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Best Anything And Everything Quotes

  1. “If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” ~ Bruce Lee
  2. “I can’t seem to stop singing wherever I am. And what’s worse, I can’t seem to stop saying things – anything and everything I think and feel.” ~ Maria von Trapp
  3. “All power is within you; you can do anything and everything. Believe in that, do not believe that you are weak; do not believe that you are half-crazy lunatics, as most of us do nowadays. You can do any thing and everything, without even the guidance of any one. Stand up and express the divinity within you.” ~ Swami Vivekananda
  4. “Once you agree upon the price you and your family must pay for success, it enables you to ignore the minor hurts, the opponent’s pressure, and the temporary failures.” ~ Vince Lombardi

  5. “Even though Xavier was only human, it seemed he could protect me from anything and everything. I wouldn’t have been worried if a fire-breathing dragon had torn of the roof, because I knew that Xavier was there. I wondered fleetingly if I was expecting to much og him, but dismissed the idea.” ~ Alexandra Adornetto
  6. “We had an endless supply of topics, both of us eager to put forth all we knew on anything and everything. Most of the meal was spent discussing the intricacies of the organic certification process. It was pretty awesome.” ~ Richelle Mead
  7. “Dorothy was in that state human beings passed through at the beginning of a love affair, in which they desire to say anything and everything to the beloved, to the alter ego, before they have learned what the real Other can and can’t understand, can and can’t accept.” ~ A. S. Byatt
  8. “There are occasions when a woman, no matter how weak and impotent in character she may be in comparison with a man, will yet suddenly become not only harder than any man, but even harder than anything and everything in the world.” ~ Nikolai Gogol

  9. “The Church has realized that anything and everything can be built up on a document of that sort, no matter how contradictory or irreconcilable with it. The faithful will swallow it whole, so long as logical reasoning is never allowed to be brought to bear on it.” ~ Adolf Hitler
  10. “There’s such a magnitude of record taking. It’s so exhaustive. Bandwidth and hard drive space are able to accommodate limitless capacities to take a record of anything and everything.” ~ Sufjan Stevens
  11. “Anything and everything at any given time is sort of the point I think. We’re dealing in real situations and that’s why we have our handlers there, to hopefully protect us from the bad, but yes; each show I think that sort of thing is going to go down because it’s obviously not a perfect system and it’s not a perfect world.” ~ Eliza Dushku
  12. “When you believe in someone, they will do anything and everything to live up to those who believe in.” ~ Johnny Hunt

  13. “Do not say we are weak; we can do anything and everything. What can we not do? Everything can be done by us; we all have the same glorious soul, let us believe in it.” ~ Swami Vivekananda
  14. “Do everything you can to learn your craft. Score student films for free, attend conferences, learn music theory – do anything and everything you can.” ~ John Keltonic
  15. “Questioning anything and everything, to me, is punk rock.” ~ Henry Rollins
  16. “I do tend to eat healthily most of the time, but I don’t restrict myself. I believe in eating anything and everything in moderation and doing some exercise.” ~ John Barrowman

  17. “If you find my aggressive and dominating play dirty, then that’s your opinion. But I would assume most people want someone who is going to do anything and everything within the lines to win for their team, because I know I would.” ~ Ndamukong Suh
  18. “It was not the purpose of poetry to record anything and everything, to merely describe either the outer world or some subjective mood, but to speak from the imagination of the poet to the imagination of the reader.” ~ Kathleen Raine
  19. “S. E. Smith’s I Live in a Hut has a deceptively simple title, considering that the brain in that hut contains galaxies-worth of invention: At night when your soldiers are praying ceaselessly for less rain and more underwear my soldiers make underwear out of rain. These poems seesaw between despair and delight but delight is winning the battle. Smith is a somersaulting tightrope walker of a poet and her poems will make you look at anything and everything with new eyes: For days I tried to rub the new freckle // off my hand until I realized what it was / and began to grant it its sovereignty.” ~ Matthea Harvey
  20. “I’m interested in doing anything and everything that I can to squeeze the creativity out of my brain. I guess I’m kind of a performance rat, that’s what I want to do, I love being on stage if I’m not on a set. I just love putting creativity into a performance.” ~ Dane Cook

  21. “By the time I was 11, I wanted to be a comedian. So all those years later, I’ve managed to achieve my dream as a kid, and it wasn’t easy. I’m on the [Hollywood] Walk of Fame and I’m one of the 25 most influential Hispanics in America, according to Time Magazine. I think my duty is to go back and tell kids, ‘Whatever color you are, wherever you come from, anything and everything is possible.’ And I’m living proof.” ~ George Lopez”By the time I was 11, I wanted to be a comedian. So all those years later, I’ve managed to achieve my dream as a kid, and it wasn’t easy. I’m on the [Hollywood] Walk of Fame and I’m one of the 25 most influential Hispanics in America, according to Time Magazine. I think my duty is to go back and tell kids, ‘Whatever color you are, wherever you come from, anything and everything is possible.’ And I’m living proof.” ~ George Lopez
  22. “If Christianity should happen to be true – that is to say, if its God is the real God of the universe – then defending it may mean talking about anything and everything.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
  23. “I have every iPod that’s been made ˘ that’s how sick I am. I carry anything and everything I possibly would want to listen to. I have a lot of jazz. I adore Ralph Towner, Leo Kottke. I’ve always been a big Oscar Peterson fan. I’ve branched out a little bit more in rock-and-roll, but that’s maybe because I’m 50 years old and I can now listen to Steely Dan again without shame. I adore the Grateful Dead. Creedence Clearwater Revival. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. All that’s been fun to get back into. But I’m no longer interested in the Doobie Brothers.” ~ Thomas Hampson
  24. “I believe 2016 is the Year of the Woman and now more than ever, it is our time to accomplish anything and everything.” ~ Ciara

  25. “I set my life since then attempting to figure out how to do that, basically how to have a sort of public discourse in which anything and everything are open to conversation and in which the thought experiment is a means by which to posit all manner of different realities, potential futures.” ~ Jonathon Keats
  26. “…I am not attacking any particular God or gods. I am attacking God, all gods, anything and everything supernatural, whenever or wherever they have been or will be invented.” ~ Richard Dawkins
    “Chicago is a great place because you can experience theatre, film, television, anything and everything, so for an actor it’s exciting. The doors are kind of open.” ~ Charlie Barnett
  27. “Anything and everything is possible.” ~ Amy Klobuchar
  28. “I have a mother who allowed me to take in anything and everything that needed food, a bath, or a forever home, which resulted in a home that was always filled with warmth and love regardless of any other struggles we were presented with.” ~ Nikki Reed

  29. “Even if Donald Trump wins, the establishment’s not gonna go down a hole. The establishment’s not gonna slink away in defeat. The establishment is gonna look at this as one inexperienced buffoon who happened to get elected versus all of them who know the ropes inside and out of Washington, and they’re gonna make it their objective to deny this guy anything and everything that represents anything he campaigned on.” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  30. “When I first moved to New York I had been trying to work on anything and everything I could. From extra work and commercials to short and student films so I could learn in front of a camera.” ~ Pawel Szajda
  31. “Kusewera, an organization that fosters orphanages in Africa and the Philippines and encourages through creative play and education. Anything and everything that supports cancer research. East West Players, the oldest and biggest Asian American theater in the U.S.” ~ Reggie Lee
  32. “Time spent with children is time well spent. Their little minds are not constrained by ‘reality’ or focused upon goals. Anything and everything is possible. Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” ~ Carl Sagan

  33. “Crisis and my experience of Punk Rock in Britain/Europe was anything and everything but “fun” and this sort of idea comes from people who were either not there at the time, or were and have an axe of some kind or another to grind about their own experiences with Crisis. The years between 1977 and 1980 were some of the hardest of my Life and they certainly contributed to Tony and I wanting to destroy the group in 1980 and head for sunnier pastures artistically, culturally, and whatever else we could find.” ~ Douglas Pearce
  34. “Hell, I’d even failed with women. Three wives. Nothing really wrong each time. It all got destroyed by petty bickering. Railing about nothing. Getting pissed-off over anything and everything. Day by day, year by year, grinding. Instead of helping each other you just sliced away, picked at this or that. Goading. Endless goading. It became a cheap contest. And once you got into it, it became habitual. You couldn’t seem to get out. You almost didn’t want to get out. And then you did get out. All the way.” ~ Charles Bukowski
  35. “Growing up as a child actress, there was much I got to do and yet so much that I missed out on. Therefore, when I had kids, I made it a point to make sure that they could do anything and everything that they dreamed of. A great education was definitely right at top of my list!” ~ Kim Richards
  36. “I feel the presence of God when I feel the essence of divinity in anything and everything around me.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

  37. “I talked about everything, man. I’ve always written material that everyone can laugh at. I talked about growing up. I did a lot of physical comedy. That was my thing. I was a physical comedian. I did anything and everything from running on a treadmill, I can paint a picture on stage of anything.” ~ J. B. Smoove
  38. “Im not sure Ill find acting satisfying creatively forever. If you get the good roles, its great – if you have the freedom to choose your projects and not just do anything and everything.” ~ Francois Arnaud
  39. “This amazing breakthrough full-length revolutionary audio uses a powerful new combination of a subliminal hypnotic induction AND beautiful original music (created with a really cool ancient musical instrument) AND brand-new subliminal clearing commands ALL designed to begin to clear your unconscious blocks of anything and everything in the way of your attracting what you really want – and this incredible one-hour audio does it without any effort at all on your part!” ~ Joe Vitale
  40. “The perfect date is the one where anything and everything goes wrong, but at the end of it, all you want is to see them again.” ~ Dylan O’Brien

  41. “There are things about organized religion which I resent. Christ is revered as the Prince of Peace, but more blood has been shed in his name than any other figure in history. You show me one step forward in the name of religion, and I’ll show you a hundred retrogressions…I’m for decency—period. I’m for anything and everything that bodes love and consideration for my fellow man. But when lip service to some mysterious deity permits bestiality on Wednesday and absolution on Sunday—count me out.” ~ Frank Sinatra
  42. “Russians will consume marinated mushrooms and vodka, salted herring and vodka, smoked salmon and vodka, salami and vodka, caviar on brown bread and vodka, pickled cucumbers and vodka, cold tongue and vodka, red beet salad and vodka, scallions and vodka-anything and everything and vodka.” ~ Hedrick Smith
  43. “I’ve continued to recognize the power individuals have to change virtually anything and everything in their lives in an instant. I’ve learned that the resources we need to turn our dreams into reality are within us, merely waiting for the day when we decide to wake up and claim our birthright.” ~ Tony Robbins
  44. “I’ll always be there
    I’d give anything and everything
    And I will always care
    Through weekness and strength
    Happiness and sorrow
    For better or for worse
    I will love you
    With every beat of my heart.” ~ Shania Twain
  45. “The only constant in the soul of man is inconstancy; anything and everything else can pass out of fashion-even something as utilitarian as a hill stuffed full of corpses.” ~ Scott Lynch

  46. “Here’s all I know: that the world is uncontrollable. Chaos reigns. That anything and everything might be possible. I won’t subscribe to any rational system again. Nothing will bind me.” ~ Kenneth Oppel
  47. “My diary became more than a place to record daily events. It became a friend, the paper that it was made of was ready and willing to accept anything and everything I had to say.” ~ Zlata Filipović
  48. “I’m a feminist, but I think that romance has been taken away a bit for my generation. I think what people connect with in novels is this idea of an overpowering, encompassing love – and it being more important and special than anything and everything else.” ~ Emma Watson
  49. “I’m thankful to have Jesus as my Savior. My relationship with God has always been one to where I’m talking to him all day, every day, about anything and everything. It’s just a continuous ongoing conversation that I have with the Lord, and I feel like that’s brought me closer to Him.” ~ Josh Turner
  50. “To be in a band on the road is to have anything and everything you want just by picking up the phone.” ~ Gene Simmons

  51. “Women’s bodies are used to sell anything and everything because it works, it grabs people’s attention, and advertisers aren’t going to stop using something that works.” ~ Liz Phair
  52. “I think I’ve got my business notions and my sense for that sort of thing from my dad. My dad never had a chance to go to school. He couldn’t read and write. But he was so smart. He was just one of those people that could just make the most of anything and everything that he had to work with.” ~ Dolly Parton
  53. “I love my wife, she deserves anything and everything.” ~ Aaron Spelling
  54. “When writing screenplays, it’s a matter of remembering to leave off the page anything and everything that doesn’t appear on the screen.” ~ Taiye Selasi

  55. “If you grow yourself to become a successful person, in strength of character and mind, you will naturally be successful in anything and everything you do.” ~ T. Harv Eker
  56. “If I made a list of the people I admire, Mom would probably fill up half of it. She could do anything and everything.” ~ Patsy Cline
  57. “I’m thinking about anything and everything. I’m making stuff up in my head, I’m using sense memory. Sometimes when it doesn’t come and you’ve got no choice because you’re getting paid to do it, you grasp at straws. It’s always easy now with my kids. I just create some “what-ifs” in my head, something horrible that would devastate me as a mother.” ~ Vera Farmiga
  58. “Bricks are independent but can work well with other, tough to crack, fiercely loyal and put in the right spot will hold anything and everything that you’ve ever held dear with the greatest of ease.” ~ Nicole McKay

  59. “The vibration of appreciation is also the highest, fastest vibration we can use for attraction. If we would shoot appreciation at anything and everything, all day long, we’d be guaranteed to have heaven on earth in no time, living happily ever after with more friends, more money, more beautiful relationships, in total safety, and closer to the God of our Being than it’s possible to fathom.” ~ Lynn Grabhorn
  60. “At the end only two things really matter to a man, regardless of who he is; and they are the affection and understanding of his family. Anything and everything else he creates are insubstantial; they are ships given over to the mercy of the winds and tides of prejudice. but the family is an everlasting anchorage, a quiet harbor where a man’s ships can be left to swing to the moorings of pride and loyalty.” ~ Richard E. Byrd
  61. “I’m going to do anything and everything, remove every boulder, every hurdle and every problem out of my way to make my dreams come true.” ~ Grant Cardone
  62. “Anything and everything you can think of can turn your life around.” ~ Nik Halik

  63. “Never say, ‘No’, never say, ‘I cannot’, for you are infinite. Even time and space are as nothing compared with your nature. You can do anything and everything, you are almighty” ~ Swami Vivekananda
  64. “I do think that there is an innocence to people who are searching for things. It’s a beautiful thing when you leave yourself vulnerable to discover anything and everything.” ~ Kate Hudson
  65. “Through discipline, and determination one can change anything and everything about him – his habits, his outlook on life” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

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