Inspirational Avid Quotes On Success In Life

These avid quotes will inspire you. Avid having or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging avid quotes, avid sayings, and avid proverbs.

Best Avid Quotes

  1. “Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go so much further than people with vastly superior talent.” ~ Sophia Loren
  2. “When they first cast me, I was a pretty avid fan and vampire movies and Celtic mythology, so I was excited to get a chance to walk in Doyle’s shoes and have fun with it.” ~ Glenn Quinn
  3. “Take time to play! Ask for what you want. Laugh. Live loudly. Be avid. Learn a new thing. Be Yourself!” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher
  4. “Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself.” ~ Sophia Loren

  5. “Be avid. Create apart from perfection. Risk failure. Cover your words with sweat. Run a little Touch excruciatingly. Laugh until you cry. Dance with your eyes closed. Care. Understand you die a little in every moment. Be Enlivened” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher
  6. “I’ve always been an avid reader. If I don’t have a book in the car, I’ll stop and pick one up just to have something to read. I don’t even remember learning to read.” ~ Janis Ian
  7. “But I was, and still am, an avid reader and so when I first started I chose to photograph many of the great writers in this country to try and earn a living.” ~ Fay Godwin , Avid quotes reader
  8. “I’m a conservative. I was an avid supporter of Ronald Reagan; I thought he was fabulous.” ~ Shannen Doherty

  9. “I was an avid radio fan when I was a boy, as well as a great lover of comic strips” ~ Guillermo Cabrera Infante
  10. “As an avid photographer, I also took advantage of the latest technology in photography – digital photography – to post photos on my website on a daily basis.” ~ Tipper Gore
  11. “Everybody sort of questioned why we get married on New Year’s Day, and of course, the avid sports fans wouldn’t come, because they had to watch the Rose Bowl or whatever that is on that day.” ~ Yeardley Smith , Avid quotes fan
  12. “Now that I can edit the whole thing on AVID and edit the whole thing on tape, maybe I will do the next digitally because maybe the quality will become less obvious between tape and film.” ~ Michael Apted
  13. “I’m an avid biography reader.” ~ Brent Spiner

  14. “As her sons have seen her: the mother in patriarchy: controlling, erotic, castrating, heart-suffering, guilt-ridden, and guilt-provoking; a marble brow, a huge breast, an avid cave; between her legs snakes, swamp-grass, or teeth; on her lap a helpless infant or a martyred son. She exists for one purpose: to bear and nourish the son.” ~ Adrienne Rich
  15. “Twilight”s got some avid – and rabid – fans.” ~ Rachelle Lefevre
  16. “I am an avid runner, mainly on weekends.” ~ Patrick Wilson
  17. “I stole comic books from my brother when I was a kid, but I was never like an avid fan. I can’t claim to be like a comic book geek.” ~ Anna Kendrick

  18. “Of course we women gossip on occasion. But our appetite for it is not as avid as a man s. It is in the boys gyms, the college fraternity houses, the club locker rooms, the paneled offices of business that gossip reaches its luxuriant flower.” ~ Phyllis McGinley
  19. “I would not describe myself as an avid jazz fan and I am not a jazz musician myself. However, that is not to say that jazz does not play a vital and important role in my life.” ~ Nat Wolff
  20. “The procurator studied the new arrival with avid, and slightly fearful eyes. It was the kind of look one gives someone one has heard of and thought a lot about, and whom one is meeting for the first time.” ~ Mikhail Bulgakov
  21. “Avid readers are enchanted by meaning, which is available chiefly in books.” ~ Mason Cooley

  22. “With science becoming far more accessible to all of us, I’ve become a pretty avid reader and devourer of it. One of the objectives that I had working with Fringe was to get more people talking about it because it’s such fun.” ~ John Noble
  23. “Though I am not an avid reader but I like romantic books. Love is a good thing. At times in love, there are disappointments…one must not keep expectations. I like to be positive in love. I believe in happy endings.” ~ Katrina Kaif
  24. “When she is older she will see in these resemblances a regrettable uniformity among individuals (they all stop at the same spots to kiss, have the same tastes in clothing, flatter a woman with the same metaphor) and a tedious monotony among events (they are all just an endless repetition of the same one); but in her adolescence she welcomes these coincidences as miraculous and she is avid to decipher their meanings.” ~ Milan Kundera
  25. “I train twice a day and I make sure I eat right. I’m an avid tea drinker and I enjoy the benefits of drinking MateFit. It gives me energy, speeds up my metabolism and helps me shed excess water weight. I also do everything from MMA sparring to strength and conditioning. I make sure to do a combination of different things with my training.” ~ Miesha Tate
  26. “I was an avid reader of futurists during the 1970s and ’80s. They were so wrong – about everything.” ~ Hermann E. Ott

  27. “Accumulating knowledge is a form of avarice and lends itself to another version of the Midas story …man [is] so avid for knowledge that everything that he touches turns to facts; his faith becomes theology; his love becomes lechery; his wisdom becomes science; pursuing meaning, he ignores truth.” ~ Malcolm Muggeridge
  28. “One can say this in general of men: they are ungrateful, disloyal, insincere and deceitful, timid of danger and avid of profit…Love is a bond of obligation that these miserable creatures break whenever it suits them to do so; but fear holds them fast by a dread of punishment that never passes.” ~ Niccolo Machiavelli
  29. “It’s because of libraries that books like mine get recommended to book clubs and avid readers, who in turn pass them onto others looking to be whisked away from the world for a little while…and perhaps to learn a bit about themselves in the process.” ~ Jodi Picoult
  30. “Hitler was an avid reader, a passion that stayed with him through all the phases of his career.” ~ Volker Ullrich

  31. “I’m an eclectic and avid filmgoer. I try to see everything from romantic comedies to blockbusters to art house films, world cinema and documentaries.” ~ Pamela Yates
  32. “Everybody thinks of others as being excessively human, with all the frailties and crotchets appertaining to that curious condition. But each of us also seems to regard himself as existing on a detached plane of observation, exempt (save in moments of avid crisis) from the strange whims of humanity en masse.” ~ Christopher Morley
  33. “I’ve always loved J.R.R. Tolkein and recently, Christine Feehan and J.K.Rowling. There are many as I’m an avid reader, but those three come to the fore.” ~ Franny Armstrong
  34. “The passions I have in my life are my family, music, books, I’m an avid plant collector, and I love to ride my bike.” ~ Bill Walton
  35. “I am a very, very avid ‘Anchorman’ fan.” ~ Zoey Deutch

  36. “Could God exist if nobody else did? No. That’s why gods are very avid for worshipers. If there is nobody to worship them, there are no gods. There are as many gods as there are people thinking about God. In choosing your god, you choose your way of looking at the universe. There are plenty of Gods. Choose yours. The god you worship is the god you deserve.” ~ Joseph Campbell
  37. “I am an avid supporter of PETA and all animals as well as animal rights programs.” ~ Corey Feldman
  38. “I was one of those avid moviegoers as a kid, and we didn’t have video, so we went to see everything five times. I went to see every foreign film playing in my town. As times went on, I watched a lot less films. I have a different film school now. My film school now is my life experience.” ~ Jodie Foster
  39. “I have been an avid reader of ‘Golf Digest’ ever since I started playing this great game.” ~ Paula Creamer

  40. “I had no aspirations to become a landscape photographer at all. In fact it was portraiture that was my beginning, I suppose. I have always been a very keen walker, though, and I often took a camera with me on my walks. But I was, and still am, an avid reader and so when I first started I chose to photograph many of the great writers in this country to try and earn a living.” ~ Fay Godwin
  41. “If you are a middle manager avid to begin a quality initiative in a company ruled by an executive from the old school, look elsewhere for a job.” ~ Mary Walton
  42. “As time passed I became an avid reader of popular scientific books, wanting to know as much as I could about the world in which I lived. Gradually I began to see a pattern of nonsense in much scientific writing. Scientific explanations given regarding the origins or functioning of various phenomena simply didn’t make sense.” ~ Vine Deloria Jr.
  43. “The love of Jesus is at once avid and generous. All that He has, all that He is, He gives; all that we are, all that we have, He takes.” ~ John of Ruysbroeck

  44. “If your self-esteem really does depend on how you look you’re always going to be insecure. There’s no way you can get around it because you are going to age. Even if you get that perfect body you’re going to get older and older and older. You can’t avid it. So you have to somehow, at some point, take control and sift the focus and decide who you are, what you can contribute to the world, what you do and say, is so much more important than how you look.” ~ Portia de Rossi
  45. “I am an avid reader! As for writing, I might – someday. But we’ll have to wait and see.” ~ Zosia Mamet
  46. “Just take me home where the mood is mellow
    And the roses are grown
    M&M’s are yellow
    And the light bulbs around my mirror don’t flicker
    Everybody gets a nice autograph picture
    One for you and one for your sister
    Who had to work tonight but is an avid listener
    Every song’s a favorite song
    And mics don’t feed back.” ~ Lupe Fiasco
  47. “I am young and avid for glory.” ~ Antoine Lavoisier

  48. “Two of my three siblings are older, so I suppose I learned from them and became a very avid reader at a young age, which I think enough cannot be said for what you can discover through literature.” ~ Julia Roberts
  49. “My mother was an avid readerShe loved books about romance. Books that took place in faraway places and times. Stories with costumes” ~ Adriana Trigiani
  50. “…no matter how avid they themselves may be for praise and appreciation, people are often niggardly in giving it to others, however merited it is.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
  51. “More than 3,500 hardcover novels are published each year. Even the most avid reader buys fewer than one a week.” ~ M.J. Rose

  52. “I’m an avid shoe fan. I got my first pair of Louboutins as a birthday gift from Jami Gertz.” ~ Toks Olagundoye
  53. “I’ve always been an avid reader. Everyone in my family read a lot. Considering we were from a little town, we were pretty literate.” ~ John Malkovich
  54. “Though they themselves might be as surprised as their parents and teachers to hear it said, adolescents–these poignantly thin- skinned and vulnerable, passionate and impulsive, starkly sexual and monstrously self-absorbed creatures–are, in fact, avid seekers of moral authenticity. They wish above all to achieve some realistic power over the real world in which they live while at the same time remaining true to their values and ideals.” ~ Louise J. Kaplan
  55. “I attended a Baptist church as a child and was an avid reader starting with the Bible.” ~ John Henrik Clarke

  56. “I’m such an avid magazine reader – music, art, beauty magazines – and I found that food and restaurants were pouring into everything I cared about. Whether it was the pop-up concept, or some mysterious mini-mall restaurant, I got swept up in the sexy romance of the food movement.” ~ Drew Barrymore
  57. “From early on there were two things that filled my life – music and storytelling, both of them provoked by my father. He was a jazz pianist and also a very good storyteller, an avid reader. He passed both those interests on to me.” ~ Athol Fugard
  58. “I’m an avid reader, and though it doesn’t always work out in terms of relaxation, I’ve got to keep myself up to date with current affairs. I was a journalism student in college, and I don’t feel like I can relax unless I feel informed. When people say they can’t watch the news because it’s too stressful, I just think, ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s just another way to procrastinate.” ~ Sophia Bush
  59. “Just because you’re an avid reader doesn’t mean you’re an avid understander.” ~ Alec Sulkin

  60. “In fiction, I exercise my nosiness. I am as curious as my cats, and indeed that has led to trouble often enough and used up several of my nine lives. I am an avid listener. I am fascinated by other people’s lives, the choices they make and how that works out through time, what they have done and left undone, what they tell me and what they keep secret and silent, what they lie about and what they confess, what they are proud of and what shames them, what they hope for and what they fear. The source of my fiction is the desire to understand people and their choices through time.” ~ Marge Piercy
  61. “My father is doing a radio program – classical music. He has a beautiful speaking voice and that’s his passion in life, his music. My mother lives in Melbourne and is an avid photographer. She’s also started writing for a magazine out there and she submits poems, very funny ones, and articles. In some way or other, my family is always doing something with the media.” ~ Olivia Newton-John
  62. “The story is framed around [avid Petraeus] resignation. So many headlines that followed talked about his ruined career. They completely ignore the fact that my career was ruined, other peoples’ careers were ruined. They focus on him as the victim.” ~ Paula Broadwell
  63. “Charles Dickens was an avid seeker of names – he read directories and looked for odd names on gravestones.” ~ Jane Smiley

  64. “I have been an avid reader since my youth. Because I also liked to play tabletop games, I soon felt the desire to make the story narrated in a book or an aspect of that story come alive in a game.” ~ Klaus Teuber
  65. “Yeah, I love A Nightmare on Elm Street. I was just a fan. I was such an avid fan. I remember being on the set talking about a sequence and he started asking me about maybe staging it a little different. I realized – I think he was shocked that I knew his work so well – I remember I started going like, “Why don’t we do it like The Last House on the Left, where you had the girl on the ground…”” ~ Kevin D. Williamson

Avid is very eager: enthusiastic keen or extremely eager or interested.

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