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These album quotes will inspire you. Album is a collection of recordings issued as a single item on a CD, record, or another medium; or a blank book for the insertion of photographs, stamps, or pictures.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging album quotes, album sayings, and album proverbs.

Best Album Quotes

  1. “I think my first album opened a lot of doors for me to push the freedom of speech to the limit.” ~ Eminem
  2. “Smokin’ at the Half Note is the absolute greatest jazz guitar album ever made. It is also the record that taught me how to play.” ~ Pat Metheny
  3. “Woo means the ability to entice someone or something to get what you want. My first solo album was called: All the Woo of the Universe, which was titled by George Clinton.” ~ Bernie Worrell
  4. “In the ’70s, you had to come up with an album every year whether you were ready or not.” ~ Nick Lowe

  5. “To this day, we get letters at Alternative Tentacles from young teenagers who hide their Dead Kennedys albums behind their mirror or in the mattress of their bed. Wouldn’t it be better if the parents just discussed this with the kids instead of creating this culture of sneaking and dishonesty within the family? The moral of the story being, you don’t hide reality from your kids because then they grow up to be smarter, more aware adults.” ~ Jello Biafra
  6. “I met The Beatles and Stones at the same time because Michael Cooper was doing several of their album covers.” ~ Terry Southern
  7. “I don’t care what people do. I don’t care how people remember my albums. I do them for my own reasons.” ~ Fiona Apple
  8. “I’d done three solo albums in a row, and that’s quite narcissistic.” ~ Bjork

  9. “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” ~ Nora Ephron
  10. “When you do rap albums, you got to train yourself. You got to constantly be in character.” ~ Tupac Shakur
  11. “Wherever I went, crowds appeared again, and I started making solo albums for the first time in my career.” ~ Howard Keel
  12. “There are a lot of things in Queen albums that you don’t expect; that’s why we threw them in” ~ Brian May

  13. “I’ll dabble here and there in different forms of the art, but the label has me locked down like a slave so, of course, I’ll be doing albums during this time” ~ Erykah Badu
  14. “There’s 40 or 50 songs that nobody’s heard that I’ve done in between albums. There’s a whole evolution from Midnite Vultures to Sea Change that’s never been released.” ~ Beck
  15. “I’m a big collector of vinyl – I have a record room in my house – and I’ve always had a huge soundtrack album collection.” ~ Quentin Tarantino
  16. “I admire the Pope. I have a lot of respect for anyone who can tour without an album.” ~ Rita Rudner

  17. “I want to be around for a long time, singing and making albums and movies.” ~ Jennifer Hudson
  18. “I asked you here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” ~ Graeme Simsion
  19. “I want to be an all-around entertainer, I want to act, make films, make albums, do whatever I can.” ~ Christina Aguilera
  20. “I’ve made three studio albums and one live one with my brother. It’s melodic singer-songwriter acoustic-rock music.” ~ Kevin Bacon

  21. “Our albums just tend to be collections of songs really, because we all write in the group, all four of us.” ~ John Deacon
  22. “Anybody with a sense of humor is going to put on my album and laugh from beginning to end.” ~ Eminem
  23. “I’ve recorded 25 or 30 albums. I know that sometimes when you work with producers who are kinda dictators, it doesn’t help you make a better record.” ~ Ace Frehley
  24. “I wanted to produce Nancy LaMott’s albums, so I created my own record company.” ~ David Friedman

  25. “The average rap life is two or three albums. You’re lucky to get to your second album in rap!” ~ Jay-Z
  26. “I think that I’ve got some pretty bad reviews on albums or songs that later proved themselves.” ~ Carly Simon
  27. “When I began making my own albums, the songs became funkier. They were more about the streets.” ~ Paul Simon
  28. “It’s very difficult to ignore humanitarian disasters. The royalties from my albums continue to support my charity work.” ~ Cat Stevens

  29. “I guess many game music fans prefer original soundtrack albums.” ~ Nobuo Uematsu
  30. “I’m sick to death of people saying we’ve made 11 albums that sounds exactly the same, In fact, we’ve made 12 albums that sound exactly the same.” ~ Angus Young
  31. “I don’t really cringe over any of my albums.” ~ Sheryl Crow
  32. “It was actually 3 years between albums. That seems like a long time to me” ~ Todd Barry

  33. “Christmas albums are not something you do frequently.” ~ Isaac Hanson
  34. “You can’t just sit around and make protest albums all your life; eventually it comes to the point where you have to do something.” ~ Paul Kantner
  35. “I’ve done so many hip-hop albums already I got tired of just hip-hop.” ~ Kool Keith
  36. “Well, since I produce and pay for my own albums, it is the ultimate freedom.” ~ George Duke

  37. “Lately, I’ve been listening to some jazz albums. I love the new Pat Metheny album. John Coltrane. I still like good metal, though!” ~ Geezer Butler
  38. “Metallica is going to be one of those bands you look back on in the year 2008, that people will still listen to the way I still listen to Zeppelin and Sabbath albums.” ~ Jason Newsted
  39. “Avril Lavigne sold a massive amount of albums and she has to top that with her next release. We have four great albums behind us, and it’s not going to be as hard to live up to that.” ~ Kelly Jones
  40. “I’ve appeared on some other people’s albums.” ~ Gerry Mulligan

  41. “I wasn’t allowed to grow as an artist. My albums were nicer to look at than to listen to.” ~ Nancy Sinatra
  42. “We always started these albums as making demos, that went right on until Scary Monsters.” ~ Tony Visconti
  43. I hate negative songs; I won’t sing them. It doesn’t matter if it’s sold 2 million more albums.” ~ Ricky Skaggs
  44. “There’s a plaque on our wall that says we’ve sold over 65 million albums, and I don’t feel I’ve accomplished anything. I feel like I’m just getting started.” ~ Eddie Van Halen

  45. “For years, Jazz At The Philharmonic albums were the only ones of their kind.” ~ Norman Granz
  46. “But I always held my music up and protected it from compromise. So I just do it for my friends. I’ve written hundreds of songs, and I’m sure I have a few albums worth of songs.” ~ Gregory Harrison , Album quotes music
  47. “Grammys, American Music Awards, successful albums, I’d pick my kids any day over any of it.” ~ Toni Braxton
  48. “The first nine albums there was never a Synthesiser, never any Orchestra. There was never any other player except us on the albums.” ~ Brian May

  49. “In 1994, I started touring again and I recorded two albums for Chesky Jazz.” ~ Chuck Mangione
  50. “Most of the albums that have taken long have been related to illness and fatigue or producer problems.” ~ David Coverdale
  51. “When you get to the 35-year mark in your career, you make albums for your fans to love you more, so they don’t forget about you.” ~ Julio Iglesias , Album quotes love
  52. “The early ELP albums were pioneering in a way.” ~ Greg Lake

  53. “You don’t make solo albums to have hits.” ~ Ronnie Wood
  54. “I’ve always thought live albums were cop-outs.” ~ David Coverdale
  55. “I only do solo albums when songs are screaming at me to be let out of my mind.” ~ Graham Nash
  56. “More recently, I used guitar synthesizer extensively on the two albums I did with Robert Fripp.” ~ Andy Summers

  57. “I like to make great albums.” ~ Shelby Lynne
  58. “I made many studio albums and I think the danger of studio recording is that if you do not watch out, you come out with a perfectly sterile performance.” ~ Chuck Mangione
  59. “I have a bunch of albums I would love to get re-released.” ~ Cy Coleman
  60. “I never liked making albums.” ~ Big Jim Sullivan

  61. “I’ve had about 140 albums released, and I’ve done everything I wanted to do.” ~ Hank Snow
  62. “I’m the eldest at 51, and if the Stones can drag themselves around once more, then there’s a few more albums in us.” ~ Barry Gibb
  63. “The album was very aggressive. It kicks you right in the balls.” ~ Tre Cool

  64. “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” ~ Aristotle
  65. “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” ~ Emily Bronte

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