36 Bali Quotes On Success In Life

These Bali quotes will inspire you. Bali is a province of Indonesia and the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Bali quotes, Bali sayings, and Bali proverbs.

Best Bali Quotes

  1. “There is a saying in Bali: “We have no art. We do everything as beautifully as possible.” This reflects my philosophy of practice. I try to remember daily what a gift it is to have the privilege of living in this wondrous world.” ~ Sam Keen
  2. “Life, religion and art all converge in Bali. They have no word in their language for ‘artist’ or ‘art.’ Everyone is an artist.” ~ Anais Nin
  3. “Students sometimes turn up at my course and they look a bit like they’re going to Bali with only Wellingtons and a map, and they never leave their hotel room because they didn’t think to bring a bikini. I’m full of bizarre analogies like that.” ~ Louise Wilson
  4. “There are times when the state department says not to travel to a place, but I’ll look it up and find out for myself. For years, even Bali was off the list because they had been bombed. I totally ignored that.” ~ Rita Gelman
  5. “I have a bit of a traveling addiction, and, ah, yeah. I went to, ah, Bali this summer.” ~ Fisher Stevens

  6. “Tahiti has been spoiled for many years, but Bali is one of the few cultures with origins in one of the great ancient cultures which is still alive.” ~ Arthur Erickson
  7. “Bali and the Aman resorts are all very luxurious, great places to go.” ~ Diane von Furstenberg
  8. “[In Bali] life is a rhythmic, patterned unreality of pleasant, significant movement, centered in one’s own body to which all emotions long ago withdrew.” ~ Margaret Mead
  9. “I had dreamed of visiting Bali for many years and because I had an extended family of Balinese friends in Los Angeles, I felt connected. The island is so peaceful and the smiles are constant.” ~ Carolyn Murphy
  10. “Bhuta ia, dewa ia. (Bali expression meaning Man is a demon, man is a god.)” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

  11. “Take what happened to me in Bali. I planned on going to Ubud, then met a man on an airplane who told me it was too touristy. He gave me an address on the other side of the island, which turned out to be a palace where I lived for four years.” ~ Rita Gelman
  12. “I love bringing the colors and textures of other cultures. If I wear a dress that I bought from a street vendor in Bali on a red carpet, it’s a way of bringing my travels with me.” ~ Serinda Swan
  13. “I could probably live in Bali the rest of my life and completely live in the sticks and have a f – king moped and make a record every couple of years and not step in public and break even like I do anyway. That’s really tempting.” ~ Ben Folds
  14. “I feel at home most places I go, but my very top of the list are Bali, Italy, and London. Those are like second homes to me.” ~ Donna Karan

  15. “David Attenborough has said that Bali is the most beautiful place in the world, but he must have been there longer than we were, and seen different bits, because most of what we saw in the couple of days we were there sorting out our travel arrangements was awful. It was just the tourist area, i.e. that part of Bali which has been made almost exactly the same as everywhere else in the world for the sake of people who have come all this way to see Bali.” ~ Douglas Adams
  16. “I went to Bali, and I was in a small village, and somebody who was with me showed a woman a little figurine of Bart and asked: ‘Do you know who this is?’ And she said: ‘Mickey Mouse.'” ~ Matt Groening
  17. “Stay away from Europe, stay away from Japan, Australia. If you go to the Western world, you’re gonna pay more money. You can spend five months in Bali for what you’d spend in one month in Europe.” ~ Rita Gelman
  18. “You look at the world situation, look at London, Paris, Italy, it is all basically the same as the U.S. Then you look at other places such as India, Bali, with warmer climates, you know the Southern climates, they are very different. I think there is a time and place for everything and in Australia, for example, it is completely the opposite. I don’t think we can be designing for that customer per se.” ~ Donna Karan
  19. “A restaurant with candles and flowers evokes more reveries than the Isle of Bali does.” ~ Mason Cooley

  20. “After Cannes every year, I end up going to some foreign country I’ve never been to before and introducing myself to a new religion – I’ll go to Bali and research Hinduism, or I’ll go to Thailand and get another tattoo from Thai tattoo artist Ajarn Noo Kanpai.” ~ Michelle Rodriguez
  21. “There are big surfing communities in every country with an ocean coast that I know in Central and South America. Same with Mexico, Bali, and nearly every island nation that gets waves in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. But that’s a relatively recent development in most places.” ~ William Finnegan
  22. “You don’t just have to be influenced by rock, or goth, anymore. It’s okay to say, ‘My influences are Tin Pan music from Bali and Rihanna.’ There are still so many combinations that haven’t been done yet.” ~ Grimes
  23. “It was [the concept of] nationalism that Indonesia was established on. Not the Javanese, not the Sumatran, not the Bornean, Sulawesi, Bali or others, but the Indonesian, that together became the foundation of one nationale staat (nation-state).” ~ Sukarno
  24. “Kissing making out on the ground Bali Hai Bali Hai Bali Hai!” ~ Steven Pasquale

  25. “Spiritual models for me are the communities of Tibetans living in exile in India, or the banjars of Bali, which exist in times of difficulty, oppression. Alternative spaces-perhaps this kind of communication can take place over the Net? Probably only up to a point as the Net’s controlled by the military. But the idea is to live outside multi-national, monocultural, commodification prison, outside the grey areas of power-mad, monied collusion.” ~ Anne Waldman
  26. “When I go to Bali, when I come to India and travel and see different cultures. I make sure I’m involved in the world out there, creatively, culturally.” ~ Donna Karan
  27. “We’ve only recently turned the corner on the Sept. 11 attacks being blamed on Jews and Israelis, as well as almost every other terrorist attack, whether in London, Madrid, Bali or Egypt.” ~ Abraham Foxman
  28. “Just as there are many more Californians now to be found in the temples of Kyoto or the villages of Bali or the mountains of the Himalayas than ever before, what is also exciting is that one can just go downtown Santa Barbara and find ayurvedic medicine, Thai restaurants, and Japanese cars in abundance.” ~ Pico Iyer
  29. “Ive lived in Jakarta and have seen a lot more by living here, and I understand that theres so much more to Indonesia than just Bali and Jakarta.” ~ Tony Fernandes

  30. “My favorite hotel is the Villa Alilla in Bali. The setting is pure bliss, overlooking the ocean of Uluwatu; the eye line makes you feel as if you’re floating on top of the ocean.” ~ Carolyn Murphy
  31. “The fact is that people who strap bombs to their bodies to blow up families at a Bar Mitzvah in Israel, plant bombs at a nightclub in Bali, or slit stewardesses’ throats and ram airplanes filled with innocent Americans into office buildings do not do so for any reason related to poverty. They do so because they hold evil beliefs and have deformed consciences” ~ Dennis Prager
  32. “For the millennium [New Year’s Eve], you really have a choice to make. You either have to be naked with your head on fire and a shotgun in Bali or else you have to spend time with friends or family around the fireplace. And I’m choosing option B” ~ Tom Morello
  33. “I’d have to say Bali’s my favorite place that I’ve visited.” ~ Christopher Meloni

  34. “I went out to Bali, and I cast all of these supporting roles. I love that stuff. I just love actors. And then, Ryan Murphy asked me to direct second unit for him on Eat Pray Love. I was already booked on something else, but I joined them later. And then, I wrote him a thank you email and I got no response. I was like, “Okay, that’s it.” We didn’t interact much on set either.” ~ Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
  35. “My home has a split personality. Some of the rooms are very French antique. Think Aubusson rugs, turquoise ceramic jugs, sandbag pillows, and broken birdcages. The other half is very Aztec. Neon ikat fabric pillows, vintage books piled up to the ceiling, and shutters from Bali.” ~ Poppy Delevingne
  36. “I do hear about these actors who go on vacations to Bali for three months, and their agents are banging their heads against a wall trying to find their clients – but that’s not me. I’m working hard every day. Enjoy your vacation.” ~ Erin Cummings

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