11 Barbados Quotes On Success In Life

These Barbados quotes will inspire you. Barbados is an island country in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies, in the Caribbean region of the Americas, and the most easterly of the Caribbean Islands.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Barbados quotes, Barbados sayings, and Barbados proverbs.

Best Barbados Quotes

  1. “Anything that feels familiar and comfortable [is home]. It’s wherever I feel safe and safest. Most of the time, that’s just Barbados. It’s warm, it’s beautiful, it’s the beach, it’s my family, it’s the food, it’s the music. Everything feels familiar, feels right and feels safe. So, Barbados is home for me.” ~ Rihanna
  2. “Banks’ beer. There’s nothing like it! To Brazil. And to Barbados justice.” ~ Ronald Biggs
  3. “I would have never dreamed that my career would be this successful. I grew up in an average home in Barbados, and we didn’t live in the best neighborhood. But I was never aware that we were poor; my mom never made us feel that way. She loved me unconditionally. She made us feel anything was possible and instilled in me such confidence.” ~ Rihanna
  4. “I love Barbados, it’s really relaxing.” ~ Wayne Rooney

  5. “I’ve got a nice little crafty deal with the people in Barbados; 10 days out there teaching the locals how to play darts for an hour a day. Get paid for that as well.” ~ Eric Bristow
  6. “While in America beautiful is skinny, in Barbados it’s thick – girls with huge butts and nice curves.” ~ Rihanna
  7. “My family was very engaged in the world around us. My father was an African Methodist Episcopal minister and an immigrant from Panama. He was deeply involved in civil rights causes, which scared my mother – she was also an immigrant, from Barbados, who had her hands full with six kids, and she worried that my father would get deported. But because of his passion for politics and civil rights, we paid close attention to current events. We would watch political conventions together – for fun!” ~ Gwen Ifill
  8. “I want to drive! I love to drive! I drive at home in Barbados.” ~ Jim Parsons

  9. “I grew up in Birmingham, but my parents are originally from Barbados. My dad, Romeo, was a long-distance lorry driver, and my mother, Mayleen, worked in catering.” ~ David Harewood
  10. “My mother’s mother is Jewish and African, so I guess that would be considered Creole. My mother’s father was Cherokee Indian and something else. My dad’s mother’s Puerto Rican and black, and his father was from Barbados.” ~ Meagan Good
  11. “Dancing was always part of my culture growing up in Barbados. When I shot my 1st video I worked really hard with my choreographer to perfect the routines.” ~ Rihanna

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