58 Appeasement Quotes On Success In Life

These appeasement quotes will inspire you. Appeasement is a political policy of conceding to aggression by a warlike nation or the action or process of appeasing.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging appeasement quotes, appeasement sayings, and appeasement proverbs.

Best Appeasement Quotes

  1. “”Appeasement” is the policy of feeding your friends to a crocodile, one at a time, in hopes that the crocodile will eat you last.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
  2. “No man can tame a tiger into a kitten by stroking it. There can be no appeasement with ruthlessness. There can be no reasoning with an incendiary bomb.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
  3. “Appeasement only makes the aggressor more aggressive.” ~ Dean Rusk
  4. “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” ~ Winston Churchill

  5. “Internationally, President Obama has adopted an appeasement strategy. He believes America’s role as leader in the world is a thing of the past. I believe a strong America must – and will – lead the future.” ~ Mitt Romney
  6. “Admittedly, there is a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face.” ~ Ronald Reagan
  7. “There is no security, no safety, in the appeasement of evil.” ~ Ronald Reagan
  8. “The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences.” ~ Winston Churchill

  9. “You may gain temporary appeasement by a policy of concession to violence, but you do not gain lasting peace that way.” ~ Anthony Eden
  10. “Ever since I assumed my present office my main purpose has been to work for the pacification of Europe, for the removal of those suspicions and those animosities which have so long poisoned the air. The path which leads to appeasement is long and bristles with obstacles. The question of Czechoslovakia is the latest and perhaps the most dangerous. Now that we have got past it, I feel that it may be possible to make further progress along the road to sanity.” ~ Neville Chamberlain
  11. “If history teaches us anything, it teaches that simple-minded appeasement or wishful thinking about our adversaries is folly.” ~ Ronald Reagan
  12. “I seem to smell the stench of appeasement in the air.” ~ Margaret Thatcher

  13. “There are some who, for varying reasons, would appease Red China. They are blind to history’s clear lesson, for history teaches with unmistakable emphasis that appeasement but begets new and bloodier war. It points to no single instance where this end has justified that means, where appeasement has led to more than a sham peace. Like blackmail, it lays the basis for new and successively greater demands until, as in blackmail, violence becomes the only other alternative.” ~ Douglas MacArthur
  14. “If it’s to be a bloodbath, let it be now. Appeasement is not the answer.” ~ Ronald Reagan
  15. “A broader reading of history shows that appeasement, no matter how it is labeled, never fulfills the hopes of the appeasers.” ~ Ronald Reagan
  16. “Chamberlain’s visit to Hitler today may bring things to a head or may result in a temporary postponement of what looks to me likean inevitable conflict within the next five years.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

  17. “Any appeasement of tyranny is treason.” ~ William Allen White
  18. “And do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.” ~ Winston Churchill
  19. “Appeasement is a vote to live in the present tense, to hold the comforts of the moment.” ~ Mark Steyn
  20. “No man can tame a tiger into a kitten by stroking it.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

  21. “There’s going to be no more compromise on issues where there should not be compromise. Enough with appeasement or apology and mollifying, all that. To hell with all that. I’m just going to fight my corner.” ~ Salman Rushdie
  22. “Diplomacy means all the wicked devices of the Old World, spheres of influence, balances of power, secret treaties, triple alliances, and, during the interim period, appeasement of Fascism.” ~ Barbara Tuchman
  23. “They will do more whether we do what we’re doing or whether we don’t do what we’re doing. And the idea that you could appease them [terrorists] by stopping doing what we’re doing or some implication that by doing what we’re doing we’re inciting them to attack us is just utter nonsense. It’s just – it’s kind of like feeding an alligator, hoping it eats you last.” ~ Donald Rumsfeld
  24. “It’s not a choice between war and peace. It’s a choice between war and endless war. It’s not appeasement. I think it’s better even to call it American self-interest.” ~ Michael Scheuer

  25. “It’s not appeasement to talk to your enemies.” ~ James Baker
  26. “The generous way of putting it is that we were not ready for this. The less generous way is to say: How was it possible to return to the politics of appeasement of the 1930s?” ~ Paddy Ashdown
  27. “Engagement is not appeasement. Engagement is not surrender.” ~ Chuck Hagel
  28. “Vladimir Putin has this animalistic instinct of all dictators: He smells weakness. To quote Winston Churchill’s definition of appeasement: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”” ~ Garry Kasparov

  29. “(I)t is simply wrong to confuse cowardice with appeasement. Cowardice is a failing of character. Appeasement is a failure of policy. Stalin appeased Hitler when he signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Stalin was an evil character, to be sure. But cowardice really isn’t the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Stalin ‘ that word is “sexy.” I’m kidding, I’m kidding.” ~ Jonah Goldberg
  30. “It is time to change our policy of appeasement toward the Palestinians, to strengthen our ties with the nation of Israel.” ~ Rick Perry
  31. “Now, the United States’ response, the western response to this is a continuation of the appeasement that was started back in the ’50s with Eisenhower when Iran seized western oil companies. The Americans, the British, and the Israelis, as I remember, launched an attack to try to reclaim it and – or at least the British and the Israelis did and Eisenhower vetoed it.” ~ Leonard Peikoff
  32. “Appeasement was never a very clever policy, and it should not be our option today.” ~ Jose Maria Aznar

  33. “Many politicians in the West cling to the notion of a partnership with Russia. They want to include [Vladimir] Putin, make compromises and constantly negotiate new deals with him. But history has taught us that the longer we pursue appeasement and do nothing, the higher the price will be later on. Dictators don’t ask “Why?” before they seize even more power. They ask: “Why not?”” ~ Garry Kasparov
  34. “It’s always been you know, religion that has been the primary impediment to actual relationship with God, because it creates a mythology about performance — that you can perform your way into the appeasement of the deity. And you know, when you’re born inside the cultural framework that I was, and you’re born inside the religious traditions that I was, that becomes your understanding of spirituality: That it’s about trying to please God. So, it’s really not about God at all; it’s about our ability to perform according to whatever the expectations are.” ~ William P. Young
  35. “So what we have is an American foreign policy that is inextricably linked to domestic matters. It is very dangerous for a politician who desires nothing more than to stay in office to address the mindset that any change in policy is appeasement. And Americans will accept that for a certain amount of time.” ~ Michael Scheuer
  36. “The era of procrastination…is coming to a close…we are entering a period of consequences – Winston Churchill (warning about the danger of appeasement” ~ Al Gore

  37. “One difference between French appeasement and American appeasement is that France pays ransom in cash and gets its hostages back while the United States pays ransom in arms and gets additional hostages taken.” ~ William Safire
  38. “Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” ~ Rachel Carson
  39. “Appeasement does not work. As was the case in the 1930s, we see in Saddam Hussein an aggressive dictator threatening his neighbors.” ~ George H. W. Bush
  40. “I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.” ~ Anne Frank

  41. “May I just single out for salutations, on the “anti-war” side: Pop Stars For Appeasement, Dancers Against Democracy, Actors For Apathy, Fashionistas For Fascism and Jugglers For Genocide. All of them united under that flaccid flag of convenience, Show-Offs For Saddam.” ~ Julie Burchill
    “Ask Osama bin Laden and the 22-out-of-30 top al-Qaida leaders who’ve been taken off the field whether I engage in appeasement. Or whoever is left out there, ask them about that.” ~ Barack Obama
  42. “If appeasing our enemies is not the answer, neither is hating them…. Somewhere between the extremes of appeasement and hate there is a place for courage and strength to express themselves in magnanimity and charity, and this is the place we must find.” ~ Alfred Whitney Griswold
  43. “The West can’t come up with anything to deal with Moscow, except appeasement.” ~ Garry Kasparov
  44. “To claim “humanitarian motives” when the motive is envy and its supposed appeasement, is a favorite rhetorical device of politicians today and has been for at least a hundred and fifty years.” ~ Helmut Schoeck

  45. “The incentive to peacemaking is love, but it degenerates into appeasement whenever justice is ignored. To forgive and to ask for forgiveness are both costly exercises. All authentic Christian peacemaking exhibits the love and justice-and so the pain-of the cross.” ~ John Stott
  46. “Our policy is to give all possible material aid to the nations that still resist aggression across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. And we make it abundantly clear that we intend to commit none of the fatal errors of appeasement. We have the thought that in this nation of many states we have found the way in which men of many racial origins may live together in peace. If the human race as a whole is to survive, the world must find a way by which men and nations may live together in peace. We cannot accept the doctrine that war must be forever a part of man’s destiny.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
  47. “The era of appeasement must come to an end. The political and social demands that dissidents are making of the universities do not flow from sound basic educational criteria, but from strategic considerations on how to radicalize the student body, polarize the campus and extend the privileged enclaves of student power.” ~ Spiro T. Agnew
  48. “And when you learn, over the course of your life, that it’s not about pleasing God, it’s about learning how to trust God. That’s a huge watershed because trust is a whole different ballgame than appeasement or pleasing.” ~ William P. Young

  49. “Giving in to the forces of low ambition would be an act of climate appeasement. This is our Munich moment.” ~ Chris Huhne
  50. “The European arguments against the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act demonstrate that “some Europeans have never lost faith in appeasement as a way of life. It is clear that Iran is cynically manipulating gullible (or equally cynical) Europeans to advance its development of weapons of mass destruction.” ~ John Bolton
  51. “The nineteenth and twentieth centuries have given us as much terror as we can take. We have paid a high enough price for the nostalgia of the whole and the one, for the reconciliation of the concept and the sensible, of the transparent and the communicable experience. Under the general demand for slackening and for appeasement, we can hear the mutterings of the desire for a return of terror, for the realization of the fantasy to seize reality. The answer is: Let us wage a war on totality; let us be witnesses to the unpresentable; let us activate the differences.” ~ Jean-Francois Lyotard
  52. “Appeasement, said Winston Churchill, consists of being nice to a crocodile in the hope that he will eat you last. At the moment, the biggest crocodile in the world is Microsoft, and everybody is busy sucking up to it.” ~ John Naughton

  53. “One might have thought that the Cold War’s conclusion would have convinced the Left that appeasement of dictators is not profitable.” ~ Mona Charen
  54. “The idea of reasoning with terrorists without force or with appeasement is naive, and I think it’s dangerous” ~ George Allen
  55. “If anything good is going to emerge out of this, it’s going to be the result of an acceptable modus vivendi between Ukraine and Russia. The two of them will have to get together at some point. It is going to be a result that many people in the West will not like, because Russia, as the bigger power, is going to get the better of the deal. So, a lot of people will say, that’s appeasement. That’s this – that – it’s reality.” ~ Marvin Kalb
  56. “Art is either a complaint or appeasement.” ~ Jasper Johns

  57. “Modern man has been in search of a new language of form to satisfy new longings and aspirations – longings for mental appeasement, aspirations to unity, harmony, serenity – an end to his alienation from nature. All these arts of remote times or strange cultures either give or suggest to the modern artist forms which he can adapt to his needs, the elements of a new iconography.” ~ Herbert Read
  58. “President Obama Tastes the Bitter Fruit of Appeasement…of Israel, not Iran” ~ Peter Lee

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