65 Approach Quotes On Success In Life

These approach quotes will inspire you. Approach, come near or nearer to (someone or something) in distance or time or a way of dealing with something.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging approach quotes, approach sayings, and approach proverbs.

Best Approach Quotes

  1. “Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” ~ Tony Robbins
  2. “Remember the two benefits of failure. First, if you do fail, you learn what doesn’t work; and second, the failure gives you the opportunity to try a new approach.” ~ Roger von Oech
  3. “You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” ~ Steve Jobs
  4. “Smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies. If you have a good sense of humor and a good approach to life, that’s beautiful.” ~ Rashida Jones

  5. “Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality, the costs become prohibitive.” ~ William F. Buckley, Jr.
  6. “If something comes to life in others because of you, then you have made an approach to immortality.” ~ Norman Cousins
  7. “Long-lasting change that will help you create new habits and actions requires an inside-out approach, as well as two very important tools: the mirror and time.” ~ Darren Johnson , Change approach quotes
  8. “The things you fear are undefeatable, not by their nature, but by your approach.” ~ Jewel

  9. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” ~ Steve Jobs
  10. “Inhale, and God approaches you. Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you. Exhale, and you approach God. Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God.” ~ Tirumalai Krishnamacharya
  11. “The most important service rendered by the press and the magazines is that of educating people to approach printed matter with distrust.” ~ Samuel Butler
  12. “If virtue promises happiness, prosperity and peace, then progress in virtue is progress in each of these for to whatever point the perfection of anything brings us, progress is always an approach toward it.” ~ Epictetus

  13. “I have a different approach. I don’t file lawsuits because I really don’t care.” ~ Nicole Kidman , Different approach quotes
  14. “Bodybuilding is much like any other sport. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach.” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
  15. “C is peculiar in a lot of ways, but it, like many other successful things, has a certain unity of approach that stems from development in a small group.” ~ Dennis Ritchie
  16. “The preparations are what they are. We’re here. The storm is coming. We are as best prepared as we can be as the eye of the storm approaches.” ~ Russel Honore

  17. “A true leader has to have a genuine open-door policy so that his people are not afraid to approach him for any reason.” ~ Harold Geneen
  18. “I always try to approach character first and foremost viscerally.” ~ Patricia Clarkson
  19. “I’d always maintained an image so that people wouldn’t approach me.” ~ John Lurie
  20. “The Japanese actually approach the music on a high level. It’s always been on a high level.” ~ Billy Higgins

  21. “As a reporter, I approach every situation knowing that everyone has his or her own agenda. It’s not a bad thing; it’s just a fact.” ~ Maria Bartiromo
  22. “You’re in a much better position to talk with people when they approach you than when you approach them.” ~ Peace Pilgrim
  23. “The iPod completely changed the way people approach music.” ~ Karl Lagerfeld

  24. “I had become, with the approach of night, once more aware of loneliness and time – those two companions without whom no journey can yield us anything.” ~ Lawrence Durrell
  25. “I approach playing acoustic guitar more of as a percussive instrument. It’s fragile. I don’t have a lot of finesse when it comes to my guitar playing.” ~ Billie Joe Armstrong
  26. “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” ~ Abraham Lincoln
  27. “My theme for philanthropy is the same approach I used with technology: to find a need and fill it.” ~ Dr. An Wang

  28. “We need what I have often called an ecological approach to the management of these resources and we do not have that now. We have the inertia of past habits, unsustainable habits.” ~ Maurice Strong
  29. “I knew the Apple II was great when I bought it, but as I dug into the details it just completely blew me away the creative artistic approach that the designers had taken.” ~ Andy Hertzfeld
  30. “The one thing you don’t want is that stale sound when you’ve done a line so much you can’t find a fresh approach to it. Drop it.” ~ Sammy Davis, Jr.
  31. “If you approach an opera as though it were something that always went a certain way, that’s what you get. I approach an opera as though I didn’t know it.” ~ Sarah Caldwell

  32. “The soprano has all those other instruments in it. It’s got the soprano song voice, flute, violin, clarinet, and tenor elements and can even approach the baritone in intensity.” ~ Steve Lacy
  33. “A person cannot approach the divine by reaching beyond the human. To become human, is what this individual person, has been created for.” ~ Martin Buber
  34. “The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
  35. “Socialism is… not only a way of life, but a certain scientific approach to social and economic problems.” ~ Jawaharlal Nehru

  36. “Socialism is… not only a way of life, but a certain scientific approach to social and economic problems.” ~ Jawaharlal Nehru
  37. “You are meant to play the ball as it lies, a fact that may help to touch on your own objective approach to life.” ~ Grantland Rice
  38. “People are sheepish when they approach me.” ~ Ryan Phillippe
  39. “That’s kind of how I approach life and football; why dwell on something that’s hasn’t happened.” ~ Brett Favre

  40. “I don’t understand the Democrats’ approach to Social Security in this country, and I’m not alone.” ~ William Weld
  41. “I think that finding a way into somebody’s life that’s sort of off from a side angle can tell you more about that person than a greatest hits approach.” ~ Bill Condon
  42. “I think that the jazzy approach that I have is based on the way that I hear music and in the way I play a supporting role to the other people in the band.” ~ Jimmy Chamberlin
  43. “On the other hand, I still approach each book with the same basic plan in mind – to put some people under severe stress and see how they hold up.” ~ Terry Brooks

  44. “Our approach to making games is to find the fun first and then use the technology to enhance the fun.” ~ Sid Meier
  45. “But I do think that we approach music, in of itself, with a religious attitude.” ~ Jon Fishman
  46. “I wouldn’t want to be ideological about it but I think of it as being the best way to approach this kind of playing. I don’t think it works in other music, other kinds of playing.” ~ Derek Bailey
  47. “Approach every film with the same enthusiasm, regardless of its budget.” ~ Lou Diamond Phillips

  48. “The nearest approach to immortality on earth is a government bureau.” ~ James F. Byrnes
  49. “The frontier orbital approach was further developed in various directions by my own group and many other scientists, both theoretical and experimental.” ~ Kenichi Fukui
  50. “Diana Krall knocks me out. I like jazz and I like her simple approach.” ~ Merle Haggard
  51. “The English approach to ideas is not to kill them, but to let them die of neglect.” ~ Jeremy Paxman

  52. ]”The war on meth must be fought with a multi-pronged approach.” ~ Greg Walden
  53. “But, people are recognizing me more. Sometimes fans just approach me on the street and say how much they love the show. It’s great to get that kind of feedback.” ~ Catherine Bell
  54. “At our college we were taught a universal approach to find out about a person: what problems the person has, what difficulties, what personal tendencies and likings.” ~ Markus Wolf
  55. “At our college we were taught a universal approach to find out about a person: what problems the person has, what difficulties, what personal tendencies and likings.” ~ Markus Wolf

  56. “Each story we approach in the same way, with curiosity and interest and determination to get behind the image.” ~ Martin Bashir
  57. “Advice in old age is foolish; for what can be more absurd than to increase our provisions for the road the nearer we approach to our journey’s end.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero’
  58. “We approach people the same way we approach our cars. We take the poor kid to a doctor and ask, “What’s wrong with him, how much will it cost, and when can I pick him up?”” ~ James Hillman
  59. “Approach the game with no preset agendas and you’ll probably come away surprised at your overall efforts.” ~ Phil Jackson

  60. “Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen.” ~ Mark Twain
  61. “As a matter of principle, I always come to a film like a blank slate, I don’t learn my lines in advance. With this approach, I feel clean.” ~ Jeanne Moreau
  62. “What makes my approach special is that I do different things. I do jazz, blues, country music and so forth. I do them all, like a good utility man.” ~ Ray Charles

  63. “It is simply economically impossible to require controls that even approach zero emissions.” ~ Barry Commoner
  64. “In the past, I’d sort of know before Ozzy sang something, what he was going to sing. I’d know what sort of way a melody was going to go ’cause of the way he’d approach it.” ~ Tony Iommi

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