35 Motivational Carole King Quotes For Success In Life

Carole King is an American singer-songwriter who has been active since 1958, initially as one of the staff songwriters at the Brill Building and later as a solo artist. This Carole King quotes will motivate you.

Best Carole King Quotes

  1. I still believe that everyone is beautiful in some way and by seeing the beauty in others we make ourselves more beautiful. ~ Carole King
  2. Do the things you believe in, in the name of love. And know that, you aren’t alone. We all have doubts and fears. ~ Carole King
  3. “I listen to both oldies and contemporary stations. I enjoy listening to current stuff because there’s an energy to it that’s inspiring.” ~ Carole King
  4. When I was younger, I was kind of fearless. I think it takes more courage to do things when you know more. I was completely naive, and I was like, why can’t I do anything I want to do? You know, go for it. ~ Carole King
  5. I’m like a plant, I reach for the sun. ~ Carole King

  6. My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue, an everlasting vision of the ever-changing view. ~ Carole King
  7. Once the inspiration comes, that directs where the perspiration goes. ~ Carole King
  8. Not only do you want to leave the audience wanting more, you want to leave yourself wanting more. ~ Carole King
  9. It’s a very worthy cause. This should happen, and I do believe that tenacity counts. Not going away matters. ~ Carole King
  10. The writing of You’ve Got a Friend was one of the most incredible experiences because it was mostly inspiration. It just came to me almost as we hear it. ~ Carole King
  11. Only love is real…everything else is illusion ~ Carole King
  12. I just want to give it all that I got. I just don’t want to waste it. ~ Carole King
  13. One of the things that I try to be conscious about in crafting a song is the concept of bringing it home. I like to bring it somewhere familiar, someplace that people feel it’s resolved, it’s settled. ~ Carole King
  14. “Tonight the light of love is in your eyes,
    But will you love me tomorrow?” ~ Carole King
  15. You’re beautiful as you feel. ~ Carole King

  16. I’m a songwriter first…In my career, I have never felt that my being a woman was an obstacle or an advantage. I guess I’ve been oblivious…Sensitive, humbug. Everybody thinks I’m sensitive…There is a downside to having one of the biggest-selling albums ever. ~ Carole King
  17. That’s one of the things I love about being a songwriter first, last, and always, because whether I do it or not, if someone does a great job on it, my work is done. ~ Carole King
  18. Way over yonder is a place I have seen In a garden of wisdom from some long-ago dream. ~ Carole King
  19. “If there’s any answer, maybe love can end the madness
    Maybe not, oh, but we can only try.” ~ Carole King
  20. I just sort of try to be a good person; try to write music that lifts people and makes me feel good to sing. ~ Carole King
  21. Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore? ~ Carole King
  22. I’m a songwriter first. ~ Carole King
  23. Sensitive, humbug. Everybody thinks I’m sensitive. Wait until they hear my new album. ~ Carole King
  24. I went to the High School for Performing Arts in New York for acting. I’ve studied it on and off for years and have done some theater and film. ~ Carole King
  25. “When my soul was in the lost-and-found
    You came along to claim it.” ~ Carole King
  26. “I’d like to know that your love Is love I can be sure of.” ~ Carole King

  27. “Scary in the idea it could be a little overwhelming to have 70 or 100 clowns in a public space. Intriguing in that it could be something interesting. I’m up for any kind of public art.” ~ Carole King
  28. “You can’t talk to a man, with a shotgun in his hand.” ~ Carole King
  29. “I think Madonna has a great deal of intelligence and capability. I have a lot of respect for her. She’s taken her career and maximized it with intelligence and creativity.” ~ Carole King
  30. “You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face
    And show the world all the love in your heart.” ~ Carole King
  31. “I’m really getting better at guitar. I’m not trapped behind a piano. You can get out and move with a guitar and still direct the band.” ~ Carole King
  32. “Sometimes I get a lyric, and the lyric, you know, comes off the page, and goes into my brain and comes out with a melody. Other times, I may create a melody first.” ~ Carole King
  33. “In my career, I have never felt that my being a woman was an obstacle or an advantage. I guess I’ve been oblivious.” ~ Carole King
  34. “The downside of videos is that it will put my vision in front of other people, so they might not get the chance to create their own.” ~ Carole King
  35. “Eric Clapton is my dream guitarist.” ~ Carole King

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