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Aquaman, American comic strip superhero, defender of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and sometime member of the superhero consortium Justice League of America. Aquaman made his debut in 1941 in the anthology series More Fun Comics and since that time has appeared in numerous DC Comics magazines. These Aquaman quotes will inspire you in life.

Best Aquaman Quotes

  1. “I’m no leader. I came because I had no choice. I came to save my home, and the people that I love.” – Aquaman
  2. “You think you’re unworthy to lead because you have two different worlds. That is exactly why you are worthy.” – Mera: [speaking to Aquaman]
  3. “My parents were of two different worlds, and I was a product of the love that they shared. A son of land, and a son of the seas.” – Arthur Curry
  4. “You do your best thinking when you’re not thinking at all.” – Mera
  5. “Mera: We’re here!
    Aquaman: What are you doing?! Wait, wait, wait! [Mera rips the door off of the plane and jumps out]
    Pilot: She didn’t have a parachute!
    Aquaman: Redheads, you gotta love ’em. [Aquaman jumps out of the plane after Mera]”
  6. “Permission to come aboard.” – Aquaman

  7. “I call it an ass-whooping.” – Aquaman
  8. “My father was a lighthouse keeper. My mother was a queen. But life has a way of bringing people together. They made me what I am.” – Arthur Curry
  9. “You could unite our worlds one day.” – Queen Atlanna [Queen Atlanna speaks to baby Arthur]
  10. “Mera: I’ve been looking for you. Your half-brother, King Orm, is about to declare war upon the surface world. The only way to stop his war is for you to take your rightful place as king.
    Arthur Curry: Trust me, I am no king.”
  11. “This is badass!” – Aquaman [As Aquaman and Mera are speeding through the underwater city]
  12. “That was the worst pep talk, ever.” – Aquaman

  13. “Might want to strap in. Welcome home.” – Mera
  14. “Queen Atlanna: I am Atlanna, Queen of Atlantis.
    Thomas Curry: I am Thomas, Keeper of Lighthouse.”
  15. “The war is coming to the surface, and I am bringing the wrath of the Seven Seas with me.” – Orm
  16. “That was awesome.” – Aquaman [after nearly dying in canyons]

  17. “My brother has come from the surface to challenge me for the throne!” – Orm
  18. “Orm: You were the reason our mother was executed. And I’ve hated you for it ever since. But I do not want to kill you, Arthur. I am going to give you one chance. Go home. Do not ever come back to Atlantis. You are not going to win this. A war is coming to the surface whether you like or not. And I am bringing the wrath of the Seven Seas with me.
    Arthur Curry: You know I can’t let that happen.
    Orm: I know.”
  19. “Jarhead: You the Fish Boy from the TV?
    Arthur Curry: It’s Fish Man.”
  20. “Queen Atlanna: A king fights only for his own nation. A hero fights for everyone. You fight for everyone.

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