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These address quotes will inspire you. Address the particulars of the place where someone lives or an organization is situated or a formal speech delivered to an audience.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging address quotes, address sayings, and address proverbs.

Famous Address Quotes

  1. “The beauty that addresses itself to the eyes is only the spell of the moment; the eye of the body is not always that of the soul.” ~ George Sand
  2. “To hide a passion totally (or even to hide, more simply, its excess) is inconceivable: not because the human subject is too weak, but because passion is in essence made to be seen: the hiding must be seen: I want you to know that I am hiding something from you, that is the active paradox I must resolve: at one and the same time it must be known and not known: I want you to know that I don’t want to show my feelings: that is the message I address to the other.” ~ Roland Barthes
  3. “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” ~ John F. Kennedy
  4. “Addresses are given to us to conceal our whereabouts.” ~ Hector Hugh Munro

  5. “Chronic remorse, as all the moralists are agreed, is a most undesirable sentiment. If you have behaved badly, repent, make what amends you can and address yourself to the task of behaving better next time. On no account brood over your wrongdoing. Rolling in the muck is not the best way of getting clean.” ~ Aldous Huxley
  6. “[T]he appropriate form of address between man and man ought to be, not monsieur, sir, but fellow sufferer, compagnon de miseres.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
  7. “Old age is – a lot of crossed off names in an address book.” ~ Ronald Blythe
  8. “Success hides problems…you don’t need to address problems.” ~ Edwin Catmull

  9. “Women can’t wait for equal pay. And I won’t stop fighting to address this inequality.” ~ Barack Obama
  10. “I find it [science] analytical, pretentious and superficial-largely because it does not address itself to dreams, chance, laughter, feelings, or paradox-in other words,-all the things I love the most.” ~ Luis Bunuel
  11. “Each Act of Parliament intended to address harassment and discrimination has faced objections on the basis of ‘you’ll never be able to prove…’ and ‘there’s too much legislation already…’. In no case has this line of reasoning ever been sustained.” ~ Tim Field
  12. “Ultimately, what may be needed to address the obesity problem are direct taxes on body weight.” ~ Jonathan Gruber

  13. “The nation was founded and “dedicated,” to use Lincoln’s language in the “Gettysburg Address,” to equality as a “self-evident truth.” But this very principle of equality, as Lincoln also noted, was a “proposition.” To make it a reality remained “the unfinished work” of Americans.” ~ Ronald Takaki
  14. “I have the authority to address the threat from Isil, but I believe we are strongest as a nation when the president and Congress work together. So I welcome congressional support for this effort in order to show the world that Americans are united in confronting this danger.” ~ Barack Obama
  15. “Studies have consistently shown that financial hardship is the biggest obstacle to heterosexual marriage, yet the Republican leadership has done precious little to help address the financial hardship faced by American families.” ~ Kendrick Meek
  16. “Hopefully someone on their team addresses it, because, uh, I’m not saying I’m going to do it, but something might happen to him if he continues to be that cocky.” ~ Mike Richards

  17. “The furies are at home in the mirror; it is their address. Even the clearest water, if deep enough can drown. Never think to surprise them. Your face approaching ever so friendly is the white flag they ignore. There is no truce with the furies. A mirror’s temperature is always zero. It is ice in the veins. It’s camera is an x-ray. It is a chalice held out to you in silent communion, where gaspingly you partake of a shifting identity never your own.” ~ R. S. Thomas
  18. “Man did not address his inquiries to the earth on which he stood until a remarkably late stage in the development of his desire for knowledge. And the answers he received to the questions, “Where do I come from?”, “What is man?”, although they made him poorer by a few illusions, gave him in compensation a knowledge of his past that is vaster than he could ever have dreamed. For it emerged that the history of life was his history too.” ~ Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald
  19. “Mike [Mann], can you delete an e-mails you may have had with Keith [Trenberth] re AR4? Keith will do likewise…Can you also e-mail Gene and get him to do the same? I don’t have his e-mail address…We will be getting Caspar to do likewise.” ~ Phil Jones
  20. “When the new gun booklet was recently mailed to all licensed shooters, 20% were returned as ‘not known at this address.” ~ Tony Lauer

  21. “The diagnosis is clear, the science in unequivocal-it’s completely immoral, even, to question now, on the basis of what we know, the reports that are out, to question the issue and to question whether we need to move forward at a much stronger pace as humankind to address the issues.” ~ Gro Harlem Brundtland
  22. “I like the poem on the page and not at the podium. I like to address the poem in peace and quiet, not on the edge of a folding chair with a full bladder. I can’t stand hearing a poem that I can’t see. I did a reading at Wayne State, and it ended with the comedy such occasions deserve. I’d seated myself on a piano bench, and discovered upon attempting to arise at the end that the varnish had softened and I was stuck fast. The hinge was to the front, under my knees, so that as I tried to get up, I merely opened the lid.” ~ Ted Kooser
  23. “With no other privilege than that of sympathy and sincere good wishes, I would address an affectionate exhortation to the youthful literati, grounded on my own experience. It will be but short; for the beginning, middle, and end converge to one charge: NEVER PURSUE LITERATURE AS A TRADE.” ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  24. “It is the link from the present to the past that gives us a spirit to address the future.” ~ Midge Costanza

  25. “I know I’ve been called the Louis Vuitton Don … I’ve been called a lot of names … Due to what happened, so severely, when the red shoes hit the runway, I was forced to change my name to Martin Louis Vuitton the King, Jr. Address me as such.” ~ Kanye West
  26. “Images of people, cities, and landscapes from the air tell a unique story about our personal space and how we relate to one another. I’ve always aimed to address the bigger picture and later trends. In many ways, what a photographer does is give others a chance to step back and look at their world and gain perspective on where we stand, and what that means.” ~ Vincent Laforet
  27. “Giving his lecture for the third time freed Dr. Lionel Gift from paying much attention to it. He had a naturally expressive style of delivery, hones over the years in elementary-econ lecture halls. He knew, without even thinking, to address the middle rows of the hall, but to occasionally “shoot” the listeners in the back corners. He knew how to make eye contact and solicit the attention of those who were thinking of other things.” ~ Jane Smiley
  28. “Because I can’t seem to escape it. It’s a way for me to address and counter my questions about what it means to be human, or, in my case a Dominican human who grew up in New Jersey.” ~ Junot Diaz

  29. “I am not a Tory moderniser for I believe marriage can only be between a man and a woman. I shall not surrender my principles. I believe this bill is wrong. The consultation process was a complete sham. It is opposed by the established church. It has caused deep and needless divisions within the Conservative Party. There is no mandate for it. There are huge potential consequences… and the nation faces much more serious challenges which the government needs to address” ~ Gerald Howarth
  30. “Senate Bill 1062 does not address a specific or present concern related to religious liberty in Arizona. I have not heard one example in Arizona where a business owner’s religious liberty has been violated. The bill was broadly worded – and could result in unintended and negative consequences. After weighing all the arguments I have vetoed Senate Bill 1062 moments ago.” ~ Jan Brewer
  31. “I have not been one who believed in the global warming. But I tell you, they are making a convert out of me as these blistering summers. They have broken heat records in a number of cities already this year and broken all-time records and it is getting hotter and the ice caps are melting and there is a build up of carbon dioxide in the air. We really need to address the burning of fossil fuels.” ~ Pat Robertson
  32. “We are close to a time when all of humankind will envision a global agenda that encompasses a kind of Global Marshall Plan to address the causes of poverty and suffering and environmental destruction all over the earth.” ~ Al Gore

  33. “The purpose of affirmative action is to give our nation a way to finally address the systemic exclusion of individuals of talent on the basis of their gender, or race from opportunities to develop, perform, achieve and contribute. Affirmative action is an effort to develop systematic approach to open the doors of education, employment, and business development opportunities to qualified individuals who happen to be members of groups that have experienced long-standing and persistent discrimination.” ~ William J. Clinton
  34. “The founders of this nation understood that private morality is the fount from whence sound public policy springs. Replying to Washington’s first inaugural address, the Senate stated: “We feel, sir, the force and acknowledge the justness of the observation that the foundation of our national policy should be lain in private morality. If individuals be not influenced by moral principles it is in vain to look for public virtue.”” ~ Thomas G. West
  35. “In a thousand words I can have the Lord’s Prayer, the 23rd Psalm, the Hippocratic Oath, a sonnet by Shakespeare, the Preamble to the Constitution, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and almost all of the Boy Scout Oath. Now exactly what picture were you planning to trade for all that?” ~ Roy H. Williams
  36. “The [economic crisis] means that we have to address the challenges and the risks, and we need to take into account the level of resources. Doing better with less means doing it more together.” ~ Stephane Abrial

  37. “Environmental policies are not just about good publicity; they are about responding to the moral imperative to address both climate change and resource depletion…A company culture that is based on measuring everything in purely financial terms will be crippled by a high turnover of staff, customers and suppliers” ~ Toby Robins
  38. “In my commencement address I gave the language and sources of the prophetic utterance made by the Prophet Joseph that the Constitution of the United States would hang by a single thread, but be saved by the elders of Israel. I hope you will read those sources so you will be well-informed as to this prophecy and be prepared to do your part in its fulfillment.” ~ Ernest L. Wilkinson
  39. “Never bully anyone because Karma has everyone’s address and a motherf**king stamp!” ~ Lady Gaga
  40. “It’s very rare, as an actor, to be someplace – to have an address, so to speak.” ~ Yvette Nicole Brown

  41. “The whole world is tense. Everybody gets the international news. Theres been no American comedy at all that even remotely addresses the subject in any way. My goal isnt to solve the worlds problems. My character wasnt even able to do his assignment. But the premise of wanting to find out about somebody — other than the stuff that the CIA will tell you — theres no hope unless we do that.” ~ Albert Brooks
  42. “The debate on climate change and global warming has been intensely polarized. A great deal of this ‘noise’ has clouded the very real and emerging issues that we as an industry and society need to address.” ~ Johnny Chan
  43. “Superheroes are mostly aimed at young teen-age males concerned with their manhood. The medium will have to address itself more to content. . . . I see 22 year olds draw massive Schwarzenegger types, outfitted with metal studs, pressing a mostly naked woman to their breastplates. And I think Poor girl, thats got to be cold.” ~ Will Eisner
  44. “I know what’s like to be young and have atrocious spelling, spelling words all backwards, mixing up numbers, addresses. and things like that.” ~ Ashley Scott

  45. “Just imagine if in his inaugural address John F. Kennedy had said, ‘Ask not what your country can, you know, do for you, but what you can, like, do for your country actually.” ~ David McCullough
  46. “How would you describe the spiritual aroma of your home? The source of this aroma is the relationship between husband and wife. Many can fake an attempt at keeping God’s standards in some external way. What we cannot fake is the resulting, distinctive aroma of pleasure to God. Most marriage books address the mere externals of marriage, without seeking to understand the heart issues. Godly marriages proceed from an obedient heart, and the greatest desire of an obedient heart is the glory of God, not the happiness of the household.” ~ Douglas Wilson
  47. “This is an area you always need to address when you’re dealing with Dracula is the fact that there is something kind of attractive in his darkness – which there isn’t in other horror characters.” ~ Richard Roxburgh
  48. “I saw that I could not afford the luxury of just being an actress. So I made a choice to use my career as a platform to address the issues of the race I was born into.” ~ Cicely Tyson

  49. “The president [George W. Bush] broke his bond with the public. Once that bond was broken, he no longer had the capacity to talk to the American public. State of the Union addresses? It didn’t matter. Legislative initiatives? It didn’t matter. P.R.? It didn’t matter. Travel? It didn’t matter.” ~ Matthew Dowd
  50. “Millions of people around the world suffer daily from the harmful health and environmental impacts caused by indoor cooking fires and inefficient cookstoves. Together with the Global Alliance on Clean Cookstoves, we are taking action to address this critical problem and to promote a cleaner, healthier environment. I am pleased to celebrate the launch of this Alliance and proud to say that agencies from across the U.S. Federal Government will continue to play an important role in this initiative.” ~ Nancy Sutley
  51. “When will we address the fact that rich, white people think they know what’s in the best interest of children of African-Americans and Latinos – no matter what the parent’s income or education level.” ~ Karen Lewis
  52. “We do agree that our country must take action to address climate change.” ~ Newt Gingrich

  53. “I suspect that had my dad not been president, he’d be asking the same questions: How’d your meeting go with so-and-so? . How did you feel when you stood up in front of the people for the State of the Union Address-state of the budget address, whatever you call it.” ~ George W. Bush
  54. “After two years of hard work and debate, Congress has passed a highway bill that will help fuel our economy by creating roughly 500,000 new jobs, as well as address many critical transportation needs in Ohio and the 18th Congressional District.” ~ Bob Ney
  55. “I didn’t so much think I needed to address the shooting need. What we needed was somebody who could come in and play the two-three (shooting guard-small forward) spot. If he could’ve been a pure shooter, great. But if not, we still needed somebody to give us minutes there. I like the guys we’ve got.” ~ Joe Dumars
  56. “Despite the previous efforts of Congresses, our addiction to foreign oil, as the President stated, is greater today than ever before. That dependency is a threat to our national security, and we must address that threat.” ~ Jim Costa

  57. “Today more than ever we need creative minds to address the issues of the age. And one of the most urgent is this: How can humanity know so much, achieve so much, and still fail so many people so badly?” ~ Abdallah II
  58. “In direct navigation, users type exactly what they are looking for in the browser’s web address field. This could be the exact domain name or web address. Millions of people do this, emphasizing the need for on- and off-line marketing and branding.” ~ Marc Ostrofsky
  59. “Dr. Brainard Keyes Bullard, President of Wyandotte College, said in an address tonight that most of the worlds ills can be traced to the fact that Mans knowledge of himself has not kept pace with his knowledge of the physical world.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut
  60. “Self-confidence is apt to address itself to an imaginary dullness in others; as people who are well off speak in a cajoling tone to the poor.” ~ George Eliot

  61. “One ought not to encourage beggars, and yes, you are right, it is far better to donate to charities that address the causes of poverty rather than to him, a creature who is merely its symptom.” ~ Mohsin Hamid
  62. “I call for the need of world leaders to address climate change and reduce the increasing risk of disasters- and world leaders must include mayors, townships and community leaders.” ~ Ban Ki-moon
  63. “It wasn’t by accident that the Gettysburg address was so short. The laws of prose writing are as immutable as those of flight, of mathematics, of physics.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

  64. “There is an absence of democratic accountability and control in every sphere of government and the state. To address this debilitating legacy requires determined action and a deep commitment to transforming our society from a crisis ridden present into something all South Africans can be truly proud of.” ~ Nelson Mandela
  65. “She gave me a pledge card, a card promising an annual gift of $5, $10, or $25 toward the support of the Unity mission. I filled it out under the hot light of the projector. The name and address spaces were much too short, unless you wrote a very fine hand or unless your name was Ed Poe and you lived at 1 Elm St.” ~ Charles Portis

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