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These advisor quotes will inspire you. An advisor is a person who gives advice in a particular field or a teacher or staff counselor who helps a student plan a course of study.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging advisor quotes, advisor sayings, and advisor proverbs.

Famous Advisor Quotes

  1. “The best advisers, helpers and friends, always are not those who tell us how to act in special cases, but who give us, out of themselves, the ardent spirit and desire to act right, and leave us then, even through many blunders, to find out what our own form of right action is.” ~ Phillips Brooks
  2. “I am lucky to have advisers whom I trust.” ~ Monica Seles
  3. “You need to be surrounded by good advisers, but you also need to trust your instinct.” ~ Chris Hughes
  4. “Asking for advice is an act of humility… The act alone says, “I need you.” The decision-maker and the adviser are pushed into a closer relationship.” ~ Dennis Bakke

  5. “It is funny, I don’t feel old enough to give advice… But with the advisers you trust, you better listen to them. It may be bad news but that’s the only way you’re going to improve.” ~ Ben Heppner , Trusted advisor quotes
  6. “I work on instinct. It’s my best adviser.” ~ Princess Diana
  7. “She’s my teacher, my adviser, my greatest inspiration.” ~ Whitney Houston
  8. “Don’t live beyond your means. Don’t buy more than you can pay for. Don’t expect to get rich quick. And don’t confuse salesmen for friends or advisers.” ~ Charley Reese

  9. “Advisers advise, and ministers decide.” ~ Margaret Thatcher
  10. “An empty stomach is not a good political adviser.” ~ Albert Einstein
  11. “As you climb the mountains of life, stay on the path of virtue. There will be others to help you- your parents, family members, bishops, advisers, and righteous friends of all ages. And if you are weary or take a wrong turn, change your direction and get back on the path of virtue. Always remember that the Savior is there for you. He will enable you to repent, strengthen you, lighten your burdens, dry your tears, comfort you, and continue to help you stay on the path.” ~ Elaine S. Dalton
  12. “If economists were good at business, they would be rich men instead of advisers to rich men.” ~ Kirk Kerkorian

  13. “President Jimmy Carter inherited an impossible situation – and he and his advisers made the worst of it.” ~ Gaddis Smith
  14. “Bad advice is often most fatal to the adviser.” ~ Aulus Persius Flaccus
  15. “It is a wonderful advantage to a man, in every pursuit or avocation, to secure an adviser in a sensible woman. In woman, there is at once a subtle delicacy of tact, and a plain soundness of judgment, which are rarely combined to an equal degree in man. A woman, if she be really your friend, will have a sensitive regard for your character, honor, repute. She will seldom counsel you to do a shabby thing: for a woman friend always desires to be proud of you.” ~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton , Advisor quotes friend
  16. “Disagrees with neocon adviser on immediate need to bomb Iran.” ~ Rudy Giuliani

  17. “Having a financial adviser enables the investor to carry a psychological call option. If the investment decision turns out well, the investor takes the credit, and if it turns out badly, the regret can be lowered by blaming the adviser.” ~ Hersh Shefrin , Financial advisor quotes
  18. “Bush, himself the most intellectually backward American president of my political lifetime, is surrounded by advisers whose bellicosity is exceeded only by their political, military and diplomatic illiteracy.” ~ Gerald Kaufman
  19. “If you will believe me, you who are young, yours is the golden season of life. As you have heard it called, so it verily is, the seed-time of life; in which, if you do not sow, or if you sow tares instead of wheat, you cannot expect to reap well afterwards, and you will arrive at little. And in the course of years when you come to look back, if you have not done what you have heard from your advisers,-and among many counselors there is wisdom,-you will bitterly repent when it is too late.” ~ Thomas Carlyle
  20. “If a king’s adviser is wiser than him, let him be the king!” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan

  21. “Putin and his advisers don’t understand the power of public opinion in the West. They believe in conspiracy theories and that someone is orchestrating a malicious campaign against Russia. They don’t realize that even conservative politicians have to react when newspapers and artists express their concern on such an issue.” ~ Alexei Navalny
  22. “I advise everyone to find an island in this life. Find a place where this culture can’t take energy away from you, sap your will and originality. Since anything physical can be mental, that island can be your home. Turn off the electromagnetic waves being forced upon you, the countless invisible forces coming at you all the time.” ~ RZA
  23. “Give us a man, young or old, high or low, on whom we know we can thoroughly depend, who will stand firm when others fail; the friend faithful and true, the adviser honest and fearless, the adversary just and chivalrous,-in such a one there is a fragment of the Rock of Ages.” ~ Arthur Penrhyn Stanley
  24. “Donald Trump doesn’t think that he’s deficient. Trump doesn’t think that he’s lacking. Trump doesn’t think he needs advisers to tell him what he thinks. Trump is supremely, eminently confident.” ~ Rush Limbaugh

  25. “Your success is not dependent upon a board of advisers, it’s not dependent upon motivational speakers who’ve gone before you, they’re living their lives, they’re taking care of their family, they’re doing what they have to do to be successful, nobody owes you anything, that was the biggest lesson for me.” ~ Eric Thomas
  26. “I don’t know who all of his advisers are, but I’ve seen some of the names and some of them are quite far to the right. And sometimes they might be in a position to make judgments or recommendations to the candidate that should get a second thought.” ~ Colin Powell
  27. “My advisers built a wall between myself and my people. I didn’t realize what was happening. When I woke up, I had lost my people.” ~ Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
  28. “Advisers who think that they are very clever while all around them are a bit thick, and that all the problems of the world would be solved if the thick listened to the clever, are liable to be disappointed.” ~ Geoff Mulgan

  29. “Kellyanne Conway, been one of his most successful advisers, his most successful. Certainly the highest profile women associated with his campaign. Has he offered you a position?” ~ Megyn Kelly
  30. “The despicable North Korean attack in Rangoon deprived us of trusted advisers and friends. So many of those who died had won admirers in America as they studied with us or guided us with their counsel. I personally recall the wisdom and composure of Foreign Minister Lee, with whom I met in Washington just a few short months ago. To the families and countrymen of all those who were lost, America expresses its deep sorrow.” ~ Ronald Reagan
  31. “I’m going to reduce the size of the Cabinet, cut the number of ministers, reduce the size of the House of Commons, campaign for a European Parliament with 100 fewer members, halve the number of political advisers, and abolish a huge swathe of Labour’s regional bureaucracies – and agencies and their offices in Brussels.” ~ William Hague
  32. “To get some of the substance of why [Michael] Flynn [is Defense Adviser] is so controversial.” ~ John Heilemann

  33. “Men tend to leave their financial adviser at a single-digit-percent rate in any given year. And women leave their husband and their joint financial adviser in the year after their spouse’s death at a rate of greater than 70 percent – seven-zero.” ~ Sallie Krawcheck
  34. “Arnold Schwarzenegger has hired billionaire Warren Buffett as his senior economic advisor. And not to be outdone Gary Coleman announced his senior economic adviser will be Thurston Howell the Third.” ~ Conan O’Brien
  35. “I think that the only time we will really know what then-President Trump is going to do about the set of challenges that confront him is after he has sat down with his advisers as the commander in chief, when he’s looking at the threats and the intelligence from the standpoint of being the number one decider, when he’s hearing from his secretary of defense, his chairman, who was the same chairman President Obama had, Chairman Joe Dunford, who is an outstanding public servant, who has led our anti-ISIL effort, on which we’re making great progress.” ~ Samantha Power
  36. “I wanted to remain a technical adviser for Id, but it just didn’t work out. Probably for the best, as the divided focus was challenging.” ~ John Carmack

  37. “Everyone has taste, yet it is more of a taboo subject than sex or money. The reason for this is simple: claims about your attitudes to or achievements in the carnal and financial arenas can be disputed only by your lover and your financial advisers, whereas by making statements about your taste you expose body and soul to terrible scrutiny. Taste is a merciless betrayer of social and cultural attitudes. Thus, while anybody will tell you as much (and perhaps more than) you want to know about their triumphs in bed and at the bank, it is taste that gets people’s nerves tingling.” ~ Stephen Bayley
  38. “I worked as a lawyer as a member of the teaching staff of a technical college and then I worked principally as legal adviser to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party.” ~ Hans Frank
  39. “And exactly how does a miserable face help the war effort?” he asked sharply, his mood beginning to change. “Will a frown bring back the dead or fortify a town? If I allow myself to laugh in the face of misery, I rest my mind from the stress of it all, and then it’ll work the better for you and your war. And if I’m really to be one of your advisers, Your Majesty, accept this piece of advise: Take happiness where and when you find it, because there is going to be precious little of it in the next few months!” ~ Stuart Hill
  40. “…when we say we’re looking for a spiritual adviser, we’re really looking for someone to tell us what to do with our bodies. Decisions of the flesh. We forget to learn from pleasure as well as pain.” ~ Anne Michaels

  41. “. . . for when women are the advisers, the lords of creation don’t take the advice till they have persuaded themselves that it is just what they intended to do. Then they act upon it, and, if it succeeds, they give the weaker vessel half the credit of it. If it fails, they generously give her the whole.” ~ Louisa May Alcott
  42. “There are always signs that a reign is ending, and they are usually spotted not in the king himself but in his court. In the inner circle, latent jealousies between advisers spill into open conflict, as they angrily debate who is to blame for the calamity, chewing over each other’s past errors and pointing the finger at old and nascent enemies.” ~ Hanna Rosin
  43. “In 1949 there was a new thing called Television, to which my agency and advisers opposed as a performance medium.” ~ Loretta Young
  44. “Many people, including some conservatives, have been very impressed with how brainy the president and his advisers are. But that is not quite as reassuring as it might seem.” ~ Thomas Sowell

  45. “A hiker who was lost in a blizzard said he stayed alive by digging a snow tunnel and burning dollar bills for warmth. Today he was offered a job as President Obama’s economic adviser.” ~ Jay Leno
  46. “Many of the points made by the antiwar movement have been consciously assimilated by the Pentagon and its lawyers and advisers. Precision weaponry is good in itself, but its ability to discriminate is improving and will continue to improve. Cluster bombs are perhaps not good in themselves, but when they are dropped on identifiable concentrations of Taliban troops, they do have a heartening effect.” ~ Christopher Hitchens
  47. “This civil action is another case of a tragedy that has become all too familiar in the music industry: a business manager and professional advisers exploit an immensely talented artist’s loyalty and trust through greed, self-dealing, concealment, knowing misrepresentation and reckless disregard for professional fiduciary duties.” ~ Leonard Cohen
  48. “I have been a systems engineer, systems administrator, a senior adviser for the Central Intelligence Agency, a solutions consultant and a telecommunications information systems officer.” ~ Edward Snowden

  49. “Bush advisers have long been worried that a lagging economy could hamper the president’s re-election chances. They hope that the Cabinet shake-up will provide a needed jolt. If that doesn’t work, North Korea has to go.” ~ Jon Stewart
  50. “If President Obama really wants to hurt the Syrian government, don’t send cruise missiles. He should send over some of his economic advisers.” ~ Jay Leno
  51. “Whether I’m at a dinner with Anna Wintour or a listening party with Pusha T or in Rome with Virgil (Abloh, his style adviser) giving Fendi our designs and getting them knocked down… we brought the leather jogging pants six years ago to Fendi, and they said no. How many m*****f***ers you done seen with a leather jogging pant?” ~ Kanye West
  52. “I am under obligations to most of those advisers for the pains and interest they took in my case; but only to one for an effectual remedy.” ~ William Banting

  53. “Growing up, I took so many cues from books. They taught me most of what I knew about what people did, about how to behave. They were my teachers and my advisers.” ~ Neil Gaiman
  54. “Hitler had an unprecedented opportunity, such as no man will ever again be offered so easily, to create something entirely new. However, besides the fact that he knows absolutely nothing about matters economic, he cannot even fully understand his economic advisers. . . . His constant worry has ever been to keep himself in power. . . . He believes that he alone is a great man, and all others non-entities.” ~ Fritz Thyssen
  55. “Our leaders are cruel because only those willing to be inordinately cruel and remorseless can hold positions of leadership in the foreign policy establishment. People capable of expressing a full human measure of compassion and empathy toward faraway powerless strangers do not become president of the United States, or vice president, or secretary of state, or national security adviser or secretary of the treasury. Nor do they want to.” ~ William Blum
  56. “Dan Pfeiffer for me probably the most concerning at all because he is the [President Barack Obama] strategic communications adviser. What’s the strategy ?” ~ Eric Bolling

  57. “I dont think that unless a greater effort is made by the Government to win popular support that the war can be won out there. In the final analysis, it is their war. They are the ones who have to win it or lose it. We can help them, we can give them equipment, we can send our men out there as advisers, but they have to win it, the people of Viet-Nam, against the Communists.” ~ John F. Kennedy
  58. “That was a perfectly reasonable explanation,” she said grumpily. “Perhaps my advisers don’t lie to me.” “Isn’t that what you’d want?” asked Giddon. “Well, yes, but it doesn’t elucidate my puzzle!” “If I may say so, Lady Queen,” said Giddon, “it’s not always easy to follow your conversation.” “Oh, Giddon,” she said, sighing. “If it’s any comfort, I don’t follow it either.” ~ Kristin Cashore
  59. “I’d rather be an adviser. I don’t wanna become a trainer because I think with the knowledge and the business sense that I’ve accomplished through my career and have credibility, why would I reduce myself down to being in a gym with a bunch of training which is not a bad thing to give advice, but I can do that with a suit and tie on and also be there when the cheques are written. I don’t wanna be there when the cheques are handed down from 3 or 4 people’s hands and then it hits mine as a trainer because 9/10 times, deductions have come out of that.” ~ Bernard Hopkins
  60. “A monarch frequently represents his subjects better that an elected assembly; and if he is a good judge of character he is likely to have more capable and loyal advisers.” ~ William Ralph Inge

  61. “Fortunately, President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy disagreed with the estimate and chose a course of action less ambitious and aggressive than recommended by their advisers.” ~ David Kay
  62. “I first had money for investment just at the time of the 2008 crisis and shares have been highly volatile since then. So I do have shares in my pension but I have tended to invest in specific projects that include property and private companies that have been very well researched by my advisers.” ~ Andy Murray
  63. “Yo! You’re my dope dealer not my thesis adviser. If I wanted your opinion about my dissertation, I’d have asked for it, Motherfucker!” ~ Mark Leyner

  64. “Since there are a wide range of entrepreneurs fundraising at any given time, I looked at each opportunity as it has arisen and on its own merits. Then I’ve sat down with my financial advisers, we’ve looked at the numbers and gone for the businesses I believe have real potential.” ~ Andy Murray
  65. “There are a series of connections between Donald Trump and his closest advisers and Russia that at least raise significant questions. Some of those questions could be answered if Donald Trump was willing to release his tax returns, but he’s unwilling to do that.” ~ Tim Kaine

An advisor is a person who gives others advice or guidance.

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