45 Basketball Court Quotes On Success In Life

These basketball court quotes will inspire you. In basketball, the basketball court is the playing surface, consisting of a rectangular floor, with baskets at each end.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, knowledgeable, and encouraging basketball court quotes, basketball court sayings, and basketball court proverbs.

Best Basketball Court Quotes

  1. “When I was young, I never wanted to leave the court until I got things exactly correct. My dream was to become a pro.” ~ Larry Bird
  2. “Each time I step on the basketball court, I never know what will happen. I live for the moment. I play for the moment.” ~ Michael Jordan
  3. “The basketball court for me, during a game, is the most peaceful place I can imagine. On the basketball court, I worry about nothing. When I’m out there, no one can bother me.” ~ Michael Jordan
  4. “Basketball is a beautiful game when the five players on the court play with one heartbeat.” ~ Dean Smith
  5. “I can see well enough on the 28-meter basketball court.” ~ Yao Ming

  6. “If you’re struggling with your shooting, then do other things on the basketball court. Get steals, get assists, get rebounds-do anything on the court to help the team win.” ~ Allen Iverson
  7. “I tell kids to pursue their basketball dreams, but I tell them to not let that be their only dream.” ~ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  8. “I’ve been called worse on the basketball court.” ~ Barack Obama
  9. “If Shakespeare can compare all of life to a stage, maybe it’s not odd to believe that part of the play can take place on a basketball court.” ~ Bill Russell , Basketball court quotes life
  10. “I’m not paid to be a role model. I’m paid to wreak havoc on the basketball court.” ~ Charles Barkley

  11. “The chances of there being transmissibility by blood to blood contact on a basketball court is so infinitesimally small that it is something that shouldn’t influence a decision whether someone would come back or not.” ~ Anthony S. Fauci
  12. “I’ve been captivated by the idea of being on a basketball court and being surrounded by people who made me look a little bit less like a freak.” ~ John Amaechi
  13. “The more your players have to think on the basketball court, the slower their feet get.” ~ Jerry Tarkanian
  14. “I wanted to be a hockey player. Where I grew up, the basketball courts were rarely used. I was terrible in school and actually said, ‘I’m going to be a hockey player.'” ~ Denis Leary
  15. “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” ~ Michael Jordan

  16. “I have two definitions of success – one on the basketball court and one in my personal life. In basketball, success means making my teammates better, winning basketball games, and winning championships. In my personal life, success means being a good father to my sons and raising them to be strong men; taking care of my family and being a good friend; and using my influence to make a difference in the community.” ~ Dwyane Wade
  17. “When I step on that basketball court, I’m thinking about basketball, I’m thinking about winning – but there’s so much that goes into thought about how I’m going to open this game up to others. It’s so much more than just basketball.” ~ Carmelo Anthony
  18. “There are very few sports where you can find that tranquility. Some people find that in golf, but when you’re in the water it’s such a difference from the golf course or the basketball court. That’s what makes surfing unique over any other sport.” ~ Troy Polamalu
  19. “My first ballet class was on a basketball court. I’m in my gym clothes and my socks trying to do this thing called ballet.” ~ Misty Copeland

  20. “I’m not comfortable being preachy, but more people need to start spending as much time in the library as they do on the basketball court.” ~ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  21. “I never really called people out. It was more along the lines of teasing a person. It started for me in fifth grade on the basketball court.” ~ Keyshawn Johnson
  22. “Coaching staff: I know there’s days you look at that film and you want to kill me. I’m not playing defense, taking bad shots, getting too many techs. But you always believe that I can be the guy. Through the tough times, you guys never left my side… That’s something that I really appreciate and I never want to take you guys for granted. I thank you so much for being part of my life. And not just on the basketball court, but giving me talks about growing as a man first, and a basketball player next.” ~ Kevin Durant
  23. “Where I grew up, the basketball courts were rarely used.” ~ Denis Leary

  24. “Don’t get me wrong – I love Jason Kidd. He’s a great point guard (But) how am I comparing myself to him when I think I’m the best point guard to play basketball? That doesn’t make any sense. I mean, how can I sit here and compare myself to somebody if I already think I’m the best? I’m telling you what it is: I know I’m the best point guard in the NBA. I don’t need anybody else to tell me that. When I go on the basketball court, if I think about what you’re all saying, I’ll lose my mind.” ~ Stephon Marbury
  25. “When you’re at the basketball court watching a game, one person may be talking about a fight he had with his wife, another is talking about the last hard-on he got, someone else is talking about the presidential election. The language and the tone and the voice – I’d love to be able to capture that spontaneity.” ~ John Edgar Wideman
  26. “For me, this was never a money issue, it was about being rich in your heart. To come home, and to be in the place where your dream first started, 15 minutes away from where my grandfather built my first basketball court, is a dream come true.” ~ Baron Davis
  27. “Magic is who I am on the basketball court. Earvin is who I am.” ~ Magic Johnson

  28. “It’s a really weird mindset to kind of try to take my mentality on the basketball court and bring it here on to the golf course. I don’t want to have too high of expectations on, like, each hole, just try to enjoy the process, but hopefully get out to a good start tomorrow and be in the conversation and see what happens.” ~ Stephen Curry
  29. “Michael Jordan once said that the most peaceful moments of his life were on a basketball court because that’s the only place he knew exactly what to do. And to me the most peaceful moments in my ministry are in the pulpit because that’s when I really know what I’m going to do.” ~ Max Lucado
  30. “THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL PROPERTIES with basketball courts, bathroom facilities, toilet facilities. Many young people would love to get the hell out of cities” ~ Carl Paladino
  31. “One thing you gotta know about Roy. The way I always saw myself, is I’m just like you. In the ring, I have a gift…That gift ain’t on the basketball court. That gift ain’t at home. You understand me? That gift is in the ring.” ~ Roy Jones Jr.
  32. “When it comes to team dynamics – on a basketball court or in a corporate setting – maintaining a positive atmosphere is crucial.” ~ Rick Pitino

  33. “The Black Mamba collection of watches is me: It is my alter ego, so to speak. As I mentioned before, it is sharp, cutting edge, and sleek which are characteristics I try to apply when I’m out there on the basketball court.” ~ Kobe Bryant
  34. “There’s so much that I want to do. I feel like I’m the Magic Johnson of rap. You know, Magic was great on the basketball court, but he’s bigger as a businessman.” ~ Snoop Dogg
  35. “Magic is crazy. He is that crazy wild guy on the basketball court that is very intense and very serious. He is the guy who lives and eats and breathes basketball.” ~ Magic Johnson
  36. “On a basketball court, five players were in the middle of an intense game. They wore assortment of jerseys from different American teams, and they all seemed keen to win—grunting and snarling at each other, stealing the ball, and pushing. Oh…and the players were all baboons.” ~ Rick Riordan
  37. “I get scared of a lot of attention. I get scared of the spotlight. And I’m not talking about on the basketball court.” ~ Jeremy Lin

  38. “The world is not checking in with us to see what skills we’ve picked up, what idea we’ve concocted, what dreams we carry in our hearts. When a job opens, whether it’s in the chorus line or on the assembly line, it goes to the person standing there. It goes to the eager beaver the boss sees when he looks up from his work: the pint-sized kid standing at the basketball court on the playground waiting for one of the older boys to head home. “Hey, kid, wanna play?”” ~ Chris Matthews
  39. “A friend of mine has a house with a basketball court and a pool. The guys go over and play basketball; I lie by the pool and nap in the sun. That defines me. That’s consistent with who I am. I don’t pretend to play basketball because I wanna feel like one of the guys. I wanna lie in the sun and relax.” ~ Ryan Seacrest
  40. “When I really like something, I try to put my all into it. This is something that’s different from when I was growing up on the basketball court, running up and down, scoring 30 points or something. This is totally something different.” ~ Carmelo Anthony
  41. “Basketball is a full-court game, so every drill must be done full court.” ~ Bobby Knight

  42. “Well, I work out three to four times a week, in a gym, which – thank God – is right in my building here in New York City. It’s in the Reebok building, and it’s got every kind of weightlifting equipment you can imagine, spread out over six floors, plus basketball courts and everything else. And because it’s right in the building, there’s no excuse.” ~ Regis Philbin
  43. “I’ve accomplished everything a person can accomplish on a basketball court, but I never thought about the future when I was younger. I never made plans for the next stage in my life.” ~ Sheryl Swoopes
  44. “Sometimes on the basketball court or on the football field, you enter this place called ‘The Zone.’ You’re not supposed to acknowledge when you’re in ‘The Zone,’ but when you are, you simply cannot be stopped.” ~ Victor Cruz
  45. “I usually just speak in English when I’m on the basketball court. For some reason, my mind never even tried to cross any other language when I’m playing basketball.” ~ Dikembe Mutombo

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