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These Bubbles quotes will inspire you. Bubbles, a tiny round body of air or gas in a liquid bubbles in boiling water

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Best Bubbles Quotes

  1. “I think we all see the world from our own little unique bubble.” ~ Julie Taymor
  2. “Happiness is like rising bubbles — delightful and inevitably fleeting. Joy is the oxygen — ever present.” ~ Danielle LaPorte
  3. “Don’t you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live inside it forever?” ~ Sarah Addison Allen
  4. “You never know you’re in a bubble until it pops.” ~ Andrew Revkin

  5. “Any time I get to blow bubbles pretty much lights me up.” ~ David Helvarg
  6. “Miracles happen every day. They bubble up from their hidden source, surround us with opportunities and disappear.” ~ Deepak Chopra
  7. “Two bubbles found they had rainbows on their curves. They flickered out saying: “It was worth being a bubble, just to have held that rainbow thirty seconds.” ~ Carl Sandburg
  8. “Life is too short, too precious, too painful to waste on worldly bubbles that burst” ~ John Piper

  9. “Many of us spend our entire lives in the same bubble – we surround ourselves with people who share our opinions, speak the way we speak, and look the way we look. We fear leaving those familiar surroundings, which is natural, but through exploration of the unfamiliar we stop focusing on the labels that define WHAT we are and discover WHO we are.” ~ Adam Braun
  10. “Life is mostly froth and bubble” ~ Adam Lindsay Gordon
  11. “Days are coloured bubbles that float upon the surface of fathomless nights.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore
  12. “Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!” ~ William Shakespeare

  13. “If you love something, set it free.” ~ Abraham Lincoln
  14. “Oh, for the wonder that bubbles into my soul.” ~ D. H. Lawrence
  15. “But all bubbles have a way of bursting or being deflated in the end.” ~ Barry Gibb
  16. “Relationships are like bubbles – they’re fragile.” ~ Michael Douglas
  17. “We live in a strange bubble.” ~ Brian Molko

  18. “Photography, like any other art, is a form of communication. The artist is not blowing bubbles for his own gratification, but is speaking a language, is telling somebody something.” ~ William Mortensen
  19. “Keep puffing on the bubble until it breaks its confining walls and becomes the sea of joy.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda
  20. “If possible, avoid being a bubble; for a bubble, even the gentlest touch is fatal.” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
  21. “Enthusiasm just creates bubbles; it doesn’t keep them from popping.” ~ Adora Svitak
  22. “Joy bubbles on a fountain of doubt.” ~ Alison Croggon

  23. “When I open my eyes to the outer world I feel myself as a drop in the sea. But when I close my eyes and look within, I see the whole universe as a bubble raised in the ocean of my heart.” ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan
  24. “Are we all bubbles blown by a baby?” ~ H. G. Wells
  25. “Fame, I mean, it’s like a bubble, in a way. It’s like something glittery, and it goes, and it can be forgotten fast.” ~ Veruschka von Lehndorff
  26. “A soul is but the last bubble of a long fermentation in the world.” ~ George Santayana

  27. “Ever blow bubbles when you were a kid? Well, he’s back in town and looking for you!” ~ The Amazing Johnathan
  28. “Your dreamers may dream it
    The shadow of a dream,
    Your sages may deem it
    A bubble on the stream;
    Yet our kingdom draweth nigher
    With each dawn and every day,
    Through the earthquake and the fire
    Love will find out the way.” ~ Alfred Noyes
  29. “I could blow bubbles. Bubbles would solve any dilemma we face. If bubbles were president there would be no war.” ~ Thom Yorke
  30. “We need to start listening to each other and getting out of our own little labeled bubbles.” ~ Glenn Beck

  31. “I had a stick of CareFree gum, but it didn’t work. I felt pretty good while I was blowing that bubble, but as soon as the gum lost its flavor, I was back to pondering my mortality.” ~ Mitch Hedberg
  32. “Ideas bubble differently when we’re forced to inquire about the obvious.” ~ Sara Genn
  33. “I think it’s important to look at the world as a bigger place than just the bubble that we live in. It’s so easy to get caught up in things of a trivial nature.” ~ Pete Wentz
  34. “I am so fresh in soul and spirit that life gushes and bubbles around me in a thousand springs.” ~ Robert Schumann
  35. “I wonder how much it would take to buy a soap bubble, if there were only one in the world.” ~ Mark Twain

  36. “Joys
    Are bubble-like–what makes them bursts them too.” ~ Philip James Bailey
  37. “Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig.” ~ Marcus Aurelius
  38. “The more you can create that magic bubble, that suspension of disbelief, for a while, the better.” ~ Edward Norton
  39. “The bubble’s been engineered to allow us to learn from within it.” ~ Alexandra Adornetto
  40. “No bubble is so iridescent or floats longer than that blown by the successful teacher.” ~ William Osler

  41. “I have seen youths bright eyed and fair groping after bubbles in rapture, and conceiving them diamonds and the glitter of fine jewels, until their hand closed over a something that was not to be felt nor longer seen, mere colored air.” ~ Theodore Dreiser
  42. “I am like a child who blows up a bubble of soap. At first the bubble is very small, but it is already spherical. Then the child blows the bubble up very softly, until he is afraid that it will burst.” ~ Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
  43. “You can only push the truth down for so long, and then it bubbles back up.” ~ Cassandra Clare
  44. “Stock market bubbles don’t grow out of thin air. They have a solid basis in reality, but reality as distorted by a misconception.” ~ George Soros
  45. “…there’s no reason why scholarship can’t be as seriously playful as bubble-blowing.” ~ Jonathon Keats

  46. “Fear and euphoria are dominant forces, and fear is many multiples the size of euphoria. Bubbles go up very slowly as euphoria builds. Then fear hits, and it comes down very sharply. When I started to look at that, I was sort of intellectually shocked. Contagion is the critical phenomenon which causes the thing to fall apart.” ~ Alan Greenspan
  47. “In infinite time, in infinite matter, in infinite space, is formed a bubble organism, and that bubble lasts a while and bursts, and that bubble is Me.” ~ Leo Tolstoy
  48. “Where the wave of moonlight glosses The dim gray sands with light, Far off by furthest Rosses We foot it all the night, Weaving olden dances, Mingling hands and mingling glances Till the moon has taken flight; To and fro we leap And chase the frothy bubbles, While the world is full of troubles And is anxious in its sleep. . . .” ~ William Butler Yeats
  49. “Our spaceship is a tiny bubble in a glass of God.” ~ Harry Martinson

  50. “Give fools their gold, and knaves their power; let fortune’s bubbles rise and fall; who sows a field, or trains a flower, or plants a tree, is more than all.” ~ John Greenleaf Whittier
  51. “There comes a time when the bubble of ego is popped and you can’t get the ground back for an extended period of time. Those times, when you absolutely cannot get it back together, are the most rich and powerful times in our lives.” ~ Pema Chodron , Bubbles quotes power
  52. “Nowhere else than upon the sea do the days, weeks, and months fall away quicker into the past. They seem to be left astern as easily as the light air-bubbles in the swirls of the ship’s wake.” ~ Joseph Conrad
  53. “In all our quest of greatness, like wanton boys, whose pastime is their care, we follow after bubbles, blown in the air.” ~ John Webster

  54. “Remember that history always repeats itself. Every great bubble in history has broken. There are no exceptions.” ~ Jeremy Grantham
  55. “Like bubbles on the sea of matter borne,
    They rise, they break, and to that sea return.” ~ Alexander Pope
  56. “This life of separateness may be compared to a dream, a phantasm, a bubble, a shadow, a drop of dew, a flash of lightning.” ~ Gautama Buddha
  57. “…what splendid dreams young people build upon a word, and how bitter is the pain when the bright bubbles burst.” ~ Louisa May Alcott

  58. “Discomfort and awkwardness are places where you feel things. I’m a big advocate for being happy. We can choose to live in a happy bubble. But part of being happy is understanding how sad things can be.” ~ Laurel Nakadate
  59. “Concentrating wealth in the hands of the few and deregulating financial institutions and practices lead to speculative bubbles that eventually burst — and that brings the whole country down.” ~ Jennifer Granholm
  60. “Dance and Provencal song and sunburnt mirth! On for a beaker full of the warm South, Full of the true, the blushful Hippocrene! With beaded bubbles winking at the brim, And purple-stained mouth.” ~ John Keats
  61. “Man’s life is but a jest,
    A dream, a shadow, bubble, air, a vapor at the best.” ~ George Walter
  62. “I don’t want to be in an art bubble.” ~ Diane Paulus

  63. “Therapy is extremely expensive. Popping bubble wrap is radically cheap.” ~ Jimmy Buffett
  64. “And people who do not know the Lord ask why in the world we waste our lives as missionaries. They forget that they too are expending their lives… and when the bubble has burst they will have nothing of eternal significance to show for the years they have wasted.” ~ Nate Saint
  65. “Thus shall ye think of all this fleeting world: As star at dawn, a bubble in a stream A flash of lightning in a summer cloud A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream” ~ Gautama Buddha

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