only then – will you allow yourself to do things for free. That way if you perform a kindness for another, you will know that you are doing it because you want to, not because you have been manipulated into it or are maneuvering in the hopes of winning their affection.” ~ Stuart Wilde
  64. “Charging for news online won’t work if what is provided is the same as is available elsewhere.” ~ Robert G. Picard

  65. “Faster than fairies, faster than witches,
    Bridges and houses, hedges and ditches;
    And charging along like troops in a battle,
    All through the meadows the horses and cattle” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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