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These audio quotes will inspire you. Audio sound, especially when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging audio quotes, audio sayings, and audio proverbs.

Famous Audio Quotes

  1. “The beautiful thing about hip-hop is it’s like an audio collage. You can take any form of music and do it in a hip-hop way and it’ll be a hip-hop song. That’s the only music you can do that with.” ~ Talib Kweli
  2. “Well, whether it’s on film or on TV, you don’t want to throw too many curves at your audio and video guys.” ~ Rick Moranis
  3. “There’s nothing definite yet. Of course, any time you have a book, there’s going to be book signings and stuff. We’ll do bookstores that handle both audio and video. And some of the stores want to have the CDs available at the same time. So that part looks real good.” ~ Scotty Moore
  4. “One of the things that I think audio is best at is creating empathy.” ~ Alex Blumberg

  5. “I love Logic Audio and have been using it for years. All my track outputs used to come up on my old board in the same order as in the old Mac G4 – 1 through 32, came up as 1 through 32, for instance.” ~ Tony Visconti
  6. “If you can understand the humor in the drawing part you’ll probably get the humor in the audio part.” ~ Kid Koala
  7. “It’s just different discipline, just doing the voice-over. I guess I’ve done about 5 or 6 audiobooks in the past and I do the animated voice for a show called Fatherhood on Nickelodeon.” ~ Blair Underwood
  8. “But audio is a component of video, so there’s always been that anyway, and although we’ve never expressed a visual side apart from the Grateful Dead movie, I don’t find it that remote, you know what I mean? It’s a departure of sorts, but it’s like a first cousin.” ~ Jerry Garcia
  9. “In between that time, I’ve done book narrating, you know, books on tape for Dove Audio.” ~ Juice Newton

  10. “We exercise great caution in airing an audio- or videotape released by a terrorist organization holding a hostage. These are decisions made by CNN’s editorial staff and not by any third party.” ~ Jim C. Walton
  11. “From a technical point of view, there seemed to me to be absolutely no reason why – with the existing technology – we couldn’t do very high-quality audio, because whereas the boom in digital graphics is ongoing, the boom in digital audio has already happened.” ~ Thomas Dolby
  12. “I guess my guilty pleasure would be listening to the British audio versions of the ‘Harry Potter’ books.” ~ David Sedaris
  13. “Lovers of audiobooks learn to live with compromise.” ~ David Sedaris

  14. “I think that audio and video over the internet in the sense of teleconferencing and telephone calls. Maybe we’ll actually have picture phone through your workstation.” ~ Jon Postel
  15. “But, when we started our product portfolio, we focused the mixed signal requirements first for image processing devices and then in audio applications, targeting our technology into the growing use of digital technology in consumer markets.” ~ David Milne
  16. “At the same time, one of the things I noticed was that the moment there was any kind of audio attached to virtual reality, it really improved the experience, even though the audio didn’t feel like a sound engineer or composer had been anywhere near it.” ~ Thomas Dolby
  17. “I foresee online gaming changing when there are good audio-visual links connecting the participants, thus approximating play in a face-to-face group.” ~ Gary Gygax

  18. “I think it’s pretty obvious to most people that Napster is not media specific, but I could see a system like Napster evolving into something that allows users to locate and retrieve different types of data other than just MP3s or audio files.” ~ Shawn Fanning
  19. “The Audio Home Recording Act directly says that noncommercial copying by consumers is lawful.” ~ David Boies
  20. “Quite honestly, if I were doing work related to a living being or historical being where there was visual or audio recordings available, I would find that extremely difficult because I don’t know how you would avoid the process of mimicry. And mimicry, to me at any rate, is a very dull prospect.” ~ Daniel Day-Lewis
  21. “So a more sensible thing it seemed to me was to go to Silicon Valley and be pushing on the technology companies to accelerate the use of audio and music in computers.” ~ Thomas Dolby
  22. “Audiophiles don’t use their equipment to listen to your music. Audiophiles use your music to listen to their equipment.” ~ Alan Parsons

  23. “Images are not only visual. They’re also auditory, they involve sensuous impressions, bundles of information that come to us through our senses, and mainly through seeing and hearing: the audio-visual field.” ~ W. J. T. Mitchell
  24. “Kids today aren’t listening to music audio-only. They’re picking up a CD and looking at the lyric sheet and wondering why the pictures aren’t moving around. Who wants to do that? It’s like Bam Bam Flintstone hanging with the dinosaurs vs. Elroy Jetson who’s flying around space. If I’m a kid, I wanna be kicking it with Elroy.” ~
  25. “I wanted to make feminism more accessible. And I really wanted to engage with my own generation, one that is increasingly speaking in an audio/video multimedia language.” ~ Anita Sarkeesian
  26. “Since I shoot, record audio and edit, I was able to begin the filming without hiring a crew and create a sample to show broadcasters and grant organizations.” ~ Chris Hegedus

  27. “The biggest surprise watching video on the tiny, 2.5-inch screen (320 by 240 pixels) is completely immersive. Three unexpected factors are at work. First, the picture itself is sharp and vivid, with crisp action that never smears the screen is noticeably brighter than on previous iPods. Second, because the audio is piped directly into your ear sockets, it has much higher fidelity and presence than most peoples TV sets. Finally, remember that a 2.5-inch screen a foot from your face fills as much of your vision as a much larger screen thats across the room.” ~ David Pogue
  28. “People aren’t going to support an artist just because they have an audio file. They have to feel a real connection.” ~ Chuck D
  29. “The Fugazi Live Series site, when we realized the Internet, the way it works – the speeds and its development – made it possible to have one source of infinite copies, was incredible for us. Using tapes or CD’s to make copies would have been so unwieldy. We have shows that have zero downloads, which makes me sad, but they’re all freely available at any time. The most downloaded show was the one with the best audio quality, but I didn’t think it was a very interesting show.” ~ Ian MacKaye
  30. “I am a musician who stopped working with music. Now I work with visual music, or audio-visual music.” ~ Kurt Ralske

  31. “One thing that has happened is a revolution in digital consumer recording, and overall, that’s a great thing for art, but parallel to that there’s been a revolution in boutique audio companies making excellent gear.” ~ John Vanderslice
  32. “Solar bursts typically last from half a minute to a couple of minutes and often sound like a rapid hissing noise followed by a gradual decrease back to the original audio level.” ~ Honor Harger
  33. “I was born inside the movie of my life. The visuals were before me, the audio surrounded me, the plot unfolded inevitably but not necessarily. I don’t remember how I got into the movie, but it continues to entertain me.” ~ Roger Ebert , Audio quotes about life
  34. “I have an audio stigmatism whereby I hear things wrong – I have audio illusions.” ~ Tom Waits

  35. “What is the ideal audio atmosphere for creativity and it turns out it is not complete silence, and it is not a very loud atmosphere, it’s something about 70 decibels.” ~ Eric Weiner
  36. “Motion capture is exactly what it says: it’s physical moves, whereas performance capture is the entire performance – including your facial performance. If you’re doing, say, martial arts for a video game, that is motion capture. This is basically another way of recording an actor’s performance: audio, facial and physical.” ~ Andy Serkis
  37. “The Huffington Post Investigative Fund’s goal is to produce a broad range of investigative journalism created by both staff reporters and freelance writers, with a focus on working with the many experienced reporters and writers impacted by the economic contraction. The pieces will range from long-form investigations to short breaking news stories and will be presented in a variety of media – including text, audio, and video.” ~ Arianna Huffington
  38. “Sometimes, the best songs are the ones you write without any pen and paper or audio recording device or guitar in your hands. Because there’s nothing between you and the melody; it’s just a great lyric.” ~ Jon Foreman
  39. “Audio is the only medium you can consume while you’re multitasking.” ~ Alex Blumberg

  40. “There is a lot of money to be made from miseducation, from the easy to read easy to learn textbooks, workbooks, teacher manuals, educational games and visual aids. The textbook business is more than a billion-dollar-a-year industry and some of its biggest profits come from ‘audio-visual aids’ – flash cards, tape cassettes, and filmstrips. No wonder the education industry encourages schools to focus on surface education.” ~ Marva Collins
  41. “I love doing film soundtracks and working with directors on how they want the scene to be portrayed on audio as opposed to visual. I like the collaborative effort of working with people.” ~ Al Jourgensen , Audio quotes love
  42. “My platform has been to reach reluctant readers. And one of the best ways I found to motivate them is to connect them with reading that interests them, to expand the definition of reading to include humor, science fiction/fantasy, nonfiction, graphic novels, wordless books, audio books and comic books.” ~ Jon Scieszka
  43. “I credit Podiobooks and the free audio podcasts for helping me develop the audience I needed when I started selling my books in text forms.” ~ Nathan Lowell

  44. “Graphic novels might really speak to one child who’s struggling with the other kinds of reading and might help them discover that storytelling is joyful and personal and illuminating. They might find your way in auditorily by listening to audio books in the car instead of playing Game Boys or watching DVDs.” ~ Emma Walton Hamilton
  45. “You might think of a haunting as a loop of video or audio tape playing itself over and over for you to watch. Trying to interact with it would be akin to trying to interact with a show on your TV: sure, you can turn it off or change the channel, but I wouldn’t expect the actors to suddenly stop and talk to you directly.” ~ Loyd Auerbach
  46. “Let me tell you this, if I had wanted to have a library of audio and videotapes of Bill Clinton, I could have had that. And after I was accused of being a liar, I wished that I had of.” ~ Gennifer Flowers
  47. “When you’re young, you’re not afraid of what comes next. You’re excited by it.” ~ Dave Grohl

  48. “Hollywood has its own way of telling stories. I was just telling stories that I was familiar with. And it’s what I want to do in the future: I want to take my audio cinema and put it on the screen.” ~ Ice T
  49. “For me and my films I want my audience to experience cinema in its full glory. It’s not just visual, it’s audio as well. It’s emotional and I want you to be engaged with not just the scene but with the characters.” ~ James Wan
  50. “To me, it’s always a joy to create music no matter what it takes to actually get there. The real evils are always whatever stops you from doing that – like if your CPU is spiking and you have to sit there and bounce all your MIDI to audio. Now that’s annoying!” ~ Skrillex
  51. “Hey, I wasn’t a weirdo. I was in the audio-visual club.” ~ D’arcy Wretzky

  52. “If we have free will, by definition we cannot be granted it. We can’t be given it. My [-audio-recording-distorted-] paradox states that ‘Of course we have free will, we have no choice.’ To say that it’s a gift is to negate the whole concept of free will on its face. So, if that isn’t self-evident, I can’t think of anything that would meet the definition of being self-evident.” ~ Christopher Hitchens
  53. “The more we do this, the more the audio-drama format is opening up to us in new ways. So I think there’s an experimental element, or at least an confidence in experimenting, that’s running though our work now – and it wasn’t there in the first season.” ~ Glenn McQuaid
  54. “The biggest difference for me is that the tales really have no logical outlet, no particular infrastructure in which to present them as you would have with a film festival. There’s no IMDb for audio dramas. So there’s a lot of work with no particular reward.” ~ Larry Fessenden
  55. “You have to make rough decisions with sequencing and work within the limitations of having good audio for 15 minutes on a vinyl side.” ~ Tim Hecker

  56. “I use a laptop more as a tool, as sort of the central artery. Everything goes through the digital audio card of my computer, but if I had my druthers I’d do everything in dedicated hardware.” ~ Keith Fullerton Whitman
  57. “I get to listen to a lot of this music again doing my DJ work on Little Steven’s Underground Garage. To hear Van [Morrison] on Them’s version of “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”- what a vocal, and what an arrangement. Also, I get to hear so many records that I missed the first time around – The Chocolate Watchband, Roky Erikson. It’s an audio food fest, a total privilege, a second chance.” ~ Andrew Loog Oldham
  58. “We’re all living in a casino. It’s just Vegas. Everything is on camera. Everything is being recorded. Everything is on audio. The truth is we all have access to everybody else’s information.” ~ Ashton Kutcher
  59. “I’m a studio guy. That’s really what I love the most. I’m so fascinated with audio gear and recording techniques and whatnot, it’s pretty mesmerizing.” ~ Adam Young

  60. “I’ve been working with contractors designing and building a house on a nonstop basis since I learned about all these systems of audio, construction, electricity, energy, water systems.” ~ Tony Fadell
  61. “Andy Kindler. Andy’s set – somehow he slayed that night. But something weird about it that wasn’t translating for the CD. I don’t know what it was. But we listened to it and it wasn’t the greatest audio recording – I mean, the quality of it was good. But we didn’t want to put it on the record because it doesn’t represent what Andy does.” ~ B. J. Porter
  62. “My first epiphany that this might work came on my first day, when I went into biofeedback. They hooked me up to computers through electrodes, put me in a comfortable lounge chair, put an eye pillow over my face, slipped speakers onto my head and played an audio guided visualization.” ~ Brad Willis
  63. “Yes, for me audio-visual performance has its roots in my experience working as an improvising musician and composer.” ~ Kurt Ralske

  64. “The visuals and the audio, could stand by themselves in a way. But the whole idea of the thing, is that they would exist together. So I think together, they’re way more of a stronger thing. You could listen to just the music, or just watch the video, but I think it would really mean… obviously it would just be half the experience.” ~ Panda Bear
  65. “Your mental diet largely determines your character and your personality and almost everything that happens to you in life. When you feed your mind with positive affirmations, information, books, conversations, audio programs, and thoughts, you develop a more positive attitude and personality. You become more influential and persuasive. You enjoy greater confidence and self-esteem.” ~ Brian Tracy

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