27 Aerial Quotes On Success In Life

These aerial quotes will inspire you. Aerial operating on a track or cable elevated above the ground or existing, happening, or operating in the air.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging aerial quotes, aerial sayings, and aerial proverbs.

Best Aerial Quotes

1. “Drones ply the liminal space between the physical and the digital – pilots fly them, but aren’t in them. They are versatile and fascinating objects – the things they can do range from the mundane (aerial photography) to the spectacular – killing people, for example.” John Battelle

2. “For me, an aerial picture is no different than a close-up portrait. It’s a question of framing and angle. Helicopters are great for that. But I’ve also used planes. Of course, I always have a harness. “ Yann Arthus-Bertrand

3. “ From aerial robotics to big data analytics, technology presents the opportunity to expedite and magnify the impact of humanitarian relief efforts through greater efficiency and responsiveness: reaching more people, sooner, more cost-effectively, and saving more lives. “Tae Yoo

4. “Neither the Army nor the Navy is of any protection, or very little protection, against aerial raids.” Alexander Graham Bell

5. “I give my grandfather, Dr. Harold Young, a forestry professor at the University of Maine, full credit for my career path. He pioneered the use of aerial photography in forestry in the 1950s, and we think he worked as a spy for the CIA during the Cold War, mapping Russian installations. “ Sarah Parcak

6. “ Archaeologists gave the military the idea to use aerial photographs for spying and field survey. We are fortunate that the spatial and spectral resolutions of the imagery available to us are so broadly useful for archaeology.” Sarah Parcak

7. “ Our nano-quadrotor robots are made to be as lightweight as possible: less than a fifth of a pound and palm-sized. They can do an aerial backflip in half a second, accelerate at two Gs, and fly rotor blade to rotor blade in three-dimensional formations – and they do all this autonomously. “ Vijay Kumar

8. “ I saw singer Pink doing aerial flips during one of her performances at Grammy Awards. It got me inspired, and I started doing it, too. It has made me very flexible. I couldn’t even touch my toes a few years ago, but now I find myself to be extremely fit.” Pooja Hegde

9. “ Aerial flight is one of that class of problems with which men will never have to cope. Simon Newcomb Each year, thousands of UFOs are sighted and reported, which is an impressive tally of unidentified aerial phenomena. Surveys show that roughly one-third of the populace believes that at least some of this sky show is due to extraterrestrial spacecraft, here to probe our airspace and, when that proves boring, our bodies.” Seth Shostak

10. “ When I got a telly we had no aerial, but I discovered that if I or one of the children stood by it you could get a picture. So I had to make a statue that could stand by the telly.” Beryl Bainbridge

11. “My wife and I had decided not to let anybody take pictures of our home because it was just the last place on earth we had that was unscathed. But people have climbed over the fence; they’ve taken aerial shots. They’ve gotten my address and put it on the Internet. “ Steven Tyler

12. “My grandmother flew only once in her life, and that was the day she and her new husband ascended into the skies of Victorian London in the wicker basket of a hot-air balloon. They were soon to emigrate to Canada, and the aerial ride was meant to be a last view of their beloved England.” Alan Bradley

13. “ I have three things I really, really want to do. I want to do aerial trapeze, I want to do martial arts, and I want to learn Russian. And, because of my life, I’m not able to do any of these”. Natalia Tena

14. “ After the war, I went to the BBC monitoring service in Caversham, a suburb of Reading. It was a big aerial system to listen to radio programs all over the world. “Michael Bond

15. “Archaeologists have used aerial photographs to map archaeological sites since the 1920s, while the use of infrared photography started in the 1960s, and satellite imagery was first used in the 1970s.” Sarah Parcak

16. “U.S. Government propaganda tries to give the impression that aerial bombardment achieves near-surgical accuracy so that military targets can be destroyed with minimal effect on civilians. Technical documents give a different picture. “ Noam Chomsky

17. “ Now in the 1980s, I happened to notice that if you look at an aerial photograph of an African village, you see fractals. And I thought, ‘This is fabulous! I wonder why?’ And of course, I had to go to Africa and ask folks why.” Ron Eglash

18. “ I started collecting aerial photographs of Native American and South Pacific architecture; only the African ones were fractal. And if you think about it, all these different societies have different geometric design themes that they use. So Native Americans use a combination of circular symmetry and fourfold symmetry.” Ron Eglash

19. “ Obama’s drone program, in fact, amounts to the largest unmanned aerial offensive ever conducted in military history: never have so few killed so many by remote control.” Michael Hastings

20. “ The idea of aerial military surveillance dates back to the Civil War when both the Union and the Confederacy used hot-air balloons to spy on the other side, tracking troop movements and helping to direct artillery fire.” Michael Hastings

21. “Dragonflies kill their prey in the air and eat it on the wing. They feed on aerial plankton, which consists of any sort of small living thing that happens to be aloft – mosquitoes, midges, moths, flies, ballooning spiders. Richard Preston Congress has an obligation to clear the legal fog by passing my bill to require the federal government to obtain a warrant if it wants to conduct aerial surveillance.” Suzan DelBene

22. “I just don’t do the treadmill; I hate that. I do Pilates and yoga. I’ve recently joined aerial Pilates; you’re in the air and with straps. It’s crazy fun.” Amy Jackson

23. “Gaza itself is subject to constant aerial surveillance by drones and is rife with informers and collaborators with Israel.” Ronen Bergman

24. “ I didn’t really know what I was looking at when I first came across Man Ray’s ‘Dust Breeding,’ his photograph of a work by Marcel Duchamp called ‘Large Glass.’ It looked like an aerial photograph or a view through a microscope.” Cornelia Parker

25. “Teams full of talent and top-flight experience know when to engage a tackle at crucial times, when to compete in an aerial duel or seize on a chance – often resulting in the net rippling.” Glenn Murray

26. “ Although I do a lot of aerial moves, I use many strong style moves. “Andrade

27. “ Mississippi State University and other institutions are established leaders in the development and integration of unmanned aerial systems.” Cindy Hyde-Smith

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