65 Base Quotes On Success In Life

These base quotes will inspire you. Base, the lowest part or edge of something, especially the part on which it rests or is supported.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, knowledgeable, and encouraging base quotes, base sayings, and base proverbs.

Best Base Quotes

  1. “I had only one superstition. I made sure to touch all the bases when I hit a home run.” ~ Babe Ruth
  2. “Language is not an abstract construction of the learned, or of dictionary makers, but is something arising out of the work, needs, ties, joys, affections, tastes, of long generations of humanity, and has its bases broad and low, close to the ground” ~ Noah Webster
  3. “Events at home, at work, in the street – these are the bases for a story.” ~ Naguib Mahfouz
  4. “After I hit a home run I had a habit of running the bases with my head down. I figured the pitcher already felt bad enough without me showing him up rounding the bases.” ~ Mickey Mantle
  5. “I never could stand losing. Second place didn’t interest me. I had a fire in my belly.” ~ Ty Cobb

  6. “People say I stole a lot of bases. I stole the bases for a reason. I crossed the plate.” ~ Rickey Henderson
  7. “If you can do that – if you run, hit, run the bases, hit with power, field, throw and do all other things that are part of the game – then you’re a good ballplayer.” ~ Willie Mays
  8. “It is one of the more striking generalizations of biochemistry – which surprisingly is hardly ever mentioned in the biochemical textbooks – that the twenty amino acids and the four bases, are, with minor reservations, the same throughout Nature.” ~ Francis Crick
  9. “How is the base sequence, divided into codons? There is nothing in the backbone of the nucleic acid, which is perfectly regular, to show us how to group the bases into codons.” ~ Francis Crick
  10. “If there are bases on the moon, that would be the end of the moon as we know it.” ~ Laurie Anderson

  11. “There were time when I was into method acting that I did have moments of residual character emotions because the method bases your emotional responses as a character on emotional experiences from your real life.” ~ Corin Nemec
  12. “The direct investment of Japanese businesses to East Asian economies accelerates the reallocation of their production bases. Consequently, between Japan and the other East Asian countries, both exports and imports are growing substantially.” ~ Toshihiko Fukui
  13. “So you will see us continue to advance the state of the art or take information that we have in our response data bases and have that drive automation or an automated response by some of our products.” ~ John W. Thompson
  14. “And then after that, running around the bases, it was just one of those things. You couldn’t believe what happened to you. And I look back on it, it’s almost like it happened to somebody else.” ~ Carlton Fisk
  15. “The bases for historical knowledge are not empirical facts but written texts, even if these texts masquerade in the guise of wars or revolutions.” ~ Paul de Man

  16. “Every principle is a judgment, every judgment the outcome of experience, and experience is only acquired by the exercise of the senses; whence it follows that religious principles bear upon nothing whatever and are not in the slightest innate. Ignorance and fear, you will repeat to them, ignorance and fear – those are the twin bases of every religion.” ~ Marquis de Sade
  17. “Greece is a sort of American vassal; the Netherlands is the country of American bases that grow like tulip bulbs; Cuba is the main sugar plantation of the American monopolies; Turkey is prepared to kowtow before any United States proconsul and Canada is the boring second fiddle in the American symphony.” ~ Andrei Gromyko
  18. “I believe eating well, and with people you love, is about feeding your body, heart, and soul – I used juicing to ensure I covered my nutritional bases every day, and as a tool to restore inner balance if my body needed a break from too much indulgence.” ~ Salma Hayek
  19. “All you umpires, back to the bleachers. Referees hit the showers. It’s my game. I pitch, I hit, I catch. I run the bases. At sunset, I’ve won or lost. At sunrise, I’m out again, giving it the old try.” ~ Ray Bradbury
  20. “I only have one superstition: I make sure to touch all the bases when I hit a home run.” ~ Babe Ruth

  21. “The great American game should be an unrelenting war of nerves.” ~ Ty Cobb
  22. “The attack and our response show just how vital Arizona’s military bases are to the defense of our country. We need to do everything we can to protect them.” ~ Jane D. Hull
  23. “God willing, we shall come to a stage where the world looks at the Palestinian question, and Palestinian rights on Palestinian national soil, as well as the questions of the occupied Syrian and Lebanese territories. These are the bases on which peace will be built.” ~ King Hussein I
  24. “Our purpose in Vietnam is to prevent the success of aggression. It is not conquest, it is not empire, it is not foreign bases, it is not domination. It is, simply put, just to prevent the forceful conquest of South Vietnam by North Vietnam.” ~ Lyndon B. Johnson
  25. “We cannot choose one desktop over the other – Gnome or KDE – because there’s users for both code bases.” ~ Miguel de Icaza

  26. “Hitting the ball was easy. Running around the bases was the tough part.” ~ Mickey Mantle
  27. “Hit a home run – put your head down, drop the bat, run around the bases, because the name on the front is more – a lot more important than the name on the back.” ~ Ryne Sandberg
  28. “I always ask two questions: How many countries have military bases in the United States? And in how many countries does the United States not have military bases?” ~ Jose Saramago
  29. “But if you believe in Christ and that your main goal with your life is supposed to be to honor Him and do His will, then you don’t have as much pressure as someone who bases all their happiness on whether they’re a movie star.” ~ Victoria Jackson
  30. “Hollywood is sexist and age-ist, and that covers all the bases, I guess.” ~ Kyra Sedgwick

  31. “The U.S. must renounce any U.S. interest in constructing permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq.” ~ Peter DeFazio
  32. “Attempts have been made from a study of the changes produced by mutation to obtain the relative order of the bases within various triplets, but my own view is that these are premature until there is more extensive and more reliable data on the composition of the triplets.” ~ Francis Crick
  33. “At the same time, we are aware that our various religions and ethical traditions often offer very different bases for what is helpful and what is unhelpful for men and women, what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is evil.” ~ Hans Kung
  34. “It now seems certain that the amino acid sequence of any protein is determined by the sequence of bases in some region of a particular nucleic acid molecule.” ~ Francis Crick
  35. “Moderation is the basis of justice.” ~ George MacDonald

  36. “Reason bases its decisions on evidence available to everyone and allows people to disagree when evidence is lacking. Religion will never do that.” ~ Richard Carrier
  37. “Faith in the biblical sense is substantive, based on the knowledge that the One in whom that faith is placed has proven that He is worthy of that trust. In its essence, faith is a confidence in the person of Jesus Christ and in His power, so that even when His power does not serve my end, my confidence in Him remains because of who He is.” ~ Ravi Zacharias
  38. “Too often we judge people based on our own backgrounds and experiences, but when you understand people’s stories, it’s easier to understand their demeanor.” ~ Joel Osteen
  39. “This was all very new to me and I did not want to ruin his film! So we worked hard on that basis of confidence that is needed to collaborate comfortably.” ~ Helena Christensen
  40. “Architecture is not based on concrete and steel, and the elements of the soil. It’s based on wonder.” ~ Daniel Libeskind

  41. “There is a case for saying that the creation of new aesthetic forms has been the most fundamentally productive of all forms of human activity. Whoever creates new artistic conventions has found methods of interchange between people about matters which were incommunicable before. The capacity to do this has been the basis of the whole of human history.” ~ John Zachary Young
  42. “Christianity is realistic because it says that if there is no truth, there is also no hope; and there can be no truth if there is no adequate base. It is prepared to face the consequences of being proved false and say with Paul: If you find the body of Christ, the discussion is finished, let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die. It leaves absolutely no room for a romantic answer.” ~ Francis Schaeffer
  43. “Every civil government is based upon some religion or philosophy of life. Education in a nation will propagate the religion of that nation. In America, the foundational religion was Christianity. And it was sown in the hearts of Americans through the home and private and public schools for centuries. Our liberty, growth, and prosperity was the result of a Biblical philosophy of life. Our continued freedom and success is dependent on our educating the youth of America in the principles of Christianity.” ~ Noah Webster
  44. “The Thoroughbred exists because its selection has depended, not on experts, technicians, or zoologists, but on a piece of wood: the winning post of the Epsom Derby. If you base your criteria on anything else, you will get something else, not the Thoroughbred.” ~ Federico Tesio
  45. “Well-chosen words mixed with measured emotions is the basis of affecting people.” ~ Jim Rohn

  46. “True community is based on upon equality, mutuality, and reciprocity. It affirms the richness of individual diversity as well as the common human ties that bind us together.” ~ Pauli Murray
  47. “Sincere thought, real free thought, ready, in the name of superhuman authority or of humble common sense, to question the basis of what is officially taught and generally accepted, is less and less likely to thrive. It is, we repeat, by far easier to enslave a literate people than an illiterate one, strange as this may seem at first sight. And the enslavement is more likely to be lasting.” ~ Savitri Devi
  48. “Attitude precedes service. Your positive mental attitude is the basis for the way you act and react to people. ‘You become what you think about’ is the foundation of your actions and reactions. What are your thoughts? Positive all the time? How are you guiding them?” ~ Jeffrey Gitomer
  49. “Using the Japan-U.S. alliance as a basis, it is important that we maintain and develop cooperative relations with our neighboring countries such as China, South Korea, and Russia.” ~ Junichiro Koizumi
  50. “Every form is a base for color, every color is the attribute of a form.” ~ Victor Vasarely

  51. “Just as the development of earth art and installation art stemmed from the idea of taking art out of the galleries, the basis of my involvement with public art is a continuation of wall drawings.” ~ Sol LeWitt
  52. “On the basis of his work each person is fully entitled to consider himself a part-owner of the great workbench at which he is working with everyone else. A way toward that goal could be found by associating labor with the ownership of capital joint ownership of the means of work, sharing by the workers in the management and/or profits of businesses, so-called shareholding by labor, etc.” ~ Pope John Paul II
  53. “If capital produces most of the economy’s wealth and income is distributed on the basis of productive input, the individual can hardly reach his goal – an affluent level of income – solely by means of his labor.” ~ Louis O. Kelso
  54. “Personalism’s insistence that only personality-finite and infinite-is ultimately real strengthened me in two convictions: it gave me metaphysical and philosophical grounding for the idea of a personal God, and it gave me a metaphysical basis for the dignity and worth of all human personality.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
  55. “Ninety feet between home plate and first base may be the closest man has ever come to perfection.” ~ Red Smith

  56. “If the world is made to furnish each individual with the means of livelihood and the instruments for his growth and progress, each man has, therefore, the right to find in the world what is necessary for himself. The recent Council reminded us of this: “God intended the earth and all that it contains for the use of every human being and people. Thus, as all men follow justice and unite in charity, created goods should abound for them on a reasonable basis.”” ~ Pope Paul VI
  57. “We believe this approach (progress sharing) is a rational approach because you cooperate in creating the abundance that makes the progress possible, and then you share that progress after the fact, and not before the fact. Profit-sharing would resolve the conflict between management apprehensions and worker expectations on the basis of solid economic facts as they materialize rather than on the basis of speculation as to what the future might hold.” ~ Walter Reuther
  58. “On a daily basis there are some huge ones that are, sure, from time to time, but it is helping the reader sort through all this sort of gray stuff out there.” ~ Jim Lehrer
  59. “Nonbelievers are protected by the religion clauses of the Constitution not because secular humanism is a religion, which it is not, but because when the government acts on the basis of religion it discriminates against those who do not “believe” in the governmentally favored manner.” ~ Norman Dorsen
  60. “Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.” ~ Barry Switzer

  61. “Suppression of expression conceals the real problems confronting a society and diverts public attention from the critical issues. It is likely to result in neglect of the grievances which are the actual basis of the unrest, and thus prevent their correction.” ~ Thomas I. Emerson
  62. “I’m not somebody who goes to church on a regular basis. The specific elements of Christianity are not something I’m a huge believer in.” ~ Bill Gates
  63. “He can run, steal bases, throw, hit for average, and hit with power like I’ve never seen. Just don’t put him at shortstop.” ~ Mickey Mantle
  64. “It is a mistake to try to impose Christian beliefs on children and to make them the basis of moral training. The moral education of children is much too important a matter to be built on such foundations.” ~ Margaret E. Knight
  65. “It seems to me that the bane of our country is a profession of faith either with no basis of real belief or with no proper examination of the grounds on which the creed is supposed to rest.” ~ James Russell Lowell

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